Undefeated God of War - Chapter 311 – The Strong Spirit Military General

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Chapter 311 – The Strong Spirit Military General

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and DeAndreR

The brightly lit conical flow, seized all the light aura of the battlefield.

Countless people behind their screens all stood up, their faces shocked, they were dumbstruck at the scene that was played in front of them. And the military leaders, all of them stared at the figure in the screen in disbelief, as though they saw a ghost.

That….what was that power….

When the light aura dispersed, the three figures appeared in front of everybody.

Old Feng’s enlarged eyes were filled with fear, not one inch on his body was clean, everywhere was filled with countless holes and scratches, like a beehive, it was extremely terrifying. He stood there, not moving, as though he was a statue.

Amethyst’s transparent crystal like body, ka, one gently sound, her forehead started to have a crack, which started to go further. The cracking sounds kept on going, and in a blink of an eye, she had lost her face, with all the countless of cracks that formed up like spider webs.

Man Zhu’s both arms protected his face, his entire body was full of cuts, blood flowing everywhere, but the [Violent Bear Savage blood] provided him with endless and powerful life force, and adding his astonishing defence, it allowed him to survive the attack. The wounds on his body scarred people, but in truth they were just lacerations.

“I will kill you! All of you go and die!”

Man Zhu erupted, the Qi on his body becoming savage, his arms protecting his vital points, bellowing out and rushing towards Bing!

As long as he killed the damn spirit general, he would be able to smash all the other ants apart!


An indifferent yet harsh voice suddenly exploded out to his ears.

A bone chilling blade aura appeared in front of him.

The feeling of extreme danger covered Man Zhu’s entire body. In a moment of desperation, the blood in his body suddenly soared out, and a dim image of Ursa Major Constellation appeared in the sky, and a brown light aura shot down from the sky.

On Man Zhu’s back appeared a sinister and fierce looking brown bear tattoo.

Blood meridians Beckoning!

Unlimited power suddenly erupted in his body. Man Zhu felt his entire body brimming with the energy. All the hairs on his body were actually shining with a silver light! Man Zhu was secretly ecstatic. ‘The heaven’s don’t want me dead! I actually broke through in such a crucial point!’

Upon leaving the battlefield, Tang Yi immediately changed direction. Bing had condensed the light ball, and purposely waited for a bit, just to give Tang Yi some time.

And when Bing made his move, Tang Yi had already lead his troops and joined back to attack.

So when the light aura dissipated, Tang Yi had already reached Man Zhu’s side, and the time it took for him to release his blade could even be hailed as flawless. However, the result of the blade was actually too far for Tang Yi.

The powerful light aura’s might, not only intimidated other people, even The martial artists of Tang Yi’s troops suffered attacks. Only 35 of them were able to truly release the scimitars from their hands, and aside from Tang Yi, only 20 of them could truly release with all their might.

If it was the Southern Cross Army, with such terrible performance, it could even cause the warrant officer of the detachment to be ashamed to the point of death, and enough to put the entire detachment to detention.

But at the moment, it was enough!

The control aura of Tang Yi was not as powerful as Bing, but his grandmaster blade technique, and controlling a smaller number of people with his control aura, he was able to display astonishing might.

The blade aura that Tang Yi released quietly vibrated, and the 30 plus blade auras behind were all ingested by it.

To other people’s eyes, all these blade aura had merged with Tang Yi’s large blade aura, but in truth they were pasted on Tang Yi’s blade aura, maintaining a very small distance between each other, vibrating at extremely high frequency.

When the blade auras touched Man Zhu’s arms, the silver hairs on his hands erupted, releasing a powerful, head-wrenching, painful metallic sound and Man Zhu screaming.

The blade aura had cut deep into the halfway part of Man Zhu’s arms, and blood was spurting everywhere.

The pain caused Man Zhu to release an animal like painful cry. But the strangest scene happened, the spurting blood quickly stopped, and eh wound started to heal.

Such a pity, if the detachment had trained further, one blade would have done it.

At this time, the subordinates behind could not be counted out anymore, these amateurs would definitely not be able to release a second blade, and that was the time when the military leader would display his personal military skills. That was also why a low rank military leader will always have a high requirement for a person’s martial power, in the face of a battle, an outstanding power is the weapon to break the stalemate.

Tang Yi’s face was emotionless, on the horseback, he leaned forward, and as though the Zanbato was as light as a feather, he waved it casually.

A thin blade aura appeared.

Grandmaster grade blade technique, allowed him to release 22 blades in a span of lighting a spark!

22 blade auras, with extreme precision, all of them entered the injury of Man Zhu’s hand, with zero deviation!

Tang Yi was like the wind, and suddenly appeared beside Man Zhu.

Behind him, the two arms flew into the sky, Man Zhu had a terrified look on his face but unable to make a sound, as a slit of blood appeared on his throat.

Tang Yi stopped, changing the direction of the horse head, he lightly urged the horse to stroll.

On the horse back, Tang Yi’s blade was vertical, indifferent and stern, he was extremely imposing.


At this moment did the slit on Man Zhu’s throat open up and spurt out blood, and his body fell.

(TN: Iron man scene where he destroyed the tank with one small missile and walked away.)

Just at this time, Old Feng also fell, his Qi was gone. Amethyst, whose whole body was full of cracks, crumbled into pieces.

Three people, destroyed!

Sima Xiao was no longer smiling, he stared at the screen, his face gloomy. He could tell, that this army, was obviously a cannon fodder army, that had not even trained in their fundamentals properly. But this cannon fodder army was so powerful, and adding all up, they had killed 4 Heaven Road List martial artists, and heavily injured one.

From that results, the army definitely was not a cannon fodder army.

Sima Xiao’s gaze landed on the two spirit generals leading the army.The reason for its winning streak was due to the two spirit generals. The previous report, only had the spirit military leader wielding the Zanbato. Sima Xiao did not even think that Tang Tian actually had another trump card in his hands!

That poker face had a comical and ridiculous face, but at the same time thinking about his astonishing display of leadership, no one was able to laugh. It was the first time Sima Xiao saw a military leader being able to battle in an artistic way.

What caused people to shout out in praise, was the extremely accurately planned tactics. Throughout the entire battle, from the start to end, everything was in control of the two spirit military leaders, which was the scariest part!

A spirit military leader with high commanding power is not scary, a spirit military leader with powerful control aura is also not scary, the scariest is a clever spirit military leader.

That was not just clever anymore, it was a top grade spirit military leader that had seemingly god like wisdom!

Every crucial moment, every reaction, were all in their hands, every move and retaliation, the three of them did not die with injustice. Even for Sima Xiao, who was an ambitious and ruthless character, felt tension in his heart. If he was in the three person’s shoes, he too might not be able to do it better.

He also had military leaders under him, but comparing to Bing and Tang Yi, their standard was lower.

If that army trains a bit more…..

Sima Xiao believed, many people would not be able to sleep at night because of the battle.

Sima Xiao glanced at his senior, and could not help but be startled. His senior’s gaze was stuck onto Tang Tian who was covered in the black flames.

Tu Ru Hai’s expression changed again, he did not expect that, the battle would end up like that. He felt that Meng Wei would definitely be victorious, but she was caught up in a bitter struggle, and the three people who were handling the cannon fodder army would definitely complete their task, but the result was them being killed.

Meng Wei….

All his hopes were pinned on Meng Wei. As long as Meng Wei won, then he would have the chance of a comeback.

His eyes went back to Meng Wei.

Bing who was on the horse did not feel joyous. The victory, to him, was nothing much and not worth bragging. The only thing worth noticing, worth keeping it in and being happy, was that it was his first time leading the troops.

Alright, they can be considered troops.

Bing’s gaze, looked towards Tang Tian who was enveloped in the black flames in the sky.

Tang Tian’s blood meridians were not normal, that he knew. At the weak point martial ground, Tang Tian had absorbed the Angel blood and Dwarf Blood Meridians, and the process was not normal either.

He was extremely curious to Tang Tian’s blood meridians. Until now, he still did not understand why the bronze plate was in Tang Tian’s hands. The Bronze Plate was from Tang Tian’s father, so what connection did Tang Tian’s father have with the army?

All of these puzzling mysteries, were all linked to Tang Tian’s blood meridians, spreading out like little clues.

Black Flame…..

Wait a minute!

Bing’s pupils suddenly dilated, the figure enveloped in black flames in the sky, gave him an extremely foreign feeling.

Something’s wrong!

Bing had been with Tang Tian for very long, adding that he had always supervised Tang Tian’s training, he was extremely familiar with Tang Tian’s Qi. When Tang Tian used the King Peacock’s Eyes, although his aura changed, but his Qi did not.

But the person enveloped in the black flames standing in the sky, his Qi was entirely different.

What exactly was going on….

While Bing was still shocked, Tang Tian who was in the air, moved.

The saber in Meng Wei’s hand lit up with a misty light aura, the power granted by the Cetus Constellation continued to pour into her. Blood Meridians Beckoning, was extremely harmful to the martial artist, so as to say, if not for a life or death situation, the martial artist would never use it. Meng Wei’s situation was extremely special, she could freely activate the Blood Meridians Beckoning and not get injured. But, it could only be used once a year.

In all her battles, she had only made her blood meridians boil once.

Fighting Tang Tian, it was the second time. The Power of the Cetus constellation was abundant and mellow, entering the saber body, the blood meridians in her body seemed to have some sort of reaction. She could feel the power, as though she could slice everything under the sky.

Except Tang Tian who was in front of her.

The Power of the Cetus constellation in her saber body, seemed to feel the danger, and was buzzing and trembling. The power of the constellation actually continued to squeeze, and it seemed that the image of Cetus Constellation could also feel the danger.

The weird situation caused Meng Wei to have a very uneasy feeling.

Just at that moment, Tang Tian who was enveloped in the black flames opened up both of this arms, and suddenly drooped his left arm.

That was….

Meng Wei’s pupils constricted.

Tang Tian’s right arm was extended straight out, the palm of his hand gently clenched, and a wave of black flames entered his palms, forming a shape of a sword sheath that was held tightly by his hand.

Holding the black flame sword sheath in his hands, he slowly pulled and distanced his hands apart.

Meng Wei was extremely familiar with that action.

That was…. The action of drawing a sword out of its sheathe!


Meng Wei’s face changed, her heart jumping frantically. Suddenly, her pupils contracted to the size of needles, she was instantly covered in shock.

The hollow sheath flowed out a black flame sword, in which was held in Tang Tian’s palms, as he slowly pulled it out into the air.