Undefeated God of War - Chapter 300 – Profiteer Old Mo

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Chapter 300 – Profiteer Old Mo

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and De Andre

The banquet was organized, leaving a blank space in the middle, where people curiously stretched their necks out to see. Especially for people like Xie Guang Zhong who had followed the City Master for a very long time. He knew that the City Master was very fussy, and always had meaning when organising something huge.

A set of mechanical weapons stepped in rhythm, and entered the banquet.

The people watching were not taken aback, although the current generation mechanical techniques had declined, but the people knew that the Mo family was a mechanical aristocratic family,

The set of bronze mechanical weapon appeared, causing many gasps.

“Such a beautiful mechanic weapon!”

“It’s so pretty!”

The azure mechanical weapon was slender and dexterous, all of its joints were made up of layers and layers of scales that looked extremely agile. The arms, calves, thighs were forged from repeated tempering of a large size of metal, forging it to appear to have a wave like appearance. Two large showing off tips protruded out of its back that reached to its thigh, just nice forming an ‘X’ shape.

It was the first time everyone saw a beautiful mechanical weapon.

Tang Tian’s expression froze upon seeing the mechanical weapon, didn’t it resemble a lot like Thundersnow? He almost jumped, Hey, the design plans were sold to you, at least revise it more!

Hey, you are a mechanical aristocratic family, you should want some face too right, you guys should be proud….

Without changing a single thing….that’s not good….

“This is our Mo Family’s latest version of mechanical weapons, called the Ink Snow.” Mo Wei Tian’s face was filled with self confidence.

Ink Snow…. Tang Tian almost spurt out blood, Thundersnow, you must be so sad….

You people with no integrity. Sai Lei design plans, were actually completely used by you, every bit by bit! Even the name was copied! Enough…..

“This is the latest evolution of mechanical weapons, and to differentiate it from the old mechanical weapons and martial spirits, we have called it the mechanic spirit weapon! For it, my Mo Family went through generations of blood, sweat and tears, spent countless star coins, and finally it took form.” Mo Wei Tian’s speech was solemn, his face sincere.

Behind the mask, Tang Tian’s face froze, you guys still want to throw your face? What generations of blood, sweat and tears….

It was like meeting Mo Wei Tian for the first time, Tang Tian felt that he was too dignified, yet so wretched to the bones!

“Mechanic Spirit Weapons? Is it related to martial spirits?” Someone from the crowd asked.

“That’s right!” Mo Wei Tian praised, “The biggest difference between the mechanic spirit weapons and mechanical weapons is that it has a martial spirit! Therefore, it had to become smarter, more agile, and is able to accomplish complicated work, and its might increased!”

“Oh god! Martial spirit! That is too incomprehensible!”

“That is definitely the work of the generation!”

Mo Wei Tian enjoyed the crowd’s surprise and praises, causing Tang Tian to be extremely unhappy looking at him. ‘Normally I shouldn’t feel like that, Mo Wei Tian had spent a few billion buying the design, but how come I am so unhappy….’

Tang Tian was slightly dazed, finally he blamed it on Mo Wei Tian being too wretched.

Thundersnow which was in the middle, oh no, it was now called Ink Snow, was currently completing a difficult move, its extremely high speed and nimbleness astonished everyone, causing many gasps from the crowd.

Mo Wei Tian confidently laughed, although it was not loud, but everyone could hear him.

“It is suitable for sixth level martial artists to use, and can perfectly increase the power of all your martial techniques! It far exceeds your imagination! Look at its movements, its high mobility and nimbleness, granting it access to many types of light body techniques. You can even give them specific weapons installed, in which we are able to provide this service. Its defensive capabilities, are comparable to the standards of Southern Sky Silver grade treasures, so you do not need to worry about your safety.”

Mo Wei Tian had a glib tongue, everything he said caused everyone’s eyes to start shining.

“Other than that, It also has special equipment which exceeds current technology, which is its card slots. You can insert three rank six spirit cards, that means you can use the three types of martial techniques. Of course, don’t assume that it will be perfect, but think about it, the number of martial techniques you have, will increase by 3, and your fighting style will be extremely abundant!”

Everyone immediately turned into an uproar.

“So we can use it as long as we stick the cards in?” Someone asked.

“That’s right! As long its rank six, and there are no conflicts between the cards, you can completely use them.” Mo Wei Tian smiled.

The discussion amongst people grew to another level.

Watching this, Tang Tian was convinced, Mo Wei Tian was a gifted businessman, his mouth was extremely glib.

“What’s the price?” An old and wise person asked.

“Such a powerful weapon, of course it is not cheap, it’s price is 20 million star coins.” Mo Wei Tian said.

Everyone was stunned, and immediately they erupted.

“So expensive!”

“Oh god, is this daylight robbery?”

“Are things this year so inflated that the starting price for mechanical weapons is already at 20 million star coins?”


Everyone starting condemning, but Mo Wei Tian remained calm, and not the least bit panicy.

Tang Tian was completely stunned, 20 million star coins! He always thought Mo Wei Tian was a profiteer, but never did he expect him to be such a professional profiteer! No one was clearer about Ink Snow’s cost than Tang Tian, 4 million star coins!

In the blink of an eye, that guy was selling it for 20 million star coins, that was simply too crazy!

After everyone stopped scolding, did Mo Wei Tian slowly speak, “20 million star coins, that can buy a good Northern Sky Silver rank star treasure. But, ladies and gentlemen, think about it, which star treasure, can increase the power of your martial technique, and give you defense worthy of another star treasure, and yet give you three types of martial techniques that require no training to be used?”

Everyone was mute.

Of course, a normal Northern Sky silver rank star treasure, cannot do all of that.

Tang Tian was stunned, he could put it that way? Today was such an eye opener for him! He now prostrated in admiration towards Mo Wei Tian, his glib tongue, could sell a dead person as though it was living.

“Ladies and gentlemen, what did we make the mechanic spirit weapons for? It is for the existence of armies! Think about it, completely identical mechanic spirit weapons, the parts are interchangeable, everyone would be familiar with it, united training, formulating plans would become very convenient. Can star treasures give you these advantages?”

Mo Wei Tian swept his gaze across everyone. His face solemn, he said “But, the Ink Snow does have a flaw.”

“What flaw?” Everyone could not help but ask, they were completely bought in by Mo Wei Tian.

Mo Wei Tian acted as though he was heart wrenching: “To create Ink Snow, we require a certain specific special metal, and we are out of supplies for it, that also means, the number of Ink Snow we can make, can only be 1000 sets.”

Tang Tian was dumbstruck, Old Mo was too good!

Everyone became restless, Mo Wei Tian’s point was clear, if you dare delay, with only 1000 sets, you would not be able to purchase any.

Just at this moment, Fat elder Li sighed, and suddenly talked to Tang Tian, “Little brother Xing is following the battle on Lupus Constellation closely, you have to know that Tang Tians subordinates, have an army.”

For some reason Tang Tian thought of whenever Bing talked about them, he would like to use the word “mob” instead of army.

He laughed, “What army is that, I think it should be a mob.”

“That mob can cause two Heaven Road List martial artist to be injured and dead, then I want that mob too!” Fat elder Li said awkwardly, “My Yong An City is a prosperous trade route, everyone here, is wealthy and loaded. But, although it is peaceful and prosperous, the matter of Lupus Constellation is known to everyone, through that, I think the coming times will be messy.”

Everyone’s face changed.

“Master, there really was such news?” Someone asked anxiously.

“The Three powerhouses are starting to apply pressure, aren’t they?” Fat Elder Li asked back. “Onyx Soul is not our only backer. Everyone must be clear, Yong An City is here today, due to its business. If we only did business with Onyx Soul, I think everyone’s pockets would be cut by half.”

“Master! Our businesses, was all bestowed by you! Whatever judgement Master has, please understand, we will all follow you!” Just then, the middle aged man who tried to go against Tang Tian stood out and spoke with spirit, his face not showing any signs of decadence.

Fat Elder Li had a praiseful look in his eyes, and cough slightly, “I am also moved by Tang Tian’s army, even Tang Tian was able to set up an army, why can’t we?”

Set up an army!

This suggestion caused a big ripple around, everyone’s faces were full of shock.

“We are in troubled times, without any self protection, no matter how much money we have, we can only be like sitting ducks.” Fat Elder Li said indifferently, “We aren’t short of cash, but, we still have to look at people’s faces. The reason why Tu Ru Hai was able to take two of my cities, was because his fists were harder than mine. With that, I believe everyone understands my reasons.”

Everyone gradually calmed down.

That was right, all of them were rich and loaded, but with only ordinary people going to war, against experts, they could not even lift up their heads.

The middle aged man was the first to speak, “Your subordinate pledges his life to follow master!”

All the businessmen all looked at each other, Fat Elder Li was the most authoritative figure in Yong An City, and wield respect and power no one can ever think of.

Personally witnessing this sight, Tang Tian could not help but be moved deeply.

Mo Wei Tian quietly sat beside Tang Tian, and asked, “Young Master Xing, why not assess Ink Snow?”

Hearing that, Tang Tian knew that Mo Wei Tian would recognized him and said softly, “Old Mo, you recognize me?”

“Hehe, I guessed it was you.” Mo Wei Tian laughed gently, and changed the topic, “Young Master is heroic and known throughout, and has been playing people in his palms.”

“How can I compare to your Mo Family, who worked generations of blood, sweat and tears?” Tang Tian said sarcastically.

“Hehe.” Mo Wei Tian was not ashamed, but was instead very happy, “City Master Li has already ordered 200 sets from me.”

200 sets!

Tang Tian’s eyes became red, that was 3.2 billion star coins profit.

Mo Wei Tian used a calm voice, “City Master Li plans to take all the 1000 sets. This way, his Yong An army will be top notch.”

Hearing that, Tang Tian was shocked. The fattie’s ambitious heart was bigger than he thought.

Tang Tian had calmed down. Thinking about it, the Mo Family was also considered his friend, for them to earn more, was also good for him.

But Mo Wei Tian did not want Tang Tian to be calm, and threw another heavy bomb at him.

“But I want to use the profits from the 1000 sets to do business with Young Master.”