Undefeated God of War - Chapter 298 – The Banquet

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Chapter 298 – The Banquet

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and De Andre

Sky Treasure Room Banquet.

Bell rarely dressed in feminine clothes, but on this day, she wore a blue evening dress, drawing her body outline with great saturation. Her snow white shoulders were revealed, her seductive collarbone clearly showing, and her face revealing a light smile, seated beside Tang Tian. Anyone who saw her current look, would not be able to establish any connection between her and an Onyx Soul Horse.

Onyx Soul Horse’s were specialized in information, and many times, they had to change their image. Bell was usually carefree in how she dressed, but because she was a master of disguise, her display for the banquet could be considered perfect.

The enchanting light smile, the peaceful and graceful manner, immediately made her the center of attraction.

Her flawless face, caused many people to drool. Everyone on scene had their eyes on her, their eyes full of praise which immediately turned to disgust.

A flower stuck in cow manure! (TN: tang tian is cow manure)

Young Master Xing, wearing the ugly orangutan mask, made everyone unable to bear it. He was just eating away.

Oh my god, look at that splashing of meat oil, splashing on the pure white table cloth, as though the place experienced a oil storm. Seeing his crude actions, the table knife stabbed into the meat, like a barbarian fighting with his food!

What was more terrifying, was that the cave man had actually placed half the pork hock into his mouth, causing everyone to stare.

Chew…. Chew….

Crack…. Crack…..

The people nearby could clearly hear the bones breaking between his bones. Their faces were extremely ugly, they quietly strayed further, maintaining a distance between him and them.

The knife stabbed into another portion of pork hock.

The people then finally noticed.

Wait a minute… where is the bone? Where is the bone in the middle of the meat?

Everyone stared blankly at Young Master Xing, as though they were watching a terrifying orangutan chewing, completely forgetting about their manners.

In such a high class banquet event, there was actually someone so wild and crude.

And Bell who was sitting by his side quietly smiling, she was like a goddess! Beside the oil splashing and queer man chewing on bones, she was divine. All the seniors in the crowd all sighed, such a good girl, it was a pity.

She must be in the demonic palms of the barbarian!

A few of the youngsters looked at each other.

Tang Tian was eating happily, going to the banquet was the right thing to do! It was practically a heaven of food, with all types and delicacies, everything was delicious. The thing that made him sad was that every portion was too small. But amidst the sadness, upon seeing the oily pork hock, the sadness had all disappeared.

This was definitely the best pork hock he had ever eaten!

It made him almost swallow his own tongue as well.

He wanted more after finishing, looking around, he waited for the waiter, and immediately raised his hand, asking for 10 more!

10 more!

Bell, who was at the side looking really gorgeous could take it no more. The smile on her face was frozen and the veins on her forehead were throbbing. Very quickly, she felt all the gazes around her, filled with sneers and pity.

I don’t see anything… I don’t see anything…. Bell tried to hypnotize herself.

But when she saw the waiter’s expression upon receiving the order of 10 portions of pork hock, she froze, then suddenly smiled again. She suddenly thought that it was very interesting. Bell turned her face, her attractive smile was caught by the waiter, who thought he saw an angel. He had a pitiful face as he looked at her pleadingly, hoping that Bell would stop the terrifying request.

If the 10 portions of pork hock were served, it would become a disaster, as the pork sauce smell would drown the entire place.

“Eating like that is bad for your body.” Bell gentle voice caused everyone on sight to become limp, the waiter heaved a sigh of relief, but after that she turned to look at the waiter, and said gently, “For every pork hock portion, please add double the sauce. Thank you.”

The waiter was dumbstruck.

Tang Tian’s eyes lit up, so it was like that, then he followed on, “That’s right! 10 portions, every portion should have double the sauce. Serve everything together!”

The 10 portions of pork elbow with sauce appeared in the banquet. The dense pork sauce smell, filled every corner of the scene. There was a short silence, guests who were happily drinking and holding their wine cups, all turned in astonishment.

Crack crack!

The cracking of bone sounds sent shivers down their spines, as the entire place could hear the sound loud and clear.

“I hate pork hock!” A voice suddenly said.

A young lady dressed in snow white skirt suddenly appeared at Tang Tian’s table, she pouted, obviously unhappy. Her looks were rather outstanding, her skin more firm and white than Bell, she was cute yet seductive, craftiness deep within her seemingly harmless eyes.

Bell could feel the hostility from the young lady, and when she turned, she immediately understood why. The young men around had their gazes on her from the beginning, causing the young lady to be jealous.

She could not help smiling, she could not care about the little girl’s thoughts.

Bell’s laugh, actually added a trace of strong spirit into her gentle demeanor. She was a lone wolf, and had experienced many things, more than what the pampered and spoilt young girl. If you had to compare, Bell who was a flower who had braved storms and winds, was sweet tempered and gentle, making people have a tender feeling towards her. But her laugh, caused them to feel, under her weakness, there was strength, that caused people to respect.

The young lady’s face changed, her envy became stronger. She grabbed the tablecloth, and was about to lift the table.

A light aura flashed past.


A kitchen knife stabbed in between the young lady’s index and middle finger, narrowly cutting her fingers.

She was stunned, until the cold knife reflected the image of her perspiring in cold sweat, her face as white as paper, did she scream, “Ah!”

The sharp scream, caused people’s heart to tremble.

“Master!” a subordinate shouted, and immediately looked at Xie Guang Zhong.

Xie Guang Zhong felt a headache coming, he did not think that Young Master Xing would be so revolting. If he had known that Young Master Xing would cause so many problems, he would had reconsidered inviting him to join the banquet.

“Don’t be anxious, watch the situation.” Xie Guang Zhong shook his head. At this point of time, it appeared that he could not resolve the situation, and felt that he would make things worse.

Tang Tian ignored the young lady, and instantly used his hand to grab another piece of the meat, and continued biting down.

Many people started changing their view of Tang Tian. His knife, displayed an extremely high level of precision. The young lady’s hand was already small enough, to be able to accurately stab the small width between her fingers, without even hurting her, that eye power and hand power was simply too astonishing.

But that did not mean everyone was that calm.

“Xiao Xue, Xiao Xue, are you hurt?” A young man’s frightened voice came out.

Xiao Xue started to cry out loud.

“Dear sir, the way you treat this little lady, is too ruthless!” a middle aged man suddenly came forward, his face gloom. He was the young man’s father, the both of their families were very close, upon seeing Xiao Xue was being bullied, he naturally stood out.

Tang Tian continued being immersed in his hock, completely ignoring him. Although there were people making a ruckus, but they did not affect Tang Tian’s eating, as the food was still nice.

Crack crack!

The biting of bones sounded like sneers, causing the middle aged man to have a flush to his face. He was a big figure in Yong An City, since when ever did he receive such treatment?

“Since Sir likes to eat, then I will let you eat!” The middle aged man said coldly, “Ah Jiu, feed him! Don’t think that, just by spending 1.5 billion can allow you to act like that in Yong An City.”

A man stood out and said.

The crowd burst into an uproar, they all started to leave. Although the middle aged man was not the strongest of Yong An City, but he was in the top five. He was close to some elders of the Onyx Soul, and Ah Jiu was someone with unfathomable power.

Ah Jiu slowly walked towards Tang Tian.

“Young miss, please stand aside!” A young man saw Bell standing next to Tang Tian, and became anxious, so he immediately reminded her.

Bell smiled and shook her head, her movements was graceful, provoking a burst of sighs and envy. All of the men looked at Tang Tian, all feeling unhappy, and they wanted Ah Jiu to teach him a lesson.

Bell’s smile had attracted many people, but her heart was already frozen. The boss beside her, was obviously already angered.

She looked at Ah Jiu, and could not help but to pity him. At this time, Bell obviously did not dodge to one side, she just sat up even straighter.

I want to thank everybody here, for this is the best chance to prove my loyalty!

Tang Tian was actually already pissed off, he did not provoke anyone and just wanted to eat in peace, but people still had to disturb him.

This was his first time encountering such good pork hock, so Tang Tian was eating everything happily. But who knew things would blow up at him, causing him to be extremely angry. And for the other party to bring up his 1.5 billion, it meant that they were already eyeing him.

These small cats and dogs dare to bully this big brother!

Tang Tian’s face darkened, and he grabbed another pork elbow.

His True Power was agitated, the aura around his entire body, with not the least bit of holding back, he released everything out.


As though a storm had suddenly erupted, the air on scene immediately formed a ripple that could be seen with the naked eye.

Ah Jiu could no longer maintain his cold look, and his face changed. He had plenty of experience in battle, but this was the first time he had met such a terrifying Qi, and a phrase came up in his mind, Heaven Road List martial artist!

No, not just some Heaven Road List martial artist. Ah Jiu had met many martial artists on the list, but he had never met one with such a strong and suffocating aura.

Everyone’s face turned white, they were big in numbers, but most of them only had ordinary strength. It was as though an invisible hand had grabbed their hearts, causing their entire body to be cold and frozen on the spot.

Tang Tian continued eating his pork, the aura emitting from his body increasingly becoming stronger.

Ah Jiu’s face turned paler, fear was clearly seen in his eyes.

The Silver Spirit Spiralling Energy in Tang Tian’s body increased its rotating speed, the faster it spun, the more the aura of Qi around his body. The higher it rose, it started to cause the surrounding air to form waves of ripples.

Bell who was sitting beside him was extremely shocked, her skin started to have a sense of stabbing pain.

The last pork elbow entered his mouth.

The ripples around Tang Tian had become rays of air streams rotating at high speeds around Tang Tian, causing ‘chi chi’ sounds to come out.

Ah Jiu’s eyes were left with despair.

“I hate people who disturb me when I eat my meat.”

Tang Tian’s voice was like a demon from a nightmare, enveloping the entire place. He slowly stood up, and walked towards the middle aged man. He did not even look at Ah Jiu, for Ah Jiu’s body was trembling from head to toe, his face pale white, and did not even dare to move.

The middle aged man because of fear, his face had warped entirely.

Tang Tian walked to the middle aged man, and stopped in front of him.


Tang Tian steel hook like fingers grabbed onto the middle aged man’s neck, as though he was weightless. The middle aged man’s face had become warped due to the strong grip at his neck, and it was as though if Tang Tian pinched lightly, he would had exploded.

The extremely ugly orangutan mask, to the middle aged man, looked like a demon who crawled out of hell.

In the dead silence, only Tang Tian’s question sounded out.

“Tell me, how do you want to resolve this?”