Undefeated God of War - Chapter 296 – The Old Man full of tears, Old Man Fei/b>

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Chapter 296 – The Old Man full of tears, Old Man Fei/b>

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and De Andre

Tang Tian still had some surplus.

After giving Sai Lei and Bing roughly 3 billion, two Purple Gold Grade Spirit Card, spending 500 million, and adding the star rocks required for training, Tang Tian still had a remainder of about 1.5 billion star coins.

Whatever star treasure it was, he stopped thinking. All these 1.5 billion star coins was planned to invest into the blood meridians laboratory!

When he was out of money he could earn it back again.

But regarding the blood meridians, it had always been an unknown to him, and when it surfaced up, it had always been the first thing that he thought of.

Seeing Tang Tian so easily dishing out 300 million card worth of star coins, Old Zhang was dumbstruck. It was 300 million star coins, even if all these treasures were worth so much, he had kept it hidden for so many years, causing so many people to drool over it, but no one was able to ever afford it.

This tyrant could so easily throw 300 million star coins in a breath would have never come to his own small shop. For the people who patronized his shop, would be pauper like Old Man Fei.

Wrong, Old Man Fei was not a pauper anymore, he was rich!

Just by listening and without blinking, he spent 300 million star coins on Old Man Fei. And he still wanted to buy even more, didn’t that meant that Old Man Fei could die happy? Recalling the saying, ‘Soldiers would die for their friends’, Old Man Fei has to be totally devoted to Tang Tian!

Old Man Fei admired Tang Tian’s methods. If Tang Tian had previously started with bragging, Old Man Fei would think that he was just showing off, and not reliable. But saying that after spending 300 million star coins, that was really clever!

That vision, that spirit, that method of doing things, the young man wearing the spectacled orangutan mask, already left a deep impression in Old Zhang’s heart. Even the ugly orangutan mask with the weird spectacles has already become an impressionable object.

So formidable!

Old Zhang looked at the mask, and the feeling of its power rose.

As expected, Old Man Fei was so moved that he teared, even the white hair on his head were steaming. He was so moved that he was shaking.

The heavens have taken pity on me!

I, Old Fei, have finally met a bright master! Thinking about his years of being mocked and ridiculed, he was finally recognized by someone, and had seen the good in him. It was not just by words, but by investing 300 million in him. The laboratory was not constructed yet, but to be willing to invest 300 million star coins, it showed how much trust Tang Tian had in him!

Old Man Fei was always mixed with the lower class people, so trembling, he spoke, “Master, that is enough! That is all enough! The trust Master has placed in Old Fei, Old Fei will definitely not…”

He was most willing to be dedicated and loyal. There was never someone who viewed him with such importance, and to suddenly receive the respect, he was already satisfied.

But, Tang Tian was not satisfied.

Tang Tian waved his hands, and interrupted Old Man Fei, and turned to Boss Zhang, “What other grade of treasures do you have?”

It was hearsay that generally, formidable people acted with standards, and was definitely of super class.

And after seeing today, it definitely was so!

Old Zhang was extremely respectful to Tang Tian already, his movements, his tone, his determination, was definitely worth to praise! He showed his determination, his firm determination! What did that show? It showed the importance of Old Man Fei, and the respect for Old Man Fei, it was settled that Old Man Fei was a trusted aide!

When he turned his hand it meant for clouds, when he turned to the other side it meant rain, and will therefore be so!

(TN: This sentence is hard to make logic of, it’s a metaphor for chinese, to say that he could do whatever he wanted)

Old Zhang admired Tang Tian over and over again, and immediately said, “Master is joking right, this type of gold rank treasure weapon, how can I have another one. This Old Fei is so lucky, to be able to meet a Master with such an eye for things…”

Old Man Fei nodded in agreement, he felt that Old Zhang’s words were what was kept in his mind, and immediately agreed, “Master, with this gold energy plate, it is already enough!”

Tang Tian ignored Old Man Fei, and asked Old Zhang, “You really don’t have anymore?”

Faking! You’re faking it again! You’re faking it to the point of reality!

What an actor!

Old Zhang’s heart rolled, but his face remained determined, he was determined: “No!”

But he followed with a sentence: “But I have a few good assisting treasures, a laboratory can’t have only one secret right…”

“Let’s leave!” Tang TIan said straightforwardly.

Boss Zhang was dumbstruck.

This…. This….person…you’re on the wrong script right….

Bell immediately pulled Old Man Fei behind Tang Tian. Old Man Fei gave a bashful smile, upon thinking of the gold energy plate, he was already extremely happy and satisfied.

Boss Zhang looked at his empty shop, and did not react.

Formidable person….you should just drop your chin, and sigh saying ”That’s a pity, so it’s like that, then I’ll buy a few more”…..

Only Bell felt that something was wrong, she could see through Boss Zhang, because she knew, for the boss’ intellect, he wanted to slowly entice people into buying his other items, but that was impossible.

The three of them walked on the main road.

Tang Tian looked ahead, and said, “What places sell all the treasures required for a graded blood meridians specialist?”

Bell glanced at Old Man Fei who was still in joy, and quickly replied, “I think the Sky Treasure Room has some, but not many.”

“Let’s go there.” Tang Tian said.

Hearing the name Sky Treasure Room, Old Man Fei finally regained his senses, in disbelief, “That, Master, we’re really going to the Sky Treasure Room?”

“That’s right.” Tang Tian replied.

“Then, Master, What are we going there for?” Old Man Fei said weakly.

Tang Tian was astonished, and turned his head. He did not expect Old Man Fei to ask such a stupid question, and after thinking he replied, “To buy star treasures for you.”

With the Master looking at him as though he was looking at an idiot, Old Man Fei starting to tremble, his face started becoming red.

Sky….Sky Treasure Room…. That was the most expensive place, he had never been there, where only high end star treasures were sold….

For him?

Old Man Fei was stunned, and then his face became even redder, and his body trembled even harder.

For him… For him…

The strong burst of excitement attacked his heart, and he could not take it anymore, and fainted.

Bell jumped in fright, and immediately went to check for breath and pulse, before relaxing, “He was over excited and fainted.”

“Oh.” Tang Tian retracted his gaze, he was calculating, where he could invest his 1.2 billion.

Thinking about Sai Lei’s workshop and Bing’s training camp, he had spent 3 billion in a breath. Old Man Fei’s blood meridians laboratory, only by spending about 1.5 billion could that be roughly equal.

After thinking for a while, he did not know what to spend on, and did not know how. He turned to Bell, “Wake him up.”

Bell immediately sent a burst of True Power into Old Man Fei’s body, causing him to wake up. The first sentence that came out, was his stuttering, “Master, you are really buying everything for me?”

“Duh!” Aside from fighting, Tang Tian was definitely not a patient person. Was this person more stupid than Ah Mo Li? Such a simple question, he had to ask so many times?

Hearing his unkind tone, Old Man Fei immediately kept quiet out of fear.

Tang Tian continued, “You better start thinking, what kind of treasures are able to shorten the process for your blood meridians research.”

Old Man Fei hesitated for a while, then asked, “Master, how long do you think is an apt duration?”

Tang Tian was surprised, “I can determine the time?”

Old Man Fei was embarrassed, “No, not determine.” Then he quickly explained, “Master, you have to know, regardless of things you get, to unravel the blood meridians, no one truly knows how long.”

“Ask me something that can be quantified.” Tang Tian was pissed off, this fellow was so stupid, why was he asking senseless questions?

Old Man Fei then muttered, “What can be quantified… what can be quantified…”

After thinking, he still did not know what Tang Tian wanted to quantify. Blood Meridians research was filled with chance and luck. What can be quantified…. Old Man Fei then raised his head: “Master how much are you planning to spend? This is something quantifiable.”

Finally a proper question, Tang Tian admired his thoughts, “I plan to spend another 1.2 billion star coins.


Old Man Fei fainted again, and now, even Bell’s hand could not stop trembling.

“Wake him up.” Tang Tian’s tone was unkind.

Was this guy truly reliable or not…

Old Man Fei was awoken again.

Tang Tian did not care much for the 1.5 billion, but rather on whether or not he could unravel the mystery of his blood meridians. He had decided to test this unreliable blood meridians specialist.

“I will speak upfront to you, I am going to invest 1.5 billion in you, so you have better live up to this 1.5 billion. If you are to take it slow, and not get any results after a long time, hmph hmph!”

The threatening words, upon entering Old Man Fei’s ears, caused him to become pale white, ouch, he had fainted again.

Tang Tian started to become worried, if this guy can only either faint or ask stupid questions, should he change people?”

“Wake him up!” Tang Tian clenched his teeth and said.

After waking up, he spent a lot of time thinking, but felt himself crumbling. His face cringed, and asked pitifully, “Master, can I reject the 1.5 billion?”

“No!” Tang Tian was clear cut.

Old Man Fei eyes turned dim, he had almost fainted again.

Tang Tian snorted, “Don’t think you are lucky, you better start thinking well, what you need to buy with the remaining 1.2 billion! No matter what, I will spend the 1.2 billion today!”

Old Man Fei was crying already, Tyrant, let’s not be friends anymore!

Tang Tian’s thoughts was simple, the speed of 500 million was definitely faster than 300 million, and a 1.5 billion speed was definitely faster than the 500 million.

So why hesitate? Let’s spend 1.5 billion!

Old Man Fei finally recovered from Tang Tian’s threats, after hearing it, Tang Tian was definitely not joking. If he could not complete the task, he would end up even worse than before.

But 1.5 billion star coins….

How would a 1.5 billion laboratory look like?

The pitiful Old Man Fei tried to use his imaginations, but could not think of how a 1.5 billion laboratory would look like.

Suddenly, Old Man Fei said, “Master, we will not go to Sky Treasure Room.”

“Why?” Tang Tian was taken aback.

Old Man Fei had regained his calm headedness, after pushing and pulling, he could finally see the situation, and spoke up, “Master, although the items from Sky Treasure Room are good, but they over price things too much. We will sweep all of the small shops in Yong An City once. Don’t look down on the small shops, because every small shop will have one or two specialty items, which is worth more compared to the Sky Treasure Room.”

He had not said one more sentence, which was that a country bumpkin could not enter Sky Treasure Room.

“Similar grade to the gold energy plate?” Tang Tian asked.

“Not for sure, but similar.” Old Man Fei was somewhat eager, he had been hanging out in Yong An City for so long, whoever was hiding something, how could he not know?

1.2 Billion star coins!

Old Man Fei’s eyes became red, his killing intent soaring.