Undefeated God of War - Chapter 295 – Hello Tyrant

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Chapter 295 – Hello Tyrant

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and De Andre

The sky was filled with yellow sand, and a silver tip that was extremely quiet.

The figure behind the sand dune retreated, but suddenly the spear tip aura in his face exploded out, the sharp and fierce energy, rushed up to his front. Astonished, he flipped the fan in his hands, bringing forth a dazzling and gorgeous fan aura that blocked his front.

The spear aura crashed into the fan aura, causing his face to change, and spitting out blood. He was heavily injured, and retreated at an even faster speed.

Standing on the sand dune, Ling Xu watched as the figure ran about 10 km away, his orange pupils giving off a dense and cold aura.

Want to run?

Flamingo and him lowered their body, and burst out front.

Flamingo was not big or muscular, but was extremely fast. The blaze around its body trailed on becoming like a fire tail. Ling Xu who was on its back did not move at all, other than the killing intent on his face, there were no other fluctuations.

Only until now could Ling Xu clearly see the person that was sneaking around was actually someone nearly the same age as him.

The opponent’s light body technique was outstanding, and although Flamingo was bursting forward, it was unable to close the gap between them. But Ling Xu was not in a rush, no matter how powerful the opponent’s light body technique was, his True Power was not unlimited. Flamingo was also suited for long distance running, as long as there was sufficient star rocks, it could run forever.

The chase went on for 70 km.

The green clothed young man was deathly pale, the spear that Ling Xu struck him with had caused him a severe injury. Adding on the usage of True Power spent on running, his injury became worse.

The green clothed young man who was escaping was Huai Bai Hua’s disciple Hua Yang. Huai Bai Hua had the support of Onyx Soul, and thus the qualifications to fight. Hua Yang had a lot of self-confidence. Although he knew that Tang Tian and the other two were very strong, but upon thinking that they were around the same age as him, he felt that, no matter how strong they were, even if they were stronger than him, the disparity would not be so great.

He could not suppress the urge to test it. He went to scout the Lupus Tribe at night, but he was not rash, and firmly held onto the idea and waited. He had a lot of confidence in his light body techniques, if he could not fight, there would be no problem escaping.

He did not expect that his opponent would be so strong and in one move would be able to cause such an injury on him.

Running for 70 km, his internal injuries were getting more severe, and he laughed bitterly. He had played too much this time, if he could not recover in two months, his teacher would punish him.

Never did he think that, out of the three, Ling Xu would be so strong. If not for him witnessing the speed of the spear and attempting to fight, he would already have lost his life.

If that was so, then how strong was Tang Tian, who was the leader of the three?

But just then, he finally relaxed, and thought he had finally gained back his life.

Summoning the remaining energy in his body, he whistled out.

The sound travelled far and wide.

Ling Xu had travelled for a long time, and had plenty of experience such that even Tang Tian could not compete with him. Upon hearing the sound he knew the opponent was calling for reinforcements.


The opponent had arrived at his camp and was on the verge of escaping danger, his taut mind would definitely relax, that was an exceptionally good chance!

Ling Xu’s expression did not change, but Flamingo who was running quietly, was increasing its speed. The opponent was on guard, he was extremely confident of the spear he released earlier, but he did not expect that the opponent could block it.

Ling Xu knew that this would be the best chance he would get.

His attention focused onto one point. Flamingo, whose feet were disappearing due to its high speed, rushed forward!

Just at this time, a whistling sound came from afar, and a figure was seen rushing towards him at an astronomical speed.

Hua Yang who was celebrating for his survival, just only realized that Ling Xu was speeding towards him, and his face changed.

The spear aura from behind was ripping the air, releasing a sound that was different from before, as it brought along a clear bell sound.

Hua Yang clenched his teeth, seeing that Ling Xu was repeating the same move, but this time, his spirit was swaying, the True Power in his body seemed to be asleep, and unable to be used.

‘The bell sound is weird’….

That thought surfaced, then a cold and fierce True Power pierced him from behind.


The sound gently resonated in his ears, piercing into the True Power in his meridians, like glass breaking, the little dots of silver aura were like stars, sprinkling in his meridians.

The sprinkling silver auras were ice cold, causing Hua Yang’s meridians to be momentarily frozen. He stood rigid at the same place, like an ice statue, as a strange silver started to emerge from his body, rapidly spreading throughout.

Huai Bai Hua’s eyes split open, and a brief shout came out.

Ling Xu who was on flamingo was indifferent. When he was immersed in the spear, he had accidentally displayed the style in the dreams. The silver liquid that was produced in his body, merged with the spear at the attack, and was extremely compatible.

Unless…. all the styles in the dreams…. were all real?

Ling Xu muttered to himself.

He suddenly felt a wave of dangerous Qi, and without thinking, he instinctively leaned forward, the spear in his hand lit up with an aura, and he exploded out with the Pointed Sea Spears.

A hook like the waning moon pierced into the Pointed Sea Spears.

The moon like hook and the sea of stars.

Ling Xu’s body shivered, Flamingo retreated 7 steps before stabilizing.

Ling Xu was awakened from his thoughts, seeing the incoming martial artist, he squinted his eyes and asked: “Heaven Hook Huai Bai Hua?”

Huai Bai Hua was already by Hua Yang’s side, upon inspecting Hua Yang, he exposed a pained look, raising his head, “You are so ruthless!”

Ling Xu remained indifferent, and said, “I will obtain victory on the sand, for I am just and open, if you’re afraid why have you come? You can come attack as well, instead of wasting my time to find you, after I’ve settled with you, we will have one less problem.”


After confirming with Old Man Fei, Tang Tian still had one more matter, to buy a few usable treasures.

He still had some money on hand, other than the Bleeding Cat Blade Scythe, he didn’t have many suitable treasures. Honorable Martial Group sold treasures at too high a price, and were unsuitable for him. So he had decided to take a look at Yong An City to see whether or not he could purchase one or two treasures.

Old Man Fei’s Triangle Energy Plate was also spoilt, and needed a suitable Treasure, so he followed Tang Tian and Bell.

The shop owner introduced, “This [Seizing Light Mirror] is not too bad, silver ranked, although the Microscopium Constellation is Southern Sky grade, but it is quite good to use. 2 million star coins.”

Old Man Fei looked at Tang Tian anxiously.

“I’ll buy it!” Tang Tian said.

“This is the [Polar Cold Storage], from the Octans Constellation, Southern Sky Grade, silver ranked. Blood meridians specialists must have item, most favourable to keep all sorts of blood meridian samples. It’s lowest temperature can reach up to -100 Degrees Celsius. Even if you store blood meridian samples inside for 10 thousand years, it will not spoil! I will give it to you at a good price, 2 million star coins!”

Old Man Fei looked at Tang Tian with a longing look.

“I’ll buy it!” Tang Tian waved his hand, he was rich and overbearing.

Seeing Tang Tian’s attitude in purchasing, the shop owner was thinking, what a big boss! Old Man Fei has landed himself a fat fish! He smiled widely and said, “Old Fei, look at this, [Triangular Deflection Disk], most suitable to extract and separate blood meridians, from the Triangulum Australe Constellation, Southern Sky grade, Silver rank! Only at 5 million star coins!”

Tang Tian looked at Old Man Fei.

Old Man Fei who was extremely happy nodded his head, with the air of a blood meridians grandmaster, “It can shorten a lot of time for extraction.”

“I’ll take it!” Tang Tian waved his hand.

The shop owner was ecstatic, but also looked down on Old Man Fei, that drunkard old man was like a dog, hmph, he came here earlier to asked to buy on credit! He really had a change of fortune, with such a rich fat person next to him, it really was incomprehensible.

He could spend 10 million star coins without even blinking his eyes.

Such fat pockets, such spirit, oh my god, I wish I would have such customers everyday!

The shop owner was trembling with excitement, he gave it his all and started to push products to Old Man Fei. If he missed out this chance, he would definitely regret it!

Old Man Fei reached out for a cup of tea. Upon seeing it, the shop owner noticed that it was his private collection of expensive tea leaves. He was usually unwilling to drink them, and so he anxiously went to take it. Did Old Man Fei come to drink tea last time? Oh well, I will give it to him anyways.

Old Man Fei slowly drank the tea, with a satisfied look, he looked at thew few silver ranked treasures in front of him.

Old Man Fei put down the teacup, and coughed lightly, “Old Zhang, you only have these items? Bring out the better ones, all these here are not worthy of me, a graded blood meridians specialist.”

You… a graded blood meridians specialist…

Boss Zhang almost spat the water in his mouth out. Before today, Old Man Fei, you were nothing!

“That’s true.” Tang Tian’s face was of admiration, he pointed to the treasures on the table, and asked, “You only have these?”

He had not even spent 10 million star coins, but Tang Tian was already unhappy. Blood meridians or mechanical weapons, he did not understand anything, but he only knew of one thing, you get what you pay for. Sai Lei’s mechanical techniques, whatever she had to spend on, Tang Tian would not ask for discount. Furthermore, Old Man Fei’s workshop had to do with his own blood meridians.

It was highly possible that after finding out his blood meridians, his history would be revealed, then he will be able to find the asshole who forsook his wife and son!

Even by splurging everything he had, Tang Tian would not frown.

If he spent less, that would mean delaying the time of finding out his blood meridians, so Tang Tian would be unhappy.

The shop owner sucked in a cold breath, this person, is definitely a tyrant! He clenched his teeth, and said, “I do have some special treasures, just that their prices, are slightly higher.”

“Let’s take a look at them!” Tang Tian immediately called.

Seeing that, the boss did not dare hesitate any further, “Please hold on!”

After a while, he brought out a bronze box that looked ancient. He carefully placed it on the table, and even more carefully he opened it.

A golden Triangle Plate appeared in everyone’s eyes, it looked almost similar to Old Man Fei’s Triangle Energy Plate.

“[Gold Energy Plate], originated from the Northern Sky’s Triangulum Constellation, a treasure weapon, gold rank, rarely seen, 300 million star coins!”

Old Man Fei’s nostrils flared up, he dare not look away from the golden triangle plate, a golden treasure weapon, the rarely seen golden treasure weapon!

He had brought Tang Tian specially to this shop, was because he heard that Old Zhang had a secret special treasure, that he was never willing to take out. How could he had thought that, Old Zhang’s secret special treasure would actually be a gold rank treasure weapon!

A treasure weapon that can use blood meridians, was already very few in number, adding that it was a gold rank treasure weapon, Old Man Fei never thought it would be possible. He gradually cooled down, then he sighed, it was too expensive, 300 million star coins, it was actually 300 million star coins!

A gold rank treasure weapon was out of his reach, and it’s price, also equally out of his reach.

But, to be able to see it, was considered good already!

Old Man Fei reluctantly removed his gaze.

But the words that came out from beside him, caused him to react as though he was struck by lightning.

“I’ll take it!” Tang Tian was the same as just now, he waved his hand, brimming with the feel of a nouveau riche.

For the sake of solving the mystery of his blood meridians, what were star coins worth!

Tang Tian was like a vicious gangster, finally revealing his true colors.

The three of them were dumbstruck.

Following that, their weakened spirits, were once again struck by Tang Tian’s following fierce and even explosive words, and were completely destroyed.

“Is one enough? Let’s go find more, and see if we can buy a few more. Boss, what else do you have?”