Undefeated God of War - Chapter 294 – Heavenly Crane Sword Principle

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Chapter 294 – Heavenly Crane Sword Principle

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and De Andre

In the dark of the night, on a sand dune about 5 km away from the tribes.

Crane who was sitting cross legged opened his eyes, the night sky of the desert full of stars, the boundless tranquility, moved his heart. Crane slowly loosened his body with a unique rhythm.

Crane’s thoughts were like the sea of stars, quiet and calm. There was no excitement, the stars in his eyes reflected his mood.

The boundless sky, the vast sea of stars. What was it like, a million years ago? In front of the sky of stars, the human race was just an insignificant being. Whatever so called great ambition and ruling the world, was nothing more than a passing cloud.

What is eternal?

Time was like water, the passage of time will always end anything. No matter how strong the ancestors or forefathers were, they could not escape or resist time, just like how the Heavenly Crane had deteriorated. The years dried up, beings rose and fell, nothing was eternal, only time, only stars.

A person’s life, under the heaven and skies, was a tiny and insignificant being. But life is gorgeous, yet speaks of another type of eternal.

From the time everyone was born, they were slowly walking towards their death. In the few decades of their lives, compared to all living things on heaven and earth, it was considered short. Death shrouded life, only under the brief moment of ruthlessness can life blossom to be dazzling.

But it was exactly the countless gorgeous lives, that formed the everlasting beauty under heaven and earth.

Time is eternal, life is not humble.

Crane’s mind was filled with emotions, the True Power in his body was stirring up and continuously flowing. Any Heavenly Crane disciples, must not seek material desires, to not be polluted, to not harbor bad thoughts, to have a clear and clean conscience and go outside to fly to the extremes.

The Crane Sword on Crane’s waist, felt his aura, and lit up dimly with a golden luster.

A calm and cool energy, flowed out from the sword body into Crane’s body. He suddenly heard a clear crane cry, breaking through the clouds like a sword cutting through the atmosphere.

It was as though Crane was standing in the clouds, a meager single back view, standing straight with a sword.

Countless thoughts flooded into his mind like a tide.

“Ten thousand changes of the sword, beginning from one, forming the Principle….”

Crane’s mind shook!

[Heavenly Crane Sword Principle]!

Heavenly Crane Sword Principle was Crane Sect’s true top grade legacy, and only the patriarch of the generation could learn it. This special sword manual principle, was the earliest to disappear, and the true reason why the Heavenly Crane Constellation declined.

Because, only the Heavenly Crane Sword Principle could activate the Heavenly Crane Constellation Saint Treasure, the Crane Sword!

The loss of the Heavenly Crane Sword Principle caused the Crane Sword to be left on the shelves, making it so that no one would be able to know that the Heavenly Crane Constellation’s saint treasure was not only a gold ranked treasure and a sword.

Crane had finally realized that the Heavenly Crane Sword Principle was never lost, it had always been in the gold saint sword, slumbering.

There are two types of swords that can become saint ranked swords, one was to be a sword of the saint ranked treasure, another method was to be bestowed the rank by a sword saint.

Crane was extremely excited, controlling his feelings, he carefully remembered every word.

But he did not see that the Crane Sword at his waist was suddenly beaming with gold light. A golden Crane suddenly came out of the golden light and flew into the sky. While the Heavenly Crane Constellation suddenly lit up, as though it had restored its former power.

Only by staring at the sky could someone notice it, if not, no one would have felt the movements of Heavenly Crane Constellation.

Just at this time, Heavenly Crane Constellation was completely flaring up.

All of the Heavenly Crane Constellation treasures, regardless if it was bronze or silver ranked, all lit up with a faint light. It was a never before seen appearance on Heavenly Crane Constellation.

The Crane Elder’s face was flowing with tears.

Only he knew, that it was the Crane Sword lifting it’s seal!

Heavenly Crane Constellation will rise again!

In one night, Crane had absorbed all of the [Heavenly Crane Sword Principles]. All the various Crane Sect’s martial technique mental cultivation arts were all known to him inside out. Normally, he would have painstakingly trained hard without slacking off, which was extremely tiring. But following the Sword principles, all the countless obstacles were finally resolved.

The Crane body in him was continuously growing and continuously being enlightened.

Crane once again opened his eyes, it was near daybreak. His silver hair once again turned jet black. His silver hair was due to improper training when young, thus causing it. Now that all the blockages of his training were gone, his silver hair had once again turned black.

On the distant desert horizon, a layer of gold rose, the sky turned bright.

“Congratulations young master!” A young lady covered with a veil appeared, bowed to Crane and congratulated him.

She had personally witnessed the transformation, and her heart was extremely excited.

“Long time no see, Xiao Duo’er.” Crane laughed upon seeing the young lady, he was not surprised.

Looking at her young master who was extremely refined and cleaned, her face behind the veil blushed, and rose up straight, “Master has ordered this servant here, to remind young master, there is a wrestling of strength here, the situation is extremely complicated, and wishes Young master to be cautious.”

“Thank you Auntie, please give my regards to Auntie.” Crane had a lot of opinions on the strong auntie of his family. The matter of his mother and father that year, the aunt was involved in it, and in a way thwarted the entire matter.

But just at this time, his state of mind was exceptionally level. With his growth in power, his scope and breadth of mind was even more vast than before.

The grudges that year, had long since passed.

The young seedling that year, has already grown into an adult.

Yun Duo was taken aback by Crane’s pleasantry. In her memories, the young master was extremely stubborn, especially towards Master. He had always been cold and always alone. And for her Master’s personality, who was even more strong, if not for her own sister, she would have long brought Crane home.

Their relationship had always been in a deadlock.

Yun Duo exposed a happy expression, and said, “If Master knows of Young Master’s achievement, she would be extremely pleased.”

Crane smiled and stood up. The wind blew his black hair, his jaded face that was extremely clean, and the jet black clothes on him, made him look extremely heroic, without any blemishes or dust.

Yun Duo watched in awe.

She had seen Young Master Crane many times, he was also confident and cultured in the past, but in the past there was always melancholy between his brows, and currently, he looked extremely peaceful, and his eyes were as deep as the night sky.

Like someone who came out of a painting.

That thought came into her mind, and when she reacted, her face was already blushing red.

Crane did not know of Yun Duo’s thoughts, for some reason, he was thinking of Tang Tian. That fellow must have ran off somewhere again, he shook his head and laughed.

He finally did not have any stress.

From the start, Tang Tian was an immense pressure to him, he was always growing at an astonishing rate, and caused Crane to feel the invisible pressure for the first time. In the Crane Sect, Crane was the knight in shining armor, who was at the forefront of training, and was always extremely far away from the rest.

Till the day he met Tang Tian, then he finally understood that there were always mountains beyond mountains, people beyond people. Crazy Ling Xu was also not inferior to him, and his growth rate was also surprising. Tang Tian was a real freak, his improvements were outrageous, causing people to be stupefied.

The inwardly proud Crane had placed an immense amount of stress on himself.

Not until his breakthrough today, did the pressure disappear.

Shaking his head and laughing, a grand feeling rose in Crane’s heart.

He looked up to the sky, feeling the early morning, the rising sun that was about to leap up any moment, the vegetation and animals longing for the golden light to rise.

The Crane Sword in his hand slightly hummed, as though feeling the fighting intent in Crane’s heart, it was excited for battle.

He suddenly turned, smiling, “Xiao Duo’er, you must know where Wu Tie Yu is right.”

Yun Duo was stunned, and her expression changed.

Ling Xu glanced at the sand dune, he had coincidentally saw the light that flew into the sky.

That fellow broke through!

He retracted his gaze, and once again started training. He could not be bothered to care, as the goal of his training today had not been met. He urged Flamingo, deciding to choose a further location to practise his spear techniques.

He did not know why, these few days, the ancient song and the silver image had always appeared in his dreams.

All the different kinds of thrusts and pierce!

The silver image in his mind, seemed to be always doing drills.

Every time he saw the silver image, a familiar yet foreign feeling would always surface out from Ling Xu’s heart. Ling Xu did his best to warn himself, it was just a dream, but that feeling was always extremely clear and real.

It must definitely be the bells that were doing it.

In the past, the dreams never surfaced out before. Ling Xu had thought of throwing away the Sheep Horn wind bells many times, but he had not taken action.

(TN: Lucky for me, Ram is a male sheep. Wonder what i would had done if it was actually a goat. I would have to change all of Ling Xu’s items and anything to do with him. Aries is a ram guys, fyi)

Teacher must have had his own Sheep Horn Wind Bells, right…? I wonder if it was like this for him too….

Thinking about his teacher, Ling Xu immediately abolished that thought. Two days ago, watching Tang Yi’s blade, Ling Xu became dumbstruck. The spear, a natural weapon for war, even for his Pointed Sea Spears, did not have a technique placing such emphasis on its huge weight.

That blade, made Ling Xu’s blood boil, and his battle intent ablaze.

The silver image figure in his dreams would frequently display similar spear techniques. But, no matter how lonely the Silver Frost Mount person was, his silver spear was unconstrained, and his imposing manner won against Tang Yi; the wild and cold massacring Qi was unrestrained.

Many times, when Ling Xu was too immersed in training, he would subconsciously imitate the Silver Frost Mount man in his dream.

Until today, he could not hold back that feeling.

Maybe, I should try out the spear techniques of the dreams?

After hesitating for a long time, Ling Xu finally decided to test it out. But, he did not want people to find out, so he urged Flamingo, and after walking for several kilometers, he stopped. He chose the direction opposite of Crane, and was extremely far from the village. The village had Tang Yi who was guarding, so he was more carefree. If anything happened, judging from the distance, he believed he could see and react.

Since he had decided to imitate the Silver Frost Mount, he abandoned all distracting thoughts, and focused on remembering the movements of the Silver Frost Mount in his dreams.

He was familiar with some of them.

But after an hour, he did not have any improvements. The spear techniques of the Silver Frost mount. Compared to his Pointed Sea Spears, were extremely similar, with just minute differences. But these minute differences, made Ling Xu feel extremely awkward.

There were times he knew that he needed to spin the spear slightly more, but the sword tip would always force its way back to original position.

After training of Pointed Sea Spears for a decade, it was already ingrained in his bones. To change it was extremely difficult.

Seems like it really was just a dream!

Ling Xu tried for another hour, but could not get it, and kept shaking his head. He had planned his training extremely well, and had no more time left to waste.

Suddenly, Ling Xu noticed the Sheep Horn Wind Bells quietly moving, as though it was attracted by some formless energy, and quickly turned.

Ling Xu squinted his eyes and looked, there was someone!

Ling Xu carefully urged Flamingo to move.

The enemy who had heard bird movements, thought that Ling Xu would just come over and thrust towards him, but noticing that he did not stop, but increased his speed, his face changed.

Not good!

I’m caught!


The sand dune in front of him exploded!