Undefeated God of War - Chapter 293 – Just know that I gave in to you

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Chapter 293 – Just know that I gave in to you

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and De Andre

It was like a wind blew past.

The lady only saw a figure. In the other people’s eyes, Tang Tian’s hands disappeared in the air.

In the next moment, his hand had sliced into the muscular man’s back, Silver Spirit Spiralling Energy, had followed his palm and bubbled out.


The sound of scratching of leather, caused the muscular man to shiver. Then as though he was pushed by a drunkard, his body stepped forward a few steps, before stabilizing himself. His face was flushed red. His eyes that looked like bronze exposed fear, he formed layers upon layers of True Power for defence, against the wave of spiralling energy that entered his body but to no avail.

What True Power was that?

He did not care about anything else, and anxiously used the True Power of his body, to block the extremely sharp True Power.

“You have such ruthless hands.”

The clear voice sounded out, the lady’s figure flashed across and blocked Tang Tian’s body. Killing intent surfaced up, the terrifying qi enveloped the entire place.

The orangutan masked young man did not move at all, a low and stern voice came out from behind the mask, “If you want to fight, let’s fight, why talk so much nonsense.”

Tang Tian was actually secretly surprised. His blade hand actually only inflicted a slight injury on the other party. The huge statured man was much stronger than what he thought. His silver spirit spiralling energy was like a high speed revolving drill, the destructive force extremely terrifying.

Although he was surprised, but that made Tang Tian’s feelings to fight even more spirited.

The woman in front of him was even stronger than the big sized man!

Tang Tian was not scared at all, but was even more eager. For him, to be able to exchange moves with an expert was an attractive offer. He knew his own strength, compared to a real expert, he was still lacking. He was not afraid of others being stronger than him, and not afraid that people might beat him to a pulp. Heh, youngsters should never have a lack of chasing for courage!

Only through real fights with experts, could he truly improve!

He was determined to become the strongest young man!

The fighting intent in Tang Tian’s body soared, his eyes locked onto the lady.

The lady did not expect Tang Tian to be unafraid, but even more excited to fight. Tang Tian who was in front of her was like a burning flame. She could feel the threat, her body slightly leaning forward, her right hand unconsciously was already on the sword hilt by her waist, the glasses hiding the face, her entire being was emitting an extremely cold aura.

Tang Tian who was behind the mask, excitedly licked his lips.

So Strong!

But what made Tang Tian truly excited, was that the opponent was releasing a special Qi, like some sort of Sword Qi, yet like a Spear Qi. It was the first time Tang Tian met such a peculiar Qi. He was extremely familiar with the two, Crane trained in the sword while Ling Xu trained in the spear. But Tang Tian never thought that the sword and Spear Qi could mix together.


Tang Tian was full of anticipation, his body kept wanting to slant forward, like a cheetah in wait, ready to explode out at any second.

Suddenly, the lady straightened her body, the chill aura that was releasing from her body suddenly vanished without a trace. She stopped looking at Tang Tian, her snow white finger pushed up her glasses, and said coldly, “Mr Fei it was accidental, I apologize. But I believe that we will still have another opportunity to work together in the future, excuse us.”

Finished, the lady walked out.

Seeing that, the other two men immediately followed.

“Eh, why did you stop?” Tang Tian immediately stood straight, his face flustered as he scratched his forehead. He did not understand the situation. It was just all swords and brawl, but the lady suddenly did not want to fight.

Seeing that the other party was leaving, Tang Tian panicked, and shouted to the lady, “Hey, lady, you don’t want to fight?”

Bell heaved a sigh of relief and rolled her eyes. She patted her face. She decided that she would never ever go out with boss again.

The lady’s footsteps stopped. She did not expect that she would meet upon someone like Tang Tian.

Take deep breath, take deep breaths, don’t bicker with him…. Complete the mission first….

“Hey, lady, are you scared?”

“Eh, don’t tell me you truly are afraid?”

Tang Tian’s loud shouts came out from behind, and people who were passing by, had weird gazes.

The lady’s face behind the glasses became extremely bad, she clenched her fist, her entire body releasing a cold aura. The two men beside her knew their sister was angry, so they kept quiet out of fear.

Asshole, I will definitely wreck you with my own hands!

The lady clenched her teeth, and swore solemnly in her heart.

Tang Tian completely did not understand the lady’s thoughts, but only felt that the aura she released was extremely special. Tang Tian was full of anticipation as he prepared himself, but he did not expect her to not fight. Tang Tian frowned, his appetite was not satiated and it made him feel extremely unwell.

He shouted to the lady’s back view, “Hey hey hey, woman, can we just fight once? Don’t be afraid, I will give in to you, why not I’ll use one hand? Wah, you don’t even want to do it….”

Give in, one hand….

The lady was fuming with rage, her hand grasped the sword hilt extremely tightly. Because she used too much strength, her fingers became white.

She was being looked down on!

She was actually being looked down on!

No one in her entire life had ever spoke to her that way. No one!

A surge of strong emotions came up from the bottom of her heart – To immediately turn, beat that asshole up to a pulp, and chop him up into eight pieces and feed them to the dogs!

The two men beside the sister silently pulled some distance away from her. The both of them looked at each other, exposing a weird look. Hearing Tang Tian’s words, they felt that he was absolutely ridiculous. The both of them had the same thought, that brat was dead! As expected, their sister’s anger could be felt, her killing intent leaking out from her body. The both of them were afraid, and immediately pulled some distance from her, in case they got pulled in. Especially the muscular man, he suffered from some internal injuries, so he carefully walked behind.

But, what caused the two of them to be taken aback, was the sister actually….actually did not turn to go kill that brat.

This, this, this…

After leaving the road where Old Man Fei was, the Onyx Soul Horse could not take it and asked, “Big sister head, why did you not…”

The lady gradually calmed down from her anger, “Tonight we are going to Lupus Constellation, this task is more important, we cannot deviate.”

Although the Onyx Soul Horse man felt it was weird, how could Lupus Constellation have any expert. But he did not dare argue with the lady, and said, “I see.”

The lady could tell his unnaturalness, and said indifferently, “This time our enemy, is Clan Union and Honorable Martial Group.”

The Onyx Soul Horse man immediately jumped in fright, and exclaimed, “Clan Union and Honorable Martial Group? Such a big movement!”

“Yes.” The lady replied calmly, “This will be a tough war, so we need to be in our best state to face it. To waste time on that brat is not worth it.”

“The mission this time, is so important?” The Onyx Soul Horse man was taken aback.

“If we don’t win, just go and die.”

The lady said calmly, causing the two of them to freeze.

She turned her head and asked the muscular man, “Your injury?”

He immediately shook his head: “It’s not much, I’ll recover by tomorrow.”

By saying the phrase “If we don’t win, just go and die”, that kind of ultimatum, most likely they would be the first ones killed.

The lady nodded her head. “That’s good. After we finish our task, then we will settle this.”

The two of them showed a look of approval, that was their big sister’s style.

After relaxing, the muscular man asked, “Is that old man really that powerful?”

The Onyx Soul Horse man was not happy hearing that, “Don’t tell me you doubt my standards?”

“No, no!” The muscular man immediately waved his hands.

The Onyx Soul Horse man snorted, “Although Old Man Fei is not well known, but he comes from a very strong history. Just that no one knows about it. I spent a great deal of time and energy to get that information. 200 years ago, there was a grandmaster blood meridians specialist, Ah Sai Ke, have you heard of him?”

“Blood Voice User Ah Sai Ke?” The muscular man was surprised, “Don’t tell me Old Man Fei is his student?”

Even the lady who heard that name stopped in her tracks.

“No.” The Onyx Soul Horse man shook his head, and when the other two were about to be disappointed, he revealed: “He is the grand disciple. Old Man Fei’s teacher, was Ah Sai Ke’s youngest student.”

An incomprehensible look appeared on the muscular man’s face, “Then how is he so obscure and unknown!”

Blood Voice User Ah Sai Ke, was hailed as the fourth of the 10 strongest blood meridians grandmaster in the last 1000 years, Such a prestigious name, no matter where he was, would definitely be dazzlingly celebrated.

“Have you forgotten how Ah Sai Ke died tragically in the disaster 200 years ago. All his students were all so far apart, even some of them did not know of it. For those who lived by a fluke, did not dare reveal themselves.” The Onyx Soul Horse man said, then suddenly laughed, “Old Man Fei’s standard is considered powerful. Gray Swan blood meridians shouldn’t be a problem for him.”

The muscular man nodded, “To the grand disciple of the Blood Voice User, that’s natural.”

The lady was hesitant, she suddenly felt, if she left just like that, she might not see Old Man Fei again. But upon thinking of her task, she had decided to throw that thought away.

If she missed Old Man Fei, she could find other blood meridians specialist.

If the task failed, there would be no chance to redeem herself.

“Let’s go.” saying that, she flew forward.

At Old Man Fei’s location.

“They will not leave it at that.” Bell reminded, “Those people come from a complicated background.”

Old Man Fei knew that Bell was experienced and knowledgeable. His gaze was cruel, but there was some worried look as well, “Then what do we do?”

“Why not join our side?” Bell glanced at Tang Tian, and threw a suggestion.

Hearing that, Tang Tian immediately reacted, and nodded his head, “That’s right that’s right! Let us go together! Your safety is definitely guaranteed!”

Old Man fei’s heart palpitated with eagerness. To him, Yong An City was nothing. He would not long for it. All of his attention was completely fixated on Tang Tian’s blood meridians, and he was very close to Bell, and knew she would not cheat him. Old Man Fei hesitated for a while, “Your blood meridians must definitely be researched by me!”

“No problem!” Tang Tian said without hesitating, “I also want to find out what blood meridians it is.”

This was an unexpected benefit, to be able to have a blood meridians specialist in my arms. Where could I find such a good thing. I must thank those three people later on, such good people.

Old Man Fei immediately said, “Money must be considered too!”

With so much history with Sai Lei, Tang Tian already knew how to hook, line, and sinker these kind of people, especially Old Man Fei, “I will first build for you a work place! At least 100 million star coins!”

Old Man Fei had tears dropping down his face. Tyrant, we can finally be friends!