Undefeated God of War - Chapter 289 – Sima Xiao

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Chapter 289 – Sima Xiao

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and De Andre

“Army? Are you joking, how can the Lupus Constellation have an army?” The brown short haired young man touched his chin, sneering while looking at his underling at the bottom of the stairs, the sneer lingering on his mouth: “Don’t find all these stupid excuses! Now I highly doubt your powers, after so long, you still have not obtained what I asked you to get. Now that Onyx Soul has also mingled in, can’t you see that the matter is going to be blown up way to large? For this entire period, this young master has been laughed at by others.”

The man in the mask at the bottom of the stairs bowed, he kept quiet out of fear, his back was drenched with perspiration.

“I will give you one more month, if this matter is not settled, then you can go home and wait, this young master doesn’t want such thrash.”

He rolled the band on his head, his delicate and neutral looking face seemed harmless, but his tone of speech was full of ridicule and cheekiness.

The masked man’s heart shuddered, he knew that the young master may sound like he was joking, but his heart was sinister and extremely cold.

He did not dare to defend himself or plea for leniency, so he hardened his skin and answered: “Yes!”

“Go go.” the young master waved his head, smiling, “You better fight well.”

Upon leaving the big chamber, a gust of cool wind blew over, and feeling all the cold sweat on his body, he could feel his whole body drenched.

“He did not lie.”

From the back of a screen, a pale faced young man walked out. He looked weak, dressed in white, extremely casual, with jet black long hair, but his eyes was filled with faint melancholy.

Qiu Zhi Jun, even in the Clan Union, hardly anyone knew of him.

“I know.” The short haired young man laughed, and casually took a small bite from the table and put it in his mouth, mumbling, “I’m just using him to test the Onyx Soul and Honorable Martial Group’s fineness, Second uncle worries too much, and decided to put him in. Even if he died, that would save second uncle’s energy, being so old yet worrying so much will lead to premature death.”

Clan Union, was a group comprised of various clans, while the Sima family, was one of the seven aristocratic families.

Sima Xiao was Sima Family’s Third Branch Sima Tao’s son, Sima Tao died young, so Sima Xiao and his mum supported each other. Within the three branches, it was the weakest on power. With a single parent, he naturally was bullied. But even in the midst of it, he always laughed it off.

Until Sima xiao was 14 years of old, and went through a huge transformation. The usually low profile Sima Xiao suddenly emerged as third in their clan’s competition.

Sima Xiao was then pulled and dispatched to Yaoguang Star, and who could have thought that in a mere three years, Yaoguang Star suddenly increased in power, their tax and finance gained triple in profits. Not only that, in three years, he sent out more than 7 veins of ores, so the clan elders of the Clan Union all had a good impression of him.

His sudden emergence, caused jealousy in the first and second branch, and after much consideration, the Clan Union sent him to investigate Lacerta Constellation. Lacerta Constellation was one of Northern Sky’s 19 Continents, their local powers were tangled and complicated, causing the situation to be extremely complex, where the Clan Union had absolutely no influence.

No one could have thought that, Sima Xiao would overturn the entire constellation, after much pulling and fighting, in a short span of three years, the Clan Union not only had places to live in Lacerta Constellation, but also firmly occupied ¾ of Lacerta Constellations territories.

Sima Xiao’s outstanding performance caused the higher ups of the Clan Union to look at him, but at the same time, it caused panic and wariness amongst the other branches.

He was about the attack the entire Lacerta Constellation, but was urgently summoned back home in the glorified name of entrusting a heavy responsibility to him, but it was the first and second branch, who thought to take the opportunity of his.

Returning back to the union, Sima Xiao apparently had plans on his own, other than frequently visiting the powerless clan elders, he would only stay at home, and rarely went out. But, no one knew that, in the midst of the quietness, he was plotting.

Qiu Zhi Jun was his senior brother.

“But, Tang Tian’s side actually has such a strong tactics genius, causing me to be jealous! The inside information of Honorable Martial Group is much more profound than ours.” Sima Xiao had crumbs all over his face, and spoke unclearly.

Qiu Zhi June shook his head, and said indifferently: “It isn’t Honorable Martial Group’s people. This person of Tang Tian, his personality is rather calm. It should be his own person, if what the rumours say is true, then the thing about Southern Cross Army leaving some things, might just be true.”

“That’s reasonable.” Sima Xiao licked the crumbs off his fingers, without a care for image, “If we had our own army, then things would be much easier.”

“Aren’t you making one now?” Qiu Zhi Jun was motionless, even when talking.

“Hey hey!” Sima Xiao did not have the least bit embarrassment upon being discovered, and continued smiling, “Oh well, senior brother your physique is too weak, worrying too much can cause death, if that happens then who will help me take care of all these trivial matters.”

Qiu Zhi Jun acted like he did not hear him, “The two branches have lost a lot at Lacerta Constellation, Sima Hong had died in war, Sima Yu Guang is injured.”

Sima Xiao had a look of grief while laughing, “Outstanding talents that die early, that is the great loss of our Sima Family! Send two gifts to the two branches later, hopefully the two uncles won’t be too sad.”

“They hate your bones now.” Qiu Zhi Jun was too lazy to care about Sima Xiao’s acting.

Sima Xiao had purposely left ¼ of Lacerta Constellation, cause he knew the two branches would want to come and steal the show. In the three years, he did not kill off the powerful figures of Lacerta Constellation, but forced them all to gather in a corner, but did not attack. He gave them a living chance to breathe, and even wanted to know how many starry doors were in the region that connected to Hercules Constellation.

How could Hercules Constellation tolerate the Clan Union’s feelers from stretching in?

Lacerta Constellation’s powerful elites were gathered, adding on Hercules Constellation’s secret support, it was absolutely a powerful force. Upon attacking, the first and second branches naturally received major injuries.

“What does that matter to me?” Sima Xiao laughed, his face was of ignorance, “They called me back, so here I am. To let them do the attack, I agreed to it. I am a good model, don’t smear my name!”

“This time the two branches had really received too much damage.” Qiu Zhi Jun calmly analyzed the powers, “How do you plan to use the clan elders?”

“It’s not the right time yet.” Sima Xiaos head shook like a rattle drum, “My reputation isn’t enough yet.”

Qiu Zhi Jun was clear on all of Sima Xiao’s preparations, after thinking a while then he understood, “Your goal is Onyx Soul and Honorable Martial Group?”

“Senior brother is smart. How much of contribution was Lacerta Constellation?” Sima Xiao exposed an unnatural smile, his tone of voice was leisure: “Our Clan Union does not have many youths, but have always put importance in rich people.Compared to Onyx Soul and Honorable Martial Group, we are still lacking; and that is the problem of the higher ups. But, they are extremely afraid of both of them, and in truth, they are not confident enough. At this time, whoever can oppose Onyx Soul and Honorable Martial Group, as long as there is no defeat, the higher ups will not ignore him.”

“You’re not afraid of losing?” Qiu Zhi Jun was shocked by his junior brother’s plan, for his sight did not stop at just the Sima Family.

“How can I lose?” The short haired young man laughed, “How does it implicate us? Qi Zi is second uncle’s man, Onyx Soul’s target is Tang Tian, Honorable Martial Group wants to protect Tang Tian. With thousands of eyes watching, the loser will lose face, and how can Honorable Martial Group or Onyx Soul swallow such a thing? Relax, we are such a small fart, no one will put us in their eyes.”

“Who do you plan on pitting us against?” Qiu Zhi Jun restrained the shock in his heart and asked.

“Hey, senior brother, don’t use that word pitting. It is so disgusting.” Sima Xiao had a rogue look, “So many seniors, whoever is willing to support this junior like me, is considered a virtue. Just that whichever senior would be kind enough to, only time will tell.”

Qiu Zhi Jun looked at his smiling junior brother, his heart slowly thinking ahead.

Junior brother’s plan might actually succeed!

Looking at it, especially with Sima Xiao pointing the crucial points out, very quickly the main leads will turn to Onyx Soul and Honorable Martial Group, At that time, in the state of messiness, junior brother’s intent was extremely clear, to take advantage of the crisis!

“Tang Tian has an army, and that is an unstable variable.” Qiu Zhi Jun pointed out.

Sima Xiao sneered, “How easy is it to conjure the army? Just by relying on those small tribes, they created a so called army? Also, even if they did have the army, then the one who should be worrying is Onyx Soul.”

He had secretly built his army, and it was not easy to find out, so he did not care much about Tang Tian’s army.

On one hand, An Bai had died, Mao Jun broke an arm, this result caused the spectators to turn into an uproar.


Lupus Constellation actually had an army!

An Bai and Mao Jun were both Heaven Road List martial artists, for one to be dead and another injured, was not an easy task. But the news of Tang Tian having an army, came out from Mao Jun and was spread. No one doubted Mao Jun.

A skinny old man voiced out, “What do you see?”

This old man was named Tu, and was an elder of Onyx Soul. In Onyx Soul, the clan elders position was highly revered. When the news of Southern Cross Army came to him, he was excited.

He knew much more than normal people.

“They should not fear the army.” In front of him was a female martial artist with armor, “If it was a real army, Mao Jun would not have escaped. I think it was just made not long ago, so their power is highly doubtful.”

In their position, the army to them was not something to be feared. No matter how strong the army was, to an expert, it was nothing.

In a contest of strength, there was no absolute strong or weak.

“If I hand this to you, can you secure it?” Elder Tu voiced out.

“I need the six guards.” The female martial artist replied.

Elder Tu was surprised, “You feel the need of six guards?”

The six guards were his most outstanding martial artists, she was the leader of them, and all of them had special blood meridians, and were extremely strong. Elder Tu did not think that, she would immediately require the use of his strongest force.

“Use the lion to seize the rabbit, we shall use all our forces.” The female martial artist replied.

After thinking for awhile, Elder Tu raised his head and answered, “Good! You will bring them along, and bring Tang Tian to me!”

“Yes!” The female martial artist answered, and turned to leave.