Undefeated God of War - Chapter 284 – Kang De Courts Death

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Chapter 284 – Kang De Courts Death

Translated by: Ting

Edited by: XRCO and De Andre

“Xiao Wu, why did you follow me?” Kang De sat on the peak of the sand dune. The dry air caressed his face, his expression dark, a silver full moon hung silently behind him. Threads of blood red surfaced on the silver full moon, and was exceptionally violent and bloody.

Before him, stood a wooden and honest lad in cloth, with extremely ordinary looks.

Kang De had suffered a defeat and was gravely injured, the silver moon which was once in full bloom, instantly broke into pieces. Beside Kang De, only Xiao Wu was left. Xiao Wu has been with him for a long time, but he was never liked by Kang De, for he had normal talents, and was stoic and quiet, among the many experts that Kang De had, he did not stand out at all.

Kang De did not have much of an impression of Xiao Wu, except that he was loyal and down-to-earth. Although his abilities were normal, he was courageous, and the most heartening of all, was that things that he was instructed to do, he would dutifully finish everything.

Xiao Wu shook his head, “Master will not have a single soul at your funeral.”

Kang De snorted, “This life was enough. After death, who cares what happened? To be able to end my life after a good tough battle, I have no regrets!”

Xiao Wu shook his head obstinately, “There are many vultures in the desert.”

Kang De’s eyes surfaced a trace of warmth, his hands had a silver aquarius cabinet, and tossed it to Xiao Wu, “Since all this will go to others after my death, you can keep this.”

Xiao Wu stuttered, “I didn’t stay because of this.”

“I know.” Kang De glanced at the full moon at the end of the sky, “I just didn’t want the inheritance of [Silver Moon] to end with me.”

It was almost dusk, and the moon was already clearly visible in the sky.

“The 3 big inheritances of Lupus Constellation, Heaven Hook, Silver Moon, Feudal Martial, are actually from one family, surprising right. Lupus Constellation inherited the [Heavenly Martial Werewolf Print], it split into three around 1000 years ago, the three families fought and struggled for thousand years, been through fall and rise, but the fight never ended. The inheritance of [Silver Moon], cannot end in my hands, you train well, but even if you can’t master it, it’s alright. Some things, are fated.”

Kang De looked at the full moon at the far end of the sky, and seemed to be lost in thoughts, not knowing if the full moon thousand years back, was similar like today.

Xiao Wu whose eyes reddened, picked up the silver aquarius cabinet in the sand, and clutched it tightly in his hands, without a word.

“If Wu Tie Yu loses to Tang Tian and his group, you must leave Lupus Constellation with them.”

Kang De beseeched, if others knew that [Silver Moon] was in Xiao Wu’s hands, those people would definitely stoop to unscrupulous methods to get their hands on it, and Xiao Wu might even lose his life.

“If Tang Tian and gang lost as well, you must still leave Lupus Constellation immediately.”

Suddenly, Kang De’s expression changed, with a wave of his hands, a shapeless energy pushed Xiao Wu and sent him flying out far.

“Take a good look at [Silver Moon].”

Kang De commanded without turning his head, but instantly laughed silently, he actually placed the Silver Moon inheritance in the hands of Xiao Wu, was this what they meant by ‘at dead ends’?

Far away, a haughty figure, appeared on a sand dune.

It was Wu Tie Yu!

Wu Tie Yu instantly noticed Kang De, and his pupils constricted.

Shui Cheng followed Wu Tie Yu’s gaze and looked over, his expression changed, and he exclaimed, “Kang De!”

Wu Tie Yu’s expression turned back to normal, and haughtily said, “Seems like Old Kang hasn’t give up yet, humph! I can win against him once, so I can beat him another time! This time I must make him convinced!”

After the initial shock, he was now extremely pleased deep inside.

The last battle with Kang De, no one knew. Today he had numerous martial artists behind him, the victory under everyone’s scrutiny, must spread to every corner of Lupus Constellation. By then everyone would be intimidated, and he can create a stronger Feudal Martial.

Kang De’s injuries, without a year or so, he would definitely be unable to recover fully.

This battle, victory is his!

Following his flying figure, very soon, figures could be seen crowding around the sand dunes.

In the midst of flying, Wu Tie Yu’s light sigh, not even a shout, could be heard clearly from far away, hanging in the air of the desert.

“Brother Kang, why did you bother to come? You are making me troubled, for walking into your doom.”

Brother Kang?

The crowd was abuzz, to be greeted as Brother Kang by Wu Tie Yu, there was only one person, Silver Moon Kang De!

Kang De came!

The martial artists all instantly revealed looks of excitement.

The green shirt lad looked dazedly at Kang De faraway, and was dumbfounded, “Has Weasel Kang hurt his head? Isn’t he courting death?”

The middle-aged martial artist under the cape sighed lightly, with a tinge of respect and sadness, “Kang De has already lost his will to live, he came just to court death.”

“Came to court his death?” The young lad was stunned.

“Lupus Constellation’s Number One, will forever have the pride of Lupus Constellation’s Number One.” The middle-aged martial artist lightly said.

“But… … why not bite the bullet, and make a comeback?” The green shirt lad hesitated for a while, before asking.

The middle-aged martial artist seemed a little downcast and sad, “Because Kang De knows that he doesn’t stand a chance of winning. Bite the bullet, not to linger on, only when there’s hope would one bite the bullet. We are wolves, to linger on is a shame.”

The green shirt lad was traumatized, and blurted, “Has Wu Tie Yu become so strong that Kang De has lost all hopes?”

The middle-aged martial artist was silent.

Upon seeing the downcast face of the green shirt lad, the middle-aged martial artist lightly said, “Observe this battle closely.”

Everyone raised their heads, and looked at the black figure on the highest sand dune, Kang De slowly got up, the silver full moon behind him, quietly rose.

By now the sky had darkened, with the silver full moon behind him, Kang De was even more glaring.

He looked at Wu Tie Yu’s light agile figure below, and an eerie smile curled up at the corner of his lips, he had no intention of opening his mouth, for he has no intention of wasting even a drop of energy.

The silver full moon floated above his head, the wisps of fresh blood on the full moon, were exceptionally freaky.

Kang De’s body defied gravity and slowly floated from the ground, the full moon above his head glowed brightly, even the full moon at the far end of the sky, paled in comparison.

Kang De raised both his arms up high, raised his head, and his face surfaced a look of fanaticism.


His body suddenly erupted a bloody fog, the bloody fog seemed as though it was attracted, and dissolved into the full moon, the silver full moon instantly became smothered in a layer of light red colour.

Piak piak piak!

One by one the bloody fogs erupted, and eerily dissolved into the full moon, the silver pure full moon just now, became blood red.

Kang De’s face had no trace of pain, instead, he revealed a smile.

Everyone was shocked by such a scene.

Wu Tie Yu’s expression instantly changed, he did not imagine that Kang De would instantly put his life at stake, his palms suddenly surged with silver rays, and a deadly and savage air suddenly erupted.

A blood red color covered his eyes, and the surrounding aura changed as well.

In the eyes of the surrounding observing martial artists, Wu Tie Yu suddenly gave off a vibe of trepidation. Even from behind, he seemed like the king of the forest, mighty and unstoppable.

The middle-aged martial artist under the cape exclaimed, “Ursa Minor Constellation! Silver Treasure! So this was it!”

He finally understood, how Wu Tie Yu defeated Kang De, it was all because of the silver treasure of the Ursa Minor Constellation. Wu Tie Yu’s Feudal Martial was initially that of a domineering and ferocious style, the domineering air of a bear, was just a perfect fit. Although he still did not know, which silver treasure of the Ursa Minor Constellation it was, but this treasure, coupled with the might of Wu Tie Yu, was terrifying.

Under normal circumstances, Wu Tie Yu would definitely emerge victorious.

However… One must never underestimate the determination of a martial artist who is determined to fight to death!

Kang De who suffered massive blood loss, raised his head; the burning fanaticism was similar to that of a werewolf howling at the moon.

“Formed by fresh blood, sacrifice of a werewolf, without a breath, the embers of a body.”

An almost undetectable light hum, seemed to travel up from down below.


The moon that hung low in the sky suddenly surged in brightness, a ray of pure light, directly entered the blood moon above his head.

The glow of the blood moon surged.

The awe-inspiring moment captivated the entire place, the martial artists all went weak at the knees, the figure floating in mid-air at the peak of the sand dune, was almost godly in their eyes.

Wu Tie Yu’s ferocious roar was loud as thunder.

His expression was savage, and his body swelled with True Power.

Kang De’s eyes flashed, and roared honestly.


The blood moon vibrated slightly, and sounded up from all sides, it evolved into a smother of blurry moonlight and freaky red flowing light, and headed straight for Wu Tie Yu.

Wu Tie Yu knew that this was a matter of life and death, and roared, “Kill!”

A palm was sent out.


A massive mountain-like blurry figure, appeared behind Wu Tie Yu, it was a bear! The massive size, dark red eyes, the might of the master of the forest was apparent.

The bear figure sent out a paw, the savage aura, already sent some weaker martial artists keeling at the knees, and plopped onto the ground.

The blood moon was blocked by the bear’s paw, but the blood moon was like a spiral razor boomerang spinning at top speed, and rapidly sank into the bear’s paw at an observable speed, in the blink of an eye, it sank nearly halfway through the paw.

The injured bear figure was riled, and roared continuously, while its other paw clawed at the blood moon.


The blood moon cut through the bear’s paw, but was blocked by the other paw, the blood moon sank into the paw once more, but by now the colour of the blood moon was nearly faded.

A pity… … he was still too heavily injured… …

Kang De’s heart flashed a tinge of regret, as his body disintegrated into ashes in the air like dust, and vanished completely.

The blood moon wailed sadly and erupted without warning. The pool of blood red blood moon disappeared, together with a bear’s paw.

The bear figure slowly vanished, Wu Tie Yu did not bother about the excruciating pain in his palms, and burst into laughter.

“Kang De, you fought with your life, but that was all! That was all!”

Everyone was intimated, even the middle-aged martial artist in the cape, was shocked beyond words.

Xiao Wu stared dazedly at where Kang De disintegrated in the sky, his stoic face, trickled down two columns of tears, he suddenly kneeled down, and kowtowed three times towards where Kang De stood just now.

Amidst the crowd, a few martial artists glanced at each other, and smiled.

“This Wu Tie Yu was indeed powerful, maybe, he might not need our help this time.” A martial artist airily said.

“[Earthen Bear Wave]! If we have this, we would be able to rid Tang Tian and gang as well!” Another martial artist was somewhat jealous.

Wu Tie Yu was now meditating to recover, that savage bear figure, kept vigil beside him, although it was maimed, but that fearful savage aura, caused everyone to remain still.

The eyes of the martial artist who just spoke suddenly lit up, “That is Kang De’s subordinate? Maybe we could get something out of him, Kang De has been number one for so long, he must have something stashed up.”

“You both go on, I’ll watch over here.” The leader spoke. After personally witnessing Wu Tie Yu’s abilities, he also felt that, the mission this time was extremely easy. To be able to win against Wu Tie Yu, such experts, would never appear in Lupus Constellation.

The two were overjoyed, and hurriedly gave chase.