Undefeated God of War - Chapter 283 – Bing’s Expectations

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Chapter 283 – Bing’s Expectations

Translated by: Ting

Edited by: XRCO and De Andre

Numerous tiny air flows surrounded Tang Tian continuously, and relentless ‘chi-chi’ sounds were heard. This was the scattering of his energy, as he still could not control it fully. However, the True Power that swelled to the maximum inside his body, the Silver Spirit Spiralling energy changed it completely. Not only was the silver snake multiple times stronger than before, its length was even twice that of previous.

The thing was, the speed of the snake continued to become faster and faster.

It was almost at the whim of Tang Tian’s thoughts, it would be like a fired arrow, rapidly advancing in his meridians.

The liquefying of seventh level True Power, was somewhat reasonable as the true power that was absorbed into the meridians, was much less concentrated than before. No wonder the seventh level was a barrier, the efficiency between level six and seven, were almost ten times different!

Tang Tian’s level seven dantian pool was like a small lake, the Silver Spirit Spiralling Energy was like a large water snake, moving in the lake. The Silver Spirit Spiralling Energy was rapidly ingesting the liquefied True Power in the meridians and dantian. Its size expanded continuously, but the speed of ingestion, was obviously not as fast as that of the replenishment of his True Power. The “water level” in the dantian, was continuously rising.

Tang Tian discovered a very serious problem, as the Silver Spirit Spiralling Energy expanded continuously, it could no longer enter the meridians easily.

Tang Tian soon thought of a good idea, that is to turn the big snake into many small snakes. But he recalled the previous experience of clogging, thus he decided that the quantity of “small snakes” must be minimal, six for now.

His martial spirit moved, and the shockingly massive Silver Spirit Spiralling energy, continuously vibrated; those threads of True Power escaped, slipping away. As they continuously escaped, the initially massive Silver Spirit Spiralling energy, turned into six smaller Silver Spirit Spiralling energy snakes.

Just like the huge gluttonous snake, the six smaller snakes were gluttonous.

What pleased Tang Tian was that the six Silver Spirit Spiralling Energy were fully within his control. The martial spirit was directly connected to them, just like having six tamed small snakes.

Six Silver Spirit Spiralling Energy, started to ingest the True Power with all their might.

Their sizes grew rapidly, in the blink of an eye, the “water level” of the level seven dantian True Power, lowered at a noticeable speed, and rapidly dried up.

Six Silver Spirits, as though six silver rays, circulated around inside Tang Tian’s body at an astonishing speed.

If one could see through his body, one will notice, the six silver rays were zooming around in Tang Tian’s body with an indescribable order. Tang Tian’s martial spirit’s silver flame, was like a hub, in control of everything.

Tang Tian stood up.

“Congratulations!” Feng Chou flashed a weird look, with a tinge of amazement, “To think that, you could actually break through to the seventh level so soon. And your True Power seems somewhat different from previous.”

“Yuip, very different, I call it Silver Spirit Spiralling Energy!” Tang Tian’s face surfaced a look of joy too.

“Let’s try!” Feng Chou revealed a look of interest.

Tang Tian was quiet for a moment, and suddenly threw a punch.

Feng Chou’s expression froze, swoosh, the head floating in mid-air, suddenly vanished.


A loud crisp explosion, the air before Tang Tian’s punch, suddenly exploded, a strong airflow, gushed within the Recruit Camp.

Feng Chou was dumbfounded, luckily he avoided in time, or else, he would have definitely been caught in the fist energy. Such a strong energy! Feng Chou was secretly alarmed, he saw an extremely thin silver ray just now, flashing under the skin of Tang Tian’s elbow, and entering his punch.

Tang Tian’s punch, only had True Power channelled into it, a normal punch, and the might was already so horrific!

Bing came back to the Recruit camp just in time, the strong airflow, almost made him lose his footing.

“What’s that?”

Bing’s quivering voice, made Tang Tian extremely pleased, he guffawed, “How is that, awesome right, this is the Silver Spirit Spiralling Energy that I created!”

Although Bing was greatly shocked, he did not admit defeat, “Don’t think that just because you are lucky after fooling around means that is a creation of martial technique, you still need to let the professionals evaluate!”

The uniform matter previously, he had went with a head of steam to question Sai Lei, and ended up getting a tongue-lashing from Sai Lei. Sai Lei threw out two sets of uniforms, and got him to find someone else to try.

After getting a tongue-lashing, Bing found Crane and Ling Xu to try, but to his surprise, Sai Lei was right after all.

He was fooled by Tang Tian!

He went to have Tang Tian to prove that he did not botch up, but Tang Tian had started his retreat, thus he had to bring a whole stomach of anger to the Lupus Tribe, and vent it by assembling an army. But obviously, he found a group of wrong targets, not only did he not manage to vent his anger, he was even almost angered to death by those useless fools at the Lupus Tribe.

Could he be even more foolish?

But his attention now was completely attracted by Tang Tian’s newly invented Silver Spirit Spiralling Energy, he had an eye for such valuables, it was a normal punch, yet the might of the Silver Spirit Spiralling Energy, had already made him astounded.

“What, you said these are True Power threads?”

After listening to Tang Tian’s descriptions and explanations, Bing almost thought he had heard wrong, but after much thinking, he still did not realize that Tang Tian’s such savage and domineering Silver Spirit Spiralling Energy, was actually derived from one of the Fundamental subjects of the Recruit Camp.

In his hands, there were many new and old soldiers who trained with True Power threads, but none were able to derive a new martial technique from it.

This fellow… … was his foolishness all along faked?

Bing eyed Tang Tian suspiciously, but he soon shook his head silently, if this fellow was any evil and deep, wow, when he met the domineering master, how would he be dog-tired?

Bing’s change of thoughts, were all expressed on his face, and his eyes involuntarily had a look of mockery.

“Hey, what’s with that expression?” Tang Tian’s eyes thinned, and stared at Bing unfriendly, as though he would throw a punch once he spoke something wrong.

“Ahem!” Bing who recovered his senses covered up his expression, and pretended, “If so, you sure had put in much effort. Your Silver Spirit Spiralling Energy, is already close to that of Spirit Techniques. Of course, it is still lacking, but your luck is really good.”

“What do you mean luck, this is true ability, understand? Uncle!” Tang Tian was rather displeased.

“Haha!” Bing guffawed, “Let me tell you, why I said it was luck. In the realm of level six, normally people would not have a silver martial spirit.”

“Silver martial spirit! You have a silver martial spirit?” Feng Chou who was floating aside had a face of disbelief.

The Tang Tian before his eyes, seemed like a freak who was here to screw up his common sense, no matter whenever and wherever, he would always have a crazy impulse.

“That’s right.” Bing’s poker-faced grinned, “Usually, fellows who have silver martial spirits, given their level of True Power, they could just directly practise the Spirit Techniques, and they would never use half-completed products like you. Why I said that it was half-completed product, was that although your martial spirit has true power incorporated, but the martial spirit itself has no attacking power. When you encounter spirit techniques in future, you would know, in spirit martial techniques, the fatality of the martial spirit is much stronger than true power, true power is just like a container containing the martial spirit. While you now, are just the exact opposite, martial spirit only has a connection use, its fatality still has to depend on your true power. But your mindset is right, you have the silver martial spirit, if you don’t put it to good use, then you are an idiot.”

Tang Tian seemed lost in thoughts.

“Actually many people use the Spiralling Energy.” Bing continued, “But the band of true power that is woven up like yours, is actually more improvised, stronger and concentrated, thus mightier. But it’s still that sentence, if not for the silver martial spirit, you wouldn’t be able to weave it either.”

“What you should do next, is to increase the quantity of the True power bands, and not pursue the size of the true power bands, thus you have chose the correct path as well.” Bing looked serene, “Last time, there was an expert, he practised a unique Mental Cultivation Arts, it was the martial technique of Ursa Major Constellation, called [Ursa Major Umbrella], this is an extremely complicated technique. It involves 36 energies, circulating in the body, as one. Once he strikes, it was terribly frightening, 36 energies, that would be a cascade, without loopholes. The 36 energies would erupt at the same instant, extremely savage. But this is very difficult to practise, few have achieved it, but it’s flawed version is very popular, called [Big Dipper].”

“[Big Dipper]!” Feng Chou exclaimed once again, “That is a non-transferrable secret from Ursa Major Constellation! How would it be the flawed version?”

Bing grinned, “Ursa Major Constellation used to be extremely mighty, but now it’s no longer. The most famous icon of Ursa Major Constellation would be the Big Dipper, the strongest seven-starred constellation. The Big Dipper Army, used to be a rather strong army as well, though they are still lacking behind us. The Big Dipper, has always wanted to escape from the Ursa Major Constellation, and be an independent constellation, I have no idea how the situation is now. Now that you have six energies in your body, this [Ursa Major Umbrella] is not a bad model for you to work towards. Of course, I don’t have the exact techniques, I’m only giving you an idea.”

Tang Tian felt that Bing was right, if he could really cultivate 36 Silver Spirit Spiralling Energies, then that would be awesome!

But these are techniques meant to be slowly polished, and cannot be rushed.

“How’s it outside?” Tang Tian suddenly asked.

“The situation isn’t looking good.” Bing’s face turned grim, “Wu Tie Yu has already entered the desert, now everyone is more worried, you better go and pacify them.”

“I don’t know how to pacify them, you go, I only know how to fight.” Tang Tian shook his head, “Everything would be settled if I defeat Wu Tie Yu then. When he’s about to reach, remember to call me. Oh right, is Bell in Three Spirits City?”

Bing could do nothing towards Tang Tian’s heck-care attitude, but when he heard Tang Tian asking about Bell, he understood.

“You wanted to ask her about the blood meridians? She has been out for some days, and yet to return. She’s out to source for information, she can’t possibly stay in Three Spirits City all the time.”

“Hmm, no rush either.” Tang Tian nodded, and rubbed his fists together, “Then I’m going to practise all the other subjects of the Recruit Camp in these few days.”

“Other subjects?” Bing was confused, “These subjects are already of not much use to you.”

After saying so, he felt extremely weird. Based on the old standards, only at the eighth level could someone complete the Recruit training, but Tang Tian who just entered level seven, in Bing’s eyes, already had the criteria to leave the Recruit camp. Although this fellow’s mechanical weapon’s standard were still normal, but his original martial technique standards were already quite high.

[Fire Scythe Ghost Claw] [Silver Spirit Spiralling Energy], supported by [Wind Concealment] and [Air Shield Strike Technique], this fellow is definitely a psycho.

However, after this battle, it’s time for him to leave the Recruit Camp, and wander out to deeper places.

Bing’s eyes flashed a look of expectancy.