Undefeated God of War - Chapter 280 – The spoilt True Power Threads

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Chapter 280 – The spoilt True Power Threads

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO, Natsuriayuko and De Andre

Tang Tian was in a turmoil. Things were not going as well as he thought, and he was racking his brain, but still had not found the method to use the martial spirit to compress the True Power. When purifying the true power on the first time, it was extremely effective. And the True Power became much purer, but after a few days, the tempering had no use.

He tried many other methods but to no avail.

Was it possible that the martial spirit could not compress True Power?

He came out of his thoughts and took in a deep breath, throwing all thoughts out of his head. He struggled to stand up, as he sat for too long, causing numbness in his legs.

But upon knowing of the time, he was shocked. Unknowingly, he had spent the entire day sitting down and thinking. After thinking for the entire day, yet nothing comes to mind, his heart felt extremely dull.

Out of the corner of his eye, he glanced onto the slowly revolving planets.

Every planet represented a training subject of the recruit barracks. And Tang Tian had only completed up to ⅓ of them.

Tang Tian shouted, “Tang Yi!”

“Master!” Tang Yi had been by his side all day.

“How much do you understand about the recruit barracks?” Tang Tian suddenly asked.

“More or less all of it.” Tang Yi prudently answered.

“Then introduce everything to me.” Tang Tian stretched his back, and massaged the temples of his forehead, in an attempt to curb the headache he had.

“Yes!” Tang Yi started elaborating. “The recruits barrack’s goal is to supply new soldiers for the army. Qualified soldiers, are usually of the eighth level, have attained three types of rank eight martial technique killing techniques. So those who are outstanding in their own fields of subjects, can afford to relax. There are a total of 12 subjects on training on essences of tactics. In the 12 subjects, 6 of them are mechanic subjects, and 6 are non mechanics.”

“What are the mechanic subjects? What are the non mechanic subjects?” Tang Tian expressed interest in Tang Yi’s explanations.

Although he spent most of his time in the recruit barracks, he understood very little of it. All the more he treated it as a training facility, whatever subjects it was, whenever he hit a problem, Bing would bring him through.

“Mechanic subjects requires the use of mechanical weapons to complete the subject. And the non mechanic subjects, do not require the use of mechanical weapons to complete.” Tang Yi explained.

Tang Tian understood, “So the The Valley of Starvation, is considered a non mechanic subject?”

“Yes. Although the army grooms various type of talents, but the army’s focus is still on mechanical weapons, so the recruit barracks are inclined on mechanical weapons related training. But, the six non mechanic subjects, covers all the other fundamentals. True Power, martial techniques, martial spirit etc, they all have their respective subjects.” Tang Yi said.

“Martial Spirit?” Tang Tian’s heart jumped, “The recruit barracks has a training subject for the martial spirit?”

“Yes,” Tang Yi nodded his head. “The one that Master had completed before, the intuition training, that is the martial spirit related subject. For any martial artist, the body, True Power, martial technique, and martial spirit are the four fundamental essences. There is no need to doubt the importance of martial spirit, especially when in the middle of training, the importance of the martial spirit will gradually be exposed, so the army values it very heavily. But to a new recruit, to congeal out the martial spirit, is the most important goal. So for the martial spirit subject, it revolves around that goal.”

Tang Tian was slightly disappointed.

He was thinking of taking a look at the martial spirit related subject, to see if it could give him any new stimulant. The goal of the recruit barracks martial spirit subject, was just to congeal the martial spirit, which he had already done.

Tang Yi saw Tang Tian’s disappointment, and said, “In the recruit barracks, we rarely see martial artists who already have martial spirits. Before the eighth level, to be able to congeal the martial spirit, is not an easy thing. Even for those outstanding gifted and talented recruits, to be able to train out a True Power thread is already not easy.”

“True Power Thread?” It was the first time Tang Tian heard of that.

Tang Yi explained, “It is a method for using the martial spirit to control the True Power. It is by using the martial spirit to pull True Power into threads. That is for the preparation of spirit techniques. Spirit techniques directly control the True Power, and is an extremely high level of technique. But in the recruit phase, the martial spirits of the recruits are very weak, and can only control a little of their True Power, and completely unable to train their spirit techniques. True Power Threads are relatively more basic, and the early stages don’t have much power. So the people who trained in it were not many, but after a certain period, especially for those who wish to train their spirit techniques, they will usually start from there.”

“Spirit techniques?” Tang Tian exposed a surprised look. “Is that a martial technique related to the martial spirit?”

“Yes. When martial techniques reach a high level, they will be inevitably linked to the martial spirit.” Tang Yi continued, “But, those are for experts to use, to an ordinary new recruit, they just have to understand it.”

“How do you train the True Power threads?” Tang Tian asked straightaway.

Tang Yi pointed to the rainbow colored planets. The planets were spinning and turning very quickly, and one small black planet, stopped in front of Tang Yi. He said, “This. True Power Threads is a subsidiary subject, and people who train it are very few, and people who master it are even lesser.”

“Let me go in and take a look!”

Without waiting, Tang Tian entered the training room.

The scene before him went dark, as his body was enveloped by pitch black. Just at this moment, the martial spirit in him suddenly lit up, and the light shone out of his body. His silver spirit flame, ragingly flamed up.

What caused Tang Tian to be taken aback was, the True Power in his body followed along the silver flame movements.

Suddenly, a strand of information entered his brain.


Tang Tian felt as if he was using a spirit card to practise a martial technique, but the information was simple, and did not contain as much information as a spirit card.

Very quickly, Tang Tian understood what the True Power Thread was.

During the tempering of True Power, it was like heating metal into a red hot state that becomes soft. Then by suddenly applying a martial technique, the originally slow moving True Power will suddenly increase in speed, and thus pulling out the True Power Thread.

Tang Tian found it interesting, he had tempered his True Power so many times but never thought of something like this.

He immediately started trying.

Compared to the recruits of the army, Tang Tian’s silver martial spirit was much stronger by multiple folds.

He used the martial spirit to temper the True Power, causing it to quickly become soft. He knew of this a long time ago. When the True Power enters the martial spirit, it will become soft. Upon leaving, it returns to its original state.

Tang Tian suddenly activated a martial technique.

Suddenly he saw the True Power flow in the martial spirit silver flame pulling out a silver thread.

It really was interesting!

Tang Tian found it fun, and started to pull one after another of True Power thread.

But after half an hour, Tang Tian suddenly realized, the silver True Power Thread did not vanish! Following what the information had said earlier, the True Power thread that was pulled out, upon leaving the martial spirit, should disappear, and assimilate into his True Power.

Unless….Tang Tian looked at the silver of the True Power Thread, thinking, his own silver martial spirit, could it have a different reaction?

As expected,The spider web like True Power, had a layer of extremely thin martial spirit attached to them. Tang Tian’s silver flame became slightly smaller.


Tang Tian played without a care, and the True Power in his body continued to get pulled one thread by one thread.

Needless to say, this playing style needed a technique, and whenever he urged a technique, whatever martial technique that he urged, the True Power Thread pulled out was different. After trying for the last time, he urged the Fire Scythe Ghost Claw and tested it out, and realized the True Power Thread he pulled out was the most fine and bright one.

After an unknown period of time, Tang Tian suddenly realized, the True Power in his body was completely pulled into True Power Threads.

In his meridians, there were countless threads.

There won’t be any side effects right…

Tang Tian became slightly worried.

Just at that moment, he suddenly realized, all the hairlike True Power Threads, were like a messed up hair ball, bundled together, and he was unable to urge it.

Is this the consequence of spoiling it…

Young man Tang was dumbfounded.

After a while, he began to have the sense of vomiting, it was the sign of his meridians getting blocked.

It really was broken!

Young man Tang started to panic, but he forced himself to calm down, and started to think of a way.

All these True Power traces are too fine, and too many, by winding them together, it blocks the meridians.

What can I do?

To unclog the meridians, he had to untangle all the True Power Threads, but all these True Power threads were completely not listening to his orders.

After staring for half a day, Tang Tian suddenly thought of a stupid idea. He thought of Qian Hui who used to weave the red rope every year to change for the old red rope on his plate.

Then I will weave all these True Power Threads!

With that, Tang Tian immediately became livelier, and he actually thought that it was a genius idea.

Haha, as expected of a godlike young man!

Very quickly, he realized that although he could not control the True Power, but by weaving all of them together, some of them were blocked, but some of the True Power threads could be controlled.

Tang Tian then started from the True Power threads that he could control, and patiently started to weave all the True Power threads together.

He used the most basic weaving technique, The triple cross method, which was what Qian Hui taught him by hand.

From the start he was very clumsy, and the True Power Threads were not as obedient as in the past. But after that, Tang Tian realized, if he used the martial spirit to control them, the results were much better. After thinking for half a day, he felt that it was because the fine layers of martial spirit on top of the True Power threads were the reason.

The True Power threads in his body, were countless.

Lucky Tang Tian was patient enough, and burrowed his head to bitterly weave. This was the best idea he could think of, and once he set his mind to it, he had fantastic concentration.

He became more adept at controlling and weaving, especially using the martial spirit to control the True Power Threads, that became extremely smooth and easy. His efficiency therefore increased.

Three strands of True Power threads, weaved together to form a medium True Power Thread, after that three strands of medium True Power Threads, were weaved to form a bigger True Power Thread, then he would use Three of the bigger True Power Thread….

It was simplistic and boring.

Three days later, Tang Tian finally heaved a sigh of relief.

All of the True Power Threads were gone, and what was left was a thick silver whip, like a silver snake, flowing in his meridians. The silver whip layers were extremely rich, the silvery light flowing was beautiful, and exceptionally lively, much more flexible than his True Power previously.

When it entered Tang Tians dantian, it was like a silver snake that coiled up, and formed a ball.

It’s body was much smaller than the dantian pool.

The next moment, Tang Tian could not open his eyes. He was overly exhausted, and had no energy left to check on it.

Without saying anything he fell asleep.

The depressed looking Young man Tang, could not know, that what he constructed from the True Power that he spoilt, would one day possess a reputation so frightening and glorious that caused countless people to revere him.