Undefeated God of War - Chapter 277 – Victory

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Chapter 277 – Victory

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO, Natsuriayuko and De Andre

Yong Qiu stared at Tang Tian in shock, his hand had turned cold, and not a trace of the will to fight was left in his heart.

Was that the power of unique martial technique?

His face was ash grey, wielding the concealed weapon in his hands, he could not stop himself from shivering. He had heard of unique martial techniques before, but personally witnessing the power of it, he had finally understood, it was much stronger than he had ever thought.

Yong Qiu was not the only one who suffered defeat.

Tang Tian had chosen Yong Qiu as his opponent due to proximity, so Ling Xu’s target landed on Yu Shun.

Amongst the three, Yu Shun was the strongest, his [Extreme Sorrow Thunder Palm] was tyrannical and overbearing, even Tang Tian did not dare directly opposed it, but Ling Xu had no fear.

Rushing out, the figure on top of the bird was like a spear, the jet black finger gently twisting.

Silver rain that was extremely concentrated exploded out before Yu Shun!

Upon making his move, Ling Xu’s figure jolted, his face exposing an extremely excited look.


The whistling of the spear was like a group of hornets flapping their wings.

Ling Xu’s improvements could be heard from the whistling sounds. The previous time when he released his spear, the whistling sound sounded like ripping cloths, but it was now a low gloomy buzzing sound that caused people’s heart to shiver. This meant that the power of him releasing his spear had become even more reserved, the sound of the ripping air had been greatly reduced, but the number of times that he could releas his spear had greatly increased, therefore causing the sound produced to sound like a group of hornets flapping their wings.

But what made Ling Xu even more excited was that the frequency in which he released his spear had suddenly broke through a significant point!

100 spears in a second!

Breaking through this significant point meant that his Pointed Sea Spear has entered a whole new realm.

The cold aura that was filled with explosiveness, was like a torrential rain exploding out, the power produced in that moment was terrifying.

When Yu Shun released his palm, his face changed.

His vision was completely blinded by the silver lights, his sense of feeling danger was tingling, rising from deep within his heart. He had abundant experience fighting, so without thinking, he withdrew himself.

Pu pu pu!

10 cold auras pierced through his palm. In the blink of an eye, the densely packed cold aura penetrated through the palm print, and appeared at his original position.


His original position exploded out, causing the entire sky to be filled with scattered sand.

Ling Xu did not give chase and stood in his original position. Looking down at Yu Shun, with his silver spear in his hand, he slowly twisted his spear. The faint bell sounds resounded into Ling Xu’s ears.

Suddenly, Ling Xu thought of the weird song.

“Silver spears dyed snow, forever not contaminated. Sheep Horn Wind Bells, the cool breeze does not capture your sound. Sun shines but no shadows, for the spear is too straight. Overwhelming my heart, stars guard my soul. Aries Constellation, champion of the spears….”

For some reason, he had the urge to sing at the top of his voice, but he shook his head and dropped that thought.

Whatever Silver Frost Mount, it had no relation to him.

Teacher had never spoke to him about it before, so he naturally did not care. Although the Silver Frost Mount had a glorious history, but he was here, the silver spear was Ling Xu’s spear, Pointed Sea Spears was Ling Xu’s Pointed Sea Spears.

Ling Xu, keep moving!

The heroic fighting intent manifested in his chest, his fighting intent soaring. He urged Flamingo, and slowly moved closer to Yu Shun. The pain in his spinal column constantly pricked him and reminded him of his disability, but he continued standing straight.

The pressure on Yu Shun increased several folds.

His heart was filled with fear, where did these people come from? They are actually so young yet so powerful!

The Flamingo warrior in front of him, stood as straight as a spear, like the ancient cavalryman who were strict to themselves, who were meticulous. Inside the graceful flame, beneath the fluttering silver hair, the heroic face and orange pupils burned.

He was like a blaze in full bloom.

He was just walking closer, but it caused Yu Shun to feel as though he was burning.

Yu Shun took a deep breath, he knew that he was in a dangerous situation, if he was not careful, it would be his death day. Under the pressure of dying, Yu Shun abandoned all distracting thoughts, and blocked out all the wailing sounds around him.

Yu Shun’s surrounding became extremely quiet, he raised his head, looking at Ling Xu who stopped at around seven meters away from him.

He felt no sorrow or happiness.

Both parties stared at each other for three seconds.

Inside the flames, Ling Xu sat still on top of flamingo, his orange pupils were like fire, his silver hair flowing with the wind, he spoke out, “One move to determine victory!”

Admiration appeared in Yu Shun’s eyes, the battle intent in his body soaring, he exposed a smile, “One move to determine victory!”

The both of them looked at each other, and made their moves at the same time!

Flamingo took small steps, but in these small steps, flamingo’s speed had raised to an astonishing rate, and at the distance of three metres away from Yu Shun, its claws fiercely clawed into the sand, the gigantic force abruptly broke out and leapt up.

Flamingo looked like a fireball in the sky.

Yu Shun did not feel anything, his expression was serene, both his palms were close to his chest. Like embracing a silver ball, countless of electric sparks quickly condensed in between his palms, forming a light electric ball, releasing a terrifying Qi.

[Extreme Sorrow Thunder Palm] Killing technique, [Extreme Sorrow Lightning]!

Ling Xu who was in the air soared to his highest point, and began to drop, which looked like a meteor.


Surrounding the meteor were countless cold auras that looked like stars.

Extreme Sorrow Lightning was brimming with destructive Qi, but not only did it not make Ling Xu scared, but made him even more berserk, his fighting intent fired up even more, the young man who sat up straight on the flamingo, his entire body ignited by a blaze, while holding a silver spear in hand.

The surrounding stars were densely packed light auras, which entered the spear in his hands.

The silver spear was glaring, the spear body was boiling hot, yet Ling Xu did not feel anything. The pain from his spine caused him to be numb, and the flaming handsome face exposed a crazy and reckless face!

Teacher, this is Little Xu’s Pointed Sea Spears!

Teacher, this is Little Xu’s Justice Origin Core Pierce!

Teacher, this is Little Xu’s Justice!

Teacher, this is Little Xu’s heart!

Like a shadow, the enthusiastic yet crazy young man, rushed forward and pierced out!

The erect congealed silver light aura entered the Extreme Sorrow Lightning.


The dazzling ball of light rose like the sun, and the jet black darkness momentarily disappeared. In the midst of the messy battlefield, everyone was all shocked by the sudden explosion, and everyone stopped moving.

In the silver light, a figure was savagely thrown, with a long stretch of blood smearing out.

“Old Yu!”

Shui Cheng screamed in horror, after forcibly suffering a heavy attack by Tang Yi, he spurted out blood, but his body was faster, and immediately grabbed Yu Shun who had fainted before he dropped, and used his power in mid air to run away.

Yu Shun’s entire right arm was gone, the terrifying wound was gushing with blood, flowing out wherever he went.

The remaining martial artists were all shocked, the two Masters had escaped, the morale had dropped to an all time low. The remaining elites numbered to less than 40, and all of their gaze landed on Yong Qiu.

Yong Qiu’s face recovered his calmness, he raised both of his hands and exposed a bitter smile, “We surrender.”

Unknowingly, the other martial artist all exposed a relieved look, they all quietly threw down their weapons. No one doubted the fact that they would be killed if they resisted.

When Tang Tian and the line of captive troops appeared in Fire Wolf Tribe, the scene shook the entire tribe. Everyone came out to take a look, and watched in disbelief at the troops that arrived.

“God! This is….Master Yong Qiu!”

“I heard that even Master Yu Shun and Master Shui Cheng who escaped suffered severe injuries!”

“Feudal Martial is finished!”

“Tang Tian and them are all war gods!”

Hearing the excited and surprised discussions, and meeting all the admiration and worship from every corner, Huo Ma Er who was on her mount sat up straight and proud look appeared on her face. She had witnessed and experienced a legendary battle, personally experiencing it, she was even more affected.

Her heart was filled with happiness, to meet Tang Tian and gang was the most right decision she had made in her life.

The people who were surprised were not only the citizens of Fire Wolf Tribe, but even the spies who snuck around the tribe did not believe their eyes, they had completely forgotten about concealing.

The last time Fire Wolf Tribe defeated Xin Li, all the other tribes of the desert were shaken. They were unclear of Tang Tian group’s depth, so all of them sent out spies to gather intelligence.

Around the Fire Wolf Tribe, there were many pairs of eyes in the shadows.

The legendary battle spread like the wind. Before sunrise, it had spread to every corner of the desert.

The entire desert was stirred!

Although Xin Li was strong, but he was the self proclaimed overlord of the desert, and was merely an assistant. But Feudal Martial was one of the three powerhouses of Lupus Constellation, and was an undisputed head of Lupus Constellation. Yu Shun, Shui Cheng, Yong Qiu were Wu Tie Yu’s three fierce generals. Any one of them were far stronger than the entire desert powers combined.

But, out of the three fierce generals of Feudal Martial, one had surrendered and two were injured.

And another setback Feudal Martial suffered, was the number of elites they had lost.

Feudal Martial’s elites were Lupus Constellation’s strongest elites among the three. All of them were Heaven Road Grade, but the elites were chosen through an extremely stringent process, and all those chosen were far stronger than the average Heaven Road Grade martial artists. Compared to the various tribes, they were stronger by a few times.

Wu Tie Yu spent a large amount of money and manpower to create the Feudal Martial elites.

With the destruction of Feudal Martial elites, to them, it could be said it was the most devastating thing to happen.

Just the night before, no one thought that, the strong troops could possibly be defeated. But they were defeated completely, by three young men.

In other people’s eyes, Tang Yi was Tang Tian’s spirit general, so Tang Yi’s efforts were all placed on Tang Tian.

Tang Tian, Crane and Ling Xu’s reputation spread out far!

Previously, everyone could hardly grasp Tang Tian and his group’s power, but now, after the legendary battle, no one could even fathom their power. But everyone knew, they were extraordinary.

The three young men were strong, so strong, stronger than they had imagined!

Nothing could disprove that fact, after the battle results. Nothing could allow people to relax, to gain their trust more than power. Moreover, they were in such a terrifying environment.

All the leaders of the tribes in the entire desert, brought along their loyal guards, carrying star rocks, ignoring the consumption of True Power, they travelled through the night.

When the sun came up the next day, at the village entrance of Fire Wolf Tribe, all the leaders of the various tribes arrived.