Undefeated God of War - Chapter 275 – Storm the front!

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Chapter 275 – Storm the front!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO, Natsuriayuko and De Andre

To be one of the three powerhouses of Lupus Constellation, Feudal Martial naturally had some originality.

The remaining 80 people gathered in the center and all sat cross legged to meditate. After experiencing the battle earlier, they were already frightened, who could actually even afford to sleep?

Martial artists could go by without sleeping for four to five days simply by just meditating and recovering their energy.

Everyone had their weapons in hand, and did not strip their armor off, as the atmosphere was extremely tense.

The fighters who were injured had received simple treatment and bandages and had calmed down. They too, knew not to make too much sound, as it would affect the morale of the troops. In Lupus Constellation, once you became a burden to somebody else, you would be the first to be taken out. In the vast desert, if they were thrown away, they definitely could not survive.

Yu Shun, Shui Cheng and Yong Qiu sat in a triangle position around the barracks with the troops in the center, guarding the entire camp.

Shui Cheng’s ears, lit up with a dim blue light aura, that became like a blue banana leaf, water affinity martial technique [Listening to the Rain]!”

Suddenly, Shui Cheng’s lighted ears moved, his face changed and shouted, “They are coming!”

Everyone opened their eyes, the group was stirred but quickly calmed down. All their faces displayed anxious looks, everyone regardless of whether they used concealed weapon techniques or not, held concealed weapons in their hands. They anxiously watched their surroundings, under the beautiful moonlight.

Under the silver moonlight, the scenery around the sand dunes became as bright as snow.

Four figures appeared on the top of the sand dune, casting four big jet black shadows on the sand. The rich killing intent quietly permeated out under the moonlight.

Without any thought of covering up, without any plans, the four of them stood at the top of the sand dune proudly, overlooking them.

Yu Shun and the other two exposed an indescribable anger on their faces.

The enemy’s intention was completely obvious, to attack!

Previously they appeared and disappeared with their sneak attack, causing Yu Shun and the rest to be beaten black and blue in fright and in surprise. But for them to appear openly now, made them feel so angry.

They did not put Yu Shun and the rest in their eyes!

Such audacity! Such contempt! So disdainful!

Feudal Martial who stood at the top of the food chain in Lupus Constellation, how could they be looked down upon?

With only the four of them, they dare to do so?

Yu Shun sucked in a deep breath, suppressing the anger in his heart, raised his right hand and bellowed, “Feudal Martial!”

Yong Qiu’s frivolous looks disappeared, Shui Cheng’s face turned serious. All the fear on every elite martial artist disappeared, and everyone became very respectful.

Everyone of them had lived in Feudal Martial for more than five years, and had deep feelings for Feudal Martial.

The two words had long assimilated into their blood.


All of them patted their choice of weapons on their chests, and all 80 of them shouted together, “Feudal Martial!”

It was only the roar of 80 men, but it gave off the feeling of a roar from a tiger.

Every fighter, even the elites who were injured, all possessed indescribable zealot expressions on their faces, their breathing rapid, giving off a fierce look!

On the sand dune, Crane’s eyes were surprised, and said indifferently, “They have good morale.”

Tang Yi who was holding onto his Zanbato was indifferent, and only said, “Handsome exterior but hollow inside.”

Ling Xu was impatient, hu, the red blaze erupted from Flamingo, enveloping even his body, as he began to get restless.

Tang Tian was not happy, “Hey, Little Xu Xu, can you not be so eye catching.”

Tang Tian now looked rather crude, Peacock had entered his eye, the armor was gone, his right eye was covered with a black eyepatch. One look and someone would mistake him for a pirate.

He decided to show his existence, and waved his arms and shouted loudly: “Godlike young man is invincible!”

Ling Xu: “Idiot!”

Crane: “Please do not do that, you are making even us get laughed at.”

Tang Yi: “…..”

Tang Tian could not hold his laughter back, and said while laughing, “Go!”

With everyone together, that was the way to make them relax….

With that said, he rushed out first.

Ling Xu was stunned, and then erupted in anger, “You despicable shit, you dare to cheat!”

He immediately rushed out.

The four figures were like four asuras, rushing towards Yu Shun’s camp.


Yong Qiu’s face turned cold, shooting out his concealed weapons from his hands that came out like rain, in a few moments, all kinds of concealed weapons came out. Arrows and beams of auras, all shot out towards Tang Tian and gang.

Tang Tian’s left blue eye lit up, causing his expression to become cold.

The sky filled with concealed weapons became extremely clear to him.

In other people’s perspective, Tang Tian’s figure suddenly became a fuzzy and indistinct mist-like figure, with all the concealed weapons shooting past him but having no reaction. Only the occasional sparks that occurred led people to know that that was not some mist.

Tang Tian’s figure swayed extremely quickly within the minimal width, using all the small gaps between all the concealed weapons, therefore creating such an image.

While those he could not avoid, he would use the blood rush shield to gently block it.

Rushing out 10 more meters, five arrows, as though they were hidden in the shadows like a snake waiting for ambush, silently appeared in front of him. At the last moment, the Qi hidden in the arrows burst forth, and the originally weak looking arrows suddenly congealed with light auras.

During the sudden appearance of the whistling arrows, five sharp and fierce qi rays locked all of Tang Tian’s possible routes.

Yong Qiu’s eyes lit up, although the arrows did not have any weird variations to them, but their power and might were much bigger compared to other concealed weapons. The five arrows could penetrate through five inch metal boards!

In his hands he had another silver flying knife, his gaze stuck intently on Tang Tian, waiting for him to make a mistake. He was focused on dealing a deadly strike!

Tang Tian looked to have no escape, and stood there straight, his arm holding onto the shield, he bent his body, his right leg taking a step back, forming a horse stance, his face perked up.

The azure blue of his left eye suddenly increased in intensity sharply. The bone chilling coldness that pierced into people’s hearts grew sharper.That face that did not look normal, had an indifferent and emotionless appearance, but for some reason, upon looking at that, Yong Qiu’s heart shivered.

This fellow… was he hiding his power previously?

The last time he did not have that blue eye….

Thoughts flashed past Yong Qiu’s heart.

The Blood Rush Shield in Tang Tian’s hand rose up, glowing with a dim red light, welcoming the five air ripping arrows, raising his elbow to his shoulder height, he pushed forward.


The red light on the Blood Rush Shield was like a flower, blossoming outwards with a loud sound.

A huge red light shield aura, appeared in front of Tang Tian.

[Condensing Qi Shield] of the [Air Shield Strike Technique]!

The five surging arrows struck the shield aura.


Just like the breaking of glass, the light shield crumbled in a flash.

Yong Qiu exposed a happy expression, and just at that time, his expression froze.

The light shield was congealed by air compressed together. After breaking, all the air that was compressed a hundred folds lost the force holding them together, and exploded out.


All the concealed weapons and arrows in front of Tang Tian were all drawn in and exploded out as well!

Yong Qiu’s pupils expanded, not good!

All the fragments that were exploded followed the ripple and flew out. Suddenly his vision darkened, a figure stood to defend in front of him, Feng Chou! Feng Chou’s blade swept across, blocking majority of the fragments.

But the surrounding people were all affected.

Pu pu pu!

A few blood trails shot out, the fragments were like concealed weapons, penetrating the martial artists bodies.

Tang Tian took the chance and rushed to Feng Chou, the Bleeding Cat Blade Scythe in his hand suddenly releasing sparks, striking down at Feng Chou. The sparks of the Bleeding Cat Blade Scythe, changed from blue to silver.

The Peacock True Power in Tang Tian’s did not waste a single drop.

Losing the endless dense True Power Peacock supplied previously, he was much weaker than before, his True Power was once again at the sixth level.

Yong Qiu noticed Tang Tian’s weakness very quickly, and the confidence in him swelled, he sneered, sixth level True Power, he dared to come here to play?

He was at the seventh level, Feng Chou was at the eighth, if the two of them combined could not defeat a sixth level martial artist, he would go and commit suicide!

Feng Chou’s fighting tactic immediately changed, his blade aura congealed, and became extremely tough.

Yong Qiu shouted, “Leave this to me!”

Hearing that, all the other martial artists had their spirits raised. Their master must have found the opponent’s weakness, and secured the victory. They immediately turned to help the others.

Keeping his silver blade, a steel hatchet appeared in Yong Qiu’s hands. It was a heavy concealed weapon which he rarely used. But that did not mean he did not know how to use it. His True Power was the weakest among the three, and he did not expect to meet a person with even lower True Power than him. If he did not trample on this opponent, he would be leaving out this golden opportunity!

Yong Qiu’s face exposed a sneer, he roused the True Power in his body, and viciously threw the hatchet in his hand!

His movements were extremely fast, in a split second he threw six flying hatchets!

The hatchet auras was jet black with a gloomy sound lingering behind them.

Feng Chou was well coordinated with him, the blade aura in his hand became flexible, the blade aura became like layers and layers of twines. Its True Power was much stronger than Tang Tian, the layers of blade aura were like layers of shields, surrounding Tang Tian tightly.

Tang Tian did not have any leeway to dodge!


Yong Qiu roared in his heart!

He poured a lot of power into his six flying hatchets, and Tang Tian had no space to dodge. Other than having an external power to aid him, he had no other way. While the true killing technique was actually Feng Chou!

The layers of blade aura, rose with killing intent. As long as Tang TIan exposed a weak point, Feng Chou would take his life!

Just a mere sixth ranked….

Yong Qiu completely did not understand, how this trash would have such audacity!

Suddenly, his eyelids twitched.

A dazzling spark appeared in his vision.

That was….

Yong Qiu’s pupils immediately contracted to the size of a needle.

The edge of the claw brought out a scarlet light, a weeping sound along with the color of the face of a bashful girl, caused people’s hair to stand. But at this time, occupying Yong Qiu’s entire vision was actually the dazzling blossoming light from the scarlet claws, dazzling like fireworks!

The stars in the sky were like a display of lanterns and fireworks, with Tang Tian’s figure completely covered up.

Dang Dang Dang!

A compressed and muffle impact sound resonated out.

The sparks were like fireflies, dancing up and down but following that, they merged once again. While Tang Tian who was in the midst of the sparks, stood there motionlessly, as though he was not affected. Feng Chou’s violent blade auras were unable to inch forward.


Yong Qiu could hardly believe his own eyes, the scene in front of him had completely toppled his common sense.

What joke is this! A seventh level martial artist and an eighth level spirit general joining forces but were actually beaten by a sixth level brat, what kind of joke is this?

Impossible, that was impossible!

Suddenly, Yong Qiu was stunned on the spot. In his brain, the word impossible kept jumping up and down.

His pupils that had shrunk the the size of needles, immediately turning into a sea of fear.