Undefeated God of War - Chapter 271 – Mutation

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Chapter 271 – Mutation

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO, Natsuriayuko and De Andre

Tang Tian regularly retreated, causing Yu Shun and his men to be enraged, but they did not give chase.

Huo Ma Er only felt that everything that happened tonight was simply too inconceivable. If she did not personally witness it, she would definitely not believe it. Tang Tian and the rest were actually able to kill off Feudal Martial elites and put them in such a perilous situation!

Tang Tian did not lie, he really was a Heaven Road List martial artist. But not only him, the other two, and Tang Tian’s spirit general, were all Heaven Road List Grade strong!

Because she recognized Yu Shun, Shui Cheng and Yong Qiu, all three of them were strong martial artists that were too high for her to reach, but they were helpless against Tang Tian and the gang.

“Why are they not chasing?” Huo Ma Er could not resist to ask.

Crane flew and explained at the same time, “Although they have many people, they do not dominate in high end military strength. Three against four, we have one more. If they dare to chase, we can hold down three of them, and the last one of us can freely kill them.”

Huo Ma Er suddenly saw the light, and her heart was in deep respect. These people were truly reckless and daring, upon battles they would not be lenient, their individual strength was incomparably powerful, background unfathomable, they had absolute potential.

They were definitely golden fat thighs!

The figure of Ling Xu riding on Flamingo appeared in everyone’s sight, they were at their designated meet up point.

Tang Tian noticed Ling Xu’s expression, and was surprised, “Hey, Little Xu Xu, what’s up with you? You were so powerful today, you fought really well!”

Ling Xu quietly kept Flamingo, hugging his silver spear, he sat in the corner, seemingly out of place.

Tang Tian and Crane looked at one another, even the slowest person could tell that something was wrong with Ling Xu.

Tang Tian walked over, his big face appeared right in front of Ling Xu’s face, “Hey, are you hurt, your entire body is perfectly…”

Ling Xu impatiently pushed Tang Tian’s face to one side, “Don’t disturb me!”

Tang Tian was like a spring, his head that was pushed aside, immediately shot back, “Or did you become stupid from training? Or did you go berserk? Little Crane, come and take a look!”

“Shut up!” Ling Xu quickly exploded, he was enraged.

Tang Tian laughed, he totally ignored Ling Xu’s anger, “If you’re not happy then vent it out, come come come, let me fight with you! Little Xu Xu, treat me as your most hated person, come, and let us have a good fight. As a real man, use your fist to talk!”

My most hated person….

A black figure appeared before Ling Xu’s eyes, it had appeared in his dreams so many times, pressuring his heart down for so many years, to the point that he could not breathe….

The deep hatred, the blood in his body quickly surged to his mind, his orange pupils suddenly had wisps of blood, transforming into a blaze, his hand gripping the silver spear tightly. His breathing suddenly became hurried, the surrounding sound suddenly vanishing, he could only hear his heartbeat.

“Come on! Ling Xu! Isn’t your heart filled with anger and hate? You don’t even dare to fight now?”

Tang Tian’s words caused Ling Xu to lose control. Ling Xu roared, and pierced towards Tang Tian.

The bell sound, came out once again.

The silver light flickered!

All the hair on Tang Tian’s body stood erect. When he was battling Yu Shun, his attention was fully on Yu Shun, although Ling Xu performed extremely valiant, but Tang Tian did not notice it.

Ling Xu’s spear, gave him an extremely dangerous feeling.

Crane who was at the side was stunned.


The ice cold peacock True Power, entered his body, causing Tang Tian’s gaze to turn ice cold immediately. His five hook like fingers, crashed onto the spear tip, causing sparks to fly.

The indistinct bell sound caused Tang Tian’s martial spirit silver blaze to shiver, causing the connection between him and peacock to nearly get cut off.


Fire Scythe Ghost Claw and the spear tip struck each other.

Tang Tian withdrew a few steps, stabling himself.

Ling Xu who completely became violent was like an enraged beast, taking advantage momentum, the silver spear in his hand burst out a cold aura.

Crane’s eyes shone with light, his body tensing and leaning forward.

“Don’t interrupt.”

Tang Tian’s cold voice suddenly said, his Bleeding Cat Blade Scythe locking the silver spear in place.

Crane repositioned his posture, his face congealing. Huo Ma Er was blankly watching the two of them. Her face was pale, she did not understand why the two of them who were fighting side by side suddenly fought each other.

Tang Tian and Ling Xu were extremely fast, the both of them becoming two shadows. Crane had a surprised look on his face, Ling Xu’s Pointed Sea Spears, had become extremely weird and hard to fathom. Although his Pointed Sea Spears in the past were released endlessly, but the power was not equal. His current Pointed Sea Spears, did not seem different from the past, but in truth it became extremely hard to predict, and the power released would suddenly be light or strong.

Tang Tian had some disadvantage at the start, and was consecutively being pushed back by Ling Xu.

The endless Pointed Sea Spears, had changed, its power had increased, and those bells….

Crane’s eyes stared at the Sheep Horn wind bells on the silver spear. His heart shivered, it was an object worth worrying about, and definitely had some history to it. It was some sort of bewilderment item, but did not have any trace of evil Qi. What made him surprise was that the sound of the Sheep horn wind bells was perfectly blending in within Ling Xu’s Pointed Sea Spears.

Pointed Sea Spears was in front of him, Tang Tian immediately retreated.

This was his first time being suppressed by someone after so long.

Tang Tian’s power had recently soared crazily, attaining the Power of the Crane, evolution of the Peacock, adding on the newly trained purple gold grade [Air Shield Strike Technique] and [Wind Concealment], his attack methods had become even more abundant. And adding on the absolute calmness of the Peacock’s True Power, he was able to make the perfect decision in any circumstance. All the recent battles he had, he was completely invincible.

But today, he was being suppressed by Ling Xu.

The Peacock True Power that he had tried and test for so many times, did not seem to be working. Every time the weird bell rang, the connection between him and peacock would be affected, causing the True Power to be unstable. Tang Tian’s cold state would immediately be broken.

To continuously be suppressed, Tang Tian’s eyes began to grow red. He was someone who did not like to lose, although the Peacock True Power caused his head to be as cool as snow, but the unyielding character and the rebellious character that was in his bones, was autonomously getting restless.

Damn it!

I am actually being suppressed!

The ice cold Peacock True Power, let Tang Tian’s state of mind to be extremely cool, and his perception on his surroundings was extremely clear. Ling Xu’s attacks, were full of weaknesses in his eyes. But Ling Xu was completely ignoring his weaknesses, and crazily releasing his spear.

Ling Xu was like a beast. His spear was like a sea of stars, and the bell was like the wind.

Retreat, retreat further, retreat further!

The veins in Tang Tian’s eyes became more concentrated, and because his heart and state of mind were extremely calm, everything that was happening within his body was within his understanding, and he could feel the boiling fighting intent deep in the depths of his body become more and more ablaze.

Such a strange contradictory feeling.

As if below the sparkling and pure layer of ice, there was red hot lava flowing silently.

Ice and fire, Cold and hot, interweaving.

Peacock could somehow feel the restless fighting intent in Tang Tian’s body, and Peacock True power was suddenly getting stronger, the bone piercing cold aura spreading throughout Tang Tian’s body. The weird thing was, no matter how strong and violent the chill was, the boiling fighting intent in the depths of his body was not suppressed at all, it was boiling increasingly, burning increasingly, like magma flowing at fast speed.

The contradiction and crossover of Fire and ice, became increasingly intense.


Tang Tian’s body shivered, something deep within his body, seemed like there was some restriction undone.

Bing who was in Three Spirits City, suddenly had a feeling, and his face changed. Sky Tiger transformed into a ray of light, in a flash he had used his fastest speed to fly to the martial spirit chamber entrance.

What just happened?


Immortal Martial.

Reflective Martial Hall, in the great formation, immortal martial disciples were all going around,

Travelling back and forth through the copper mirrors. Just at this time, the Reflective Martial Copper Mirror suddenly lit up with a dazzling light beam, shooting straight into the mirror formation.

The dazzling light aura caused all the disciples to be momentarily blind, and the hall became a mess.

“What happened?”

“What’s wrong?”

The elder in charge of the formation also became blind for a brief moment, but suddenly his ears heard something, causing his face to change, and he bellowed, “Everyone keep quiet!”

The familiar elder’s voice, caused everyone to immediately be silent.


It sounded like the flapping of the wings of bees.

The sound was getting lower and lower, stronger and stronger, like a tide of water.

Suddenly everyone realized, they had regained their eyesight. But upon seeing the scene in front of them clearly, they were all overwhelmed with shock.

The 10000 mirrors were crying simultaneously!

The low buzzing sound, was actually the vibration of the 10000 copper mirrors, causing the sound!

All the disciples stared with their mouth wide open at the situation, they had never seen the mirror formation do such a thing. The elder’s face was as white as paper, as though he had seen a ghost.

Suddenly two figures entered from the hall entrance.

It was a man and a lady, the man was extremely charismatic, and the lady was as beautiful as a fairy.

When the disciples saw the two of them, they stood blankly on the spot, as though they were all struck by lightning.

Cepheus King! Cassiopeia Queen!

The two of them were Immortal Martial’s supreme powers, and at the moment they were looking at the mirror formation in shock.

“What’s happening?” Cassiopeia Queens voice had a trace of panic.

“I do not know.” Cepheus King’s voice was anxious, “Maybe there is a legendary Saint Treasure that had just been born, or maybe one of the palaces of the ecliptic planes was heavily burned, or maybe a powerful blood meridian has been awakened, or maybe someone has become a Saint! But it must definitely be someone powerful.”

Cassiopeia Queen shook her head, “Becoming a saint does not create such a huge disturbance, all the sword saint’s that grew in power these few years, did not even create a reaction on the mirrors.”

The Reflective Martial Copper Mirror could reflect any omens related to Heaven Road.

“Don’t forget that those few strongest sword saints, also made the mirrors cry.” Cepheus King reminded.

“Then what do we do?” Cassiopeia Queen looked at him and asked.

“Quietly watch for changes.” He replied, “No matter what, this matter must not be leaked! Send all these disciples to the back of the mountain for closed door hardship training. We will watch carefully, eventually we are bound to find some clues.”

“Yes.” Cassiopeia Queen’s face congealed and she nodded.


Crane who was watching intently quickly noticed Tang Tian being different, and his face immediately congealed.

Although Tang Tian was retreating, the feeling he gave Crane was different. Previously, Tang Tian who was being suppressed by Ling Xu’s Pointed Sea Spears was forced to withdrew step by step. But the current Tang Tian, who was still retreating, but was much more calm. Tang Tian’s actions became more and more concise, the Fire Scythe Ghost Claw in his right hand was barely used, while the blood rush shield in his left hand, was smacking away Ling Xu’s Pointed Sea Spears.

The more quiet Tang Tian become, the more Crane felt that something was off, because the dangerous Qi around Tang Tian’s body was become heavier and heavier.

When Crane accidentally looked at Tang Tian’s pupils, his body could not help from jolting.

Tang Tian’s eyes; one was azure blue, one was scarlet red.

One as blue as the sea, one as red as fire.