Undefeated God of War - Chapter 270 – Sheep Horn Wind Bells

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Chapter 270 – Sheep Horn Wind Bells

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO, Natsuriayuko and De Andre

The ice cold Peacock True Power oozed out from his whole body. Tang Tian’s heart was like ice and snow.

The surrounding air was almost confined, as wave after wave of True Power blasted on the 3 m perimeter, layers after layers of transparent ripples surging out. The low thunder sound resonated through the ripples.

Such vigorous True Power!

But Tang Tian’s face did not have a bit of fear.

His right hand which was at the side of his body suddenly blossomed sparks around his fingertips, he suddenly stretched his elbows upwards, his five hook like fingers grabbing outwards.

The sharp and cold True Power shot out from his fingertips, crashing into Yu Shun’s Extreme Sorrow Thunder Palm.


FIre Scythe Ghost Claw’s finger strength was like five sharp lances, penetrating the opponent’s palm.

But Yu Shun’s palm covered a large area, although it was penetrated through, but the remaining power still rushed towards Tang Tian. In the moment that the palm print was reaching him, Tang Tian’s eyes suddenly lit up with a blue light, the prepared Blood Rush Shield erected in front of his chest.


Tang Tian’s body submerged slightly into the sand. The sand beneath his feet suddenly exploded out, scattering everywhere.

A diameter of 2m around Tang Tian submerged into a depth of half a meter.

Yu Shun who approached with momentum suddenly twisted his body in the air as though he was bitten by a snake, retreating back a few metres before stopping. Yu Shun’s face was black. His palm print was completely broken through by Tang Tian, and the strange power from the fingers had penetrated into his meridians, causing him to spend three breaths of time to force the power out of his body.

There was such finger power to be able to break holes through my Extreme Sorrow Thunder Palm?

His heart turned cold, his martial technique was ranked seventh, and was definitely high grade and he had trained this powerful palm technique to the point of perfection, where any Heaven Road Grade martial artist upon taking it would get killed with one palm.

Heaven Road List martial artist!

Yu Shun squinted his eyes, his True Power rippling out, zzi zzi zzi, an electric aura suddenly appeared on his palms.

Who knew that he suddenly lost track of his opponent!

Yu Shun’s heart thumped, his whole body in ultimate defence, ready to take the opponent’s attack. After five to six seconds later, there was not a single movement. Not good! I was tricked!

Yu Shun coincidentally saw a figure appearing inside the group of people, coldly taking their lives.

Damn it!

He flew out without hesitation.

Yong Qiu’s opponent was Tang Yi. His spirit general was also a blade user of the eighth rank, called Feng Chou. Feng Chou was extremely ugly, but was a famous blade user from 60 years ago. Feng Chou was Yong Qiu’s best assistant, with the power of a eighth rank, was also Yong Qiu’s limit. Feng Chou’s blade techniques attainments were extremely high, amongst people of the same ranks, few could fight him.

But, facing another spirit general who also used a blade, Feng Chou was actually being suppressed.

It was the first time Yong Qiu saw Feng Chou being suppressed. Such a strong spirit general. Light flashed past his eyes, if only that strong spirit general was for his own use….

Without saying anything, five flying blades around his hand, he commanded them, flying out and making shrilling sounds, forming five rays weird arcs that flew straight for Tang Yi.

Without looking, Tang Yi casually waved his Zanbato as though it was nothing. The five flying blades crashed into a seemingly invisible wall, ‘Pa pa pa’, they all ricocheted.

Yong Qiu’s interest became even more concentrated, his ten fingers flew out, as countless concealed weapons flew along with them, injected with wooden affinity True Power, they all looked like green colored rain drops, covering the sky as they dropped on Tang Yi.

Tang Yi was indifferent about the incoming attack, his blade power expanded out, the blade rays became like a screen which was beyond domineering. The concealed weapons crashed against the blade screen like raindrops hitting on an umbrella.

Yong Qiu’s concealed weapons seemed to be endless, as they kept spraying out of his fingers.

Even with the team up of Yong Qiu and Feng Chou, they still had problems obstructing Tang Yi.

But the other martial artists could not even help, with the overwhelming number of concealed weapons striking on the tyrannical blade screen causing disturbance of Qi, prevented anyone from getting close.

Crane’s and Shui Cheng’s battle was an entirely different scene.

Both of them were swordsmen, using speed to fight speed, both of them were like lightning, upon contact they would split again.

Shui Cheng used a fine long pricking sword, his figure moved swiftly, his sword technique was always changing and hard to predict. While Crane was equally fast, but like a black crane dancing in the sky, he fought freely and easily, his sword technique did not have the least bit of a cunning aura, he displayed strength and discipline.

Tang Tian was like a fish, appearing here and there amidst the messy crowd.

But all these people, compared to Xin Li’s subordinates, were much harder to deal with. After the initial panic, many of them calmed down, Heaven Road Grade martial artists posed no threat to Tang Tian, but if he did not manage to kill one of them with one or two skills, another martial artist would come and support.

Tang Tian killed six of them consecutively, then got locked down by another three. From behind him came out a loud shout, where Yu Shun came over.

His surging palm print, expanded and exploded out on his back.

Tang Tian suddenly let out a whistle. His right palm had Fire Scythe Ghost Claw, the left brandishing out the Blood Rush Shield; a ray of air shield strike broke out, it was the Air Shield Strike Technique!

Hearing Tang Tian’s whistle, Ling Xu who was always hiding in ambush quivered, hot blood suddenly rushing to his brain.

That was the planned secret signal!

Ling Xu’s light body technique was ordinary, while the opponent was an expert. If he went too close, he would definitely be exposed. So he always laid in ambush away from the battle, waiting for the signal to attack.

That was now!

Flamingo cried out and rushed out!

The rapid winds in front of him, and the commotion in his vision, caused the fight in Ling Xu to explode out, his blood temperature soaring!

Flamingo had been through a revamp by Sai Lei, and was much stronger in every aspect. What caused Sai Lei to become surprised was that Flamingo actually bore a martial spirit, although it was still very weak, but that meant that this Flamingo had gone through a change in nature. Flamingo had become a sort of mechanical spirit weapon.

It’s speed, Flamingo’s speed, had increased by three times!

With speed like a gale, even Ling Xu who was crazy, had to spend some time to get adjusted to it.

But when he got accustomed to it, Ling Xu fell for the feeling of being as fast as lightning.

Faster! Faster! Faster!

Flamingo also felt Ling Xu’s fighting intent, and became faster and faster, it’s speed breaking through its usual limit, Bang, blazing red fireballs suddenly appeared at its feet as it galloped.

Having the blaze and the wind, in a blink of an eye the fire had enveloped Flamingo’s entire body.

Ling Xu was surprised, but upon realizing that the fire did not harm him in anyway, but made the True Power in his body become even more vivacious, the fire also enveloped Ling Xu.

Ling Xu suddenly felt that he and flamingo were one body, an unspeakable connection.

Flamingo’s running sound was loud, it was using all of its energy to run, surprising all the people on the battlefield.

But… it was too fast!

Everyone only saw a figure that was on fire, like an angry arrow, rushing at them, in the blink of an eye the fire had appeared in front of them.

What is that?

Suddenly, a crazy face appeared from within the blaze, surprising all the martial artists. They all raised their weapons to block their fronts, as countless amounts of cold light aura exploded out from the fire, enveloping them in a flash. They could not react in time to Ling Xu’s violent and imposing manner, and could only do their best to defend.

The cold light auras attacked their weapons at the same time.

A huge force as though it could topple mountains and seas struck them, Bang bang bang, three martial artists flew out a few hundred meters as though they were sandbags, bleeding from every possible hole on their body, they stopped breathing.

Ling Xu’s killing nature came out, Flamingo did not lose speed, rushing out dauntlessly, soaring into the air.

Ling Xu’s silver hair was also enveloped by a layer of red flames, the silver hair dancing in the sky, forming a curtain of fire dancing with the wind.

Flamingo’s leap unexpectedly went beyond five meters, causing all the martial artists who were watching turn fearful and became panicked. Ling Xu’s face became extremely queer, it was not his usual look, as though he had become an ancient blazing calvary, killing intent pouring everywhere.

His silver spear was crying out joyously, as though it was once again tasting something it had not for a very long time.

Amidst all these, Ling Xu suddenly realized, Pointed Sea Spear was basically an ancient war spear technique!

As though he was struck by lightning, all of the various spear techniques of Pointed Sea Spears, the unique power releasing techniques, all started to surface in his mind, he suddenly had a flash of understanding!

Since the last time, he always felt that Pointed Sea Spears was a very useful technique for a battlefield, but he thought that all ancient spear techniques had this trait. But this time, he had always tried war tactics whilst mounting Flamingo, but he absolutely did not think that, Pointed Sea Spears was basically a battlefield spear technique used in ancient battlefields!

Teacher had never told him, Pointed Sea Spears needed a mount!

That’s right, Pointed Sea Spears needed a mount, as long as the user was mounted, he would be able to use the true Pointed Sea Spears!

This enlightenment flashed past his brain, when he regained his senses, he was already rushing to the enemy lines, without thinking, the silver spear in his hand started to thrust forward!

This thrust, was extremely light, his fingers used an extremely light touch to roll the spear!

But the silver spear became extremely obedient, as though it slipped along his fingers and rushed out, bringing forth a slight rotation.

The Sheep horn wind bells tied to the silver spear were suddenly swung. After being given this by Crypto Sword Saint, when Ling Xu tied it to the spear, it had never rang.


A casual bell sound, came out from the layers and layers, folds and folds of history, penetrating out straight into the present, into the hearts of people.

Ling Xu’s body shuddered, he opened his eyes wide in disbelief.


The martial artist in front of him became like a lost soul, not moving an inch. The silver light blinked, and the spear tip silently pierced into his chest. Bang, the martial artist suddenly fell, but his face showed no signs of pain.

Watching the martial artist’s expression as he fell, Ling Xu shivered again.

Flamingo did not stop, like a dancing flame, it swept across a few fighters.

Ling Xu consciously released his spear, pu pu pu, his spear became as fast as lightning that cannot be seen by the naked eyes. The silver light blinked, another person fell. Everyone who fell, showed no signs of pain.

When Ling Xu regained his senses, he had already rushed through the entire barracks. He had rushed in a straight line. And in that straight line, piled countless bodies. He had the feeling that the True Power in his body was not exhausted at all, and felt that he had simply just strolled a few meters previously.

Ling Xu stared at the bells tied to his silver spear in disbelief.

Consciously shaking the spear body, the sound of the bells came out again. The clear and melodious, enchanting sound entered his heart, mutually conforming with the True Power in his body.

Suddenly Hearing Tang Tian’s whistle, he regained his senses, without hesitating he urged Flamingo, and left the battlefield