Undefeated God of War - Chapter 269 – Sneak Attack

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Chapter 269 – Sneak Attack

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO, Natsuriayuko and De Andre

Tang Tian shook his head, “I don’t want it. The more powerful the martial technique, without the right mentality, it will definitely not be complete. When Ghost Claw taught me the Fire Scythe Ghost Claw, it was not a unique martial technique, but I was really happy. Because from it, I felt Ghost Claw’s faith and conviction. That is something even time cannot make. While your Swallowing Light Steel Fist, all I feel is your anger, your weakness, your excuses. I don’t want this martial technique of yours,”

“You don’t understand! Wait until you know of the world’s cruelty….” The smoke was spiteful.

Tang Tian was becoming annoying, and impatiently cut him off. He stared at him, without the intention of backing down: “The world is always cruel to weaklings. Are other people’s superior conditions your excuse for giving up and retreating? The world has never been fair, and will never be fair. So what? You’re just going to surrender? Other people are armed to the teeth, you only have your bare hands: you feel that that is unfair, so you chopped off your arms and legs. Aren’t you just someone who is hiding in the corner, scolding the world?”

Tang Tian did not bother hiding the contempt in his eyes, “Not Fair? Heh! Do you know what is a martial artist? A martial artist is someone who is willing to take on the world, who cares if the road he walks is covered with thorns, who cares if his life will forever be bumpy. He will just raise his head high and continue walking. He can be someone who is obscured and unknown, He can be someone who suffered hardship and loneliness, he can get mocked, he can kneel on your knees. But when he finally close your eyes and finally leave this world, he knows that his steel like faith and conviction has followed him all the way through! That is a martial artist!”

“What kind of martial artist are you?”

Finished, Tang Tian ignored the smoke and continued training waving his shield,the extremely tedious and boring waving of the shield.

The smoke was speechless.

Tang Yi was emotionally moved by Tang Tian’s words. He felt that the words spoken out were dug out from deep within his heart, something that had been long kept and fermented inside.

What is faith and conviction?

What is my faith and conviction?

Tang Yi lowered his head.

Tang Tian who was immersed in training did not notice Tang Yi’s strange behavior, he was grasping on whatever time was left, as they were taking action in the night. Huo Ma Er and the rest had already reconed Feudal Martial’s locations, as the desert was still their territory.

According to Bing’s battle plans, the night would be the first wave of sneak attacks.

The big battle was near at hand, but Tang Tian’s state of mind was not affected in any way. He was as concentrated while training, even if was the simplest waving of shields. After mastering the Power of the Crane, Tang Tian was extremely sensitive to even the most minute of changes.

This helped him in his training.

Time slowly crept by, which Tang Tian did not notice.

With his scrupulous attention in completing 2000 waves, Tang Tian sat crossed legged and started recovering his True Power. But when he opened his eyes again, his pupils shot out bright radiance, and only after a while did the radiance slowly retract back.

When Tang Tian and Tang Yi walked out of the room, Crane and Ling Xu were already prepared.

Tang Tian waved his fist and shouted, “Wa wa wa, let’s go out and fight!”

Ling Xu rolled his eyes, “We are going to sneak an attack, you don’t have to shout so loud!”

Thinking about the fact that he could fight at night, Tang Tian’s morale surged. Even Little Xu Xu whom he always saw as repulsive, was slightly better currently. Ever since Tang Tian found out that battles helped his attainments and enlightenment on martial techniques by a huge margin, he finally understood why all the legendary martial artists enjoyed going around to challenge others.

The more exciting and difficult the battle, the fighter would have a much easier time grasping the profound understanding of the martial technique. This comprehension of the martial technique could not be understood simply by training.

Tang Tian loved to fight.

The night sky was calm like water.

The night sky of the desert was filled with stars. The air carried a trace of chilliness.

With Huo Ma Er’s lead, they quickly found the barracks of Feudal Martial. A big bonfire in the center, a group of martial artists willful laughters resonated out, the smell of barbeque in the air.

Yu Shun sipped on his wine, but did not swallow it as he let it linger in his mouth, with an unhurried and pleasant look on his face. He had an ordinary looking face, but his appearance was brimming with a calm and unruffled look, giving people the vibe that he was oblivious of everything.

He loved the quietness, and lit up a small bonfire for himself, distancing himself away from the rest.

Shui Cheng had combed bangs, his face was skinny and pointed, a graceful scarlet headscarf wrapped around his neck, with long and narrow eyes, gave off the vibe that he was cold and evil. He lightly snorted, and talked to himself: “Is this guy a rabbit or what? He really can run, making us stay all the way here in the sand! This dry air is not good for my skin!”

Yong Qiu laughed out loud, “Actually it is quite good, it’s so hard for everyone to gather, I can tell that they are all quite happy.”

He had a huge stature, roughly 1.9 m tall, and the most striking thing about him was his green pupils. His hands were extremely nimble, with many knives in between his fingers, refracting dazzling lights.

They were each manning their own respective areas usually, and for them to get together was definitely not easy.

“Did you send people to stand guard?” Yu Shun suddenly asked.

“HA! Brother Shun you’re being too careful.” Yong Qiu was nonchalant, “There are so many people here, and there are even the three of us here, who would dare to come and mess around in the tiger’s den? Only people with broken heads would!”

Three Heaven Road List martial artists, bringing along 100 Heaven Road Grade martial artists. They were a powerful force, and could definitely stroll around Lupus Constellation leisurely.

Yu Shun also felt that he himself was being overly cautious, but he still said, “Better to be safe than sorry. Boss said those people are good.”

“Brother Shun, what exactly is going on?” Shui Cheng frowned, his high pitched voice asked, “Boss also did not state clearly, and just asked us to follow your lead, up till now we are completely left in dark.”

“Yes yes! Brother Shun, tell us about it.” Yong Qiu was excited.

Yu Shun hesitated for a while, looking around, he said in a low voice, “Boss went to challenge Kang De.”


Shui Cheng and Yong Qiu jumped up in surprise.

Their reactions did not surprise Yu Shun. Who was Kang De? After so many years, he was the undisputed number 1 expert of Lupus Constellation. His power was unfathomable. Silver moon Kang De, Heaven Hook Huai Bai Hua, Feudal Martial Wu Tie Yu, the three heads that dominated Lupus Constellation for so many years, their reputation standing on a large pile of countless bones and bodies.

The three of them had compared powers among each other for many times, and it was Kang De who was obviously stronger than the other two.

The three powerhouses had maintained a mutual understanding, as the three of them all clearly knew and recognized each other’s power.

Boss was actually going to challenge Kang De?

The two of them could not believe their ears.

“Yes.” Yu Shun replied: “Boss got a silver treasure weapon from Ursa Minor Constellation.”

“WHAT!” The both of them exclaimed, they finally understood where the confidence came from, to go challenge Kang De.

Ursa Minor Constellation, one of the 5 Polar Domains, to Lupus Constellation, that was a tyrant, a level so high and unapproachable, a divine existence. Lupus Constellation was one of the last few constellation of Southern Sky’s 42 constellations. Even the Northern Sky’s 19 Continents were a dream to them, but 5 Polar Domains…

They roughly knew that it was impossible for them to even interact with such a strong existence in their whole life. For a Polar Domain silver star treasure, it could be sold at sky high prices in the Southern Sky’s 42 constellations.

Moreover it was a treasure weapon!

The two of them calmed down slightly, Shui Cheng’s trembling sharp voice said, “Then doesn’t that mean boss can unite the entire Lupus Constellation?”

Yu Shun state of mind was stirred, but he was wise and knowledgeable, “That depends on us.”

“Depends on us?” Yong Qiu was stunned, his eyes immediately exploding a gleam of light, “Don’t tell me the target we need to get rid of has something to do with the silver treasure weapon?”

“That’s right.” Yu Shun’s expression congealed and nodded, “That Ursa Minor Constellation silver treasure weapon, is the reward for our operation this time. We need to kill those few people, and then the treasure will belong to Boss.”

Yong Qiu was taken aback, “Who are those three truthfully? To be worth a Ursa Minor Constellation silver treasure weapon?”

Shui Cheng snorted, “Who cares where they came from! Even if they have a strong background, to get that treasure, it is definitely worth it!”

Yong Qiu nodded his head, “That’s right that’s right! Who cares! Let us settle this!”

Suddenly, there was an uproar from the barracks, Yu Shun suddenly squinted his eyes, his expression cold, “Such audacity, to dare attack the barracks!”

With that, he threw his alcohol to the side.

Shui Cheng and Yong Qiu also felt it, and stood up.

With the help of the flames, the three of them looked far out, and their faces immediately became ugly.

The whole place was in a mess, screaming and wails lingered in their ears. Around the bonfire, a whirlwind of blood was spurting out from the fearful faces. All the martial artists did not think that there would actually be people who would dare to launch a sneak attack on them!

The attackers were extremely fierce, a few of them flew out, and more than 10 of them had their heads separated from their bodies.

Yu Shun and the other two immediately saw red, all these people were elites of Feudal Martial, who were groomed out by spending many years and a lot of money. But they were all being killed like fat sheep.

Without making a sound, the three of them used their True Power, and rushed towards the three people in the crowd.

The opponent only had three people, the one using the blade was a spirit general, his blade aura was extremely tyrannical, as though there was no one who could compare with him. While the black robed young man using the sword, was confident and quick witted, his sword was sharp and strong, while his body movements were extremely unpredictable, from time to time he would suddenly split into three completely identical phantoms.

But Yu Shun’s gaze was fixed intently on the person wearing the silver armor and wielding a shield in his left hand. Although his power was not the strongest, his efficiency in killing was the highest, as though he was an emotionless killing machine. His movements were concise and agile, without any unnecessary movements.

If he were to compare raw power, the spirit general wielding the Zambato was much stronger than him. But if he were to compare the number of people killed, the silver armored young man won hands down. The silver armored young man was skilled in using the surroundings to aid him. He was like a death god from the darkness, relaxingly taking the lives of those around him.

Such a scary person!

Although they already anticipated that the mission would not be easy, but the silver armored young man still gave him a tensed feeling.

Urgently rushing forward, Yu Shun who was in the air took a deep breath, his rousing True Power in the body moved towards his right fist, as he slowly used it to push forward in front of him while his entire body blew out as though he was against a strong hurricane.

The surging True Power, had a terrifying rolling thunder sound as it rushed towards Tang Tian.

[Extreme Sorrow Thunder Palm]!

There was no light aura, only the rolling thunder sound and the violently surging True Power!

A 3m perimeter around Tang Tian was all trapped under the palm.

Yu Shun’s calm face suddenly exposed a bloodthirsty light aura, under the [Extreme Sorrow Thunder Palm], even the air was compressed, all the bodies who did not train their body well would all fail to move under the effects.

That was the [Extreme Sorrow Thunder Palm]!

It’s power, was one that could subdue many people at once.

Just at this time, the silver armored young lad who was locked down by his palm, raised his head, his ice cold pupils, lit up with brilliance!