Undefeated God of War - Chapter 266 – Testing the Peacock

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Chapter 266 – Testing the Peacock

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO, Natsuriayuko and De Andre

In a small valley near Fire Wolf Tribe, Tang Tian and the other two were huddled together.

Tang Tian and the group had been in the Fire Wolf Tribe for two days, and all of the people in the tribe looked at Tang Tian as if he was a god. Tang Tian’s glorious fighting achievements were spread by Huo Ma Er and her subordinates who had personally witnessed the fight.

Lupus Constellation’s living environment was extremely cruel, the law where the strong ruled was used very obviously in the constellation.

Tang Tian threw the work of selecting the best cannon fodder to Bing.

Tang Tian, Crane and Ling Xu ran to the valley to test out the evolved Peacock.

Blue Peacock’s physical appearance changed entirely. The most obvious transformation was that the center of every silver feather had azure lines, like the veins of a leaf.

But the largest transformation was Peacock’s performance.

The first test was the nature of its defence. Since the start, Peacock’s defence was very ordinary.

“If it’s broken, don’t come and find me to compensate you,” Ling Xu warned Tang Tian.

Tang Tian was not happy, “Am I that kind of person to you?”

“Yes.” Ling Xu said without hesitating, and sneered, “You are a person who would even find the mosquito who sucked your blood to compensate you, what else can’t you do?”

Tang Tian widened his eyes, as though he heard wrongly, he appeared hurt, “Little Xu Xu, so I am that kind of person in your heart? You have hurt me greatly! We are brothers with deep connections. Good brothers would speak about loyalty, I always had a righteous spirit for you, as sworn brothers…”

Crane corrected him, “It is having a righteous spirit, taking care of one another. Ok, let us see what the evolution is all about. Ling Xu, start with 3% True Power.”

(TN: it is impossible to make adjustments to chinese idioms. It is like changing the word ‘extraordinary’ with maybe three letters, causing it to becoming ‘extreuidinary’ which does not make sense.)

Ling Xu did not bother to quarrel with Tang Tian anymore, he was equally interested in the evolution of the Star Treasure. He was not interested in other Star treasures, but he and Crane were the same, the weapons they held were not ordinary weapons. His teacher had never told him the silver spear was a famous spear and had a rich history behind it. But he could feel that the silver spear was not normal, and had always suspected that it was also a Star Treasure.

Tang Tian, who donned on the peacock armor, opened his arms wide and, with a solemn face, he said: “Come, Little Xu Xu, I won’t hate you!”

Ling Xu’s hand shivered, he could not hold it back anymore, and shouted angrily, “Shut up!”

A cold aura lit up, and the spear flew out like a dragon!


Tang Tian retreated a few steps, then steadied himself.

Crane appeared in front of Tang Tian, and checked the place where it was pierced carefully, and said: “The defense is extremely good, there are no traces of the attack. Ling Xu’s 3% True Power pierce should be equally strong as a normal attack of a Heaven Road Grade martial artist. That also means that normal martial technique attacks by Heaven Road Grade martial artists are unable to break through the defense of Peacock.”

Crane’s evaluation was extremely pertinent.

Tang Tian rubbed his chest in pride: “But the power cannot be completely isolated, if I don’t use True Power to protect my body, my body would suffer the bruise.”

Crane nodded, “That’s reasonable. Peacock is a feathered armor, and not a heavy armor. Let us try with 5% now.”

“ I want to use True Power to protect my body,” Tang Tian shouted.

“Ok.” Crane nodded.


A little star that was sharper than the previous attack struck onto Tang Tian, but this time he only shook, and did not retreat.

After checking the place of impact, the feather that was struck appeared to have a crack, but the most bizarre thing happened. While looking at the crack with his naked eyes, he saw the crack slowly disappear, and only the blue lines in the middle of the feather change in color.

“So it has self regenerative properties,” Crane muttered.

Ling Xu’s face was surprised. Although he was not interested in the star treasure, he still knew quite a bit. The number of star treasure that have self regenerative properties was sparse, and they were all extremely expensive.

“You come and try.” Crane told Tang Tian, “3% True Power, use Tan Tui Blade.”

“Ok.” Tang Tian quietened down, and a ray of Tan Tui Blade came out.


A metre long blade ray that was as white as snow, bringing along a whistling sound, disappeared after flying for over 10 metres.

Sssii, everyone could not help but to suck in cold air.

They have seen Tang Tian’s Tan Tui Blade the most, and they knew of its power.

Tang Tian was also shocked by his own Tan Tui Blade, “Wa, so strong!”

He suddenly thought of something, and said, “Let me use the Peacock True Power and try.”

A silver fire line came out of his blazing martial spirit, and entered the martial spirit of the Peacock. In the next moment, the icy cold peacock true power flowed into his body steadily. The world that Tang Tian saw immediately became extremely crystal clear.

Crane and Ling Xu only saw a blur, they completely did not see Tang Tian’s movements.

A 0.5 m silverish blue blade ray beam quietly flew out.

The blade ray was as fast as lightning.

Before the two of them reacted, the blade ray cut into a 50m far cliff. Chi, as though it had cut like something soft, the cliff suddenly had a very fine deep mark.

Before the cliff, Ling Xu and Crane’s face became ugly.

The blade ray had cut the stone cliff as though it was cutting paper, and went in extremely deep.

“I think it is a meter deep.” Tang Tian’s voice came out from behind them. He had stopped the connection with Peacock, and the icy cold killing intent had disappeared.

Crane’s expression gradually became calm, “Yes, the increase in power is reasonable, adding the concentration, there would be such a result. Peacock’s True Power is very terrifying! Such might is even stronger than the silver ranked weapons of the Northern Sky’s 19 Continents. Most probably, it might even compare to the silver ranked weapons of the 5 Polar Domains.”

“That is just evolving once!” Ling Xu was dumbstruck, “If there was a second, or third, wouldn’t it be invincible?”

“Evolution of the Star Treasure is extremely difficult. The more it evolves, the higher the degree of difficulty for it to evolve.” Crane shook his head, “How can it be so easy? And, it looks like it would be very difficult for Peacock to evolve a second time.”

“Why is that?” Tang Tian and Ling Xu asked in unison.

Crane said, “Inherent weakness. Peacock’s body is a bronze armor. If I were to tell you the silver star treasure potential was a huge treasury, then a bronze treasure’s potential would only be a small treasury. When the bronze transforms to silver ranked, it means you are actually already opening its treasury, and realized a bulk of its potential, allowing it to upgrade. And this time, with its evolution, I think it has reached almost its peak potential already.”

Listening to Crane’s explanation, Tang Tian could believe it.

When the Peacock True Power entered his body, his expression became ice cold, and everything around him became crystal clear. Tang Tian felt that all these, and what Crane explained, fit together.

“Crane does have a good brain.” Tang Tian complimented. Crane was very clever, his analyses were all reasonable, and caused people to believe in him.

Ling Xu, who was at the side, laughed, “You think that everyone is as stupid as you?”

Tang Tian roared, “You’re the stupid one! What spear of justice, I think it is more like spear of stupidity!”

Ling Xu was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, and immediately raged, “Surnamed Tang, you can humiliate me, but never humiliate my spear! You want to fight!? Let me tell you what is really called a man’s belief!”

“If you want to humiliate yourself, ha, let me grant your wish!” Tang Tian stared at him angrily.

“Come! Today it will either be you dying or me!” Ling Xu’s killing intent soared.


Crane suddenly had a headache. He rubbed his forehead, these two brats, why can’t they call a truce for a while?

He went in between them and raised both his hands, “We still have another important test.”

“We will test after the fight!”

Tang Tian and Ling Xu shouted together, and realizing they both said the same thing made them even angrier.

“Seems like you two are really free huh, having the time to fight. Keke, there are people sharpening their blades, preparing to kill you two.”

Bing’s lazy voice came out as Sky Tiger’s huge frame appeared before the three of them.

“Who’s? Tired of living! They still dare to fight us!? Kill them!”

“They want to die! Then we will go and kill all of them!”

Tang Tian and Ling Xu turned their attention to Bing’s words, both of them scolding angrily.

“The people from Feudal Martial has found your route.” Bing exclaimed, “They are currently coming towards you. Oh, right, this time they are dispatching full force, other than the Boss Wu Tie Yu, the other three Heaven Road List martial artists from Feudal Martial are all moving out. Other than that, there is a huge number of Heaven Road Grade martial artists, the number most probably is at 100 people. All these people are not like Xin Li’s subordinates. In Feudal Martial, whoever is chosen as elites, other than having Heaven Road Grade martial artist power, they have to be in Feudal Martial for at least five years. All of them are extremely strong.”

The faces of the three of them immediately congealed.

“Those that had just surrendered, naturally cannot be used. They lack in loyalty, and the possibility of us using them is very low.” Bing continued, “The number of people in Fire Wolf Tribe is too little, numbering only 10 Heaven Road Grade martial artists, and that is an utterly inadequate measure. So we have to rely on ourselves.”

Tang Tian knew Bing too well, seeing that Bing was acting sneakily, he knew that he had an idea already, “Hey, Uncle, stop talking nonsense, tell us your plan!”

Bing decided to flatter him, “As expected of you, godlike young man, you can tell anything from a glance!”

“Bell and I have discussed for a very long time, and have come up with a war plan.”

Bing had split the plan into three and gave it to the three of them.

Tang Tian, upon finishing reading , felt weird, “Why do we need to invite all the other tribes? They won’t help us.”

“He wants them to watch our victory.” Crane said calmly, “But, don’t you want to intimidate them? Or to subdue them? Unless you have some interest in this barren land?”

“As expected of Crane.” Bing complimented, and immediately became angry, “No choice, the Fire Wolf Tribe has too little people; I have lowered my standards, and still only picked 20 people. My recruit barracks are being constructed with accordance to the scale of ten thousand people!”

“Ten…. Ten thousand person scale?” Tang Tian’s face became as black as a pot.

Bing quickly reacted, realized that things were going bad, as he said the wrong thing.

As expected, Tang Tian became extremely enraged, “How are you going to get the money for that!? You asshole! You dare to tell me about recruiting ten thousand people for your barracks!? It’s my money! IT’S MY MONEY!”

The last two sentences of “It’s my money”, were filled with an unspeakable pain and sorrow.