Undefeated God of War - Chapter 265 – Tang Yi’s inquiries

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Chapter 265 – Tang Yi’s inquiries

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO, Natsuriayuko and De Andre

The 10 beautiful and harmless-looking fireflies entered the bodies of 10 Sand Riders of the Iron Guards.

In that short quiet moment, fear was exposed in their eyes, their frozen expression looked as though it was drawn on their faces.


The 10 Sand Rider’s bodies exploded out, the blue blaze rushed up into the sky, like 10 blue roses. The icy cold-to-the-bones intent released from the blaze pervaded the air, and actually sprinkled snowflakes which floated everywhere.

The explosion of the blue flames blossomed and soared to the sky, shaking the ground and mountains, causing snowflakes to float around. Around the silver colored figure that stood straight in the middle of everything, the battlefield immediately had a touch of sadness and beauty to it.

Peacock’s True Power was still flowing inside his body, but the ice cold look in Tang Tian’s eyes had disappeared, and was instead replaced with the warmth of the sun.

This scene held an unspeakable magical force to it, which was embedded into everyone’s hearts.

In the entire battlefield, there was not a single sound.

Even those who were fighting intensely, Ling Xu and the rest, all stopped as they stood there dumbstruck.

It was as though Ling Xu and the martial artist he was fighting saw a ghost. With deep fear in his eyes, he suddenly muttered: “Star Treasure… Evolution!”

Star Treasure Evolution?

It was the first time Ling Xu heard such a term, and did not know what it mean, but he noted it down. Tang Tian’s display of power was extremely immense, and he almost could not believe his own eyes. The Heaven Road Grade martial artists in front of him were like vegetables being cut, and that fearsome and dauntless display had caused Ling Xu to watch with his mouth wide open.

Was this guy always hiding his strength?

Ling Xu could not help but tighten his grip on the silver spear.

Crane’s stunned look disappeared faster than Ling Xus, the look of pondering in his eyes was obvious. Star Treasure Evolution was something Crane knew. But, it was something not brought down from the Heavenly Crane Constellation, but it was from the records that his mother gave him.

Star Treasures followed the birth of the constellation. These treasures all contained a part of the laws and power of the Constellation. To a martial artist, this power was extremely large, like a gigantic treasury.

But, only under certain circumstances could this gigantic treasury be opened. And the power of the Treasure would go through a complete transformation as though it had evolved, therefore it was termed the Star Treasure Evolution.

The evolution of a star treasure could happen more than once, and increases over the processes, so the more evolutions it went through, the more power the treasure could use. After reaching a number of evolutions, the treasure would be able to communicate with its constellation, and the power of the constellation would be able to reach the Star Treasure. At that time, the power of the treasure would reach a whole new level.

But Crane also knew the difficulty of evolving a Star Treasure. The records did not explain how to let the treasure evolve. Crane shook his head, he knew that that his auntie would definitely know. But he did not want to ask her, due to the matter that involved his mother and father in the past, they had quarreled extensively. Currently his mother and the other side had reconciled, but decided to stay at Heavenly Crane Constellation, it showed her attitude.

Crane was not willing to owe that side of the family a favour.

But he was clever, Tang Tian’s treasure had just completed one evolution. In this period of time Tang Tian did not have any changes, which meant only three things, attaining the Power of the Crane, training the [Wind Concealment] and the [Air shield Strike Technique]. The two martial techniques obviously could not cause a treasure to evolve, that meant one possibility, which was the Power of the Crane!

Knowledge on the Power of the Crane was too little, but Crane remembered something about it, that the Power of the Crane could connect to the martial spirit.

He also knew, that the essence of evolution of the star treasure, was the martial spirit inside the star treasure evolving!

He quickly made a brave guess; the cause that made Tang Tian’s treasure to evolve was the Power of the Crane!

This guess made him feel inspired. Ever since Tang Tian attained the Power of the Crane, Crane was constantly analyzing, he did not have the talent of Tang Tian, but he was stronger in aspects of the Crane Sect’s martial techniques. On how to train the Power of the Crane, he already had some thoughts.

But he did not expect that the Power of the Crane could cause the star treasure to evolve. Crane’s eyes lit up, thinking if it was him in control of that power, his heart was emotionally stirred.

Star treasures that have gone through evolutions, their power is simply too strong!

Also, the sword in his hands….

Crane took a deep breath, his gaze once again becoming dark.

Xin Li stared blankly at Tang Tian who walked towards him, there was no one else around him. Just now, with Tang Tian’s [Demon King Blazing Firefly], all the targets were the Sand Riders of the Iron Guards beside him.

Xin Li’s shivering lips could not say anything, he was facing death’s door, and despair was in his eyes.

A cold light swept past Xin Li’s throat.

Tang Tian turned to leave, his cold face did not have a trace of warmth: “Surrender or drop dead.”


Xin Li’s body dropped to the ground.

The remaining few Sand Riders had lost their willpower to fight. All the other martial artists were already frightened out of their wits. All of them started to drop their weapons.

Finally awoken from their daydream, Huo Ma Er and her subordinates all rushed up to restrain Xin Li and his men.

Suddenly, three figures flew out.

It was the old man and his two allies, who were escaping for their lives.

At this moment, no one was interested in chasing them. Everyone had not fully regained their senses from the scene previously.

The silver armor flowed down Tang Tian’s body, and at the end it became a silver dot and disappeared, Tang Tian who was standing instantly fell.

“Tang Tian!”

Ling Xu and Crane shouted out in unison, and rushed towards Tang Tian, but a figure was faster than them, Tang Yi!

With one step, Tang Yi appeared beside Tang Tian, and checked for his pulse. Raising his head, he reassured the rest, “Nothing much, he is just overly exhausted, after resting a few days he will be fine.”

Ling Xu and Crane heaved a sigh of relief, both of them looked at each other, then looked at the captives, unsure of what to do.

“Let us go to the Fire Wolf Tribe first.” Tang Yi suggested.

His voice had the tone of an army person, straightforward and simple.

Ling Xu and Crane looked at each other, both were taken aback, Tang Yi hardly spoke. And today he was the one to set the decision, it was out of the norm. But Tang Yi’s decision was also the best choice, and they both agreed.

Huo Ma Er did not say anything, and immediately led the way.

She suddenly had a feeling, that the fate of the tribe, which was almost destroyed due to her, has gone through an earth shaking transformation.

The convoy quickly set out, and throughout the entire journey, Tang Yi carried his gigantic Zanbato and protected Tang Tian by the side.

On the third day, Tang Tian woke up.

Tang Tian opened his sleepy eyes, his voice sounding blank, “Eh, I slept again? Where is this?”

“We are on the road to Fire Wolf Tribe.” Tang Yi replied, “Master, next time, please do less, as the master of the army, you shouldn’t be personally be placed in danger!”

With that short sentence, Huo Ma Er’s heart jumped when she heard it.

Army….Army Master….

Where did Master Tang Tian come from exactly? She was already convinced of Tang Tian’s strong and dauntless power, but hearing Tang Yi’s words, she realized, she was still underestimating Master Tang Tian!

He could be the Master of an army at such a young age, that was entirely out of the world!

In this generation, those who had an army were the strong Constellations. Lupus did not have a real army.

She had realized earlier that Tang Yi’s accent was unique, whatever he did, it was meticulous and decisive. His speech was direct and efficient, until the word “army” came out, then she realized. That was the sound of someone from the army! How could she not realize?

It was as though Huo Ma Er saw a glistening yellow fried chicken thigh!

No matter what, she had to grab hold of this fried chicken thigh!

WIthout question, Tang Tian’s background was extraordinary, as long as she held onto him, her tribe would be able to escape from the current bad situation. Huo Ma Er secretly set her resolve, no matter how overboard Master Tang Tian’s requests were, she would not decline.

When Tang Tian sat up, he saw Tang Yi holding on to the Zanbato and guarding his side. This made him feel touched, he knew Tang Yi cared for him, and laughed, “Hey, don’t worry don’t worry, i was careless, but it was very invigorating! Wahaha!”

Ling Xu and Crane heard the commotion, one who was at the front and one who was at the back, rushed over.

Seeing that there was no danger, Tang Yi disappeared, and went back to the recruit barracks behind the starry door.

Tang Yi’s eyes swept across the recruit barracks, and seeing Bing, he rushed forward and shouted, “Master Bing!”

Upon knowing that Tang Yi was looking for him, Bing’s poker face became dark, and nodded, “Staff Sergeant Tang Yi!”

“Master Bing, please do not be eager and impatient.” Tang Yi said, as he looked at Bing without fear, “Master Tang Tian is the master of our army, why should he be placed in danger? You are also the subordinate of Master Tang Tian, please treat his safety as your number one mission!”

What made Tang Yi surprised was, Bing agreed and nodded, “As expected of the Gold ranked staff sergeant, courageous and determined! But, staff sergeant! You have to know, your knowledge in tactics and strategies is still to low to participate in the discussions of planning. But Staff Sergeant, rest assured, Master’s safety, is the fundamental priority of the revival of our army, and I will not forget about that. But, I trust that you understand, Master is currently growing and learning, and in that there will come danger. Although I do not need to explain it to you, but you are my very first colleague, and I hope that there are no misunderstandings between us. Although I know that you will still obey and execute.”

Tang Yi kept quiet for a while, and bowed to Bing, “I understand it now. Master Bing, thank you for your explanation!”

Master Bing did not talk nonsense, Tang Yi was clear of his own capabilities, to lead 20 men and obey the orders was his limit.

Finished, Tang Yi left the recruits barrack.

Bing’s poker face exposed a bitter smile as he muttered, “Until when can we have a major-general? As long as we have a slightly powerful major-general, then I do not need to use my brains anymore. Hais, it is not realistic to have a major-general, a major or colonel is also not realistic. Alright, a staff officer of the warrant officers should have a bit of talent, and can be exploited….”

“The recruit barracks is too small, and cannot produce a warrant officer…. Warrant officer… got to find a way…”