Undefeated God of War - Chapter 262 – Bing’s request

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Chapter 262 – Bing’s request

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO, Earl, Natsuriayuko and De Andre

The Qi surrounding the old man spread out without boundary, and actually trapped everyone within.

With a snort, a tall and sturdy figure appeared and stood in front of Tang Tian. It was actually Tang Yi. Tang Yi had an imposing appearance with a very stable power. With the Zanbato in his hands touching the floor, it blended together with his imposing look.

The old man’s pupils constricted.

This martial spirit’s movements were very casual, but did not have any loopholes in his body. His own Qi, upon nearing the spirit general, felt like it was crashing against a formless wall, and could not move an inch forward.

Such a strong spirit general!

Huo Ma Er’s face changed, her mind was once again taken for surprise. Tang Yi did not fight previously, so she thought Tang Yi was a normal spirit general. Never did she expect that it would be so strong!

Where exactly did this group of people come from?

Her thoughts were becoming more and more confused. With their power, Tang Tian and his friends were extremely strong, and with such a powerful spirit general, they were an outstanding group. Why did they appear in Lupus Constellation?

When the old man released his Qi, it resulted in a chain reaction.

Crane’s eyes congealed, his lanky fair palms had gripped his sword hilt instantly. He stood firmly, rotating the power within him, his entire being was ready to fight.

Ling Xu had retrieved his spear. The sheep horn wind bells slowly rang to a rhythm, along with the wind. His expression congealed. Inside the orange pupils, fire was blazing.

The armored warrior and bone whip lady beside the Old man snorted at the same time, and both of them released their Qi.


A silver liquid flowed from the armored warrior, and a bright silver mist lingered along his lower body, the body of a horse vaguely seen. In his hands, a long spear appeared.

“Centaurus Constellation?” Ling Xu snorted, the blaze in his eyes brightening up.

The strength between the Southern Sky’s 42 constellations were uneven, the disparity widely spread, but there were a few extremely strong constellations, like the Centaurus Constellation, Phoenix Constellation, Canis Major Constellation and the Corona Australis Constellation. Centaurus Constellation was Southern Sky’s 42 constellations strongest Constellation. The person in front of him had the armor of the Centaurus Constellation, a significantly extraordinary item.

“Centaurus Constellation, Wings of the Silver Spear, Ying Kong!”

The armored warrior introduced himself in a low voice.

“Spear of Justice, Ling Xu.” As Ling Xu said those few words, the fighting intent in his chest soared. The opponent’s Qi was strong and equal to his, and these kind of opponents were hard to come across.

Crane and the bone whip lady had a totally different scene.

“Oh my, Young Master, you are so handsome.” The bone whip lady said charmingly, “Seeing you, your servant has instantly fallen for you. Young Master, why not take me? Don’t worry, your servant will take care and love you well.”

“Can I ask if you are Fen Ku Lou?” Crane asked calmly.

“Hey, Young Master knows this servant’s name. Is it possible that Young Master is already moved by this servant?” The bone whip lady covered her mouth and laughed, “You should have told me earlier! Tonight, this servant is Young Master’s person.”

She charmingly shook her waist, and instantly her face changed, as she rushed towards Crane.

A cold aura flashed past Crane’s eyes, the Crane sword along with the sheath in his hands instantly pierced out.


The Sword Qi was like the Crane’s beak. Filled with a white aura, it cut through the air.

“Young Master is so vicious!” The bone whip lady delicately cried out, the bone whip in her hands was like a bone snake, rising up strangely and attacking the Sword Qi.

Both of them were extremely fast. While Crane’s figure was gracefully and elegantly brandishing out sword moves, the bone whip lady’s bone whip was full of changes.

The fight of Ling Xu and the armored warrior was totally different. The centaur warrior was as quick as lightning. Casting their spears out and competing with overwhelming force, their attacks flew everywhere. Ling Xu stirred Flamingo, and like a red blazing fireball, the Pointed Sea Spears in his hands were endless. As long as the opponent was somewhat affected by it, he would immediately break through. But the centaur warrior recognized Ling Xu’s power, and was extremely cautious of his Pointed Sea Spears.

The most exhilarating one was still the Old man and Tang Yi.

The old man’s claw techniques were extremely fast, and difficult for the naked eye to catch. Every claw contained a powerful cold aura. In between the blue claw afterimages, snowflakes would appear.

While Tang Yi’s blade techniques were extremely plain and simple, neither too fast nor too slow, when they collided with the blue claw, his outstanding and aggressive strength of the blade was portrayed, and a thunderclap would sound out loudly.

They were both locked in a stalemate.

Tang Tian was stunned as he realized that there was actually no one paying attention to him.

What kind of situation is this….

Suddenly, he felt as though someone was spying on them from a very distant place.

It seemed to originate from a place 10 km away from Tang Tian.

“Where did those fellows sprout out from?” The middle aged man who spoke was flustered. His stature was plump, his eyes small, looking very sinister, and filled with an unspeakable killing intent.

He was Xin Li.

At his side, it was the frail Yan Jiu Zhi. His current face was completely overwhelmed with shock and not a trace of blood on his face. He was terrified, but his heart felt blissful, blissful that he managed to escape fast. If he had to face off against the spirit general wielding the Zanbato from the start, his head would had most likely disappeared from his neck.

Through Yan Jiu Zhi, Xin Li managed to get the master to fight, and with the three powerful people, Xin Li was full of confidence. First he would wipe out and claim the desert for himself, then he would contend with the three other powerhouses.

As long as he killed Huo Ma Er, the biggest obstacle blocking him, then the desert would be his. Never did he expect to meet upon such fierce people along the way!

Hindering his road to victory!

Damn it!

Xin Li clenched his teeth, his facial expression fluctuating.

Tang Tian who had nothing to do was rubbing his head. This is weird, why am I the only one not fighting? This godlike young man should be the first to fight!

Tang Tian gazed around, hope filling his eyes, hoping that another enemy reinforcement would suddenly rush forward.

The entire surrounding area was completely still and quiet.

Just at this moment, Bing’s voice suddenly came out, “Little Tang Tang, I need to discuss something with you.”

Tang Tian who had nothing to do was suddenly at attention, “Uncle, what do you need?”

“Cough.” Bing felt that it was hard to speak out, “That is, are you willing conquer these tribes?”

“Conquer the tribes?” Tang Tian was stunned, “Uncle, what do you wish to do? Why are you suddenly interested in the Lupus tribe people? Or are you trying to do something with your training camp?”

“That’s right, the progress of the training camp is very smooth.” Bing’s tone became inspired, but very quickly he felt embarrassed, “But, there is a problem.”

“What’s the problem?” Tang Tian who still did not understand, and asked.

“There is no one.” Bing felt helpless, “Other than the two brats that the Mo Family is sending, there is no one else in the training camp.”

“No way!” Tang Tian cried out in alarm, “Uncle, why are you such a failure? After so long you still did not entice anyone?”

Bing’s voice was extremely awkward, “It is not me failing… It’s just that in the past, we did not have the problem of recruiting people, everyone was just flocking in to join. But now, it is more troublesome, there are a few people who came, but their talents are extremely bad.”

Tang Tian finally understood, “Uncle you think that there are people with good talent amongst the Lupus people?”

“The Lupus people are honestly quite good. They thrive in a bad environment, they are tough and tenacious, hardworking and able to endure hardships. Also, these tribes have no leader. If you find it troublesome, then just spend some money, it would not amount to much. They are cannon fodder, so instead of being other people’s cannon fodder, why not take them as ours!” Bing said shamelessly.

Upon hearing spending money, Tang Tian was not willing. “Hey, Uncle, you already spent a lot of money!”

“I was just saying.” Bing said defensively, “Anyway as long as you give people to me, I don’t care if you swindle or cheat!’

Tang Tian was shocked at Bing’s shamelessness and scoundrelly, “Uncle, so you’re that kind of person!”

Bing coughed, “Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Also, all those ordinary problems, how can they tire a godlike young man out? Only with problems like these that are with a high degree of difficulty are deserving of you!”

Tang Tian became elated, “That’s completely right! For you to think that way, it is a huge improvement!”

Bing had completely thrown his moral integrity away. For his training camp, he was willing to bootlick Tang Tian all the way, “In the past, I was not enlightened enough to realize this point. But trust me, I have already gained enough insight for me to reflect and self criticize. I have finally understood, only by relying on you, godlike young man, can the honor of the army fully blossom. This mere Lupus Constellation, this mere desert, to you godlike young man, it is simply too easy, it will be successful, yeah, in any case, who can stop Young man Tang!”

Tang Tian’s smile had reached his earlobes, and he was acting high and mighty, “Uncle, Your words are a bit too exaggerating. But! That is completely right!”

He hesitated for a while, “But, that would consume quite a bit of time. I am still thinking of how to rush to Southern Cross Constellation!”

Bing had already anticipated that, and continued flattering, “Young man, don’t worry! We have already prepared the perfect plan, and will definitely not waste any time.” His tone suddenly changed, and said seriously: “Also, we have uncovered some news, Feudal Martial is currently holding an assembly, and their target is us!”

“Feudal Martial?” Tang Tian could not make out what was happening, “But we have never met them before.”

“I do not know the reason.” Bing said: “But it was Bell who heard about it.”

Tang Tian thought about the sneak attacks from before. Could they be from Feudal Martial?

After thinking for a while, Tang Tian still did not get it. He simply let it go, and straightforwardly said, “Okay, it would still be better leaving all these crafty plots and plans to you guys, anyway I am in charge of fighting.”

“Young man, you are wise!” Bing regained his flattery.

Suddenly, rumbling noises of horse hooves came out from afar, causing a cloud of dust. A group comprising of over 500 people was fiercely rushing over.

“Those are Xin Li’s calvary!” Huo Ma Er’s face changed.

Tang Tian who was getting bored to death was suddenly invigorated, and without hesitation, “Throw your captives on the ground!”

Huo Ma Er was stunned, and an unbelievable thought came to her head, unless….

The rest of them looked at Huo Ma Er, and she clenched her teeth, “Discard them!”

Bang Bang Bang, all the captives dropped to the ground.

Tang Tian turned and looked at Huo Ma Er, “Can you still fight?”

As expected…

There were still such dauntless people in the world!

Huo Ma Er’s heart surged. A flush suddenly rising to her face, she nodded her head, “Yes!”

“Bring your people well, and follow my lead!”

Tang Tian turned and got up the horse, his left hand wielding the Blood Rush shield, the right hand holding the dual headed mace. This was his reward from beating Brother Hua Shi, something that he had kept.

It was this day that it would draw blood!

Pointing the heavy mace forward, his vigorous shout was like thunder, as it echoed out through the skies.