Undefeated God of War - Chapter 261 – Blue Palms

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Chapter 261 – Blue Palms

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO, Earl, Natsuriayuko and De Andre

Crane’s complexion was ashen.

To Crane who was usually cultured and refined, this expression was hardly seen. Even Ling Xu who was simple minded, knew how to be tactfully quiet. He hugged his silver spear while sitting on Flamingo, spectating.

The troops were also quiet.

All their heads were quietly facing Tang Tian.

“Wa, look at me dog paddle invincibly! Hu hu ha hey!”

Tang Tian was floating in mid air, executing a dog paddling swimming position, his mouth releasing the Hu Hu Hei hei sounds. What was more queer was that he really looked like he was in water, continuing his dog paddle, slowly moving forward.

“Watch me step on the air!”

Tang Tian’s back faced the sky. As though he was stepping on water, both of his legs stepped on an invisible step in the air, his body being pushed forward.

“Watch me hop like a spring while doing a handstand! Jump jump jump jump!”

Tang Tian turned upside down, his hand became like a spring, pu pu pu, he shot outwards again and again.

Tang Tian played by himself weirdly. Once in a while, he would release some weird sounds.

Tang Tian’s entire body was enveloped by a layer of white cold mist, which somewhat had the feeling of Immortal Qi. That was the Power of the Crane. Power of the Crane was extremely mystical, Tang Tian’s every gesture naturally had a hint of extreme quality.

The trembling of Crane’s heart was indescribable. Compared to Crane Body energy, the Power of the Crane was of a much higher grade. In the history of Crane Sect, only the early generations of the Crane sect disciples had people who managed to cultivate the Power of the Crane. If you had to say, the Crane Body energy was the fundamental point of Crane Sect’s martial techniques. If no one had attained the Crane Body energy, then the majority of the martial techniques of Crane Sect were unattainable. But for Power of the Crane, it was like adding a finishing touch to the puzzle. Martial techniques containing the Power of the Crane would have their power multiplied several folds.

Crane was definitely feeling jealous, but he was a very accomplished young man. Ever since young he was taught to understand not to compare with others and to be at peace. Under jealousy, he should be happier. If it was not for Tang Tian, he would not even be where he was today.

Who knew Tang Tian upon finding a new toy would become so spirited?

Especially after finding out that Power of the Crane helped his body to float, he quickly found a new playing method, which was to swim in mid air or to jump in mid air. This made him ecstatic.

To Crane, the Power of the Crane was a legendary absolute skill, an unmatched sacred skill. Tang Tian, do you know how hard it is to attain the Power of the Crane, how lucky you are? Please cherish it more, and incorporate the Power of the Crane with your martial techniques! Crane’s thoughts were like this, but, personally witnessing Tang Tian being so unprofessional, and using the Sect’s absolute skill to play, it was such a ‘waste’. How could he portray a happy expression?

This asshole!

One hour later.

Tang Tian was sprawled on a horse, his entire body could not move. He had played too much previously, and actually used up all of his True Power. He did not even have the energy to walk, and had no choice but to lie on the horse back.

Seeing Tang Tian in a difficult situation, Crane felt happier. His expression was back to normal, and the depressing atmosphere around him had disappeared. Crane turned to smile at Huo Ma Er, “Does Young MIss Huo Ma Er know these people?”

The majestic cavalry were all held captive. Only Yan Jiu Zhi managed to escaped, and the rest of them had no choice but to be captives.

“Reporting to Young Master, all of them are from the Wild Soil Tribe.” Huo Ma Er said respectfully. The three of them in front of her had power which were unfathomable, and were extremely strong. Rules of the world, the strong were the lords, and in the cruel Lupus Constellation, this rule set in place was even more vivid.

Moreover, the three of them had just saved her life.

Tang Tian was immersed in the magic of Power of the Crane. The Crane energy in his body continued to change and move like a living animal. Inside the changes of the crane body, the true power in his body circulated endlessly, the True Power surging up from everywhere. Whenever it clashed into the Crane Body, it would be destroyed, and transformed into fine and minute particles of True Power.

This was what Crane and the rest could see, that Tang Tian’s body was constantly emitting a faint mist.

This mist of Qi that was made up of particles of True Power, attached to Tang Tian’s body, forming into a layer.

Tang Tian felt extremely odd.

He felt all the more profound, feeling that this layer of True Power brought along many mysteries. If he could understand more of the Power of the Crane, then the layer of Power of the Crane could change infinitely.

What caused Tang Tian to feel the most surprised was, although his True Power was unable to control the Power of the Crane, his martial spirit was able to do it.

Tang Tian’s mind was suddenly stirred, he suddenly thought of Crypto Sword Saint, when they were pulled into the spirit domain of the demon sealing sword.

Unless, Power of the Crane was considered a Spirit Domain?

But Tang Tian immediately shook his head.The Power of the Crane and the spirit domain power and variation was as different as heaven and earth. But it had some peculiarities, and rather fit him. And after being controlled by the martial spirit, it had the chance to become the initial stage of the spirit domain.

All these brave guesses were noted down in Tang Tian’s mind, and were slowly verified in the days following.

Following his increase in power, he relied less and less on Bing. He had to rely on himself to gain more insights, although he was less intellectual and required more time.

He could leave the other things to the smarter people.

Tang Tian’s thoughts continued to be immersed in martial techniques. The other good point of the Power of the Crane was that it allowed his True Power to recover much faster than before.

“Huo Ma Er, you think by relying on those three young brats, you can still stay in your broken village?” The big-statured man with the mace sneered, “Master is already leading six tribes. You think you can conquer everything with only your Fire Wolf Tribe? Stop dreaming!”

Huo Ma Er’s face immediately darkened, “Ha Zha Er, you are actually relying on Xin Li?”

“That’s right!” Ha Zha Er stretched his neck, widened his eyes and did not deny it. “For so long, our Sand Wolves have not had a strong head, and thus became like this today. Huo Ma Er, you were one who had the qualifications to be one, but sadly you were not willing.”

“Was Yan Jiu Zhi sent by Xin Li?” Huo Ma Er’s face was extremely black.

Ha Zha Er sneered, “He was not the only one! Only with you dead can the Sand Wolves form back together, and then truly become one again. At that time, all the Sand will be under our command.”

“And you believe him?” Huo Ma Er shook her head, “Ha Zha Er, have you met anyone who is as cunning and ruthless as him? Whichever tribes that have collaborated with him, which one of them still exists today?”

Ha Zha Er’s neck quickly become red, fire blazing in his eyes, “I do not care about so much, so you don’t need to worry! But what about us? If we continue like this, none of us can last through this winter!”

Huo Ma Er was stunned.

“Huo Ma Er, you have lost your chance!” Ha Zha Er’s mood calmed down, “So what if they are Heavens Road List martial artists? The power behind Xin Li is much bigger than you think! His wild heart is not kept only in this desert. He wants to go fight for Silver Moon, Heaven Hook and Feudal Martial!”

“You all will be used as cannon fodder.” Huo Ma Er said coldly.

“Haha!” Ha Zha Er laughed, “Huo Ma Er, you dare to say that? Who isn’t cannon fodder in the entire Lupus Constellation?”

Huo Ma Er was speechless.

Huo Zha Er continued, “Let me tell you, the reason the Fire Wolf tribe has not been destroyed yet is because Xin Li does not have absolute confidence to get rid of you. As long as you are gone, and the rest surrender, he will swallow the entire Fire Wolf Tribe up.”

Suddenly Tang Tian stopped, his gaze looked out towards the far hill, “There are people incoming!”

Just at this time, a few black dots appeared at the far hill.

Huo Ma Er was shocked, she stared at Tang Tian in disbelief. The distance to the hill was more than five km, but Tang Tian was able to sense the enemy from so far away.

The people were coming very quickly.

There were three of them. In the lead was a malicious old man, his eyes were terrifyingly blood red. On his left, was a man in armor, his entire body was covered within the silver armor. Even his face was completely wrapped up. On his right, was a lady holding a bone whip, dressed in black leather. Her figure was curvy as her clothes were tight to her body, showing off her voluptuous shape. The bone whip in her hand was peculiar, as though it was some kind of star spirit beast’s spine, with the joints of the bones clearly distinct.

“Who injured Jiu Zhi?” The old man with the bloodshot eyes asked.

“It’s me!” Tang Tian giggled and stood up, “Are you his teacher? Are you here to fight?”

“Seeking death!” The old man snorted, his body disappeared from his original place. Sssii, a blue light flashed past Tang Tian’s eyes, as a vague azure claw image suddenly appeared in his vision.

Without thinking, he brandished out Bleeding Cat Blade Scythe, summoning forth dazzling sparks that welcomed the blue claw.


The collision of Qi caused a bang that permeated about, and the two figures separated, both of them flying back three meters.

Tang Tian stared at the old man viciously. The old man’s strength far exceeded Yan Jiu Zhi. In that clash, he knew that the fight would be a long and bitter one. His gaze landed on the old man’s hands, both were actually like a blue ice sculpture, sparkling and dazzling to the eyes, like it had some sort of magical force, attracting people’s mind.

So strong!

The old man’s allies exposed surprise as they saw Tang TIan block the old man’s claws.

The old man squinted, “I heard recently there was someone who created a brand new Unique Martial Technique, named the Fire Scythe Ghost Claw. Never did I expect to meet it here. No wonder Jiu Zhi lost to you, so you do indeed have some skills.”

The two people at the side were emotionally stirred, and looked at Tang Tian in shock.

This brat who hasn’t even grown hair yet could actually create a Unique Martial Technique?

(TN: Grown hair at you know…)

The most surprised was Ha Zha Er. His mouth was opened wide as he stared at Tang Tian blankly. He knew who the old man was, and when he saw him appear, he was secretly happy, as he thought they had won! Never did he think that, with the both of them exchanging a set of moves, and would actually be equal.

“Your claw techniques are powerful too!” Tang Tian’s gaze was fixed on the old man’s blue sparkling hands, “I think you also have a Unique Martial Technique!”

“You do have a sharp eye.” The old man said coldly: “At such a young age, to be able to master the Fire Scythe Ghost Claw, you have potential. But, for you to meet me, sadly today will be the day of your death.”

The old man’s hands lightly moved, his sleeves moving like butterflies, exposing his palms that looked like they were carved from ice crystals.

His blue hands moved, one high and one low, fingers like hooks.


A wave of boundless and dangerous Qi, exploded out from the old man’s body, and the surroundings started to move.

As if he was inside a vast body of water without boundaries, a blue whale the size of a mountain appeared on water.