Undefeated God of War - Chapter 259 – Huo Ma Er

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Chapter 259 – Huo Ma Er

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO, Earl, Natsuriayuko and De Andre

Yu Shun studied the orders in his hands carefully, his complexion calm like water.

His subordinate did not dare to do anything as Master Yu Shun was someone with true authority in the Feudal Martial, single-handedly leading an area. Their territory was extremely fertile in Lupus Constellation, after all they were near the Corvus Constellation. Although the Corvus Constellation was not flourishing, their trade route at the very least was unimpeded. They were able to receive some benefits this way, as they regularly went to Corvus Constellation to do business. Compared to the interior of Lupus Constellation which was in a mess, their place could be considered the most comfortable.

Master Yu Shun was Feudal Martial’s second-in-command, so he had the qualifications to hold the fertile lands.

“Regarding the orders I have sent previously about the carriage, how many people were sent?”

Yu Shun kept the instructions in his hands, and asked suddenly.

His subordinate was taken for surprise, and immediately replied, “We sent our people to delay them according to Master’s orders. But that person was ruthless, and our people were all…”

“How many elites do we still have?” Yu Shun asked.

“Roughly 40 people.” His subordinate counted.

“Send 10 more.” Yu Shun waved his hand without hesitation.

“Yes!” His subordinate was shocked. ‘Who was on that carriage?’

“No matter what, we need to delay them for 3 days.” Yu Shun said indifferently. “Masters Shui Cheng and Yong Qiu who are commanding 70 elites will reach in 3 days.”

His subordinate was completely overwhelmed by shock this time. Master Shui Cheng and Master Yong Qiu, they were respectively the third and fourth in command, and were both martial artists in the Heaven Road List! In Feudal Martial, whoever was hailed as an elite was always a Heaven Road grade martial artists.

Such a big movement!

“Yes!” He controlled the trembling in his heart, and answered.

“You can go.” Yu Shun waved his hand, and his subordinate quickly left.

Yu Shun’s gaze looked far out, his face suddenly revealing worries.

Boss had gone to find Kang De!

With the help of [Earthen Bear Wave], Boss was like a tiger that had grown wings, his power had amplified by maybe three times. Shun Yu knew the boss very well, and after being pressured by Kang De for so many years, there was an inner demon in his heart. Now that his power had grown, naturally he would not hesitate to find Kang De.

But Yu Shun still had worries in his heart.

Who could possibly let another person use the [Earthen Bear Wave] as a reward to defeat his own enemies?

Yu Shun suddenly laughed out loud. Maybe they had been through peaceful days for too long and had lost his own fighting spirit, and had become timid. The enemy has three Heaven Road List martial artists, but they themselves were also Heaven Road List martial artists!

Furthermore, in their hands they had roughly 100 Heaven Road grade martial artist elites, and these 100 elites were considered threats to the three of them.

Boss had been at ease to find trouble with Kang De exactly because of this train of thoughts.

His own strength was definitely superior to the enemy!

If they succeeded, then Feudal Martial would become the strongest in Lupus Constellation.

Thinking about that, Yu Shun could not help but be overwhelmed with emotions.

Tang Tian opened his drowsy eyes. This sleep felt extremely satisfying. He felt extremely comfortable and awake.

Eh, wait a minute…

Tang Tian suddenly looked around at his surroundings, only to realize he was on Tang Yi’s back. Tang Yi took large strides, the scenery quickly flying by.

“You’re awake.” Crane said, his body carrying an unspeakable confidence. While he flew, he was like a big crane flying forward quickly.

Ling Xu sat on Flamingo, and mocked, “You make all the pigs in the world feel ashamed. They definitely cannot sleep like you, for three full days, keke, respect, respect!”

“That….we….” Tang Tian was at a loss, “Eh, where’s the carriage?”

“We changed route.” Crane said calmly while flying. “The carriage is too striking, so we kept it.”

The carriage was a star treasure, so it could be kept. And for the sake of convenience, Tang Tian did not leave his imprint on the carriage.

Tang Tian was confused. “Change of route? Was there a problem with Bell’s route?”

“No problem at all.”

Crane’s words made Tang Tian even more confused.

“We are being spied on.” Crane said calmly. “Other than the wave of attack you cleared last time, we met another five sneak attacks.”

“Ah!” Tang Tian’s eyes immediately widened, and exclaimed, “We are being sneak attacked? And I cleared one? Eh, why don’t I remember that? That’s weird!”

“Maybe you were too tired.” Crane gently consoled.

Ling Xu who was at the side, sneered. He was extremely pissed. “You slept so well for three full days. While we are as tired as dogs, even Heaven Road grade martial artists keep coming out. They’re so annoying like houseflies. Wasting my precious time to train!”

“Heaven Road grade martial artist!” Tang Tian was stunned again. Although they could handle Heaven Road grade martial artists, but it was not so easy. The problem was, Heaven Road grade martial artists were not weak. His expression congealed. “How many were there?”

“There were five of them.” Crane’s voice was still calm like water. “ I suspect that there is an ambush up ahead. Those five waves of sneak attacks, obviously they were collaborated by some group. The opponent wishes to delay our time of advancing. If that is so, the opponent is most likely trying to gain more time to assemble manpower.”

Five Heaven Road grade martial artists, that proved that the opponent was not some small powerhouse.

The Heavens Road grade martial artists were not opponents for Tang Tian and the rest, but when their numbers grew to a certain number, it would prove threatening for them. To have six repeated sneak attacks, it was definitely not normal!

Crane’s guess was reasonable.

“Hey! I couldn’t tell before, but Little Crane, your intellect and wisdom is catching up to mine!” Tang Tian’s face was surprised.

Crane’s body immediately became sluggish.

Ling Xu who was sitting on flamingo erupted into laughter. “Hahahaha! Crane, so your intellect is equal to this fellow, congrats, congrats!”

Crane immediately ignored the two of them. “According to Bell’s route, we chose to go eastward and circled around. We have passed the first city Mo Xi Gan that we planned for, and are directly heading to the second planned city, Bi Ya.”

“I’ll leave it to you.” Tang Tian waved his hand.These matters were better left for the smarter people to worry about. He did not care as long as they got to the end destination.

Suddenly Tang Tian’s thoughts was stirred. “Someone is coming towards us!”

He dropped from Tang Yi’s back.

Crane and Ling Xu also exposed a guarded look. ‘Did the enemy catch up?’ Crane and Ling Xu looked at each other. If the enemy was able to track them in such a short span of time, that would be very dangerous.

A group of people appeared in their vision.

A lady dressed in leather led a group of about 20 men. The lady was attractive and looked pretty, with a pair of blue eyes, high nose bridge, fire red hair and thick lips. Looking extremely sexy, she carried a horsewhip in her hands.

They did not seem to think that there would be people aside from them as well, and their faces immediately changed, ‘qiang’, their swords and blades were all unsheathed, as though they were looking at their enemy.

The red-haired lady’s gaze landed on Ling Xu’s flamingo, and a surprise looked appeared in her eyes. She waved her hand, stopping her people, and urged her horse to move forward, and laughed gently. “Greetings gentlemen, why have you entered the territory of our Fire Wolf tribe?”

Her voice was soft, as though it could seep into people’s bones.

Tang Tian’s face was extremely guarded, seeing the red-haired lady in front of him reminded him of Sai Lei in the past, that terrifying experience. He would rather face a star spirit beast than to be near her, and he retreated a step.

Ling Xu also quietly took a step back. Women were all terrifying creatures. Better to let Crane handle her.

Shua, everyone’s gaze landed on Crane together.

The calm and quiet Crane always gave off the vibe of a good person, and the few ladies in the tribe’s group were already smitten with him.

Crane bowed, his expression honest. “We are travelling, destination to Bi Ya, but we lost our way, and have unintentionally intruded into your noble territory. I seek your forgiveness.”

“Bi Ya?” The red-haired lady laughed. “Your direction is really off your destination. If you continue to head down this direction, you will never reach Bi Ya.”

Shua, Tang Tian and Ling Xu’s gaze immediately landed on Crane. Did this fellow just bring us in the wrong direction?

Feeling the unkind gaze from behind him, Crane shuddered. Did he bring them down the wrong road?

Crane immediately looked somewhat nervous, and immediately bowed to the red-haired lady. “I have to ask young miss to guide us to the right path.”

Crane’s extremely polite gestures made the red-haired lady to smile. “Showing you to the right path is out of the question. We are just now heading back as well, why not travel with us? When you reach our tribe, Bi Ya will not be far.”

Crane was grateful. “Thank you young miss!”

“My name is Huo Ma Er!” The red-haired lady said confidently, “Handsome young man, what is your name?”

“I am Crane.” Crane smiled and replied, while pointing to Tang Tian and Ling Xu. “These are my partners, this is Tang Tian and Ling Xu.”

Tang Tian and Ling Xu immediately waved to Huo Ma Er.

Everyone quickly got acquainted. Crane who was brimming with elegance, warmth and honesty, was obviously the choice to infiltrate into enemy’s camps. Tang Tian and Ling Xu had sufficient taste of what was called benefits of play boy looks.

“Huo Ma Er, where did all of you come from?” Crane was curious.

The group of people were extremely fierce and swift. Out of the 20, there were seven Heaven Road grade martial artists.

“We went out to buy food rations.” Huo Ma Er sighed lightly. “Winter is coming, and we must prepare food early, if not, our tribe cannot survive the winter.”

“Are you having food deficiency?” Crane was surprised.

“One look and we can tell that you are not from Lupus Constellation.” Huo Ma Er laughed. “As long as you are from Lupus, you will know how scary the winter of Lupus Constellation is, and how expensive food is. For one sack of food, some people would slaughter a village.”

Tang Tian and the other two’s hair stood.

“Lupus Constellation doesn’t produce food?” Ling Xu could not resist to ask.

“Lupus people are good at fighting, but not good at farming.” Huo Ma Er sighed. “And the land here is too infertile. Our tribe is located in a desert; with that bit of an oasis, how much produce can we have?”

“Then how do you survive?” Tang Tian asked.

“Everyone in the Lupus Constellation is born a warrior. Since this place does not produce food, then we will use our own swords and blades to fight for our lives. Life is not worth much here. Have you ever heard of this proverb, ‘Lupus people make the best cannon fodder’? Do you know why? Because we are cheap, and plenty. Hehe!”

Saying that, Huo Ma Er also had a trace of sorrow.

Tang Tian and friends kept quiet. This situation, all of them knew what it meant and how it felt.

Suddenly, Tang Tian’s look changed, “There are people heading here, and they have many people! Eh, they are coming very quickly!”

Huo Ma Er’s face changed. The blue eyes suddenly lit with an ice cold aura, as she pulled on the horse rein at her waist. She shouted out, “Prepare to welcome the enemy!”