Undefeated God of War - Chapter 258 – Polar Domain Treasure Weapon

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Chapter 258 – Polar Domain Treasure Weapon

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO, Earl, Natsuriayuko and De Andre

The spacious Recruits’ Barracks were completely empty, with the exception of Tang Tian’s presence.

He let out a long sigh, his state of mind was extremely bad, the consecutive failures, caused him to feel the sense of defeat that he had not felt for a long time. He strolled aimlessly in the recruits barracks, before being attracted to a thread of black smoke from the spirit martial chamber.

The black smoke, had a pair of angry eyes.

Tang Tian was stunned, wasn’t that a card? Since when did Bing release a card?

The black mist seemed to not see Tang Tian, and did not move at all. Tang Tian looked at it with his head tilted for half a day, but did not notice any developments from it. Forget it, wait for Bing to come back, then i will know what it is. Tang Tian shook his head, threw the feeling of defeat to the back of his mind, took a deep breath, resolution once again appearing in his eyes, his mouth turned into a determined and self mocking laugh.

Failing is the thing I am most familiar with!

Wasn’t I used to failing in the past?

Such a familiar enemy, how can it defeat me?

Admit defeat? What a joke! It will definitely not appear on this godlike young man, no matter if it was then or now!

Defeat it!

Tang Tian fiercely clenched his fist, turning his killing intent towards the Heaven of Falling Rocks.

After a long period of time, Tang Tian was called out by Crane, only to realize another 10 days had passed. Only then did Tang Tian realize he had stayed in the recruit barracks for 30 days, completing 40 days of training.

“The good news is, we have already entered Lupus Constellation,” Crane said. “Bad news is, we have already been eyed by people, after passing the river…”

“Someone is eyeing us?” Tang Tian’s mind was in a mess, he had not really recovered from training.


The carriage was shaken.

They had received an attack!

Tang Tian eyes which were still blank, suddenly had a blood red light lighting up. If you had to say, previously he was a lion which had not slept, then he was currently a brave lion who had entered the state of battle.

This fierce transformation that happened in a short span of time, caused Crane who witnessed it first hand to shiver.

Tang Tian disappeared from his view.

Crane immediately rushed to the side of the carriage, Tang Tian was already a little black dot, he had actually jumped down.


A shout sounded out from below, xiu xiu xiu. Five bronze arrows with green auras flew out to form five rays of green light beams. Their target was obviously Tang Tian who was in midair.

The five bronze arrows flew at different directions towards Tang Tian, even blocking off the directions where he could dodge to. It was all planned, to prevent Tang Tian from escaping.

Tang Tian who was dropping in the sky, saw the opponent’s arrows flying in an arrangement of a net. He suddenly hugged his body and formed a circle, his body contracting to a smaller surface area, dodging four of the arrows. The last arrow struck onto blood rush shield.

The anticipated sound of metal clashing did not come out, the powerful arrow actually brushed past the shield.

The faces of the vicious people hiding in ambush changed.


Tang Tian who dodged the sneak attacks landed on the floor, causing countless debris from beneath his feet to fly upwards. He did not pause, and the moment he landed, he disappeared. Panic stricken chaotic shouts sounded out, and eight of the vicious people flew up into the sky, as one young man’s figure savagely swept the place.

Crane’s eyes constricted.

The shield with the aura on Tang Tian’s hand, became like rays of blade aura beams that were sharp and deadly. All these sharp shield auras, were not formed by True Power condensation, but high pressured air.

Eight of the evil people that were in the air dropped to the ground, only then did the shield aura disappear.

In the short span of slightly over 10 seconds, the battle was concluded.

Tang Tian held the blood rush shield as he returned to the carriage. His expression was cold, as though he had just completed something that was not worth mentioning. Only the blood stained shield showed proof of the battle.

Such a heavy killing attribute…

What martial technique did Tang Tian use just now…

Crane’s heart was trembling, Tang Tian’s display of firmness and fierceness, made Crane feel that it was a totally different person standing in front of him. The usual Tang TIan, always had the bright and energetic smile. This person… was truly unreadable….

The bloody light in Tang Tian’s eyes quickly disappeared, the coldness on his face also vanished without a trace.

“So tired…” Tang Tian’s eyes fluttered heavily, he yawned, and just like that he laid on the floorboards of the carriage and fell into deep sleep.

The bloodstain on the Blood Rush Shield was absorbed in, and Crane, who saw it, was instantly terrified. This shield that looked very normal, was actually something unnatural.

The carriage did not stop moving, and whistled past in the sky.

After a few minutes.

Three figures appeared by the side of the eight bodies, and carefully inspected them.

“So strong and vicious!” One of the man could not resist and exclaimed.

“There was practically no time for the organization to commence the second wave of attack. All of them have the same type of injury, all of it was inflicted in such a short span of time, they were practically killed at the same time!” Another man gasped.

“As expected of a Heaven Road List Martial Artist!”

“Seems like he is stronger than we thought…”

“We need to rush ahead of them…”


A hundred meter tall lone mountain peak, had a extremely flat summit, as though it was cut by a large knife, the corners and edges were just cliffs, and had no passage up to the peak. Overlooking it, there were many people below that looked like ants. Countless houses and shops spread across the entire floor, as countless streams of people travelled back and forth.

The lonely mountain was actually right at the center of an entire city, and was extremely towering.

This was Lupus Constellation’s famous Feudal Martial Peak!

Feudal Martial Peak was Feudal Martial’s Boss Wu Tie Yu’s seclusion home. This big place, only had one point of interest; other than that, it was empty. At this time, in front of Wu Tie Yu, was a man with a mask, the mask had scarlet thick lips, as though it was ridiculing the entire world.

“I have no interest in this.” Wu Tie Yu shook his head, he was tall and sturdy, and his entire body so tough and strong like it was as though he was created from metals. Filled with a berserk power, he squinted his eyes, gaze was sharp, as though he was showing off his ability.

“Ke ke.” A weird sneer sounded out from behind the mask, “Don’t tell me even Boss Wu is afraid?”

“I have already went to check up on him, he is Tang Tian, newest ranking of 9637, at his side are another two Heaven’s Road List strong martial artists, I have no wishes to aggravate such a strong person.” Wu Tie Yu said blatantly.

Unexpectedly, the man in the mask nodded, “You’re right. This kind of enemy, if we were to aggravate him that that would spell trouble. But, what in this world isn’t troublesome? The better the profits, the more troublesome it is, isn’t it?”

In his hands suddenly appeared a pair of small and exquisite silver bear paws, and looked to be extremely cute. But upon taking it out, a strong Qi instantly enveloped the entire place. Wu Tie Yu’s eyes widened out, and his breathing instantly became heavy.

“Seems like even Boss Wu knows this. One of the seven treasure weapons of Ursa Minor Constellation, [Earthen Bear Wave]. Excluding the star treasures of the 5 Polar Domains Treasures or the 10 Equatorial Palace Halls, they are all only so so. Compared to them, treasured weapons are still stronger. The 5 constellations of the 5 Polar Domains, only have 33 silver weapons, 11 have gone missing, and there are 22 remaining. This [Earthen Bear Wave] is one of them. It’s value, I don’t have to say anymore.”

Boss Wu’s eyes immediately became passionate.

This [Earthen Bear Wave] was extremely costly, and was definitely a big killing weapon in the Southern Sky’s 42 constellations. Boss Wu was clear on it, even the number one person of Lupus Constellation, Kang De, only had a few Northern Sky’s 19 Continent’s silver treasures.

Although Wu Tie Yu was weaker than Kang De, if he had the help of [Earthen Bear Wave], he had absolute confidence that he could defeat Kang De!

The difference in might was humongous between each level of treasured weapons.

The 5 Polar Domains silver weapons could not be bought with money.

“Although this matter is slightly troublesome, but what can be more troublesome than the [Earthen Bear Wave]? Boss Wu, what do you say?” The masked man laughed and asked.

“That’s right!” Boss Wu suddenly exposed a smile, “Everything has a price, and with your price, I shall accept.”

“Boss Wu really has heroic spirit!” The masked man said calmly, “But there is something I need to say upright first. Everything that is on Tang Tian, will be my spoils of war.”

A glint shone past Boss Wu’s eyes, “Deal!”

“Then let us sign the martial spirit contract!” The masked man said nonchalantly.

“Martial Spirit Contract!” Boss Wu’s heart jumped.

“Does Boss Wu still have any doubts? I trust that Boss Wu is not insatiable; a treasure weapon from the 5 Polar Domains is sufficient to buy a planet worth of lives,” the masked man said nonchalantly, but in his voice concealed a trace of ice cold intent.

Boss Wu’s face changed, but immediately recovered, “Come, martial spirit contract it is!”

After finishing the signing of the contract, the masked man lightly pushed the [Earthen Bear Wave] to Boss Wu, “This belongs to you!”

Boss Wu looked at the silver bear paw in front of him, his breathing becoming rapid, but when his fingers touched the cold and soft silver bear paw, the joy on his face could not be held back any longer.

When he put on the silver bear paw, a surprising amount of Qi immediately erupted from his body!

The Qi of the bear!

The distinctive tyrannical Qi of the king of the jungle, had a terrifying savage feeling, as it undulated out to its surroundings. Even the masked man could not help but to retreat back a few steps.

The astonishing power flowed from the bear paw to his entire body. Boss Wu could feel the blood in his body heating up: the intense will to kill rising to his head and the view from his eyes instantly turning red. The warm blood flowed slowly, as the confidence belonging to the chief animal of the jungle, entered his body.

If any enemy appeared in front of him right now, he had the absolute confidence that he could crush him to pieces!

Boss Wu closed his eyes, and exposed an expression of pleasure.

The feeling of strength, was too attractive.

A large smile smeared across his entire face, and upon reaching every single corner of his face, he started laughing.

“Hahahaha! Kang De, this time no one will save you! You’re dead!”

The man in the mask reminded him, “Kill Tang Tian first, then it belongs to you.”

Boss Wu squinted his eyes, the blood thirst in his eyes exposing an ice cold killing intent. Yet, he smiled.

“Relax, he is already a dead man, none of them, will stay alive.”