Undefeated God of War - Chapter 249 – Victory

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Chapter 249 – Victory

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO, Earl, Natsuriayuko and De Andre

The fire red blade suddenly enlarged in front of Tang Tian, and he immediately shouted out, “ThunderSnow!”

ThunderSnow immediately understood Tang Tian’s thoughts, spreading out both of his arms and suddenly closing them, the two Great Monument Palm boards formed together in front of him, like a stump meant to bang down city gates, it rigidly crashed into the fire red blade!

Mo Zi Yu’s face immediately changed, he could never think that, the opponent would use such an outrageous method to attack his blade.


A gigantic force crashed into the blade.

The originally properly sustained with True Power blade, immediately lost control, as layers of the blade auras exploded out in all directions, like when a hornet nest explodes and all the hornets fly out, it was like a big firework.

Mo Zi Yu who was preparing to initiate a killing technique cursed out, the True Power in his body was in a mess, and his entire being could not move.

A snarl suddenly came into his ears.


Without a warning, a blue figure suddenly shot out, Coral’s chin received a bang, and the powerful force immediately caused it to fly into the sky.

Although Mo Zi Yu’s head was protected by the mechanical weapon, but under the powerful force, his brain was shaken too.

Not good!

Mo Zi Yu was more professional at being a mechanical martial artist, without thinking, he knew what situation he would end up in. But that move from Tang Tian, caused all the True Power in his body to go in turmoil, and was in a mess currently. Upon losing control of True Power, to a mechanical martial artist, that was to lose.


On his back he felt a powerful strike, if not for the protection of the mechanical weapon, Mo Zi Yu’s back would have been gone too.

Coral became a streak of red light in the air, ruthlessly penetrating into the ground.

Countless amounts rubble flew out, and inside the shallow hole that was covered in cracks, Coral laid there, not moving.

The entire big street was deadly quiet.

A gust of wind blew, ThunderSnow who was in the air, all the broken parts on its body made clanking noises with the wind, and on the quiet street, everyone could hear it crisp and clear.

Coral Fish was a known personality, in the whole Mo Family, other than Fearless Tower, he was the strongest mechanical martial artist. But, this so-called strongest martial artist, actually….actually lost to a nameless hero.

Most of the spectators were disciples of the Mo Family, and they clearly knew Mo Zi Yu’s strength. Coral was the strongest mechanical weapon after [Fearless Tower], and they had spent an entire 30 million star coins on it! But this mechanical weapon was actually beaten to a pulp by another mechanical weapon that was so broken down, it looked like it would collapse any moment!

All the disciples were watching with anger.

This was Ink City, and the exchange competition was round the corner, how could the Mo Family endure the humiliation here. Some of the more brazen disciples, with their pale faces, stepped out of the crowd, and the previously quiet street quickly had 20 more mechanical weapons on scene.

At the distant attic, Mister Zhang who was originally shocked by Tang Tian’s performance, let out a laugh. “That is an aristocratic family! How can they be called one if they are not tyrannical?”

Liu Ya Zhi watched quietly, his gaze was tightly fixed on the broken down mechanical weapon.

That mechanical weapon other than it’s sorry look, and could only sustain fifth level of True Power, truthfully, with these functions, it could not compare to [King Kong] at all. But that succession of outrageous movements earlier, caused his heart to tremble, that mechanical weapon was extremely nimble!

There was actually such a nimble mechanical weapon in the world!

Comparing it, although his [King Kong] was extremely powerful, but it was also very clumsy. A shiver went down his back, such a terrifying dexterity, and adding on attack styles that came from the sky, if he fought against it, would he have the chance to win?

He was not sure.

It was different from the mechanical weapon he met previously, that mysterious mechanical weapon functions were unmatched, and the mechanical martial artist strength was extremely profound, such a perfect combination. That absolute power, made Liu Ya Zhi not want to fight him at all.

Other than the nimbleness of the mechanical weapon in sight, there were no other good aspects, but that mechanical martial artist was someone who used flight as an advantage as well, a not perfected combination, but was unexpectedly well coordinated, and was unexpectedly hard to deal with.

That made Liu Ya Zhi’s face to become very ugly.

Where did that person come from?

Suddenly, a cold voice sounded out from behind the disciples.

“Everyone retreat!”

All the disciples of the Mo Family shivered, as they turned and saw a farmer-looking middle aged person with his dark face appearing on the road.

“Grandmaster Leng!” All the disciples instantly greeted.

All the people sucked in cold breaths, as they all froze upon seeing this shabby looking person. In Ink City, to be hailed as Grandmaster Leng, there was only one person. And that was Mo Leng, the Mo Family’s machine grandmaster engineer. The title of Machine grandmaster engineer was not so easily attained. In the entire Heaven’s Road, those that were hailed as machine grandmaster engineers, could be counted on one’s fingers, and all of them were the peak people of the Mechanic techniques domain.

Mo Family had the ability to host the biannual Horizon Exchange event because they had a machine grandmaster engineer with them.

This was the first time for many people to see Mo Leng.

As though Mo Leng did not hear their greetings, giving his cold shoulder to the disciples, he walked straight to Tang Tian, and asked, “Who created this mechanic weapon?”

Tang Tian pointed to the courtyard door. “She is inside.”

Without saying anything else, he turned and headed straight inside the courtyard, without caring about Tang Tian.

But Tang Tian had already guessed who he was from the greetings, and immediately guessed his identity, his mind was roused, he had fought for so long, wasn’t it to attract the higher ups of the Mo Family to appear?

A Mechanical grandmaster engineer, he should have enough power!

Tang Tian ran straight to the courtyard.

All of the disciples looked at each other for a long time, they did not know what to do.

“Bring Zi Yu back, see if he has suffered any serious injuries.” A cold voice sounded out from behind them.

All of their faces turned pale, it was the Patriarch!

Mo Wei Tian walked past all of them with a cold expression, causing them to freeze in place, not daring to move one inch. The power of the Patriarch, outsiders could never understand it.

Mo Wei Tian entered the courtyard, and a few cold martial artist stood guard outside. These few martial artists had a dangerous and strong Qi aura, all of them were Heaven Grade. To a wealthy mechanical aristocratic family, hiring a few strong martial artists was very normal.

When Mo Wei Tian appeared, Liu Ya Zhi and Mister Zhang’s face changed immediately.

They looked at each other, an ominous premonition rose in their hearts.

Especially Mister Zhang, he boasted of his wisdom, everything that he said was all big words, and gazing down, everything that happened was like a slap in his face, causing his face color to be a mix of red and green. Liu Ya Zhi did not have the heart to mock him, with the incident that happened previously with the mysterious mechanical weapon, it had already made the Elders group lose trust in him, if this task had another mistake, then his days in the organization would be numbered.

To the organization, this task was extremely important!

“What do we do now?” Liu Ya Zhi asked in a soft voice, he was not an expert with regards to crafty plans.

Mister Zhang quickly calmed down, a fierce look flashed past his face, he replied, “Wait for the people of the Mo Family to leave…”

He did a beheading head hand gesture, causing Liu Ya Zhi’s heart to shiver.

Having second thoughts, but feeling that it was the most simple and effective method, as long as they got rid of the two people, the opponent would not be able to stop what was to come. But if the Mo Family knew it was them, then they would have no way out. His gaze swept across the few people outside the courtyard, all of them were Heaven Road Grade martial artists, he had no fear.

“Let Mu Zi do it.” Mister Zhang said. “His movements are minute.”

Liu Ya Zhi hesitated for a while and had no reaction. He was right, King Kong was too striking, if they fought, his name would be known.

Mu Zi….

Liu Ya Zhi thought of the person, his heart could not help but shiver, no one dared to provoke Mu Zi, he was a dangerous person in the organization. He was a strong martial artist on the Heaven Road List, and to defeat a few Heaven Road Grade martial artists, it was extremely easy.

“I’ll head over first.” A fierce look flashed across Mister Zhang’s eyes.

Liu Ya Zhi was shocked. “Mo Wei Tian and Mo Leng are still there!”

“What is more intimidating than to kill the two fighters in front of them?” Mister Zhang said coldly. “I thought it through, we were previously too gentle with our methods, and that is my mistake, we should not have given the Mo Family the time to hesitate. We need them to know, whatever dog shit aristocratic family they are, they are still just ants.” In this world, there are many things bigger than them. We, are definitely stronger than them.”

Liu Ya Zhi could not rebuke after hearing that, as he watched Mister Zhang disappear down the stairs.

Tang Tian stood by the side quietly, with ThunderSnow standing there, letting Mo Leng time and time again touch here and there. Sai Lei stood to the side, her expression was anxious. He was a famous figure which was her target in the past.

“Please don’t be like this…”

ThunderSnow weeping and weak protest transmitted to Tang Tian’s heart, and he immediately consoled it, “Be good, let him touch for a while, you won’t lose out.”

Mo Wei Tian looked at Tang Tian interestingly, Mo Leng was on the mechanical weapon and made him relaxed. He was more interested in Tang Tian. From that battle, he had seen everything. To him, Mo Zi Yu did not make any mistakes, on the contrary, he was extremely careful, and did not expose any loopholes. But the fighting style of the opponent, was definitely against conventional reasoning, and thus forcibly made an opportunity for himself.

To many people, Mo Zi Yu lost with injustice.

But Mo Wei Tian did not see it that way, this person in front of him, was someone who did not follow the conventional ways of fighting, and caused his eyes to light up. He believed that Tang Tian would win even easier if Tang Tian and Mo Zi Yu fought again.

To him, the chances of a standard mechanical martial artist winning against an opponent like Tang Tian was extremely small.

Mo Wei Tian was not as specialized as Mo Leng towards mechanical weapons, but as the Mo Family Patriarch, he was farsighted and had foresight, and was able to stand at an even higher angle to attack a problem.

This type of fighting style that broke the rules of fighting, was extremely outstanding, and required an even higher requirement from mechanical weapons. Ordinary mechanical weapons were not able to become so nimble.

Now that the mechanical weapons were bigger and bigger, 3 m or 4 m tall mechanical weapons were frequently seen.

To everyone’s knowledge, mechanical weapons were thick and sturdy, clumsy, strong and had good defensive properties.

This was his first time encountering such an elaborated mechanical weapon.

Just at this time, Mo Leng stopped moving, and frowned.