Undefeated God of War - Chapter 248 – Flowing Flame Blades

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Chapter 248 – Flowing Flame Blades

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO, Earl, Natsuriayuko and De Andre

At the other side of Ink City.

“Who do you think will win?” An imposing middle-aged man with a dignified expression asked. He was the current generation Patriarch of the Mo Family, Mo Wei Tian. At his side was a somewhat shabbily dressed man wearing dirty shoes, looking like a farmer. He was actually the mechanical grandmaster of the Mo Family, Mo Leng.

“Hard to say.” Mo Leng said begrudgingly.

Mo Wei Tian had a cold expression. “The Blood Weapons Group really isn’t good. But I am curious towards that mechanical weapon that can make them feel threatened. Wonder what he is like?”

He suddenly turned to his butler beside him and asked, “So what did you find out?”

The butler respectfully reported, “The Blood Weapons Group organization is extremely strict and extremely covert. Luckily, we found one of them who had a connection to one of the Mo Family members. He is a machine engineer, and has been in the group for a long period of time and can be considered important. The Group’s history can be traced back to over a thousand years ago. They have operated successfully for generations, and is one of the organizations under the Onyx Soul. The higher ups are all Onyx Soul members, but inside the Onyx Soul, they are not ranked very high. Roughly around 7 years ago, their Blood Meridians mechanical weapons technique became perfected, the high-end weapons became even more completed. Up to date, they have currently completed 3 sets of high-end weapons, which are [King Kong], [Veda] and [Yasha].”

“Oh, doesn’t that mean Liu Ya Zhi has a high ranking?” Mo Wei Tian touched his eyebrows. “I remember his Blood Meridians weapon, it’s [King Kong] right?”

“Yes!” The butler replied respectfully. “But these three sets of high-end weapons most probably exhausted all of the group’s funds, and they are now urgently in need of funds.”

Mechanical techniques burned money, and no one was clearer than Mo Wei Tian was on this. The Blood Weapons Group found the Mo Family, wishing to obtain the necessary funds, and wished that with the Mo Family’s numerous channels, they would be able to mass produce Blood Meridian weapons.

“King Kong is truthfully very strong.” Mo Leng suddenly said. “It is stronger than our [Fearless Tower].”

He was a machine grandmaster engineer, and with one look, he could determine the mechanical weapon’s standard. To entice the Mo Family, Liu Ya Zhi did not hold back any of his abilities, and King Kong’s prowess was displayed to its fullest potential to the Mo Family.

Although these words were painful to hear for Mo Wei Tian, but he knew that Grandmaster Leng was right. [Fearless Tower] was the Mo Family’s current strongest mechanical weapon, but it could not compare to King Kong. As a mechanical weapon aristocratic family, the Mo Family had never given up on reviving mechanical techniques. On this point, they and the Blood Weapons Group agreed on.

When the mechanical techniques declined, whether it be mechanical martial artists or mechanical weapons, they all declined as well.

But, Mo Wei Tian and his family did not like the Blood Weapons Group. To him, Blood Meridians weapons were not mechanical weapons anymore.

Mo Wei Tian said indifferently, “But looking at their underhanded means, seems like their confidence isn’t enough.”

The butler replied, “I heard that not long ago , when Liu Ya Zhi was using King Kong for a trial, he met a mechanical weapon artist and was thoroughly defeated by him, almost losing his life. A few of the experts from the Blood Weapons Group came together and surrounded the enemy, but the enemy still managed to get rid of them easily, and this caused the higher-ups to be angry.”

“No wonder!” Mo Wei Tian suddenly realized with a flash of light passing through his eyes, and spoke his thoughts, “Never would I think that there would be a mechanical weapon stronger than King Kong! Just that, where did the guy come from? I would pay any price to find out about him!”

That last sentence, his tone was very serious. Liu Ya Zhi’s [King Kong] was enough to make him feel shocked. If there was a mechanical weapon that was stronger than [King Kong], wouldn’t that mean that, that person had the power to enter the Heaven Road List?

That was too shocking.

Are mechanical techniques really going to be revived?

Mo Wei Tian was unsure.

The butler immediately agreed.

Mo Leng, who never took his gaze off ThunderSnow, suddenly said, “That mechanical weapon is definitely not simple.”

That mechanical weapon that looked broken, in Mo Leng’s eyes, was actually as moving as a young lady in her prime. Many would think that it was just ugly, but Mo Leng could tell, its structure was extremely rational, possessing many original designs. Although it was almost beyond recognition, Mo Leng could still tell it originated from the Southern Cross Army.

But Mo Leng’s emotionless face actually exposed a baffled and unconvinced look, muttering to himself, “How could it run 7.6 seconds?”

To complete the Preliminary Grade A Test in 7.6 seconds, that was definitely an astonishing record.

Even Liu Ya Zhi’s [King Kong] could not do it.

But very quickly, both of them were not interested in talking anymore. Their gazes stuck onto the blue and red figures that suddenly moved.

[Coral]’s weapon was a 1.5 m Chopper, its blade with a ray of flame mark. Brandishing it up, the red blade beams filled the sky instantly.

It was as though Tang Tian was caught in a storm, causing his head pain. The enemy’s blade was consistently flying into the air, and the strong sense of danger caused Tang Tians heart to panic. With his martial spirit strengthened, his intuition had grown to 22 multiplier folds from the initial 18.

I cannot drag it further!

A cold aura flashed past Tang Tian’s eyes. He coughed lightly. “ThunderSnow, let’s go!”

It was as though the moment he thought about it, ThunderSnow immediately understood. It released force and rushed towards the blade.

Xiu Xiu Xiu!

Instantly, seven beams of red fire blade auras entered Tang Tian’s vision. Tang Tian’s attention instantly peaked, his silver martial spirit shivered, and his 22 multiplier folds of intuition caused his surrounding to become extremely crisp and clear.

All the twigs and branches on the floor self combusted. The scorching hot Qi had caused the air around them to distort, causing the dust on the floor to rise….

The seven beams of red fire blade auras criss crossed and weaved around, like a big net, directly moving towards Tang Tian, there was no gap!


There was a small space!

Tang Tian’s eyes were as bright as the star rocks, the True Power in his body was continuously flowing into ThunderSnow. He bent his upper body forward, shooting out even faster, causing the seven beams of red fire blade auras to distort, when suddenly his legs became like nails getting hammered to the ground, and fiercely dug into the soil.

Due to the inertia, his upper body was overly slanted, with one look people might think he might fall flat on his face, but he suddenly released his palm downwards.

Great Monument Palm print.

The blade auras in midair which were still slicing forward, suddenly changed direction downwards.

When the Great Monument Palm print appeared on the ground, the expected loud bang did not sound out, but only a light pop sound came out.

“ThunderSnow, go go go!”

Tang Tian bellowed out, ThunderSnow’s legs which were deep in the ground suddenly applied force, and the two Great Monument Palm prints were like two glossy boards, sliding Tang Tian forward.

Pu Pu Pu!

The seven blade auras barely brushed past Tang Tian’s scalp, and cut into the ground behind him, leaving behind seven black blade traces.

Mo Zi Yu did not think that Tang Tian would use this sort of method to avoid the blade auras.

ThunderSnow who was stepping on the ‘glossy boards’ was extremely fast, sliding with it, the speed was to the point that it was difficult to catch with the naked eye, he was like lightning.

The distance of the few metres, was immediately closed!