Undefeated God of War - Chapter 247 – Conspirations everywhere

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Chapter 247 – Conspirations everywhere

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO, Earl, Natsuriayuko and De Andre

At the entrance of Tang Tian’s courtyard, seven sets of mechanical weapons were piled up into a small hill. Beside it, on a wooden pole, hung seven unconscious men.

While everyone pointed and looked,Tang Tian sat on the side wall with ThunderSnow standing quietly at his side.

“You’re crazy!” Sai Lei was extremely agitated, her feelings going out of control, “Do you know where are we? This is Ink City! This is the Mo Family’s place! Doing this is beating the Mo Family’s face! Beating their faces in their territory, are you tired of living?”

However, what caused Sai Lei to be dumbfounded was the fact that Tang Tian was not angry. He subconsciously grinned, making him look dumb and muddled: “That is because they are the Mo family.”

“What do you mean?” Seeing Tang Tian’s dumb act, Sai Lei was enraged, but she held back and expressed only suspicion and doubt.

She knew that although Tang Tian usually looked dumb, he was actually extremely crafty. Acting naive was this guy’s forte. Seeing all of those that got cheated by him, all of them were idiots who were entirely willing to help him fight and kill….

Okay, not idiots, heroes….

As she sadly recalled herself signing the martial spirit contract with him, she was still the first person to land into his demonic palms. Although this guy was extremely bad at math, but he was definitely a genius in swindling.

“Why does the Mo Family organize all these competitions?” Tang Tian who was sitting on the wall suddenly asked a completely irrelevant question.

Sai Lei was stunned. She had never thought about that before, and she said: “I think it is to maintain their influence in this area, and to see any valuable designs. Maybe it might give them some inspirations.”

“Is that so?” Tang Tian looked puzzled: “I am not too sure about that.”

That answer almost caused Sai Lei to vomit blood. Was this guy entertaining himself?

“But, I think, since they are a mechanic related aristocratic family, they will definitely want Corvus Gold.” Tang Tian said honestly.

“You’re planning to sell the Corvus Gold to the Mo Family?” Sai Lei’s eyes became larger, staring at Tang Tian in disbelief. She had never thought that Tang Tian would think of aiming at the Mo Family. She had thought of using ThunderSnow to shock everyone in the competition. After that, she would sell the corvus gold to other machine engineers.

Never did she imagine that Tang Tian would actually think even bigger, and sell the Corvus Gold to the Mo Family.

“Since they are a mechanic related aristocratic family, they would definitely do business in mechanical weapons, and would have a large demand for the Corvus Gold. And, they are very wealthy.” Tang Tian touched his head, “Although we can earn more by selling to the other machine engineers, but after a long time, even if we have many helpers, it is not suitable for us.”

Sai Lei was immediately attracted to Tang Tian’s idea, “Your thoughts are good, but why would the Mo Family buy it? They don’t even know of Corvus Gold.”

“So we need to let them know about it.” Tang Tian explained, “As long as we beat up a few sets of theirs, they would know. You are the one who told me that this is their territory. You just have to do another design plan of Thundersnow, and we can sell it.”

“Sell the ThunderSnow design plan?” Sai Lei’s eyes widened.

“Why, you don’t want to sell it?” Tang Tian turned to ask, “Don’t tell me you still think ThunderSnow is a low-end trash?”

“Please do not say that I am a low-end trash.” Thundersnow weakly showed his dissatisfaction.

Sai Lei then understood, “What you’re saying is that we should sell the low-end mechanical weapons designs, but we only do high-end mechanical weapons?”

“Does a grandmaster make low-end mechanical weapons?” Tang Tian questioned her back.

Sai Lei became excited, “That’s right! That’s correct! I still have a few low-end mechanical weapon designs, and at that time we can sell them together!”

Tang Tian looked at Sai Lei like an idiot, and shook his head desperately: “Only sell one at a time. Wait until the ordinary ThunderSnow comes out. There will definitely be people who will come inspect on it, and at that point of time then we will start selling the other designs.”

Sai Lei pointed at Tang Tian and shrilled, “You’re so treacherous! But I like that!”

In Sai Lei’s eyes, a brand new brilliance of light shone in her eyes as star coins flashed across.

Tang Tian suddenly turned over and faced the streets, and excitedly say, “Business is coming!”

A red mechanical weapon appeared on the other side of the street.

Mo Zi Yu looked at the pile of mechanical weapons and frowned. He was actually unwilling to come. He knew how revolting Mo Liu was, but he had no choice but to listen to his mother.

After learning that Mo Liu was tied up, his father ran to Mo Zi Yu’s elder sister, begging in tears. Upon hearing that, Mo Zi Yu’s mother also became anxious. Whenever any member of the Mo family was taken advantage of, without saying a word, she would want Mo Zi Yu to go and settle the problem.

Mo Zi Yu was not willing when he heard that the person who exchanged moves with Mo Liu was the one who broke the record of the Grade A Preliminary Test and became the 99th seeded player, Thunder, who had unfathomable power. He also knew that the elders of the Mo Family were secretly watching that seeded player.

He did not even look at Mo Liu who was tied up, but stared at the small hill of mechanical weapons. Every mechanical weapon was roughly 2 metres tall, with seven sets piling into 3 layers. It was roughly 6 metres tall and was extremely striking.

A demonic fire slowly crawled out of Mo Zi Yu’s heart.

All the mechanical weapons were from the same series, the [Mountain Devils] mechanical weapon set from the Mo Family.

“Thunder’s Snow is so strong! Even the [Mountain Devils] of the Mo Family are not his opponents!”

“Duh, [Mountain Devils] are just ordinary mechanical weapons. How can they be compared to Snow? He just broke the record of the Grade A Preliminary Test!”

“I have to say, [Mountain Devils] are just useless, cheap and useless trash!”

The discussions on the road could be heard by everyone, causing Mo Zi Yu to squint his eyes, his expression becoming cold. Whether Mo Liu was alive or dead, he did not care, but to humiliate the Mo Family’s mechanical weapons, even if it was the lowest-end Mountain Devil, it could absolutely not happen!

Mountain Devil was the Mo Family’s best selling mechanical weapon. Its range was for the third level to fourth level martial artists. The Mountain Devil’s functions were extremely balanced. Although it was just low-end mechanical weapon, but for the third and fourth levels, it was extremely good to use, its functions outstanding. Many people used it.

The Mo Family’s reputation can absolutely not be trampled on!

Mo Zi Yu took a deep breath. He had decided to teach Thunder a good lesson on understanding the difference between heaven and earth.

He had actually promised his mother, so he was determined to win. Thundersnow’s sudden appearance and completion of the Grade A Preliminary Test in 7.6 seconds meant that, he was definitely a true expert! Mo Zi Yu did not dare to be careless. He had personally tried the Grade A Preliminary Test, and his best result was roughly 18 seconds.

If it was based on the results, he was naturally far from ThunderSnow.

But since it was a battle, he had confidence in winning. Not only was it confidence in himself, but in his own mechanical weapon as well. His mechanical weapon was not the ordinary mechanical weapon of the [Mountain Devil] Set, but it was [Coral] that was specifically built according to his specifications.

[Coral] was exceptionally eye-catching, its entire figure was fiery red.

When [Coral] appeared on the road and walked towards Tang Tian’s courtyard, it attracted the gazes of everyone.

Those who have stayed in the Ink City for a period of time could tell with one look that it was Coral.

“Coral Fish!”

“The Mo Family truly wants to take action now. It actually is Coral Fish!”

“There’s a good show to watch!”

Mo Zi Yu turned a deaf ear to them. He controlled Coral and slowly walked towards the small courtyard.


A huge blue figure jumped out from the courtyard and landed heavily outside, causing a cloud of dust to arise.

One red and one blue mechanical weapon standing opposite each other, neither of them with the intention to retreat. No one spoke. Mo Zi Yu did not know what to say. Mo Liu’s matter was better undisclosed, and his family’s mechanical weapon’s good and bad should be kept even more. Tang Tian felt that he did not need to speak. He was just thinking, if one came he would beat that one, if more came he would beat them all down, and use this truth to prove ThunderSnows power.

The situation immediately became hostile and intense.

On a high building at a distant place, a pair of eyes watched the two sets of mechanical weapons facing each other.

Liu Ya Zhi coldly said: “Mister Zhang really has good tricks.”

A skinny middle-aged man holding a paper fan in his hands laughed, “The task this time is too important. The Mo Family are well-known rich figures in the mechanical techniques domain and have countless means. If the Mo Family became the representatives of our blood meridians weapons, we would not have anything to worry about in the Southern Sky’s 42 constellations.”

Liu Ya Zhi’s face did not show any signs of relief, “I feel that if we could defeat him in the competition, it could make everyone deeply appreciate the power of King Kong.”

Mister Zhang waved his paper fan without a change in expression: “The elder group are afraid that the thing that happened the last time will happen again.”

Liu Ya Zhi’s pupils constricted as blood rushed to his brain. He turned around, his expression angry, “Mister Zhang, so you despise me!”

Mister Zhang coughed lightly, and gently said, “It is not that I despise you, but we cannot afford to make a mistake. You have to know, the Mo Family pleaded with us to sell the manufacturing methods of blood meridians weapons, but we cannot do that. For these kinds of rich and strong aristocratic families like the Mo Family, do you know what they view as the most important?”

Mister Zhang did not look at Liu Ya Zhi’s pale face, and continued, “Face! Mechanical weapon aristocratic family are agents for other people’s mechanical weapons, but are unable to manufacture it themselves, how are they willing to do it? Negotiations would already be deadlocked! We need you to sweep away all the opponents. With absolute dominance, break the Mo Family’s last chance, and not just simply making it spectacular. If you were in a deadlock with any opponents, that would not benefit us at all.”

Liu Ya Zhi quieted down.

“Passing the Grade A Test in 7.6 seconds, this kind of result, for you to achieve it, I have confidence in you. But this person is a formidable opponent, and this kind of opponent should not have appeared in the competition.” Mister Zhang said indifferently, glancing at Liu Ya Zhi with one eye, “I hope you can take the organization’s benefits into consideration, and put down your pride.”

Liu Ya Zhi kept quiet for a long time, and suddenly said, “By sending the enemy to the Mo Family, aren’t you letting the Mo Family understand him?”

Mister Zhang laughed out loud: “You still do not understand the rich families. I told you earlier, the aristocratic families all deem face to be of utmost importance, and what’s more this is the territory of the Mo Family, how can they admit that their mechanical weapon is not stronger than other people’s? If they admitted it, where would they hide their faces? Both sides are already angry at each other. Now all we have to do is wait for them to fight. To these people, throwing their reputations is worse than throwing away their lives. To the aristocratic families, you can use knives to cut them, and they can still take it. But if you use a fan to slap their face, they would rather die than let you do it!”

Liu Ya Zhi kept quiet. He knew that Mister Zhang was reasonable.

“Just enjoy the show. Let us see where did this ThunderSnow came from, I am very curious about him.”

Mister Zhang opened his paper fan, on it wrote three words: Fate River Mountain.