Undefeated God of War - Chapter 242 – Registration

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Chapter 242 – Registration

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO, Earl and De Andre

The creator of the red spider was called Cen Xuan. He was an extremely lively person, and very quickly, he and Tang Tian were hitting it off.

The red spider was fast and extremely stable. Cen Xuan’s mechanical technique was rather brilliant, but to the current Sai lei, his standard was not able to attract her other eye.

Tang Tian’s envy was enough to make Cen Xuan become happy.

“It is called Red Silk. How is it? Not bad right, do you want to buy one? It is very cheap, only at 2 million star coins!” Cen Xuan patiently tried to sell it.

Sai Lei initially did not plan to speak. However, upon hearing ‘star coins’, her face immediately darkened, and she snorted, “The method of mixing red gold into bronze in the joints, this kind of trash, won’t even exceed 200 000, and you still want 2 million! Hmph!”

Hearing that, Tang Tian’s eyes immediately became bigger, “So you’re actually a cheap man!”

“Cough cough cough!” Cen Xuan did not actually think that he would be seen through. Mixing red gold into bronze was always his secret, and he did not expect that a lady would actually catch him.

“Who are you?” Cen Xuan asked carefully, lowering his posture. The lady in front of him who was in a bad mood, could she be some powerful machine engineer?

“Even if I told you, you won’t know.” Sai Lei ignored him, and closed her eyes to rest.

Upon seeing that, Cen Xuan had no choice but to break through Tang Tian’s side, “Little brother, your body seems to be as strong as a cow. Are you here to participate in the competition?”

“Yes.” Tang Tian heard the compliments, and threw the unhappiness to the back of his mind, “Let me tell you, I am very strong!”

“Oh…” Cen Xuan suddenly did not know what to say. After thinking, he asked, “Little brother, how long have you played with mechanical weapons? Did you learn it from home?”

“Seven days.” Tang Tian told him honestly.

Seven days….

Cen Xuan’s face froze. He forced out a smile, “Little brother don’t joke with me. Even the strongest genius cannot be called a mechanical martial artist in seven days.”

“Because I am a genius!” Tang Tian proudly at his nose, completely unashamed.

Cen Xuan’s expression froze again, and he forced another smile, “Little brother is really humorous. Can I take a look at your mechanical weapon?”

“Ok!” Tang Tian did not hesitate, and quickly took out Thundersnow.

Cen Xuan stared at the broken, dirtied, long forgotten looking rubbish. Its entire body did not have one complete part. Cen Xuan never thought that, this mechanical weapon, would be tortured to this extent.

Is this a mechanical paper…

Sai Lei was also stunned. She was always crying in her room, and was completely oblivious of everything that happened.

Stuttering, she asked Tang Tian, “This this this is ThunderSnow?”

“Yes!” Tang Tian nodded, glossing over her feelings, “Ah ha, overlook its’ outer appearance. Under this godlike young man’s encouragement, Thundersnow had become even stronger.”

“You you you…” Sai Lei was so angry she could not speak.

For the sake of starting off successfully, she had paid close attention to make Thundersnow look flashy and handsome. But she did not think that in a few days, the beautiful Thundersnow would turn into a broken piece of metal! What made her want to collapse even further was that Tang Tian actually wanted to wear this broken metal to join the Horizon Exchange Competition!


Sai Lei was suddenly panicking. In her mind, she could imagine that when Thundersnow appears, the whole crowd would be jeering at them, and she just wanted to dig a hole to hide in. I must absolutely not let that happen!

Absolutely not!

If this broken junk really appears on the arena, with its creator being Sai Lei, she would become the biggest joke in the circle of machine engineers.

This scenario, no matter what, cannot happen!

Sai Lei took a deep breath. She forced herself to become calm, thinking with all her might on how could she advise Tang Tian to give up. She could directly use the corvus gold to create a mechanical weapon, and despite the money coming slower, at least they will definitely earn the money back. For what should they become the laughingstock of the world…

She had not gotten any further in her thoughts, when she heard Tang Tian’s arrogant shouts at her side.

“Don’t look down on ThunderSnow. Come, let us have a competition, and see who will reach the city gates first!”

As though as she was struck by lightning, Sai Lei’s eyes became wide. Oh no!

Tang Tian had already entered ThunderSnow, and shouting with the top of his lungs, “ThunderSnow, go go go!”

Like the wind, Thundersnow flew out.

It’s over….

Sai Lei was dumbstruck.

Tang Tian was extremely excited. After experiencing Bing’s repeated ravages, and finally escaping his evil clutches, he was like a bird flying freely in the air, or a fish swimming freely in the ocean.

Tang Tian was currently feeling like that.

As fast as lightning!

The sound of the wind whistling in his ear, the background quickly flying past his sides, Tang Tian was extremely excited. He did not reserve any energy. With ThunderSnow rushing forward with all of its energy, it was like a blue lightning bolt.

“So fast!”

“Such an incredible speed!”

The blue lightning passed by everyone in a blink of an eye, instantly causing people to cry out in surprise. But when the people looked at the mechanical weapon clearly, they were all stunned.

The surprised shouts abruptly stopped.

Everyone stared blankly at the broken junk of a mechanical weapon. It was so dirty!

After a while, they all regained their senses, and someone stammered, “Am I blind? Why did I see an almost falling apart mechanical weapon…”

“I saw it too…”

“God, why is there such a broken mechanical weapon?”

“Reckon where did he pick up this garbage mechanical weapon from? To come here with the intention of showing off..”

“That’s true, that’s true!”

Hearing the people on the streets discussing, Sai Lei’s face became extremely black. Cen Xuan did not say anything, both of them assuming a spectator stance, acting as if they did not recognize the broken mechanical weapon that just flew out.

The red spider’s speed was not slow. After a while, they neared the city gates, only to see a broken down figure waiting there.

Not good!

Sai Lei and Cen Xuan’s face changed. Without giving them a chance to react, Tang Tian immediately spotted them.

ThunderSnow jumped up and started waving frantically at them. ThunderSnow’s arms had lots of injuries, especially the plate of armor on the verge of collapsing. Upon waving, hua la hua la, chunks of broken metals starting falling.

All the passersby around the city gates all starting laughing. To bring the mechanical weapon to such a state was not easy.

“Hey, kid, from where did you pick up your armor?”

Someone shouted amidst the crowd.

“It wasn’t picked up. Sai Lei made it!” Tang TIan shook his head, and pointed at Sai Lei.


All eyes turned and landed on Sai Lei.

Sai Lei was inconsolably ashamed, and she just wanted to dig a hole to hide!

Asshole! I knew it would turn out this way….

I’m dead, I’ve lost all my face!

Her dying heart gave birth to anger.Sai Lei opened her eyes widely, crossed her arms and started scolding, “What are you looking at?”

“Such a hot young lady…” Someone mumbled in the crowd, attracting laughter.

Sai Lei’s face became hot, but she opened her eyes wide, not showing any weakness. Anyway she had thrown all her face away. Sai Lei decided to just go with it.

“Let’s go! Go and register!”

She clenched her teeth as she spoke to Tang Tian, “If you do not get into the top 36, you can just wait to die!”

Sai Lei’s white teeth were like crisscrossed hacksaws, causing Tang Tian to think about a certain incident that happened. His heart instantly turned cold.

(TN: She bit his D*** before D: )

This was the most broken down and worn out mechanical weapon to ever join the exchange competition, and the news began to spread, causing a lot of excitement among the people. There were also a small group of bored people who followed Tang Tian and Sai Lei to register.

When Tang Tian and Sai Lei appeared to register, they attracted a small disturbance.

The people in charge of registration, upon seeing Thundersnow, they were also stunned. After a while, everyone thought that the two of them had something wrong in their heads. Why would they bring such a junk to participate?

To come and find trouble!

One of the older and more experienced employee stood out, and coldly ask: “Can I ask why are you here?”

“To register!” Sai Lei was smarter than most people, she could immediately hear the tone of the employee was not kind, but with everything that had happened, the fire in her could not be tamed, and her tone naturally became extremely sharp as well.

The employee felt even more so that they were there to find trouble.

The old employee, who was experienced, spoke without changing his expression: “No problem. According to the competition rules, as long as you pass the preliminary test, you can register.”

“Bring it on then! Bring it on!” Tang Tian could not wait any longer.

The old man and his colleagues looked at each other, all of them nodding at him. Apparently understanding each other, he continued, “Please come over here!”

“This is the preliminary test area.” The old man introduced, “The test is simple.”

He pointed to the lake at the side, “Inside there is a group of fifth ranked green spirit bees. The total running distance is roughly 5 km in a zigzag line. If you can complete the distance in 20 seconds, and if you can smash the long nosed pigs at the end of the road to spit out golden bubbles, then you pass. Please take note, there are other star spirit beasts in the water.

Tang Tian gazed out, on the lake, there was a track line in the shape of a zigzag floating on the water, in the distance was multicolored bubbles, floating on the surface of the water. What made Tang Tian even more surprised, was these bubbles actually had a trace of metal gloss.

Sai Lei’s face changed. The speed of the green spirit beasts were fast, and in a group, they were trouble. The long nosed pigs had noses like elephants. They were addicted to sleeping, and in deep sleep, their noses would spit out bubbles. These colorful bubbles were weird metal bubbles hailed as golden bubbles, and they were extremely tough and durable. In contrast, they were light and swift. If hit, it would shoot out like a balloon, but it would not break.

Since when did the exchange competition registration preliminary test become so difficult?

Cen Xuan suddenly stood up, “You guys are too much, to actually test a new person with the Grade A preliminary test!”

Grade A preliminary test!

The crowd of people suddenly made a sucking air sound, and all of their faces congealed.

Sai Lei’s face became pale!