Undefeated God of War - Chapter 241 – Horizon Exchange Competition

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Chapter 241 – Horizon Exchange Competition

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO, Earl and De Andre

“Ah ah ah ah!”

Tang Tian released wails that sounded like a ghost as Thundersnow solemnly rushed towards Sky Tiger!

Bang Bang Bang!

Consecutive chains of attacks causing smoke and dust to rise everywhere, a ray of blue shadow flying out, violently crashing into the wall. This scene happened far too many times. Bing’s training, which was to continuously spar, was simply cruel..

Tang Tian, a rookie, facing against Bing, an ultimate trump card, adding on ThunderSnows grade was far from Sky Tigers, the result was obvious. Bing did not give mercy because of Tang Tian’s disadvantage of being an amateur. Instead, he treated Tang Tian like a blood enemy, attacking crazily and violently, to the point that it could cause one’s hair to stand.

Thundersnow’s entire body had over 50% changes to it, with seven to eight cm long dents everywhere, and was full of holes. Thundersnow did not have any touch of beauty on it anymore. Looking at it, it seemed more like a set of garbage mechanical weapon meant to be thrown away. It was terribly shabby.

ThunderSnow fell on the ground face first, and laid there not moving.

Tang Tian gasped for breath, he was extremely tired. He felt that controlling the mechanical weapon to fight was more tiring than him fighting by himself. He gasped for breath, perspiration following his face contours to his chin. Suddenly, he felt a rise and fall, mimicking the rhythm of his gasps.

It was Thundersnow.

Tang Tian was stunned for a while, but started laughing out load, bellowing out like the wind.

“Hey, Thundersnow, you don’t even breath, why are you imitating me?”

Tang Tian’s words caused ThunderSnow to be stunned. Tang Tian could feel ThunderSnow’s rise and fall stopping, as though it was at a loss.

“Hahaha!” Tang Tian laughed even more.

“Hey, young man, how can you fall just like that?” Bing’s taunts came out from Sky Tiger, as he looked down at ThunderSnow. Although he kept ridiculing Tang Tian, his heart was filled with surprise.

In just three short days’ time, although Tang Tian was not skilled, he was able to withstand five full powered moves from Bing.

Five moves!

FIve moves, in this short time span, although Bing very well knew that it was not easy.

Only three short days, to be able to grow to this extent…

ThunderSnow was not an outstanding mechanical weapon. Other than its disparity of materials, its biggest weakness was its martial spirit. Compared to Tiger, ThunderSnow was extremely bad. Tiger was a born fighter, habitually quiet but had strong willpower, calm and efficient, and never fearful or afraid. Tiger was apparently Bing’s dream of an ideal fighting partner.

But for ThunderSnow, it was timid, stupid, lacked courage, and had weak willpower. All of these weak points were extremely fatal. Thundersnow’s martial spirit origins were unknown, but from what Bing saw, this type of martial spirit was totally not suitable to be a mechanical weapon’s martial spirit.

However, everything that had happened in these three days was completely out of Bing’s expectations.

Thundersnows weak points were completely exposed, but it did not retreat from the battle. Instead, it bitterly persevered under Bing’s relentless attacks.

Bing was shrewd and ruthless and had very quickly found the root of this. It would seem unimaginable, but it was because of Tang Tian.

Tang Tian’s roars never stopped. No matter how badly they were beaten, Tang Tian never stopped to give Thundersnow encouragement. In Tang Tian’s eyes, ThunderSnow was his fighting friend. Although it had many weak points, he never once thought of giving up on it.

No matter how hard they fell, how badly they were defeated, Tang Tian never once blamed it, or scolded it.

The consistent cheers, the consistent encouragements, the consistent act of never giving up, the consistent beatings.

This was how ThunderSnow began to improve. Although the rate of improvement was slow, but it was improving.

Bing’s eyes were never on Thundersnow. To him, Thundersnow was not a fighting-type martial spirit. Its rate of improvement was limited, and its inborn weaknesses prevented it from growing. He had already secretly noted down, to remind Sai Lei, that the martial spirit of the mechanical weapon did not require to be high leveled, but must be suited to fight. For example, those ancient spirit general pieces; they were repeatedly cut down, but had staunch willpower.

Still, Tang Tian’s display of fundamental leadership qualities caused Bing to admire him very much.

To be able to encourage and help out a friend was an extremely outstanding characteristic. Even a weak martial spirit like ThunderSnow was able to display fighting strength. This brat was definitely a gifted mechanical martial artist!

Hearing Bing’s words, Thundersnow froze for a while, but Tang Tian fiercely replied, “Fall? Ha, you’re looking down too much on us. Come! Watch how we defeat you! ThunderSnow, together let’s go!”

The solemn undulations rose from Thundersnow once again.

Yet another bitter scene to watch.


Seven days quickly passed.

Sai Lei was dull and lacking vitality. After crying in a big scene, she was not that sad anymore.

Knock knock knock!

Knocks sounded out from the door. Sai Lei angrily asked, “Who is it? If there’s nothing, don’t come and disturb me!”

“Sai Lei, we have to go participate in the exchange competition!” Tang Tian reminded.

Did Bing changed his mind? Sai Lei’s eyes lit up. She crawled up from her bed, opened the door and asked, “Did Pokerface Uncle decide to join?”

“Nope.” Tang Tian shook his head, and pointed to himself, “I am joining.”

Disappointment could be heard in her voice as Sai Lei replied sadly, “Not going!”

Pa, she was about to close the door, but Tang TIan anxiously blocked the door with his hand, “Hey, Sai Lei, if you don’t bring us there, we won’t know the road!”

“Whoever wants to go can go!” Sai Lei turned and walked to her bed, and covered herself in her blankets, “Anyway, I am not going.”

“Why are you not going?” Tang Tian did not understand, “Don’t tell me you don’t want the five billion anymore?”

“Five billion….” Sai Lei’s eyes immediately had tears in them, and sobbed, “Wu wu, we don’t have five billion anymore!”

Seeing Sai Lei act like that, Tang Tian was at a loss. But, although he did not know what to say, he thought to just do something, and being lazy to talk, Tang Tian instantly grabbed Sai Lei, put her on his shoulders, and walked out.

Sai Lei screamed. Upon finding out that she was on Tang Tian’s shoulders, she immediately raged and struggled with all her might on his shoulders, “Put me down! Put me down!”

Tang Tian ignored her screams, and directly went to the warehouse.

Bing had already finished packing and was ready.

“Move out!”

Tang Tian carried Sai Lei, and fiercely flew out of the door.


Horizon Exchange competition was an extremely famous competition in the mechanic technique domain, because it was only held biannually. Every competition, all the machine engineers and mechanical martial artists from all the different constellations in Heaven Road would gather. It was the most powerful exchange competition in the field of mechanic techniques. Every time it was held, there would definitely be new and weird mechanical beasts as well as the latest mechanical weapons. The strongest mechanical martial artist would appear, and the most blood invigorating battles would happen.

It was the 45th Horizon Exchange Competition. There were still three days to the start of the event, but Ink City was already filled with people. Ink City was a huge city with a population of 47 million, as compared to Three Spirits City.

The mechanical technique domain was a declining domain, but even so, the number of all the Heaven Road machine fanatics reached an astronomical figure.

On the city outskirts, the human traffic was already terrifying, impossible to bypass.

Tang Tian curiously looked around, his face filled with surprise, “Wa, there are so many people here already!”

“Ignorant!” Sai Lei snorted. Her struggles were futile and had decided to stop, but the anger in her heart was yet to subside, so her tone was naturally bad, “Don’t act so stupidly, so shameful!”

Bing stopped in his tracks suddenly.

Tang Tian quickly felt it and stopped to ask, “What?”

“This city has undulations.” Bing’s tone was somewhat throbbing, “It is directed against spirit generals.”

Tang Tian became more focused, his face changing. He could indeed feel a very faint undulation. It was in the state of a mist, but its range was extremely huge, actually enveloping the entire Ink City.

“Is there a problem?” Sai Lei was surprised. She initially thought Bing was making a huge ruckus out of nothing. The Horizon Exchange Competition had been held for so many times, but never once was there any danger. Only then did she truly understand that Bing’s apprehensions were reasonable.

Her face congealed, “Ink City has been run by the Mo Family for many generations, the entire city can be considered a mechanical city. That’s right, seems like I overlooked it.”

“Mo Family?” Tang Tian was curious, “Are they powerful?”

“Yes, extremely powerful!” Sai Lei replied, “The Mo Family is a mechanical aristocratic family with an extremely long history, only after the Three Great Armies. The Mo Family’s standard of machines, no one knows. Mo Leng from the Mo Family is a machine grandmaster engineer, and together with Guan Zhi Mo, they are hailed as the Mo Brothers.”

“Wa, so powerful!” Tang Tian could not understand everything, but with the phrase machine grandmaster engineer, he got a gist of it.

“Yes, but they have always been low profile, and rarely do we hear any special things about them. They are extremely mysterious. Other than the Horizon Eexchange Competition, they do not have any other movements,” Sai Lei said.

Bing suddenly asked, “What about their mechanical weapons?”

“The standard is so so.” Sai Lei snorted: “I have never seen their high end mechanical weapons before, but the normal ones are not really that good, not that bad either.”

Bing was in deep thoughts. He swept the place once, and very quickly, his gaze landed on a distant mountain range, and pointed there, “I will go and hang around in that region. If there is anything, quickly leave the city. I will come and receive you guys.”

“Ok!” Tang Tian nodded.

Bing did not say anymore, and quickly disappeared.

Tang Tian and Sai Lei were preparing to enter the city, when suddenly, Tang Tian’s eyes lit up, and pointed to a person, “Wa, that spider is really pretty!”

In the direction that he pointed, a man sat there with a dark red metal spider. The red spider was rather big, and the man sat on it stably. It was extremely lifelike, and the dark red metal gloss on its entire body was extremely dazzling and pretty. The movements of the red spider were very agile, all the legs crawling around very quickly.

“That is a mechanical beast.” Sai Lei glanced with one eye, but felt rather amazed, the spider’s standard was actually remarkable. With Sai Lei’s current standards, to praise anothers creation as remarkable was a feat.

“Such a pretty mechanical beast!” Tang Tian was drooling. He had given Flamingo to Ling Xu, and this red spider was stern and cold-looking, appearing to be especially fierce and tough.

The man on the red spider heard Tang Tian’s compliments and was elated, and automatically asked, “Nice to meet the two of you. Want to come up and chat?”

Sai Lei had not even opened her mouth when the shadow beside her rushed forward.

“Ok ok!” Tang Tian eagerly rushed up to the red spider.

Sai Lei had no choice but to follow.