Undefeated God of War - Chapter 240 – ThunderSnow

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Chapter 240 – ThunderSnow

Translated by: YX

Edited by: XRCO, Earl and De Andre

This time around, Tang Tian had to push himself beyond his own abilities.

Taking everything into account and reducing the time they would spend on the road, Tang Tian only had 7 days instead of 10, which seemed like an impossible task. Last year, the weapon Saber-Toothed Tiger had a structure that was simple and rigid, which Tang Tian felt was limited in its power. Furthermore, there were a lot of other martial techniques that Tang Tian had not learnt, and that was not talking about using a higher level mechanical weapon such as ThunderSnow.

Everyone knew that this was a near impossible task, but Tang Tian and Bing did not mutter a word.

With everything that they had done, any complaints would have been meaningless.

“If you had mastered the new mechanical weapon, you would have discovered that it is much better to use than saber-toothed tiger, because it is smarter. Thundersnow possesses a martial spirit in it. Though it is not very powerful, it is knowledgeable and quick thinking. Hence, the first thing you need to do is to communicate with it. For the new generation of mechanical weapons, communicating with the martial spirit residing within the weapon is crucial. The coordination between the spirit and you will determine the outcome of a battle.”

“You must take note that this mechanical weapon is something that is new to you, and it’s the same for the martial spirit who is a stranger to the user’s body. During these 7 days, you do not only need to learn how to use the mechanical weapon, but the martial spirit will also have to learn how to control your body.”

Bing stood up in a deadpan manner after finishing his explanation. Tang Tian, who was engrossed in the lecture by Bing, immediately raised his hand and asked, “Do you mean, the martial spirit is just like a newborn, leaning how to walk as well?”

“That is right!” Bing nodded his head, “No matter what former users the martial spirit had been with before, once the user is changed, the martial spirit would have to learn everything from scratch, that includes learning how to walk.”

Tang Tian frowned after listening and said, “It is okay that I am the only one learning but now the martial spirit also has to learn, what is the point?”

“Do not underestimate the spirit. You will definitely not learn faster than it. Since the spirit will be experiencing the movement of your body, once it is familiar with your style, it will learn much faster than you do.”

“How dare you look down on me!” Tang Tian stared at Bing with gaping eyes.

“After comparing, you will know what I mean,” Bing said confidently of ThunderSnow.

“Let’s compete then!” Tang Tian replied, before jumping into the pit that Bing has just dugg out.

Tang Tian turned his head over and stared down at Thundersnow.

Thundersnow’s head was a shade of ocean blue, roughly 2 metres in width and used a different style from a Southern Cross Army mechanical weapon, which was simple and plain. Instead, this mechanical weapon was made to look attractive because Sai Lei wanted it to be eye-catching to the audience in order to attract attention to this new weapon. The joints of the mechanical weapon were much slimmer and more agile, but on the inside, it used the Southern Army design of the internal bracket that enhanced the user’s defense.

The joints were like layers of blue fish scales lining up on top of each other, allowing the user greater flexibility and mobility in its movement. As for the parts of the weapon covering the limbs, the material used was a strong metal that has been repeatedly forged within the fire, which augmented the strength of the weapon. The constant forging of the metal created wave-like patterns on its surface. ……..

The armour at the shoulder area was different from a normal mechanical weapon in that it was forged into a compact and circular armor which granted the user greater mobility.

With one look, Thundersnow was like a well built statured man in steel with no excess flesh on him, even when standing there quietly, it still released an aura that many would fear!

“Hey, Thundersnow!” Tang Tian shouted, “Let’s have a serious battle!”

Thundersnow suddenly let out a flash of bright blue radiance from its dark blue eyes.

All of a sudden, Thundersnow crouched down right in front of Tang Tian like a drawn bow with all its accumulated power, waiting to strike. Tang Tian backed down slightly, anticipating the amount of strike force that Thundersnow could unleash.

Thundersnow unleashed its power by pushing down its steel hind legs!

The force was so strong that it created a sole imprint on the solid rock ground. The ground around Sai Lei’s place was a specially made steel that was rock solid. But Thundersnow was able to create an imprint on the solid ground, as if it the ground was made of a block of wood shavings.

So much power!

Tang Tian was shocked by the immense showcase of power.

As Thundersnow pushed harder down with its hind legs, cracking the steel floor beneath it. Tang Tian was in awe.

Such a perfect combination of rhythm and strength. What came next was a blue shadow that flashed past like a strike of thunder across the room.

Blue lightning! Let’s go!

That’s right! That’s the way!

Tang Tian was overwhelmed with excitement!

Bang! Clang!

The sound of metals clashing together was reverberating. The steel ground below their feet was rippling uncontrollably, nearly lifting Tang Tian off the ground. The dust that was sent flying around the room engulfed Tang Tian.

After a moment when the dust had settled, Tang Tian could be seen standing still in the room, looking dumbfounded.

In front of Tang Tian were 2 blue-coloured metallic legs perched on the ground. Because of the immense force from Thundersnow, its lower body was pushed deep into the steel ground.

“Oh!” Bing exclaimed as he placed his hand on his forehead and could not bear to look at Tang Tian.

Suddenly, Bing had an unexplainable feeling. An unreliable mechanical martial artist pairing up with an unreliable mechanical weapon was hard for him to imagine.

He hesitated for a moment and had a thought.

But that thought disappeared as fast as it came to his mind.

Thundersnow’s lower body was entrenched deep into the ground. No matter how hard it struggled, it was unable to free itself.

Tang Tian and Bing exhausted their energy before managing to pull Thundersnow out of the ground.

“It’s over,” Tang Tian muttered. “This martial spirit’s IQ is not very high to begin with. After such a strong impact just now, will it have any IQ left?”

“Don’t worry. Maybe it is just a ‘foolish scallion,’” Bing said with a shrug.

“What is a “foolish scallion’?” Tang Tian asked.

“It just means when 2 people who are foolish enough meet, they just might become smart!” Bing explained.

After a moment, Tang Tian exclaimed with gaping eyes, “Hey! How dare you say that I am stupid!”

“I did not say that. It was you who said that you were stupid!” Bing replied with another shrug.

“Scoundrel! I will beat you up!” Tang Tian shouted angrily.

“Hey, Sai Lei seems to be awake.” Bing, ignoring Tang Tian’s outburst, pointed at Sai Lei.

Tang Tian’s shifted his attention to Thundersnow, “Hey Thundersnow, are you up for it? At this rate that you are performing, you are not compatible for this godlike young man! But don’t worry, I will not give up on you! Looks like you need a youth like me that is godlike as well…”

Tang Tian wore the armor and felt refreshed.

“Wow, the feeling is absolutely different from the Saber-Toothed Tiger. This is great!”

Tang Tian’s martial spirit was very powerful. His communication and coordination with Thundersnow was much easier than imagined. For others, communicating with their martial spirits was the most challenging, but to Tang Tian, it was the opposite.

After that initial hard fall, Thundersnow was much more well behaved than before. And Tang Tian was excited to try something new this time.

“WOW! Thundersnow, let’s go!”

Bang! Clang!

The constant sound of someone being wrestled on the steel floor reverberated around the walls, causing the floors to tremble while sending chunks of dust high up into the air.

Tang Tian picked himself up clumsily after a fall. He was not discouraged. He shouted with undue passion, “Thundersnow, let’s do it again!”

Bang! Clang!

“Nice! Thundersnow, this time around it will be a success!”

Bang! Clang!

“Hey, Thundersnow, don’t be scared! Be strong and man up, let’s come again!”

Bang! Clang!


As Tang Tian controlled Thundersnow, he fell countless times. But his passionate roar of encouragement did not subside. Bing knew that for every fall that Tang Tian experienced, despite him going strong, each of these falls were physically painful.

But Tang Tian did not show any sign of pain and continued to brace the falls alongside Thundersnow.

Come to think of it, this was Tang Tian’s signature style.

Bing looked on with interest. Sai Lei’s martial spirit was much weaker than Tiger, in terms of both quickness and wisdom. The initial failure instilled Thundersnow with trepidation. The later few dashes that Thundersnow had with Tang Tian, Bing could see that it was slightly dreading to continue.

But after countless falls and Tang Tian’s constant encouragement, Thundersnow was starting to gain more confidence. His movements were also becoming much more nimble.

“You are doing a wonderful job, Thundersnow! What a great form!”

“That’s right, this is the way it should be done! Let’s do it again!”

Bing was deeply moved by the courageousness of Tang Tian. Then, Bing heard something that made him stand still.

“Good job! Now do you see that wretched guy with the poker face over there. Right! That’s him! Come, let’s do a perfect dash towards him! Let the old man have a taste of the flash of blue lightning which he had never ever witnessed before.”


“Very good! Just now, we managed to scare the wretched old man. Now, we shall unleash an even more vicious attack! Oh oh oh! Look at his face, it turned green. Was the power unleashed strong enough? Let’s burn him up, Thundersnow!”


Bing’s face turned as black as charcoal.


As Thundersnow charged towards Bing, it suddenly braked right in front of Bing. “Hahahaha! Old man, aren’t we powerful? Double scallion unite! We are undefeatable!”

Double scallion…

Sai Lei was covered in dust but one could see that she was pleased with the progress so far.

Thundersnow’s speed was amazingly fast!

Bing was also secretly amazed by the progress. He initially thought that once Tang Tian was familiar with Thundersnow, it would at least take an afternoon before they got to this standard. No one expected that 2 hours was all it took for them to achieve such marvellous progress.


Bing felt that Sai Lei would not want to see how Thundersnow’s appearance had changed beyond recognition. Thundersnow had a bright shade of blue like that of a jewel, but after the training that had countless amount of strong clashes and harsh falls, Thundersnow was left with battle scars and covered in filthy grime.


A faint pant could be heard from within Thundersnow’s body. Bing knew that the martial spirit was exhausted from the training.

Tang Tian was absolutely tired after constant dashes and battles as well as countless of falls that had left him bruised. The skin underneath his shirt was filled with numerous blacks and blues and wounds.

Tang Tian did not mind. He laughed hysterically and shouted, “Uncle, you must be astonished!”

Thundersnow seemed to have been influenced by Tang Tian since its confidence had grown significantly after the trainings.

Bing laughed, “This is just the start. Relax. What you will experience in the next 7 days will be something that you will always remember.”