Undefeated God of War - Chapter 237 – A Gift From The Sword Saint

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Chapter 237 – A Gift From The Sword Saint

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO, Earl and De Andre

No one saw the sword of Crypto-Sword Saint. It was not that they did not see it clearly, but they did not even see it.

There was a slit on the necks of the four people, pooling blood on the floor. All of them died.

“Great Empty Sword…” Xie Qing mumbled to himself. He was clearly shaken. He was someone who held great responsibilities. Now that he had become the sole disciple of the Crypto-Sword Current, he consciously took on the additional responsibility upon himself.

“Your friends aren’t too bad. It’s fated that we meet them. Let these items be gifts for them.”

The Crypto-Sword Saint’s voice emerged from the Desolate Swords Cluster. He waved his sleeve, a few rays of light flew out from the Desolate Swords Cluster, and flew to the few of them, and automatically stopped.

The light ball in front of Tang Tian, had a card floating inside.

Inside the light ball in front of Ling Xu, floated a silver wind bell, the wind bell was formed by two exquisite and delicate sheep horns.

In front of Crane was a small sword.

In front of Bell was a card.

In front of Blind Chord Old Man, a ball of fine silk floated inside the light ball.

In front of the Mute Servant, a pill floated inside the Light ball.

“Little Tang my friend, you managed to cultivate a silver martial spirit at such a young age, not bad. Your Fire Scythe Ghost Claw, has already entered the ranks of unique martial techniques, but if you wish to become a Close Quarters Combat expert, you’re still lacking. This card, I gift it to you. His entire life was tough, his heart was never calm, and even in death he could not free himself of his affairs, I have been friends with him for so many years, and my heart does not bear to, so when he was dying, I used the Demon Sealing Sword, and sealed his martial spirit, and transformed it into this card. Giving you this card, I have my own selfish desires, I do not wish for my old friend’s consummate skill to disappear. You are able to attain enlightenment with a unique martial technique, so your talent is naturally exceptionally good. I hope that you are able to attain enlightenment on this card.”

After seeing the Crypto Sword Saint, this was definitely the most he spoke, even to Xie Qing, he did not speak so much.

Tang Tian curiously scrutinized the card, on the surface was a pair of angry eyes.

“What card is this?” Tang Tian could not help but raise his head and ask.

“I do not know.” Crypto Sword Saint said indifferently: “He trained in fist techniques, and is famous and known to all sects. His name is Sang Ku, and was hailed by his generation as the strongest and hardest fist.”

Bell’s face changed, as she shouted in surprise, “Swallowing Light Steel Fist, Sang Ku!”

“Is he very famous?” Tang Tian’s astonished face looked at Bell.

“He is extremely famous!” Bell’s expression congealed. “He was his era’s most outstanding fist martial artist. His Swallowing Light Steel Fist, it was said that it could engulf all the light around him. He was hailed as the fist martial artist closest to becoming the Fist Saint.”

“WAH, to even eat the light, so powerful!” Tang Tian shouted excitedly.

When Crypto Sword Saint finished talking, he did not bother with Tang Tian anymore, and turned to Ling Xu. “This Sheep Horn Wind Bells, is an old item of the spear in your hand, and is also a treasure from Aries Constellation, it suddenly landed in my hands some time ago, you can say that I am returning it to its rightful owner.”

Ling Xu was stunned, an old item belonging to his own spear, he took up the Sheep Horn Wind Bells to compare against his silver spear, suddenly the vigorous scarlet tassel from the silver spear suddenly extended out two red threads, linking with the sheep horn wind bells.

Ling Xu was shocked, how come he had never heard before that his spear had bells?

Crypto Sword Saint then turned towards Crane. “Your talent is the highest amongst everyone, your sword heart is strong and stable, pity…. This silver ranked treasure from Andromeda Constellation, the Umbrella Pearl Sword, I gift it to you.”

Crane calmly thanked him. “Thank you!”

Finished, he extended out the Crane Sword along with the sheathe, he dexterously aimed towards the small sword, and the small sword was somehow attracted to it, and flew towards the Crane Sword.

Crane grasped the sword secrets, he lightly struck the small sword, causing a ‘clang clang clang’ sound, changing into 12 small swords, like a small umbrella, they rotated above Crane’s head.

Admiration flashed across Crypto Sword Saint’s eyes, with respect to talent regarding the sword, Crane was surprisingly powerful.

He then turned to Bell. “The card in front of you, is called [Absolute Dust].”

(TN: Right now there is no application to the chinese word 绝尘, so It is hard to translate it and will call it absolute dust for now. It could mean disappearing dust/ earth. If there are any changes to it i will update everyone!)

He faced Blind Chord Old Man. “This ball of silk is from Heavenly Steed Constellation, [Silver Steed Mane].”

He turned to the mute servant. “The Tri-immortality Pill.”

“Two of my spirit general friends, nice to meet you, anything that can be used by spirit generals have been used by me, and I have nothing left. I am very regretful.” Crypto Sword Saint told Bing and Magic Flute.

“No problem.” Bing waved his hand, acting like he was very magnanimous, but immediately exposed a rascal smile. “If you do not have anything we can use, anything we cannot use is also fine, by gifting a few more, it could be used to procure more money as well.”

Magic Flute warmly greeted him, “To be able to glimpse at Sword Saint’s bearing, it is Flute’s honor, for matters such as gifts, do not be concerned about it.”

Crypto Sword Saint obviously did not take notice of Bing’s meaning, but nodded his head to Magic Flute with attention.

“Xie Qing, train well, when the time comes for you to master the Great Empty Sword, the spirit domain of the Demon Sealing Sword will once again open for you, and that is when you and I will meet once more.”

Finished, the vast sea of grey mist, slowly retracted back to the Desolate Swords Cluster.

The surrounding scenery returned back to normal.

The rapidly reducing sea of grey mist, contracted to a small grey dot and disappeared.

Everyone woke up as though they were dreaming, just that the tall stone sword peak had disappeared, leaving behind an entire floor of gravel. The Five Hitmen Squads bodies, had disappeared, leaving behind a mess of scorched black, obviously this place had been through an intense battle.

As if it was a lifetime ago.

“So stingy, he had so many times, but left behind a grey mess,” Bing mumbled to himself. He knew that Crypto Sword Saint had ignored him, and therefore had a belly full of complaints.

No one cared about him.

The battle today was an unprecedented attack to everyone.

Sword Saint!

This was their first time meeting a sword saint, one who just required the time to raise his hand to decimate the entire battlefield, this power caused people to shudder involuntarily. A sword that couldn’t be seen, couldn’t be avoided.

Even Tang Tian who was strongest in intuition, facing the Sword saint’s movements, he had no feeling whatsoever.

But after the battle, everyone of them had gained rather greatly.

Xie Qing had one more grey sword in his hands, and looking at it, it was an extremely old and ugly sword.

“What does the Demon Sealing Sword look like?” Tang Tian was curious, and immediately asked Xie Qing. “What do you plan on doing now? Stone Sword Peak is gone, you guys do not need to guard the sword anymore. Why not follow us to Southern Cross Constellation!”

Xie Qing shook his head. “Thank you Master for your kind intentions, but Xie Qing will continue staying here. Although I do not know if my Master still has any more descendants, but what if there is? The Xie village are guardian swordsmen, now that I have gained the Crypto Sword Current legacy, and with my Master’s grace, I still wish to wait for any descendants of his. And now I have to train and cultivate the Crypto Sword Current, it is so late already, I need to focus.”

Hearing that, Ling Xu patted Xie Qing’s shoulders, his face full of praise. “Good words! You are affectionate and loyal! Only real men are like that!”

Tang Tian felt that he was reasonable, and nodded his head. “That’s true, that’s true!”

Bing suddenly cut in, “Since you plan to stay in Corvus Constellation, then why not help us purchase all the corvus gold.”

“You still need corvus gold?” Xie Qing was surprised. All the corvus gold in Corvus Constellation had been swept by them, and they still wanted more. Xie Qing did not understand what they needed the corvus gold for, but without hesitation, he said, “No problem!”

“Uncle Bing, you’re so greedy!” Tang Tian pointed at Bing’s nose.

Bing’s skin was extremely thick, and he was about to praise himself, upon hearing Tang Tian shouting. “Relax, this business, you have a part of it!”

Hearing that, Bing’s muscles contracted. Immediately, he continued, “Seeing that you were the one who invested in it, since Xie Qing is acquiring the corvus gold, then 10% of profits will be his.”

Bing was afraid Tang Tian would be too generous, and give all the money to Xie Qing, so he decided to first lay out the ground rules.

Xie Qing laughed. “There is no need, relax, I will do my best to acquire them.”

Xie Qing noted down in his heart, that the corvus gold was extremely important to them. Whatever shares he had, he did not really care for much, he was already filled with gratitude and emotions for Tang Tian and the rest.

Bing was overjoyed, giving him money but he rejected, such a good person!

He was about to speak, but then he heard Tang Tian shouting while waving his hands, “How can you be like that? 10% is too little! 15%! Xie Qing, you must accept! You must! If not, we won’t do it anymore!”

Sssiii, Bing’s heart tensed up again.

This asshole, this asshole who does not know the exorbitant cost of everyday’s expenses!

15% Do you know how much money is 15% in the future? Such a talkative brat, once he opens his mouth he shoots out so much money! Asshole!

Hearing Tang Tian’s persistent gestures, he had no choice but to agree, “Ok, I will listen to master.”

Tang Tian’s eyes immediately raised his eyes in delight. “Haha, then we are all family in the future!”

Xie Qing’s heart warmed up, what he did not know, the agreement that he had accepted today, would bring the Xie village an astonishing amount of wealth in the future. Xie Qing who was filled with gratitude, began to think of a plan on how to purchase all the corvus gold.

Following that, Tang Tian and the rest returned to the Xie Village, where they would stay for a period of time.

Bell wanted to return home to give the blood to her sister. Blind Chord Old man and the mute servant both began to move, as they were required to the starry door to spirit region, to enter Three Spirits City. Tang Tian’s martial spirit chamber entrance could only allow him and spirit generals to enter, and was unable to bring anyone else.

Luckily, Corvus Constellation had a starry door leading straight to Three Spirits City, but, it was not on the planet Xie Qing and them were in.

Tang Tian just had to go ahead first, as Sai Lei was still hiding in the military weapon warehouse.

When Tang Tian found Sai Lei, her eyes were beaming with anticipation. “How much corvus gold did you get?”

Tang Tian raised one finger.

“1000 kg?” Sai Lei was excited.

Tang Tian shook his head, and replied, “10000 kg!”

Sai Lei was so surprised she screamed out and jumped for joy, both hands on her face, she could not believe it. “We are rich! We are rich! We are rich!”

10000 kg meant 5 billion star coins!

Such an astronomical sum, had completely caused Sai Lei to become dizzy.

This limitless amount of star coins signified that it was sufficient for her to obtain materials and sufficient enough to fund her research….

Struck gold, struck gold!

“Don’t be too happy yet.” It was as if Tang Tian was pouring cold water onto her burning passion. “We have the corvus gold in our hands, but how do we change it to star coins?”

Sai Lei was stunned.

That’s right, they had the corvus gold, but with that, the next step was to change them for star coins.

Other than them, no one else knew the value of corvus gold. If no one knew the value of corvus gold, no one would be willing to buy it!

Sai Lei quickly calmed down, one after another plans started to emerge from her brain, and her eyes shined with a cold aura.

The Young Lady’s determination to make money, even the Sword Saint couldn’t weaken it!