Undefeated God of War - Chapter 234 – Freak

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Chapter 234 – Freak

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TranslationNations and De Andre

The outburst of True Power that brought along the spewing sparks blossomed into stars, with the consistent sounds of the cat cries, converging onto Tang Tian fingertips , the five stars glittered and dimmed, suddenly bright, and suddenly dark.

The whistling sound disappeared suddenly.

On the claw, the sharp and proud Qi vanished.

Release, Demon King Blazing Firefly!

Tang Tian shouted lightly in his heart.

The ball of misty light encircled around Tang Tian’s fingertips. The five fireflies dimmed and glowed subtlety, leaving a beautiful glimmering trail in the sky.

Suddenly, the night wind turned calm in between the emptiness of the valleys. the dewiness of of the leaves looked as though it was staged by the fireflies.

Tang Tian’s heart was calm..

King Qilin heart thumped hard. All the dangers he had never felt before were now enveloped around him. He had the urge to touch the incoming fireflies!

His heart skipped a beat.

Grandmaster grade… grandmaster grade martial technique!

The sly looking young lad was like a freak in his eyes. Unless, this lad started cultivating when he was in his mother’s womb? The moment the grandmaster level martial technique was released from Tang Tian’s fingertips, he was slightly in disbelief.

His armor, treasure weapons were all inferior to the spirit general card [Ignited Colloquial Buddha]. They were merely just external items which made him envious of them.

But, grandmaster level martial technique…

He was not one bit angry at Tang Tian but instead, filled with fear.

Any type of martial technique, once attained the grandmaster level were all extremely terrifying and utmost respected because this was something external items could not result in. in any type martial technique, he had the qualifications to be called a grandmaster!

This rascal was a freak!

He had only cultivated to the fifth level of his Ignited Colloquial Buddha. He dared not even think about attaining the grandmaster level since he had a long way to go still.

The five fireflies dimmed and glimmered, bringing a sense of calmness and serenity.

The blood in King Qilin almost congealed. He bit on his tongue to taste the tangy, metallic blood of his. Suddenly, he was excited as an urge to kill was planted in his head.

GrandMaster level? So what if he was grandmaster level?


Shouting out, the five qilins on his chest glowed like the glittering in his eyes burnin like a candle. It stretched its body and it looked unusually weird.

King Qilin eyes turned blood red as though he was a blazing candle in the dark. It looked eerie.

A strong and ferocious Qi burst out.

Cavalry was slightly stunned as he stopped to turn and looked at his boss to find him fighting with all he had.

Arctic Fox laughed lightly: “seems like he’s giving it all he’s got.”

Old Croc kept his gaze. He was not intending on changing his idea. He would follow his plan and Ling Xu would be exhausted soon.

Roaming around, Python Fang then sensed big boss’s Qi. there was a flicker of iciness in his eyes. After fighting for so long without success, his anxious heart started to calm down. Since big boss was giving his all, then let’s do it too!

With his flaming pupils, he stared at the Demon King Blazing Fireflies. Raising his right arm, the qilins on his chest moved towards his right arm, his burning qilin eyes landed at his fists.


The violent, barbaric Qi descended rapidly as the two candles on his fists burst out with radiance.

A group of five coloured qilin silhouettes rose and covered his entire body, appearing and disappearing within the blazing flames of Ignited Colloquial Buddha.

The five coloured Qilins was a rare silver ranked blood meridians. He had spent 9 million star coins to purchase it. It was uncommon for one to possess the ancient blood meridian. It held the powers of the ancient qilin and although it was thin, but the ancient qilins were malicious and barbarous. That was sufficient to instil fear in people.

[Wrath of the Qilins]!

Within the shadows of the garnet fist, it painted the fury of the qilins.


The first firefly flew towards the qilin but before it got close, the qilin roared and a burst of invisible force exploded. The firefly blew up and turned into a spectacular fireworks.


One by one, three fireflies exploded and formed eye-catching fireworks. Like a huge net, they surrounded the qilin.

The Qilin was infuriated now. Lifting its front legs, it stomped down.

Waves of Qi swept the ground.

The fireworks net blew up like a balloon. It looked as though it was going to break as it blew up.

Slap, another firefly detonated and formed a firework before it threw itself towards the fireworks net. The fire on the net was much stronger now.

A faded cry of the cat resonated suddenly, and out came a thread of black misty Qi covering the Qilin’s body, like a black cat, it moved very quickly. The candle lit qilin’s eyes wavered, with such an eerie cry of the cat, it sensed something was wrong.

The firework net suddenly retracted, tying down the qilin tightly. Instantly, Qilin screamed in pain as it struggled to break free but the firework net just got tighter and tighter. The glimmering fireworks did not seem to be affected by the Ignited Colloquial. Like a blazing steel thread, it twined around densely, tying down the Qilin.

The black misty Qi took this opportunity to enter Qilin’s body.

Qilin froze and snapped off it earlier in the day before it exploded into powder and turned into a beam of rainbow.

King Qilin only felt a piercing pain on his chest as though he was being struck by a hammer. He flew out directly, regurgitating blood out from his mouth.

“Big boss!”

The others grunted.

In mid air, King Qilin’s eyes constrict as a slow, and lazy firefly appeared right in front of him!



The firefly exploded right in front of King Qilin. Countless of sparkly fireworks overtook his field of vision.


King Qilin could not care about anything else as he yelled.

A small shield appeared in front of him all of a sudden, blocking the fireworks. The fireworks landed behind the shield and instantly, countless cracks formed on the shield and broke into pieces as it landed on the ground. But, King Qilin took this chance to dodge this attack.


King Qilin was panting heavily as he glared at this young lad. This shield was a silver rank treasure from scutum constellation. He had gotten this protector shield for a long time but he never had a chance to use it. He never expect it to save his life today. Although the treasure was destroyed, but his heart did not ache. He was just staring at Tang Tian.

GrandMaster level… indeed, it was a grandmaster level martial technique!

The five fireflies completely changed the way he saw a martial technique. It gave him a feeling as though it was alive. Only untill today did he know that a grandmaster level martial technique possessed life!

If it was just the fireflies, it was not that scary. But the black mist was eerie. Coupled with the cries of the cat, it was extremely difficult to deal with light and darkness.

King Qilin took a deep breath and stood up again.

His gaze was serene now. The killing technique must have used up quite a fair bit of the young lad’s energy. Because his true power had also been exhausted. He had a seventh ranked true power and he could tell Tang Tian was only at the sixth ranked.

But it was impressive for a sixth rank to produce such formidable killing technique!

Nevertheless, as beautiful as this technique was, his opponent could not use it as his heart wishes. Considering that, King Qilin had already given up on the thought of ending this battle quickly. He saw Tang Tian as an upgraded, well matched opponent.

The Battle had just began!

With an icy cold radiance in his eyes, he disappeared.

The next moment, he reappeared behind Tang Tian and hit the back of Tang Tian’s neck. As though Tang Tian had already sensed it, he lowered his head and pushed his left leg back, slap, he was fighting with King Qilin’s leg.

Both of their bodies shook.

He was strong! Tang Tian’s heart skipped a beat.

This rascal’s strength is so strong! King Qilin was surprised.

The two looked at each other, and shouted as they lowered their body.


Like two bulls, they collided head on head. The floor shook as Qi waves rippled through.

The attacking rate from both parties was unusually fast. Like two shadows entangled together, it was practically impossible to see them clearly. There were only rumbling, thunderous collision sounds. The ground around them would explode occasionally, sending the mud and dirt to the air.

King Qilin was frightened now. Shit, this rascal’s martial techniques were all so different. He still could not get the upper hand. If not for these martial techniques, he would have escaped.

He had finally found someone on par with him, so he might as well use this chance to cultivate this martial technique. Seventh ranked [Shocking Lightning Hand], [Finger Loop], and [Infinite Leg].

Each martial technique was a golden ranked spirit general card.

Just looking at the martial techniques, it was enough to drive Tang Tian near death. Whatever [Great Monument Palm], who would use a fifth ranked martial technique to embarrass himself? His Scattering Vortex was also fifth ranked, similarly, his Tan Tui was also fifth ranked…

Other than his Fire Scythe Ghost Claw, which was considerably an exquisite martial techniques. The others were all lousy.

But, it was completely different to compare it on battle fields.

Tang Tian relied solely on these low ranked martial techniques and blocked off his raging storm attacks. This kind of feeling put King Qilin down, they were two ranks different!

How was it possible?

He thought and thought but did not understand. What made him vomit blood was that once Tang Tian was in danger, he would use Fire Scythe Ghost Claw!

Such a scary claw work could be used either when fighting far away or closely!

Fucking hell, which son of a bitch created such a technique?

Fighting close, Tang Tian’s Fire Scythe Ghost Claw did not slow down either. As fast as lightning, it engulfed the person within the fireworks.

It was the first time king Qilin was discouraged.

He realized this young lad in front of him had made him to be at a loss. This rascal was like a tortoise. He had no flaws.

Unless… I have to use that technique?

King Qilin was hesitating.

If he used that technique, it would a an easy feat to win but he had to rest his body for half a year. Unless at wit’s ends, he would not want to use that technique.

But, very soon, he had no time to think anymore. Tang Tian’s attacks fell like the rain, it did not give him a chance to take a breather at all.

His strength was depleting.


Suddenly, King Qilin pushed his fists to the ground, taking the force of the leg and pulled himself away.

He was drenched as though he was being pulled out from the water. Breathing heavily as though his nostrils were burning. It had been so long since someone so strong had been bugging him. He was running out of breath as he glared deadly at Tang Tian. Tang tian was sweating like crazy too but he looked fine.

Damn it!

This rascal, where did such a freak come from…