Undefeated God of War - Chapter 233 – To Fight Your Own Battle

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Chapter 233 – To Fight Your Own Battle

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TranslationNations and De Andre

Sensing Tiger’s fighting intent, Bing’s blood started to boil.

But, he did not go into a frenzy state. Instead, he controlled Sky Tiger calmly.

Arctic Fox was actually taken back by Sky Tiger’s speed, his speed definitely exceeded any mechanical weapon he had ever seen!

Was that a new mechanical weapon?

Curiosity bloomed in Arctic Fox’s heart, this mechanical weapon actually had a machine engineer behind it, and the standard of the machine engineer was determined by the standard of the mechanical weapon.

The Five Hitmen Squad had travelled extensively, and killed many mechanical martial artists. But to be able to let Arctic Fox feel that he was of a good standard, there weren’t many. Machine engineers and mechanical martial artists were like a pair of brothers, these two professions were an existence born from the entertainment of the wealthy.

But the mechanical martial artist in front of me seems strong.

Arctic Fox was excited, he automatically increased the distance between them. He wanted to see what the standard of this mechanical martial artist and mechanical weapon was.

Sky Tiger’s wings expanded out and, like a flash of blue lightning, he disappeared into the air.

Bing could see that the opponent wanted to find out more about him, but this meant he was playing right into his hands. He had never seen Tiger become angry before. Ever since the day he got Sky Tiger, this set of mechanical weapon, it had already toppled all his old impressions on mechanical weapons. Many aspects required him to find out by himself, and even Sai Lei did not know how to use this mechanical weapon she had created.

Bing needed to find out more bit by bit, and in this period of time of wearing it, he had already learned a few things. Sky Tiger’s functions were directly linked to Tiger, and Tiger was a martial spirit with energy fluctuations, unlike a machine. Tiger’s energy fluctuations affected the capabilities of Sky Tiger greatly.

To a mechanical martial artist, understanding his mechanical weapon and being able to unleash its fullest potential and power, was the most fundamental ability.

Bing’s interest in Tiger was much greater than Arctic Fox’s.

How would the Sky Tiger be affected by the enraged Tiger?

He carefully felt around and experienced it, this live mechanical weapon made him unfamiliar, but filled with curiosity and anticipation. Because it was too clever, compared to him in the past who knew how to use all mechanical weapons.

Under Tiger’s rage, Sky Tiger’s speed had an overall increase, reaction getting faster, the instinct to automatically attack was much stronger. As long as he gave the order to attack, it would become excited, but if he gave the order to defend, it would have a degree of rejection….

Many things that could not be easily perceived by other people were flowing into Bing’s heart like water.


Cavalry head was the biggest and the tallest. On his chest, there was a black horse, and so, he was called Cavalry.

He had the most opponents.

A Blind Old Man, mute servant, and a spirit general that uses the flute.

Any of these three alone were not a match for him, but when joined together, he might find it too hard to cope, especially when he was confronting the two sound type martial artists. They had a chemistry when they joined hands causing him to lose focus and was instead, suppressed by the muted servant.

Sorrowful Blind Chord, Cavalry recognized him.

From the list, the two of their powers were definitely very different. Blind Chord Old Man was ranked 9900th while he was 9870th. Although he was just 30 positions ahead of him, in the Heaven Road List, even a rank difference might actually have a great difference. The two of them were at least 10 positions different, that amount was not small.

To be 30 positions different would mean that if the two of them fight, Cavalry would win automatically.

Even by having the mute servant, it was not enough to increase Blind Chord Old Man’s chances of winning. By fighting with numbers, and with everyone’s standard being around the same, if the opponent’s power was too substantially different, no matter how many people they add, they would not be able to close the power gap between them.

The strong martial artists could easily transform nature and move the earth with a raise of a hand. They could destroy a constellation with just one attack. Such things had happened in history before and many strong fighters had succeeded with it, creating a legacy for themselves.

Cavalry found the key amongst them, and that was the spirit general using the bronze flute!

The spirit general’s power was not high. His true power was weak, but his tunes were odd. It would always break and disrupt his attacking tempo. And the mute servant seemed to be injured, but under the influence of the tune, he became brave and did not need to block attacks. Still, it gave Cavalry a huge deal of problems.

His tempo was continuously disrupted and he was constantly attacked by the muted servant. Cavalry was infuriated.

But he was a smart person. With such a perfect sound type technique, this spirit general must have had a powerful history too.

In a short amount of time, he actually found out he had the feeling of uselessness.


Bell was in disbelief as she looked at the blazing battle scene.

Tang Tian actually was not at a disadvantage…

That was the Five Hitmen Squad…

Tang Tian and the others did not understand the Five Hitmen Squad, but Bell, she was one who went around to form dealings and obtain information so she was familiar with all the names on the Heaven Road’s List. She was clear about the Five Hitmen Squads powers.

The Five Hitmen Squad started 7 years ago when five of the Heaven Road’s List martial artists joined forces to form the squad. At that point in time, that caused a ruckle. Everyone knew how strong and powerful they would be to form the Five Hitmen Squad.

Indeed, from the day the Five Hitmen Squad was formed, they were invincible. Amongst the Southern Sky’s 42 constellations, there were at least 15 of the constellations that were scarred of them. Their brutal killings had the same reputation as their powers.

And the Five Hitmen Squad was cunning and sly. With the five joining forces, they seldom had enemies unless they met a strong martial artist ranked 9500 and below.

Very quickly, the Five Hitmen Squad built their reputation but at the same time, they had concealed their tracks. Gradually, they faded out of people’s vision and hid themselves in the dark. People could only contact them when there were occasional cases on a particular planet.

But… Tang Tian was actually successfully blocking the Five Hitmen Squad!

Bell could not believe her eyes, after fighting for so long, there was not one of them that was losing.

Who exactly is this group of people?


Tang Tian and King Qilin were fighting without stop. At the beginning, they tried to test out each other’s cultivation level. Then, the two parties started to increase their strength and the battle became more agitated.

The Bleeding Cat Blade Scythe in Tang Tian’s hands continuously winced as the dark red flames faded and burn at the same time.

King Qilin was under immense pressure.

The martial technique he was cultivating was the [Ignited Colloquial Buddha], which was a seventh ranked, golden spirit general card. He spent a total of 27 million star coins for it. That was all of his savings but, he paid for what he got, after testing the powers of [Ignited Colloquial Buddha] and was very satisfied with it.

This martial technique allowed him to change his attacking style anytime he wanted but most importantly, it could form a special type of colloquial flame.

There were a total of seven layers in [Ignited Colloquial Buddha] and each layer, the colloquial flames were different. King Qilin had cultivated to the fifth level and the colloquial flame he had cultivated was named as Scarlet Ignited Colloquial Buddha.

It was very rare for anyone to be able to cultivate to the fifth level of colloquial flame. King Qilin was extremely proud of himself.

But he never thought, he would find someone who could suppress him in terms of martial techniques.

The odd and weird claw techniques were actually not inferior to his [Ignited Colloquial Buddha]. A seventh ranked golden spirit card, worth 27 million star coins was definitely a sky-high price. It was considered rigorous for him to attain the level he had today. Similarly, the price was very transparent.

A normal seventh ranked golden spirit card would cost 4 to 5 millions. But Ignited Colloquial Buddha that was priced at 27 million, was definitely considered a top notch card amongst the seventh level spirit general cards.

But his opponent’s martial technique was not in any way inferior to the Ignited Colloquial Buddha.

But King Qilin was depressed because not only did Tang Tian possess a top-notch martial technique but his attire from head to toe had caused King Qilin to be filled with envy.

His armour, was actually a silver ranked armour. King Qilin could easily distinguished that with his light and airy body posture and estimate how powerful his armor was.

After he analyzed it, he got even more depressed.

Then, he had the Bleeding Cat Blade Scythe which was another treasured weapon, a weapon from Lynx constellation. it was easier to identify a treasure weapon from an ordinary star treasure. They were always a topic of discussion. And yet, coincidentally, King Qilin had an impression of Bleeding Cat Blade Scythe and so, he was sad!

He was the Leader of the Five Hitmen Squad, to actually be put in this situation, and to even be compared to a little kid.

So embarrassing!

Tang Tian was completely immersed in attacking, and it was the first time after the realization, that he was fighting so carefreely. Tang Tian’s had formed his own ire Scythe Ghost Claw, and with his True Power’s combusting might, it was surprising.

Adding on the dexterous and quick witted Peacock, Tang Tian looked even more skilful.

Bleeding Cat Blade Scythe finally led Tang Tian to realize, the power of treasured weapons. The sobbing cat sounds, brought forth a strange power, affecting the other people.

Tang Tian did not know, that that weird sound was actually the killing technique of the Bleeding Cat Blade Scythe.

[Cat Demonic Sobs]!

The enemy’s state of mind, was continuously affected by the cat sobbing sound, and it was King Qilin who was the most affected.

If King Qilin knew that Tang Tian didn’t only have one treasured weapon, how would he feel?

The Heavenly Light Pellet Crane was continuously supplying a steady flow of True Power, so while Tang Tian had been fighting, he did not feel a trace of fatigue.

Adding the support from the treasured weapon and armor, Tang Tian was actually slowly pressuring King Qilin.

King Qilin was anxious, he took a deep breath of air, causing a red light to go down his throat, swimming to his chest area, and nicely stopping at the eyes of the Qilin tattoo on his chest.

It was as if the five colored Qilin opened its blood red pupils.

Just at this time, Tang Tian’s felt that his fingertips suddenly broke through a layer of the barrier, and his fingers relaxed.

Tang Tian’s eyes immediately lit up.

Grandmaster grade, his Fire Scythe Ghost Claw finally reached the grandmaster grade!

He had completed grinding all the anvils, but his Fire Scythe Ghost Claw did not reach the grandmaster grade, until now. His Fire Scythe Ghost Claw finally truly reached the grandmaster grade.

An indescribable relaxed and gentle feeling flew out from his 10 fingers, it was as though his fingertips had lost all restrictions, and as though air did not exist around them.

Grandmaster grade… this was the grandmaster grade!

Tang Tian’s eyes suddenly constricted, grandmaster grade, then let me use this bloody King Qilin to celebrate!

He raised his right palm, the five hook like fingers, suddenly exploding out with bright blazing auras.

The new Fire Scythe Ghost Claw combusting with True Power, what will it show after attaining the grandmaster grade? I can’t wait to see it!

The Five hook like fingers, bringing across five dazzling stars with it, clawed towards King Qilin!