Undefeated God of War - Chapter 230 – The History of Demon Sealing Sword

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Chapter 230 – The History of Demon Sealing Sword

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TranslationNations and De Andre

The Thousand Crane Clones Converging Slay!

Crane’s heart thumped like the raging waves. Although Tang Tian had created merely four illusions, but Crane could recognize instantly that it was the Thousand Crane Clones! The Thousand Crane Clones has been lost for so many years and it once reigned over and terrified the world!

Many people had thought, the Thousand Crane Clones was used to blind and confuse the enemy but Crane knew, the Thousand Crane Clones was a prequel to unleash a killing technique.

But, the killing technique had vanished into thin air. Other than its name being passed down, there was no trace of it.

Converging Slay. how exactly does it converge, nobody knew.

No one could find the Crane Body Energy, not even the Thousand Crane Clones. Who would ever thought of finding a killing technique whose name was only passed down?

Crane would have never thought that this technique would land on someone who had nothing to do with the Crane Sect. Even Worse this lad actually only saw him using the Thousand Crane Clones.

This lad…

Crane stared at Tang Tian in a daze.

“Whoohoo, this is such an amazing technique!” Tang Tian exclaimed. Looking weirdly at his fingers, he muttered: “But, it used up so much of my true power! Aye, I can only use my true power once, ahahaha, this is yet another killing technique that exhausts such a great deal of my true power. So annoying!”

So annoying…

Crane’s eyelids twitched. How dare he say it was annoying after he had just comprehended the Thousand Crane Clone Converging Slay.

For the first time, the peaceful and gentle Crane had the intention to pull out his sword and kill!

Tang Tian did not mind it at all. Looking at his own palm, he mumbled: “if only this strong and almighty killing technique used a small part of my true power and was easy to learn. The Demon King Blazing Firefly used up a great deal of my true power. Aye, but my true power is only enough to use once, ah! This is infuriating!”

(TN: change the name of demon king firefly to blazing firefly. Sounds more cool 🙂 )

Everybody’s eyelids twitched and instantly, everyone’s expression turned unfriendly.

What was that? Now that he was well fed, he did not understand the starving and the poor? Was he just going to blabber on in front of them?

Killing Techniques were extremely difficult. Who could say their killing technique was not for an exchange for the countless days and nights of sweat and hardwork? It was already good enough to comprehend one killing technique and yet he was complaining ‘annoying’ for comprehending too many killing techniques…

And still, he complained about how a formidable killing technique should use less true power and should be easy to learn…

Everybody was itching to beat him up.

Suddenly, Tang Tian realized and he jumped: “Aye, we better not waste anymore time! Quick!”

Time was money!

Immediately, he threw all the killing techniques to the back of his head and towards the group of stone gravel beasts. There was not much suspense in the battle now since Blind Chord Old Man had surrendered, the stone gravel beasts where now in chaos themselves. Also, the tune Magic Flute was playing had caused the stone gravel beasts to turn on themselves.

The battle lasted for another 6 hours.

When all hundred thousand of stone gravel beasts fell to the ground, the scene was spectacular and unforgettable. The villagers of the Xie Sword Village who had been waiting on one side scurried to clear the battle scene and collect the Corvus Gold.

“What do we do with these rascals?” Bing peeped at Blind Chord Old Man as he asked Tang Tian.

The Blind Chord Old Man seeked to learn from Magic Flute earnestly.

Tang Tian was in a difficult position now. He did not want to keep them nor did he had the heart to kill them.

Magic Flute noticed their conversation. Then, he whispered something to Blind Chord Old Man. Following that, the Blind Chord Old Man nodded and walked over with Magic Flute: “Spare him a life, he’s a hardworking man. Sai Lei is lacking one reliable person. Why don’t you put him there. This way, Sai Lei’s safety is off your mind. I’ve asked him before, He’s willing to do the martial spirit contract with you.”

Tang Tian eyes lit up. To be able to have a Heaven’s Road martial artist stationed there, Sai Lei would have nothing to worry about at her shop.

He would just have to think of a way to bring Wu Guang there so that no one would dare to create trouble in that shop.

Right now, Sai Lei was a hen who could lay golden eggs. She was invaluable. Tang Tian had seen it for himself. Sai Lei’s mechanical armors sold real quick. He intended to rely on Sai Lei to earn some money.

Thinking that he could solve such a tricky issue, Tang Tian was overjoyed.

Tang Tian eyes landed back to the lady in black then he sighed: “Aye, isn’t this lady the Onyx Soul Horse we met?”

“Yes, the information regarding the treasure sword was found out by her. Although her cultivation is not high but she has good standards for hearing out good information and news. She has a sister which is born sick. She needed a type of unique blood channels to cure her sister.” the Blind Chord Old Man answered honestly.

The lady in black had just awaken from her sleep but she pretended to be asleep.

“Oh, the one you met with Jin Hao?” Wu Guang asked casually: “Just kill her! Everything from Onxy Soul is bad! We don’t know what her cultivation is. If we kill Onxy Soul, we can accumulate points here.”

“Is there such a thing?” Tang Tian was dumbfounded. He finally understood how big the grievance was between Honorable Martial Group and Onxy Soul.

“Yeah. The higher the cultivation they have, the more points you get.” Wu Guang explained: “there are many people who bear grudges against the people from Onyx Soul. They tend to give out rewards to those who look for Onyx Soul martial artists. It is dangerous but once they kill them, they could redeem a sum of points, that was worth it. So, you have to be careful because such rewards are also very common in the Onyx Soul. Of course, the majority are normal although they are enemies.”

The lady in black could no longer take it. She sat up: “Don’t kill me!”

Swoosh, everybody turned to look at her.

“Why should I not?” Bing teased.

“I can give you sufficient intel. Everything you need to know, I’ll find it for you.” the lady in black braced herself.

“Alright. Let’s talk about news regarding the treasure sword.” Bing was experienced and careful. His wily old fox character was working up again.

Xie Qing’s ears stood attentively. He knew they were the guardians of the sword but nobody knew what they were guarding it for.

The lady in black knew this was the first test. Without hesitating, she answered: “the treasure sword belongs to the Crater Constellation. It is their holy treasure known as Demon Sealing Sword! Just like how Crater Constellation has dulled and faded to a name nobody bothers, not many know of the Demon Sealing Sword either. A long time ago, it landed into the hands of a young man named Yu Ge.”

“Yu Ge!” Xie Qing shook. He knew this name.

“Not many know Yu Ge but he has another name which everyone is probably familiar with.” the lady in black enunciated: “Crypto-Sword Saint.”

“Crypto-Sword Saint!”

Magic Flute, Blind Chord Old Man, Xie Qing and the others gasped, all stunned.

Of course they had heard of Crypto-sword Saint before. He was well-known! Any martial artist who cultivated the sword would not be a stranger to this name. It was said that the current rumours of the Crypto-Sword Current still circulating around, it was said that, the crypto-sword currently was created and passed down by the crypto-sword saint.

Legends said that the sword of the Crypto-Sword Saint would also be hidden in the your blind spot. His sword seemed to be encrypted and hidden.

He was the most outstanding sword saint during his time.

No one knew his name but those crowned as the saints were those at their peak in any period of time.

The sword in the hands of Crypto-Sword Saint was actually the Demon Sealing Sword!

Xie Qing was overwhelmed. They had always been guarding a legendary item that was being passed down by a sword saint.

“Crypto-Sword Saint had always kept a low profile. He had one disciple when he was alive which explains how his Crypto-Sword current had been passed down for generations by this person. He had a son named, Yu Qing. the Demon Sealing Sword was meant for his son but his disciple desired for this sword and so, he thought of ways and means to plot a murder against Yu Qing. finally, there was only one servant left beside Yu Qing who was Xie Xin Wu. Yu Qing was already badly injured and unable to move. To lure the enemy, Xie Xin Wu took the Demon Sealing Sword away.”

Everyone was engrossed in the story. Xie Qing subconsciously clenched his fist tightly as Xie Xin Wu was his ancestor.

“Xie Xin Wu’s father was Xie Xiong, who was a companion to Yu Ge. he had always followed Yu Ge around. But Xie Xin Wu and Yu Qing grew up together and forged deep friendship. Yu Ge felt the same way too, so he taught Xie Xin Wu all that he learnt. Xie Xin Wu was a tough and strong man. He actually fought his way out. When he returned to look for Yu Qing, Yu Qing was nowhere to be found. Carrying the Demon Sealing Sword, he looked for Yu Qing. with that, he searched for forty years but to no avail. As he got older, Xie Xin Wu brought himself to a faraway place and named himself the guardian of the sword.”

All of the gazes, including Tang Tian turned to Xie Qing. this was the reason why the Xie family had always been known as the guardians of the sword

Xie Qing lowered his head. In his eyes, it was filled with blood vessels: “are the descendents of Yu Qing still alive?”

“I don’t know. They’ve never appeared once.” the lady in black shook her head as she said: “I’ve checked on them for a long time, but still there’s no news of the descendants.”

“Is the Demon Sealing Sword at Stone Sword Peak?” Xie Qing asked depressingly.

“Yup.” the lady in black nodded: “the strongest point about the Demon Sealing Sword is that it is capable of sealing all the star treasures. Although the Crypto-Sword Saint kept a low profile but he had a long list of enemies. In this sword, there are many treasures. Most importantly, it has sealed away the inheritance, the authentic Crypto-Sword Current! Which is also why the disciple of the Crypto-Sword Saint tried all means to obtain this sword.”

“But, since young I’ve walked all corners of Stone Sword Peak. There’s no Demon Sealing Sword!” Xie Qing stared at the lady in black.

“That is because the Demon Sealing Sword still has the seal of the Crypto-Sword Saint.” the lady in black replied: “after the death of the Crypto-Sword Saint, no one could use the Demon Sealing Sword anymore, including his son, Yu Qing. your ancestors, Xie Xin Wu can’t use it either. But, so many years have passed, the seal would have grown weaker too. I have methods to break the seal!”

Everyone was moved. The holy sword, the holy treasures of all treasures must be gold ranked. Thinking about all the treasures sealed away by the sword, who would not?

One by one, they had doubts.

“Why must the seal be broken?” Tang Tian asked curiously.

The lady in black was shocked: “don’t you want the Demon Sealing Sword? Don’t you want all the treasures within the Demon Sealing Sword?”

Tang Tian replied with an amusing statement: “Because, this is a thing that the Xie family had been guarding. As friends, shouldn’t we help him? Also, for the faith which had lasted hundreds of years, that should be respected.”

Xie Qing raised his head up and stared at Tang Tian blankly.