Undefeated God of War - Chapter 226 – Invigorating Hit

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Chapter 226 – Invigorating Hit

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TranslationNations and De Andre

Tang Tian’s eyes stuck tightly onto the blue lightning figure, his immeasurable attention power, his intuition instantly reaching its maximum, and everything that was happening in his surroundings, were reflected in his heart.

It was now!

Tang Tian who was enraged, every single cell in his body was roused, and the surroundings seemed to have slowed down.

The air that was hovering was rolling out an air mass slowly, it was as though the dust was breaking down, following the stream of air fluctuating indefinitely, the friction from the blue leg rubbing against the air gave rise to heat, everything was in slow motion as though it was a still drawing.

Tang Tian had entered some sort of indescribable bizarre state.

Every muscle of his body instinctively adjusted their individual trembles, the hand holding the Blood Rush Shield was lowered, as he slowly leaned forward.

A blue colored metal leg suddenly entered into the still drawing.

The slowly slanting Blood Rush Shield slanted just right, meeting face to face with the blue metal leg.


A burst of astonishing power, crashed into the Blood Rush Shield, and a portion of warm flow, forming into countless minute threads, surged into Tang Tian’s body from the Blood Rush Shield. Tang Tian’s body froze, it was like the countless warm flows had injected into his body and bones in a moment.

The bursting warm flow was excessively intense, and Tang Tian felt like his entire body was being scalded, but the feeling quickly vanished, as the power pierced through his body and came out, entering into the ground, Tang Tian ‘ta ta ta’, retreating a few steps!

When his legs moved, Tang Tian was immediately pulled out from his profound state, the warm flow immediately scalding and causing his body to feel pain, it was extremely uncomfortable, ssii, Tang Tian inhaled deeply, his facial expression congealing, but he was persevering through it.

Only after retreating seven to eight steps did Tang Tian finally stabilize, he gasped for air, he shockingly realized, in that exchange, he was already drenched in sweat, as if he was pulled out from a water body.


Tang Tian looked at Bing with his big eyes, his hands could not be raised up already.

Inside the Sky tiger, Bing stared at Tang Tian blankly, he could not believe his eyes, Tang Tian actually…actually blocked it!


Bing was somewhat stupefied as he stood there in a daze for a while.

That kick of his was not some ordinary kick, but was called [Destructive Siege Kick]. Like its name implies, this inclined kick was primarily used to attack cities. With an expert’s leg, it could break open the city doors. It was a mechanical weapon middle grade wrestling technique, and it was famous for its speed.

Bing wanted to show Tang Tian the difference in strength between them, as he had been very complacent lately, Bing wanted to kill off his pride, but….

In his entire coaching career, there was nobody who never did specialized training that would be able to block his [Destructive Siege Kick]. Bing’s [Destructive Siege Kick] was performed perfectly, if you had to talk about a weak point of it, it would be the state of his True Power that had declined. But in the same level of power, Bing’s [Destructive Siege Kick] was definitely a high level technique.


Bing stared at Tang Tian blankly, after a while, the tremors of his heart gradually disappeared.

That was a true born fighter!

Bing who had become calm again, snorted: “I still thought you would only retreat one step, godlike young man!”

Retreat of only one step….

Bing became red in embarrassment with his own shameless words. No same level martial artist could take his destructive siege kick without retreating. Even the experts of the blade shield soldiers could not do it.

Luckily, there was still the mechanical weapon that covered his face….

“One more time!” Tang Tian bellowed out, he was not giving in. He was actually unsatisfied with himself for retreating so many steps.

Godlike young men can only retreat one step!

Bing felt the increased pressure and had a headache, what if this guy really did it?

But that is impossible, how could such a preposterous thing ever happen?

Bing consoled himself, feeling somewhat embarrassed, but he immediately reacted, Oh my, why am I getting a headache over this kind of thing, only those inflexible people will feel restrained and binded with these kind of things.

Am I an inflexible person?

Oh, no, am I an inflexible spirit general?

Obviously not!

Bing immediately became bold and confident, and started to speak like chatterbox: “Such a low grade kick, any random soldier can do that, if you cannot even block that, young man, you are still lacking.”

Magic Flute who stood by the side heard what he said and instantly felt veneration for him, for he did not catch the two bouts of destructive siege kicks that were as fast as lightning, as strong as a landslide. Such a martial technique, to actually be usable by every single soldier in the Southern Cross Army!

Too powerful!

Tang Tian was deceived by Bing, and he fought back after hearing that: “Once more! Just now I was warming up, Humph, now this godlike young man will move for real now! To block your kick, it is very easy for me!”

Bing was suddenly interested, the chances to be able to publicly oppress Little Tang Tang were not many!

“Is that real or not?” Bing, whose treachery had no limits, started acting: “You can block it? I don’t believe you, I suspect that if you endure a bit more, you will be terrified, and hide in a corner and cry, how can I bear to let you experience that!”

Immediately, Tang Tian erupted out, his eyes becoming red, he clenched his teeth: “Come, If I’m afraid of you then I’m not Tang Tian!’

“Then here I come!” Bing said, feeling extremely proud of himself.

This brat was easy to fool, to allow myself to publicly ravage him, wa hahahaha! Bing’s heart was laughing wildly.

“Come on!” Tang Tian stared at him with rage.


Tang Tian flew out once again.

Bing used even more strength this time, the power of the kick actually multiplied.

After 20 seconds, Tang Tian finally regained composure, as he struggled to climb up. His eyes, were spewing fire as he stared at Bing, from the clenched teeth came two words: “Come again!’


He flew out!

Bang Bang Bang….

Hu, hu, hu.

Bing was gasping for breath, he was unbearably tired, although the power from the destructive siege kick was astonishing, but the consumption of True Power was enormous as well. To continuously kick out 30 kicks, his True Power was extremely low.

Seeing Tang Tian trembling like a sieve, but still persevering to climb up, Bing’s face was not smiling anymore.

This asshole….

To actually be able to persevere through……

Bing’s legs were slightly shivering, the intense lack of strength and the painful feeling in his legs, caused them to be cotton.

“Once again!” His shout sounded like a cry, as it came out from behind the Blood Rush Shield, Tang Tian’s entire body was trembling, trembling much more than Bing, his expression was extremely distorted, but his eyes did not show a sign of retreat, but continuously burned with fire.

Bing clenched his teeth, as he rushed towards Tang Tian, yet another destructive siege kick!


The Blood Rush Shield blocked the kick, but Tang Tian’s figure stood still, and did not retreat at all.

Bing was stunned!

Tang Tian was equally stunned!

But very quickly, Tang Tian released a joyful shout: “I blocked it! I blocked it!”


Waves after waves of the warm flow scattered into his four limbs, rushing from the Blood Rush Shield into his body, at this moment it was actually like an awakening, all the minute flow suddenly breaking out with a loud bang/

The ten thousand flows returned to its origin, converging into a sea!

Countless amounts of minute, warm flows, Tang Tian’s head became hot, his entire body instantly brimming with energy, without thinking, the Blood Rush Shield in his hand hit onto Sky Tiger.

The shield in his vision rapidly became larger, Bing suddenly remembered, the shield that he had been going crazy on, was the Blood Rush Shield!

Not good!

His heart jumped in fright, but sadly he was already like an arrow at the end of its flight, he had no way to dodge it as he watched the Blood Rush Shield coming closer to him.


The sound of metal clashing caused people’s teeth to feel sour. The Blood Rush Shield was like a small house fly, while the Sky Tiger was like a huge house fly. But this gigantic house fly was actually smashed by the small house fly and flew out in a bang instantly!

Like an artillery shell being shot out, he became a straight ray of blue light.


Sky Tiger’s entire body crashed into the wall, cracks forming around his surroundings like spiderwebs.

Magic Flute stared blankly at the scene in front of him, he was completely dumbfounded. Tang Tian’s tenacity was beyond his imagination, and caused him to be shaken deeply. Every time he thought that Tang Tian could not hold on, that would not happen, this brat, would always crawl back up.

His entire body was shaking, he was unsteady, but he would not admit defeat.

Such a tough fellow!


That hit Tang Tian did just now, Magic Flute had a feeling, the power was beyond the topmost clouds, this this this……

Such, such a terrifying hit!

Thinking that he was a well versed spirit general, at this moment, he felt that everything he had seen was just scraping the surface, his view was still so narrow, he had not used enough of his brain…

Magic Flute stood there in a daze like a rock.

Tang Tian was also stunned from the result of the clash, forgetting that he was gasping for breath, he looked at the Blood Rush Shield in his hands, as though in a loss, yet as though he was reflecting.

Just now that move, was truly, truly…truly too invigorating!

“How… invigorating!” Tang Tian muttered: “I shall call this the Invigorating Hit!”

Magic Flute who was initially stunned, upon hearing the name ‘Invigorating Hit’, quivered. Suddenly, he looked at Bing in sympathy, that fellow must not be feeling the least bit invigorated…

Is this considered self sought humiliation? Forget it….

The Godlike young man was truly unmeasurable, in the future he could not learn from poker face, learn and not to repeat the mistakes from your predecessors!

Magic Flute stood there quietly thinking.

“Hahahaha! I succeeded!”

Tang Tian excitedly cheered as his laugh resonated in the recruits camp, Magic Flute could not help but expose a smile.


The next day.

“Hahahaha, Little Brother Tang!”

Wu Guang’s loud laughter, came out from far away as five figures appeared like five angry arrows, instantly rushing towards the group.

“As expected it is only Little Brother Tang who is so generous, that stinking brat Jing Hao, I am almost dying from starvation!” Wu Guang carried his broken blade, looking around, fiercely saying: “Brother tell me, who are we killing!’

Killing intent soared from the other four, they had been rushing through the night, but the five of them were still so energetic, with not an ounce of fatigue shown on their faces.

Xie Qing watched them in fright, his current strength was insufficient, and had long mentally prepared, but upon seeing the five Heaven Road Grade martial artists appearing in front of him, that strong aura, caused his heart to shiver still.

Their cold gazes, their calm and collected expressions, the lingering killing intent, the dangerous and strong pressure, enveloped the entire area instantly.

“First we will pay half of the money, the remaining will be paid after completion.” Tang Tian did not say anything, and took out five star currency cards. When Tang Tian was a student, he had conversed and learnt the ways of the street gangsters, and he knew to these people, nothing can be more exciting than seeing the money.

As expected the four of them instantly lit up, their gazes to Tang Tian immediately turning friendly.

Wu Guang was even more excited, and repeatedly rubbed his hands: “Still, little brother is the most cool!”

Their morale was bursting!

Tang Tian waved his hand, like the school tyrant back in those days, he heroically took the lead: “Move out!”