Undefeated God of War - Chapter 223 – Blood Rush Shield

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Chapter 223 – Blood Rush Shield

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TranslationNations and De Andre

“Bring that over for me to see.” Bing’s tone became dull.

Tang Tian showed a confused look, and immediately took the shield in his hands and passed it to Bing. Bing lowered his head to inspect and caress the shield. Although the shield looked very old, looking at it, there was only a layer of dust. He casually wiped the dust off, and the radiance of the shield became even more gentle, a faint blood-red color. The shield did not have many peculiar designs, and was extremely plain and simple.

“Is that a treasure from the Scutum Constellation?” Magic Flute Asked curiously.

Roughly most of the powerful shield type treasures, came from the Scutum Constellation. Scutum Constellation was the constellation that produced the most shield type star treasures.

“No.” Bing’s tone was gloomy: “This is the Blood Rush shield from the Ophiuchus Army, our mortal enemy from the past.”

Magic Flute suddenly realized: “Ophiuchus Army from the Three Great armies!”

“Yes.” Bing’s mood was gloomy, but he forced a laugh: “This was the most hated thing that time, sadly no one can recognize it now. This is something good. To be mixed with a load of garbage, this is too…”

He could not carry on as he could not bear to, and he sighed. Their era was long gone, The godlike Bing from the past, after being covered under so much dust, no one could recognize him.

“Is this Blood Rush shield strong?” Tang Tian asked.

Bing said it was their most hated thing in the past, with that being said, it was most definitely an item of high quality, to be able to make Bing have such statements about it, it was definitely not something normal. Tang Tian at the least understood this point.

“You must see who is using it.” Bing quickly recovered his calmness, and suddenly laughed: “But I have to say, it kind of fits you. Blood Rush Shield requires a strong physical body, to be able to hit the enemy with a lot of power, and cause the enemy to bleed everywhere. Your body will be like a sponge, and store all this scattered power, as long as you can reach a critical point of storing, which is to say the threshold, you can explode out with a power multiple times your own!”

Hearing that, Tang Tian and Magic Flute were stunned, it was the first time hearing of such an outrageous star treasure.

“So you know how hated this toy is.” Bing laughed: “Especially those people from Ophiuchus Army, they would quietly take your attacks, but they are actually very dangerous. At that time we had a saying, while fighting with the people from the Ophiuchus army, if you are unable to defeat them in 10 moves, then you are in a bad situation. If, in 20 moves, you have not broken his defence, run.”

“Run?” Tang Tian was stunned: “Like run away?”

“That’s right!” Bing nodded.

It was as if Tang Tian heard something that was completely inconceivable: “You guys actually ran away? Shouldn’t you all hold your ground and fight?”

“How is that possible?” Bing laughed out loud: “It isn’t that every fight was the final decisive battle. It is very difficult for you to understand our time, how frequent fights were. In a month, to fight for twenty days, it was considered normal. If we held our ground and fought to the death each time, we would really have died out. In that era since fights were everywhere, to be able to survive was the most basic principle.”

Tang Tian thought about it and felt that Bing was correct.

Bing continued: “The blade shield soldiers of the Ophiuchus army were like balloons. Every time they absorbed an enemy’s attack, it is like a balloon being inflated with some air. The more they absorbed, the more the Qi accumulated in them, the more dangerous they become. They can give you a fatal strike at any time, and truthfully, that burst of power is extremely terrifying. They can in one move defeat many martial artists who are stronger than them. Do you know what nickname we gave them at that point of time?”

“What?” Tang Tian blurted out.

“Exploding Balloons.” Bing’s face exposed a face of reminiscence: “They were also clear of their advantage, so their dress up was extremely solid, appearing short and crude. They have very low center of gravity, and at times, when we used the mechanical weapons to bang them, there was always that high chance of failing to move them. They were like a metal lump, stupid and heavy.”

Tang Tian thought of a stout and fat round steel ball, densely packed in a battlefield, and immediately blushed with shame.

“Then they purely depended on that technique?” Tang Tian was curious.

“That technique was enough.” Bing sneered: “Their shield protective technique was heaven made. If they said that not a sprinkle of water could pass through, it was not an exaggeration. They were called the Blade Shield Soldiers, and the blade in their hands had two uses. The first use is for protection, they developed a specialized blade defensive technique, it isn’t hard to comprehend. The blade defensive technique is very annoying, like a housefly. The other use is during the burst of power, it is used to attack. They were good at this type of attack, although it was very few moves, maybe only one or two. But these two moves, they trained in it very vigorously to the point of perfection, and it was extremely powerful. Adding on the explosive power they attained from defending, that power, wow wow, I can fondly recall it! The reflective light of the blade, it is not like the Heaven Shower Blades, that sort of technique cannot compare to this. And the user is much more evil, their killing technique is not the blade, but the shield, and the shield attack that comes after is even more wretched. I fought against one before, it was so dangerous. I kept defending against his blade, but I never expected him to use his shield to hit me. But after that, when many people kept using it, everyone knew the trick.”

Tang Tian’s hair stood upon listening to Bing’s description of the technique.

Magic Flute praised: “Never did I think that the ancient era would have such enriching postures. The blade for attack is not meant to attack, but for defense, the shield which is for defense is not used to defend, but to attack. To use it as the opposite, beautiful, so beautiful!”

Tang Tian looked at the Blood Rush Shield in his hand and felt interested.

“The blade shield soldiers of Ophiuchus Army, their first criteria is to be extremely fit, with heaven sent strength, that is the most basic requirement. Little Tang Tang and that Mosquito Fly are both suitable for it.”

Tang Tian’s eyes glanced at the small hill of items, and changed the topic: “Let’s not talk about the Blood Rush Shield now, quickly help me see. What other items are of worth?”

Bing hesitated as he looked at the pile of rubbish, hesitating to go up.

But Magic Flute went and began separating them into categories.

Tang Tian’s main objectives were those shiny objects, seeing that they had an aura around them, they were definitely treasures!

In the blink of an eye, he rummaged through the items and took out a shiny object: “Look at these treasures.”

Magic Flute looked as Tang Tian fished out that object, and laughed out loud.

Tang Tian was oblivious: “What?”

Magic Flute was an extremely cultured spirit general, he quickly stopped laughing: “All those items are not star treasures, just some expensive luxury goods. Ingredients, tailoring equipment are all carefully chosen, seems like the person whom you robbed from is not simple.”

“How much are they worth?” Tang Tian got straight to the point.

“Worth?” Magic Flute was stumped, but quickly caught himself, as he laughed silently: “Expensive is expensive, cheap is cheap. All these things to the rich people, are cheap goods. See this black robe, it is made from the highest quality black velvet, and is extremely expensive. Any rich noblemen son, seeing it, would be extremely moved. Then you see this enticing gemstone, it is of high quality, a rarely seen pink, and is very pure. Joining any dinner with it, you will automatically be the center of attention, countless beauties will flock to you, how many people can resist such temptation?”

“So these are good things!” Tang Tian still did not understand: “Then what were you saying cheap is cheap?”

Magic Flute continued explaining: “Because these things are specially made for those rich people, no, to be correct, only the rich people would use them. These kind of things all had rich histories, and can be easily traced, to sell them is extremely difficult. You do not know much about them, the smaller families are indifferent to it whether it was stolen goods or not, they will deliberately buy them since it is cheap. But for those real big and rich families, they are a group of people with extreme fastidiousness, and is unable to accept anything that they are not clear about. If they were laughed at by other people, it would be worse than death to them.”

“That means, these aren’t worth anything!” Tang Tian’s tone turned sour.

“To you, it really isn’t worth any money.” Magic Flute said honestly.

“This bastard! This son of a bitch! This playboy!” Tang Tian bellowed: “All you think about all day is women! Tsk, what ancient family. In the hands of this garbage, it’d be done for sooner or later!”

Magic Flute was stunned. Could this rascal not learn anything from robbing? He snatched them and yet he was cursing the person…

Tang Tian turned around and looked at Bing angrily. Bing spread his hands opened: “There are quite a few spirit general cards but none of them are considered good ones. I think you might not want them. The only thing of worth was the Blood Rush Shield.”

Tang Tian’s face turned red and green. Thinking he had robbed a treasure carriage to only find out that it contained a pile of lousy bronze and scrapes of metals. He felt lousy and he almost vomited blood.

But in a blink of an eye, he forced a smile and said: “Hahah, at least there’s 15 million star coins!”

After that, he stamped his foot into the martial spirit chamber to look for Sai Lei.

The streets of the Three Spirits City were extremely quiet. Those bastards were still in Maple Forest Planet. There was only one starry door leading from Maple Forest Planet to Three Spirits City and those bastards would never have thought of it that Tang Tian had already gone back to Three Spirits City.

Enjoy your time in Maple Forest Planet!

Tang Tian strode his way into Sai Lei’s card shop. When Sai Lei saw Tang Tian, her eyes lit up. Unable to hold her smile back, she walked up: “I’ve clinched huge business today!”

“You’ve sold a mechanical armor for twenty million, right?” Tang Tian rose his brows and said: “I was right outside.”

Suppressing her voice, she told him about her harvest. Of course, she had to praise how heroic Tang Tian was, and how he made prompt decisions and how calculative he was.

But, when Sai Lei heard that Tang Tian had received heaps of luxury goods from the noble people, she almost laughed out loud.

Tang Tian then brought out First Snow and said proudly: “Hahah, look, I’ve gotten it back!”

Sai Lei laughed for a long time. After a long time, she stopped, panting, she continued: “This cost price is only one hundred and twenty thousand star coins! I cheated him intentionally! Why did you get it back? Can I put it out and sell it again? I intend to cheat him a huge sum and not sell it again. You actually brought it back, hahahah…”

Tang Tian’s smile cramped up.