Undefeated God of War - Chapter 221 – Robbery

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Chapter 221 – Robbery

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TranslationNations and De Andre

Qin Feng could not understand the Master’s peculiar hobby, but he mumbled to himself, and kept quiet after that. Although Sai Lei was definitely pretty, but for someone like him who was a martial idiot who focused purely on martial techniques, it was only so so.

He would only be interested in women who could tear apart tigers and leopards!

“What?” Is Uncle Feng reminiscing about Ah Mu Duo?” The Master teased.

All the other guards laughed, Ah Mu Duo was a famous female martial artist in the guards group, she was strong, and it was said that she was in love with Qin Feng.

Qin Feng’s face grew red, but he was not angry: “I do not have Master’s taste, I feel that ladies with a tougher skin are better!”

Someone in the group jeered: “I wonder if Uncle Feng’s skin is tough or not!”

This time even their Master could not help but laugh, Ah Mu Duo was strong, but her temper was very bad. In terms of ranking in the guards group, Ah Mu Duo was more valuable than Qin Feng.

Qin Feng laughed along with everybody, but just at this time, an omen rose in his heart as he felt alarmed.


Qin Feng shouted out immediately, Hu, a boulder as big as a table, suddenly flew out, its speed was fast, whistling down, its target was straight for the Master!

The boulder was as fast as lightning, adding on its huge size, the wind sound made by it was terrifying.

The Master was completely petrified.

An anger rose in Qin Feng’s eyes, he got to join the Master’s side with much difficulty, and someone dared to initiate a sneak attack, he was enraged. Swinging his shoulders, his sturdy and tall figure, flashed forward, leaving an afterimage, and he suddenly appeared in front of the boulder.

“You want to die!”

A ball of light aura enveloped his fist, as he punched out straight towards the boulder!


The boulder crumbled, the pieces flying in all directions, while Qin Feng stood there not moving an inch.

Qin Feng’s eyes became a blur, as a figure instantly rushed into his bosom.

Not good!

Qin Feng’s heart jumped, this despicable assassin, dared to hide behind the boulder.

Such a treacherous fellow!

Qin Feng’s knee rose, a direct knee hit, if it managed to land a blow, the opponent would die a horrible death.

But the assassin was much more slippery than he could imagine, Qin Feng felt his belly in pain, his knee suddenly became weak, and he saw the assassin’s back getting close to his chest.

A strong collapsing power erupted, he felt as if he had knocked into a firm star spirit beast, he could not control his body anymore, and he flew backwards.

Qin Feng who was initially blocking anything from getting close to the Master, was actually flying towards the Master!

The Master only saw Qin Feng blocking his front, and his fist breaking the boulder apart, but suddenly a boom sound echoed out, and he flew backwards. The Master’s power was strong, but his battle experience was too little. As someone who spent his time drinking and having pleasure, the state of his body was already hollowed out, seeing Qin Feng flying towards him, he panicked and waved his arms and legs.

Qin Feng was experienced in fighting, experiencing the sneak attack while initially being muddle headed and blurred, he immediately recognized the opponent’s target.

Not good!

The target was the Master!

Qin Feng’s face took a huge change.

But the assassin’s movements were faster than his reaction, five claw like fingers, flashed out as it clawed on his body, like being pierced by five steel talons, his entire body was immediately drained of Qi.

When he realized it, his bosom was empty, he had lost sight of his enemy, and his face became pale.

Bang, he fell hard to the ground.

He ignored his pain, in the corner of his eye, he saw the Master landing in the enemy’s hands, all his hope turned to dust.

The Master’s throat was locked firmly by the opponent’s fingers which were like five steel claws, causing the Master to be unable to breath. The enemy extended out his hands, and Master could not help but tiptoe.

Facing the orangutan masked man’s eyes, the Master’s mind went blank.

I am… I am actually being controlled by someone…

The Master who was gradually regaining his senses, his focal length began gaining back focus, and the orangutan mask slowly became clear. Facing the crude orangutan face contours, in the eyes of the Master who was constantly indulged in famous paintings and arts, it was such a sinister sight!

All the other guards stared blankly at the scene, all their minds gone blank.

“Outrageous! How dare you…”

“Shut up!”

All the shouts due to them losing their heads out of fear, abruptly stopped. Their faces filled with fear. If anything happened to their Master, whoever was on scene, would not survive.

“All of you shut your mouths!”

Qing Feng bellowed out like thunder, all of the guards were affected, and tactfully kept quiet. Qin Feng slowly stood up, his chest had a few holes, all flowing with blood, but Qin Feng could not care about it at the moment, as his gaze was on the mysterious masked man.

“Friend, did we offend you somehow?”

“Offend?” a coarse voice emerged from behind the mask: “The star coins offended me! Tell me, I am so powerful, yet I’m so poor. Is that reasonable or not?”

These were Tang Tian’s heartfelt words.

Qin Feng was relieved now. It sounded as though the opponent was here asking for money.

“Yeah, it isn’t logical.” Qin Feng said against his will: “Friend, just put down my master. Master’s body isn’t very well, he’s frightened. My friend, your star coins will be gone like this.”

“Kekeke!” the man with the masked laughed sinisterly: “I’m so afraid, you have so many people with you.”

Qin Feng suppressed the urge to scream at him. you are afraid? If you are afraid, you would not have done such a thing!

But still, he did not want to agitate the opponent. He said calmly: “then, friend, what must I do before you’ll let go of my master?”

“Star coins! Of course, it’ll be star coins!” Tang Tian feigned a voice: “you were willing to fork out five hundred million star coins for a woman. How much is your master worth?”

Qin Feng was about to change his mind. Seemed like Master had spent extravagantly and had caused others to lust after their money.

“Why don’t you quote a price.” Qin Feng said.

“Ohohoh, indeed, you’re a straightforward person!” Tang Tian jumped in right away: “Make it one billion star coins! Don’t tell me your master can’t compare to the two ladies!”

Qin Feng pretended to smile bitterly: “Don’t play with us, friend. Who would have one billion star coins on them? My master was merely boasting about the five hundred million star coins.”

When Master heard that, he finally reacted and added on quickly: “I was really just talking, if you don’t believe me, you can search me!”

After that, Master reacted quickly, in his heart, he felt awful.

“Search?” Tang Tian tilted his head as he pondered then, he nodded: “That’s a good idea. Come on, let us first bring out all the toys like Aquarius Martial Cabinet first.”

“I don’t have…” the Master eyes darted around.

Tang Tian was not in for bulllshiting. Clenching his fingers tightly, Master Ge’s eyes were about to fall out as his face was like a fish facing its death.

“Friend!” Qin Feng tensed up as he quickly said: “We’ll give it to you!”

After a total of 15 seconds, Tang Tian then loosened his grip on Master Ge. Master Ge’s eyes had gone white as he coughed vigorously. Tang Tian’s finger strength was now terrifyingly powerful. After grinding ten thousand anvils, his efforts did not go to waste. Even if he was not using true power, Tang Tian could easily grind through a 5mm steel board. After using his true power, the steel board would be ground into a pulp.

Master Ge was in desperate fear right now. He had never, been like that before, to face death so closely before! After being suffocated, he felt as though he had died once already.

All of his finances, authority, lust for beauty were nothing and meaningless before his death.

He took out his treasure bottles.

A silver bottle the size of a palm was brought to the front of Tang Tian. His eyes lit up as he could not help to whistle: “Aye, it’s an extremely high quality one!”

It was indeed of high quality. This silvered bottle was called Silver Aquarius. It was one of the higher ranked treasures amongst the treasures of Aquarius constellation. It could store up much more in its Aquarius Martial Cabinet than the others. Basically, it was a mini storage room.

“Unbind your mark from it!”

The coarse voice sounded out as cold as a blade. There was no doubt in his tone.

Master Ge looked odd as he unbound his mark on the Silver Aquarius obediently.


Dang dang dang!

A hasty alarm went off. All the martial artists in the camp stood at attention with their faces painted in shocked. But quickly, the entire camp was in chaos.

A young martial artist whose face was green appeared at the entrance of the camp.

He was glistening from his armour of treasures. He looked just like a battle god. With one hand holding onto an axe, he bellowed: “Ah Mu Duo, Mo Lin, Gui Hu, Xiao Da, Xiao Er!”

A few shadows came running to the front of the young martial artist upon being called on.

“Master is in trouble!”

The young martial artist looked furious. With golden locks that looked like a ball of blazing fire, the other martial artists who were called on looked worried.

“Let’s set off now!”

The golden locks martial artist led with a horse at the front. The others chased.

“What exactly happened?” Ah Mu Duo could not help but ask: “Isn’t Qin Feng together with master?”

The golden locks young man looked stern: “Master’s Silver Aquarius mark has been removed!”

Due to security reasons, all the disciples of the Shi family’s Silver Aquarius Cabinets would have undergone some procedures. Once there was a mishap, the family would notice first hand. Some of the Silver Aquarius Cabinets even had the ability to locate their positions.


Everyone gasped. The bind on the Silver Aquarius Cabinet had been erased and that was the worst kind of scenario. It was either the Master had died, or else, Master had been held captive. Either way, it was not a good thing.

Suddenly, the golden haired young lad said: “this is bad. All the tracers on Master’s Silver Aquarius have been erased!”

When the others heard, they were all stunned.


Tang Tian took the Silver Aquarius and was prepared to bind his own mark down when suddenly, he felt the martial spirit within him jump. With a thought, he looked carefully with the martial spirit aura and immediately found out there were some small tracers on the Silver Aquarius Cabinet.

If he did not looked carefully, it would practically be impossible to notice them.

Indeed, it was a deceitful trick!

Tang Tian smirked. Quickly, he threw the Silver Aquarius Cabinet into the martial spirit silver flame.


Suddenly, the Silver Aquarius Cabinet glowed lightly, withstanding Tang Tian’s martial spirit silver flame but the silver ranked martial spirit was very strong. Very soon, there were no tracers left on the Silver Aquarius Cabinet. The aura on the Silver Aquarius Cabinet was dimming. After ten breaths, the aura on the Silver Aquarius Cabinet was completely gone.

Tang Tian checked through once again to ensure there was no mistake before he bound it to himself.

Master Ge looked at Tang Tian in a daze. What was originally a calm and composed expression was now panicking as though he had just seen a ghost.

In a split second, all the connections the Silver Aquarius Cabinet had with him just disappeared.

How… how was that possible…

That was… that was… done personally by all the clan elders…

Master Ge was shocked as Tang Tian activated the Silver Aquarius.

Tang Tian started panting heavily!