Undefeated God of War - Chapter 220 – Sai Lei’s Troubles

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Chapter 220 – Sai Lei’s Troubles

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TranslationNations and De Andre

Tang Tian first returned to Three Spirits City.

He needed to help Ling Xu bring Flamingo back. Having Flamingo increased Ling Xu’s battle prowess, especially in such a battlefield. Flamingo was extremely important to Tang Tian.

Three Spirits City streets were much more prosperous as compared to before, as Tang Tian followed the alley towards Sai Lei Card shop.

Suddenly,\ he frowned, in front of him was faint arguing sounds, as the entrance of the card shop was surrounded by a group of people.

Someone is finding trouble?

Tang Tian’s face darkened, he widened his steps and entered the crowd of people.

A few of them were flushed with anger over fighting.

“I was here first, so it should be mine!”

“Based on what? It belongs to whoever can pay the higher price!”

“What are you quarreling about? Open your eyes and take a look, who are you guys trying to fight with? Are you all sick of living?” Master Ge was the one speaking, his face arrogant, his clothes very outstanding and not common, around him he brought a group of swift and fierce looking guards.

Everyone around him upon seeing his people, all quieted down.

Master Ge exposed a satisfied expression: “Whoever isn’t tactful, don’t blame me for being unfriendly. From today onwards, all the mechanical weapons produced by this shop in this year, I will wrap and take all of it!”

“Based on what?”

“Wrap all? Are you able to wrap all of it?”

Everyone exploded out, as they shouted angrily.

“Uncle Feng, make them quiete down!” Master Ge laughed coldly: “A group of flies, so noisy!”

A muscular man suddenly stepped out, his body was full of tensed muscles, his gaze cold, he raised his right foot, and slammed heavily into the ground.


Everyone felt the ground trembling, many of them being unable to stand steadily, fell to the ground. Everyone was yelling in fright, the entire scene quickly becoming a mess.

The entire circumference around the strong man’s legs, all crumbled down into a pit.

“Heaven Road Grade martial artist!”

Everyone had the same action, as they all shouted out.

And in those clamors, their faces turned pale white, and kept quiet out of fear.

The strong man jumped out of the pit as though nothing happened, Master Ge sneered: “Next time shine the light properly on whom you are arguing against, don’t dig your own grave understand? This beautiful world, if you have no chance to enjoy it, that is your own fault.”

When he finished, he did not look at any of them, turned his face, passion in his eyes: “Miss Sai Lei, Three Spirits City is such a broken place, what worth is there staying here? Luckily I have some dealings over at Mei Duo City, if Miss Sai Lei is willing to move over there, just state the conditions!”

He swept across the people around him in disdain, and said loftily: “Although it isn’t convenient for me to reveal my identity, but Miss Sai Lei please be assured, the Ge family is not some random small family.”

Disgust flashed across Sai Lei’s eyes, but her face was still cheery: “Master has kind intentions, Sai Lei is moved, but Sai Lei is used to staying in Three Spirits City, and have no wish to move to any other place.”

Master Ge seemed to have planned in advance: “Why not, Miss Sai Lei listen to my conditions first, as long as Miss Sai Lei is willing to go, 500 million star coins! They are yours right now!”


Everyone all hissed upon hearing that astronomical figure, 500 million star coins, it was as though a bomb was thrown into the crowd. All those who were fighting with Master Ge previously, all their faces turned pale. To be able to take out 500 million star coins without batting an eye, that was definitely some extremely powerful and robust aristocratic family.

Tang Tian was stunned, 500 million star coins. Suddenly, images of star coins appeared in his mind….

Sai Lei combed the fringe of her hair, this movement, made Sai Lei who was already very charming even more attractive.

Master Ge looked perverted as he looked at Sai Lei sheepishly. He had already thrown 500 million star coins. Anyone who has a soul would lust over it, moreover a woman?

He had encountered countless women and was good at handling them. Never once had a woman not flinch at the sight of money. Those who did not pick up the bait were merely because he did not give them enough money.

But, this woman, was the highest quality….

Master Ge squinted his eyes. That look, you could tell he could not wait to rip her clothes off. He visited countless of brothels but he had never met one like Sai Lei whose looks and presence were so graceful and perfect. Thinking about owning this high quality good, he burned with passion.

Besides, he was just after looks. If the opponent was just a pretty flower vase, no matter how pretty she was, she was definitely not worth 500 million star coins.

But Sai Lei’s mechanical creations were definitely worth 500 million star coins!

Coincidentally, he got a set of Fierce Soldier, and immediately experienced the value of this surprising brand new mechanical technique.

The moment he saw Sai Lei, he was shocked and the thought of owning Sai Lei was planted in his head.

What’s more beautiful than having the looks and a brain? 500 million star coins might look like it was a lot but to Sai Lei, it was not expensive at all.

Sai Lei smiled lightly: “thank you for your affections, Master Ge. but Sai Lei isn’t going anywhere. I just want to mend this shop.”

The surroundings quietened down as everybody looked at Sai Lei in disbelief. She just rejected 500 million star coins!

Master Ge was in a daze. His eyes congealed as he laughed suddenly: “If that’s the case, then I’m willing to buy this shop. Just say a price, Miss Sai Lei. Miss Sai Lei, don’t worry, I’ll fund you every year for research purposes and it will never be lower than 100 million star coins! Miss Sai Lei can do whatever you want. For all the small matters of the shop, you don’t have to worry for one bit.”

When Tang Tian heard it, he could not help but break into a cold sweat. Thinking about those years, Sai Lei had spent so much energy to ask for a research fund of about 2 million star coins yet none of them could fork it out. Now that someone else if giving, it was more than a 100 million each year.

Sai Lei said nonchalantly: “Master, you’re late by a bit, Sai Lei has been employed by someone else.”

Master Ge no longer maintained his composure. His face sunk and mocked: “I wonder which expert has such good methods to have Miss Sai Lei!”

Sai Lei smiled: “I’m sorry. This is classified. Sai Lei cannot reveal.”

Master Ge stared at Sai Lei with his black face without a word.

The shop was dead silent as the atmosphere was pressurizing. Many were worried for Sai Lei. Anyone could tell Master Ge was obviously angered.

Tang Tian was ready to make a move anytime.

Suddenly, Master Ge laughed and without an ounce of anger: “Then let’s just settle the deal as said earlier before, I’ll reserved the entire shop for one year, just quote a price , Miss Sai Lei!”

Sai Lei replied politely: “I’m super sorry. For such a huge matter, Sai Lei has no authority to decide. I need my boss to decide.”

“When will your boss come?” Master Ge was played along.

“I’m not so sure.” Sai Lei revealed an apologetic smile.

Master Ge raised his hand: “Don’t tell me Miss Sai Lei wishes for me to return home empty handed today?”

A cold intention flickered across Sai Lei’s eyes, but still, she smiled: “How is that possible? Sai Lei had just completed an item and this is Sai Lei’s most outstanding mechanical armor.”

After that, she waved towards the three pandas. The three pandas noted and quickly tossed out a snow white mechanical armor.

This mechanical armor instantly caused exclamations from the audience. Master Ge eyes lit up. They usually deal with mechanical armors and they could they this particular mechanical armor was special.

“This mechanical armour is named as First Snowfall. it is made with the most advanced and top notch mechanical techniques and with the best materials. There are a total of 160 types of ancient metals mixed into it. It is based at the sixth rank and there are three slots to put in three sixth ranked spirit general cards or a seventh ranked spirit general card. It is now the most advanced mechanical armor…”

Sai Lei sugar coated it so well that everyone eyes just glistened in joy.

Tang Tian looked at first snow for a long time before he finally understood. The looks of First Snow was much more exquisite than Sky Tiger. Even though the slots for the cards were the same but Tang Tian could tell the difference in one look.

The martial spirit of First Snowfall was a good amount inferior to the Sky Tiger’s martial spirit.

“There’s just one of these!” Sai Lei looked frustrated: “With my current capabilities, I am still unable to do a large scale manufacturing of First Snowfall. The parts are way too expensive.”

“I’ll buy it!” Master Ge said it without hesitation. He did not even ask for the price.

The others looked angry.

“Uh, this mechanical armor requires 20 million star coins.” Sai Lei pondered before she said.

Swoosh, it was another sigh.

Twenty million star coins for a mechanical armor. Although none of them were lacking of money, but none of them were not dazed by this sum of money.

Everyone was shocked but master Ge was even more proud now. Without hesitating, he said: “I’m buying it.”

“Uncle Feng, take it away.” Master Ge flicked his finger and a piece of star spirit card flew right towards Sai Lei.

The floral panda by her side caught hold of the card. Sai Lei’s smile turned even more intimate: “Thanks for your patronage!”

Master Ge replied profoundly: “I’ll be visiting you in the near future hoping to meet your boss. Miss Sai Lei, you must not hide from me. My temper is not one that can offend.”

“I’ll welcome master anytime.” Sai Lei said it as though she did not understand what he meant.

Master Ge turned around with his face sunken: “let’s go!”

A group of people followed suit.

Tang Tian was tempted to take off the gorilla’s mask and sneak behind. He had a premonition that this group of people would not let this matter rest. He wanted to see where these people came from.

What surprised him though was this group of people actually walked out of the city. Tang Tian followed behind without a sound.

This group of people actually never thought someone would follow him.

Once master Ge was out of the city, he said: “Uncle Feng, send someone to spy on her. I would like to see who’s the mastermind! It better be a capable man or else, cheh, how dare she make a fool out of me!”

The Uncle Feng was bulked weirdly: “Young master, why didn’t you make a move earlier on? What kind of people can come from such a small place like Three Spirits City?”

“No, I would like to see how capable Sai Lei is.” Master Ge snorted. On his face, he smirked: “whatever I’ve set my eyes on can never escape from my fingertips. Let’s play with them slowly.”

“That’s too troublesome.” the sturdy one muttered.

“Hahah! You don’t know anything, Uncle Feng. this is called fun!” master Ge laughed: “How amazing would it be to have the pretty face pleading in despair!”

After hearing that, Tang Tian had a burning intention to kill.