Undefeated God of War - Chapter 217 – I will not be sad

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Chapter 217 – I will not be sad

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TranslationNations and De Andre

“Little Xu Xu, how do you feel?” Tang Tian’s eyes widened as he asked immediately.

“I’m fine.” Ling Xu looked at Tang Tian’s concerned face, his heart warmed up. His voice sounded hoarse and dry, sounding very tired.

“Congratulations.” Magic Flute’s gentle voice came out, with a hint of astonishment: “Every successful struggle with bedevilment, is one time of attaining nirvana, and your state of mind will become even more pure, regardless of whether you train in your martial technique or your martial spirit, it will benefit you.”

“Sounds really powerful.” Tang Tian’s eyes lit up, somewhat eager to try: “I want to be bedevilled too! Wa wa wa, to get rid of bedevilment, I can become even more powerful!”

Magic Flute looked at Tang Tian’s battle ready stance, and thinking about his extremely weird bedevilment, even for someone who was widely known for his experience, knowledge, and farsightedness, Magic Flute could not think of anything to say.

Ling Xu struggled to sit up right, his gaze, landed on Flamingo who was standing quietly to one side.

Flamingo’s body was full of damage, although it had surprisingly strong leg power, but it did not have any battle power. On the way while escaping with Ling Xu, it had suffered countless injuries.

“Thank you.” Ling Xu lightly said to Flamingo, it was clearly a mechanical beast without life, but in his heart it was already his partner.

“Hey, Young man Tang, any way to fix Ah Huo?”

“Ah Huo?” Tang Tian was stunned for a while, but quickly replied: “Oh you mean Flamingo, you have to find Sai Lei, Eh, give it to me, to this godlike young man, it is a small problem.”

“Thank you.”

Tang Tian thought he heard wrong, Ling Xu was actually saying thanks to him, did the sun rise from the west? Did this brat get injured and hurt his head.

“Let me tell you, if you dare to spoil even one leg hair of Ah Huo, you’re dead!”

Ling Xu continued on fiercely, Tang Tian then relaxed, seems like Little Xu Xu’s brain was only hurt a little.

“Relax. Sai Lei is very powerful!” Tang Tian had complete confidence in Sai Lei’s Mechanic techniques.

Ling Xu snorted, his gaze landed on Crane, and was stunned.

“Who’s this guy?”

“Oh, he’s called Crane.” Tang Tian introduced: “Don’t worry. He’s not your brother. I’ve asked him already. He’s now a part of us. He’s pretty good and definitely not inferior to you.”

“Not inferior to me? What do you mean? Come on! Let’s fight, crazy young man!”

“Can you even stand without falling…”

Crane studied this group of people in silence. In his heart, there was something he could not describe. But suddenly he felt, three years down the road, his life would not be mundane.

Xie Qing panted as he ran over. Looking at Ling Xu, his face was painted with joy: “Mister Ling is awake! That’s great!”

While fighting the Stone Gravel Beast King, after the Blind Chord old man left, the Stone Gravel Beast King also thought of running, therefore Xie Qing gave chase, but the Stone Gravel Beast King still ran away in the end.

He looked towards Ling Xu with utmost respect. Ling Xu single handedly destroyed the group of stone gravel beasts. He looked heroic. Although he was defeated in the hands of Blind Chord Old Man, but to him, he won still.

“Can you check where did Guo Dong and the rest escape to?” Tang Tian asked suddenly. His eyes flickered with an intention to kill.

How could he allow this matter to end this way?

“I’ll send someone to check it out right now!” Xie Qing agreed with him straightforwardly. Guo Dong and Guo Yu escaped with injuries. To the Xie Sword Village, although it was risky but once the two had recovered, they would fight back and the entire Xie Sword Village would be done for.

Even though Xie Qing had already comprehended the cry of the guardian heart sword but he was still not confident enough that he could fend off Guo Dong. Moreover, there was Guo Yu who was also powerful.


The impacts of the battle was far beyond anyone could have imagined.

Guo Dong had never been wiped off from the Heaven’s Road List for ten over years. Anyone who had some knowledge about the Heaven’s Road List would be familiar with the name of Fire Crow Headsman. So when Guo Dong’s name was removed from the Heaven’s Road List and was replaced by a name that no one had ever heard about. Everyone was shocked.

Who was Tang Tian?

Several of them even went to dig out the Heaven’s Road dated back to a few weeks back to look for Tang Tian’s name but his name never once appeared there.

Also, the immortal martial artists revealed how Tang Tian defeated Guo Dong. The Fire Crow Guillotine that Guo Dong was famous for, was defeated in a move. So no one questioned the replacement of the name.

But, who was Tang Tian?

No one knew.

Tang Tian showed the news from immortal martial artist manual off to Ling Xu.

“Xiao Xu Xu, you need to buck up! But, even with your standard, it’s already not easy to be part of the waiting list!”

Ling Xu’s eyelids twitched.

“Don’t worry. I won’t resent you!” Tang Tian raised both his hands and showed off his biceps: “you’re destined to live in the shadows of a godlike young man!”

Ling Xu’s eyelids kept twitching. Finally, he could no longer take it, he yelled: “Scram!”

Tang Tian giggled. Out of curiosity, he asked: “Xiao Xu Xu, why are you a bookworm now? Honestly, with your IQ, this might be a little hard for you.”

Ever since Ling Xu woke up, he would hug onto his book after his training.

It was a torture to listen to this stupid boy stuttering.

Ling Xu groaned: “What do you know? I’m seeking for inner peace.”

“Don’t tell me you’re frustrated?” Tang Tian did not understand.

Just as Ling Xu wanted to speak, his gaze was stunned. Tang Tian saw and turned his head quick. He looked stunned too

Crane wore a black clothes and appeared in front of them.

“Crane you you you’re…” Tang Tian pointed to the black clothes on Crane and stuttered.

Crane explained to them politely: “I did this to avoid wearing the same colour. I think it’s better that I wear black.”

“Wearing the same colour…”

Tang Tian and Ling Xue were both shocked.

“I’m sorry. I’m going to cultivate now and can’t accompany the both of you. Please understand.” Crane bowed to the two of them with his sword held high. Crane was already tall and straight and walked with a different gait. He always had a look of an upright and proper person.

“This Sissy, what about colour clashing!” Ling Xu muttered in disatisfaction. He did not like Crane’s way of behavior.

There was never a speck of dust on Crane’s body. He was never too fast or too slow when he walked. When he sat, he was always in an upright position and on his face, he always had a polite smile. Before he left, he always showed his gratitude. What was annoying to Ling Xu was that when this rascal ate, he was so feminine.

It was the first time Ling Xu saw a man need a small knife to slice the meat from the bone when they were eating barbequed meat. After cutting them into thin slices, he needed to arrange them neatly into three rows before he used the chopsticks to eat them and dipped them into sauces.

Anyway, as long as he was with Crane, Ling Xu and Tang Tian looked just like country bumpkins.

But no matter how disdained Ling Xu was to Crane, he had to admit that Crane was very hardworking.

When he saw Crane cultivating, Ling Xu was somewhat pressurized. How could he lose to a Sissy? Without second word, he cast the book away.

He was off to cultivate!

Tang Tian who came over to kill time was left alone there in an instant.

Tang Tian just had to go somewhere.

Into the light door, it was empty.

Bing and Magic Flute had brought Flamingo and the Corvus Gold to find Sai Lei. Rumours said that Sai Lei had a new mechanical armour and wanted Bing to try it.

The surroundings were so empty and quiet. Suddenly, Tang Tian felt difficult to get used to it.

After a moment of silence, he started cultivating.

The eye-catching sparks and the friction between anvils sounded through once again.

He had comprehended the Fire Scythe Gloves. The true power that burnt was much stronger than the friction of the air. This kind of cultivation did not have much impact on him.

But Tang Tian insisted on grinding the anvils just like the past. He did not choose to ask Crane on how to use Heavenly Light Pellet Crane nor did he aske how to promote Fire Scythe Gloves.

He continued to cultivate whatever that was left uncompleted, grinding anvils.

Tang Tian was fully engrossed in it.

Not knowing how long had passed, Tang Tian finally took a break. It was as if he had just came out from a pool of water. Panting heavily, he looked around the anvils that got lesser. Out of the blue, Tang Tian choked up,

Ghost Claw…

Tang Tian’s heart turned sour. He took a deep breath. Looking at the anvils around, it was as if he was facing Ghost Claw. Clenching his fist tightly, he forced a smile out and shouted.

“Ghost Claw, I am going to finish grinding the 10000 anvils!”

“Isn’t that powerful!”

“Wahaha, this godlike young man, is so powerful!”

“You can rest in peace! Ghost Claw in my hands, the Fire Scythe Ghost Claw will definitely become popular!”

“This Godlike young man, will definitely become super and very strong!”

Tang Tian stared at the remaining anvils for a while, wiping off his perspiration ,he continued to immerse himself in training.

I will not be sad, really, I will not be sad, my face will only be bright, my heart will only have hope, I will sing even in the strongest wind and biggest rain, I will use my fists, and with some of the beams, I will blossom.

I will not be sad, really, I will not be sad, you just stand there and watch my gaze, as warm as the spring weather, the Fire of the Fire Scythe Ghost Claw, from combusting on your hand to mine, this is your pride and your strength.

I will not be sad, really, I will not be sad, i will never put that one my face.

When the last anvil was completely grinded, Tang Tian immediately laid on the floor, stretching his hands, as he gazed at the ceiling.

“Ghost Claw, I’ve completed it!”

Tang Tian muttered to himself, upon finishing with his sentence, Tang Tian who was on the verge of collapsing, his eyelids grew heavy, and he fell asleep instantly.

When Bing’s figure appeared from the Martial Spirit Chamber, upon seeing Tang Tian who was in deep sleep, and seeing the floor filled with steel fragments, the place originally filled with anvils, had become empty.

Bing was speechless.

“Ghost Claw, our luck is so good.” Bing suddenly muttered to himself.

He started cleaning the army camp. It was obvious how much ten thousand anvils was like.

When his gaze grazed past the light door, it was like he had just been struck by lightning. He stood there in a daze. The light door that used to be covered densely by cards had all disappeared and what was left was a lonely card which continuously glowed.

Ghost Claw….