Undefeated God of War - Chapter 214 – Blossom, Demon King Firefly

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Chapter 214 – Blossom, Demon King Firefly

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TranslationNations, De Andre

Behind the light door, Ghost Claw had become extremely faint, and was floating in the air.

He was in a daze, watching Tang Tian roar, watching Tang Tian’s Fire Scythe Gloves, watching the dazzling and burning light in Tang Tian’s hands, watching Tang Tian killing his way towards the dark light like a moth attracted to fires.

The dazzling silvery light, blossoming from Tang Tian’s fingers, the 10 blazing light balls, were like 10 bright stars in the night sky.

Is that…. Fire Scythe Ghost Claw…

Ghost Claw watched in a daze.

As if time froze, the stars in his eyes were spewing out sparks. Compared to the sparks formed by grinding against air, this power was much stronger, and the disparity was so far, it was as if he could feel the surprising Qi coming out from the sparks jumping out from Tang Tian’s palms.

Strong….That is really strong….

So…. combusting True Power was Fire Scythe Ghost Claw’s true meaning!

That was the real Fire Scythe Ghost Claw!

Tang Tian, you did well!

Ghost Claw suddenly exposed a trace of a dry smile, gradually the smile rippled out as it spread out more, turning into a clear and bright laugh.


He suddenly kept his voice, his frail yet steel fingers grasped into a fist, his stupefied face showed a completely sincere happiness. He faced the starry door, and said heavily: “Tang Tian, you did well!”

It was as if he was radiating a light for rebirth, the darkness and stupefied look on his face was gone, his wrinkles unfolding, and he straightened his back,

Young man, I have seen all that I need to see…

Godlike young man, Thank you!

Young man, I really have to thank you….

Ghost Claw’s dried and thin face, exposed a warm smile, all the things that gnawed at his heart, all the longings, had all disappeared. What remained was the endless sense of satisfaction and the unprecedented relief.

Young man, I will not be able to shoulder your battles from now on.

But please do not be sad for me, this badly damaged soul, is already completely satisfied.

Young man, thank you, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Please accept this last gift of mine.

Although my martial spirit is already so dark, although my longings are gone, although I am about to disappear into the wind, and although I have untied the bindings to once again enter the reincarnation cycle.

But young man, before I disappear, please accept my last bit of power.

In Tang Tian’s shouts, while the Fire Scythe Gloves lit up with a dazzling ray of light, in the terrifying Fire Crow Guillotine, Ghost Claw calmly walked to the back of the light door.

At the light door, one after another gold cards, arranged out neatly.

Flash fist, Minute Collapsing Fist, Tan Tui, Scattering Vortex….

All the different techniques that Tang Tian practised everyday, all the awakened killing techniques, all of them appeared on the back of the light door, all of them transforming into gold cards. Till today, the number of cards on the light door, the number was not little.

But the only regretful thing was, all these martial techniques, there was not one peak level martial technique.

Ghost Claw’s gaze, landed on the [Fire Scythe Ghost Claw] card that just appeared. Bing had talked about the light door before, behind it was the old martial technique wall, all of Bing army’s martial techniques, were on it. But now, all the martial techniques had disappeared. This was why, he wanted to teach Tang Tian martial techniques, but he had no choice, and could only develop training methods for him to improve.

Bing also talked about another use of the light door, to infer or deduce from martial techniques.

The martial technique wall used to be covered with martial techniques. The fusion between the martial technique cards formed many new martial techniques. But these kinds of fusions needed an intervention from a martial spirit.

Looking at the martial technique wall behind the light wall, Ghost Claw raised his fingers and caressed the [Fire Scythe Ghost Claw].

Ghost Claw’s thin figure, had a thin radiant light surrounding him, as the light followed along to his fingertips, it entered the [Fire Scythe Ghost Claw].

In the light, Ghost Claw’s figure, quickly became fainter, and became even more thin.

Ghost Claw’s face suddenly exposed an unwillingness, and he suddenly shouted: “Godlike young man, you must definitely do your best!”

Visible by the naked eye, Ghost Claw was fading quickly.

Behind the light door, there was no one there.

The [Fire Scythe Ghost Claw] card on the martial technique wall, tinted with an extra dull glow.

“God like young man, you have to keep it up!”

A sound lingered as it echoed through.


Tang Tian opened his eyes wide as the wind whistled beside his ears. In his eyes, he saw Fire Crow Guillotine crashing down from the sky.

The gushing true power burned at his fingertips. The crane true power in his body was reaching its peak as it emptied into the five fingers. Each finger was enveloped with a bright ball of red light.

Each ball of flame red light was like a red star. When he spread open his ten fingers, it was as though his fingers were holding up 10 stars.

The true power continuously flowed towards the balls of light and burned continuously.

No way!

It is still not enough!

Tang Tian’s face was fierce, as he widened his eyes which were filled with rage, his mind only had one thought.

I must definitely, definitely let Ghost Claw see this!

See the brilliance of the Fire Scythe Ghost Claw!


Tang Tian bellowed out like a wild beast, All the True Power in his body rushed into his 10 fingers, he was completely ignoring the thought of what could happen to his body with this exchange.

Come on True Power, True Power, all of my True Power!

Not enough, not enough, still not enough!

Suddenly, Tang Tian’s eyes constricted, at such a crucial time, he had actually ran out of True Power in his body!

After being stumped, Tang Tian was immediately enraged.


He was instigating the Crane Style Qi Manual like crazy. True power, he needed more true power!

But, his already dried up meridians had not one ounce of true power left.

The Fire Crow Guillotine was getting closer as Tang Tian started to despair. He knew this technique could definitely defeat his opponent but he needed sufficient true power!

The more true power he had to burn, the more powerful this technique would be!

Tang Tian bit onto his lips tightly as he stared tensely at the Crow Guillotine that was coming closer. He did not retreat for one bit. Instead, he used all his might to instigate the Crane Style Qi Manual!

Aquarius Martial Cabinet was left forgotten in one corner. The bronze crane started to glow slightly. That was the bronze crane that Tang Tian got when he was at Three Spirits City.

The bronze crane turned into a green radiance and penetrated into Tang Tian’s body.

As though Tang Tian was being shot by an arrow, he froze as his pupils dilated quickly. This…

An earth-shattering true power burst out from his dantian without any signs. Like gushing rivers, it flowed through his dried up meridians.

The meridians were just like dried up riverbeds.

As the true power flowed through along these dried up river beds, it rushed forward without any obstruction. Tang Tian could not even react to it. Each time the true power passed by an acupuncture point in the meridian, his body shook.

His body was like a sieve as it shook vigorously.

The shakings took place with his dantian as the center of focus, extending out to each part of his body. As such, Tang Tian was not wearing any clothes, the ripples and patterns at which the true power was flowing could be seen as it extended out from the dantian to all of his body.

The gushing true power cruised through Tang Tian’s neck and into his brain. Instantly, Tang Tian froze as his bloodshot eyes lost its focus. But in his eyes, there was a snow white crane silhouette.

A crisp clear cry of the crane rang in Tang Tian’s head.


The true power flowed into his arms, through his wrist and into his ten fingers!

Surrounding Tang Tian’s fingers were the balls of lights. Rapidly, the lights turned into a silver white.

The radiance shooting out from his ten fingers was blinding as though they were the brightest star from the universe.

Losing focus, Tang Tian thought he saw a beautiful white cane dancing around.

He felt a burning sensation from his fingers that caused him to palpitate.

This was true power…

That’s right! This is true power!

Suddenly, Tang Tian came back to reality. The dancing white crane disappeared. The incoming crow light was already right in front of his eyes, with the edge of the light point directly at him.

Tang Tian stared at it in bewilderment!


Without giving much thought, he spread opened his ten fingers as he grabbed onto the black light!

The ten stars flew out from his fingers as they spun in the air, turning into ten rays of brilliant lights. The brilliant lights curbed its light just like ten fireflies flying towards the black light.

Looking at the ten brilliant lights, Tang Tian turned calm suddenly.

Ghost Claw, did you see that?

Fire Scythe Ghost Claw, this is the brilliance of the Fire Scythe Ghost Claw!

Isn’t that beautiful!

It’s called [Demon King Firefly], it is an apt name right…

Unknowingly, Tang Tian choked up and teared. He bit onto his lips tightly as he looked to the front to look upon the ten sparks of lights like meteor stars.

The ten brilliant lights and the crow light got closer.

The anger in Tang Tian was appeased as he shouted silently in his heart.

Blossom, Demon King Firefly!

Bang bang!

Countless rays flew out in front of him. The air exploded instantly as waves of Qi rippled into the surroundings engulfing everything around, Guo Dong who was floating in the air like a leaf, his vision suddenly trembled.

Suddenly, three fireflies emerged from the explosion and flew towards Guo Dong.

Guo Dong’s face changed. In a moment of panic, he used the Cold Fire Crow Sword as his shield. The three specks of lights landed on the sword. Slap, slap, slap, the cold fire crow sword combusted into three parts.

Guo Dong suffered a hit as he flew out. Vomiting fresh blood, he looked out in disbelief.


Tang Tian did not feel any sense of victory or happiness.

He looked at Guo Dong who flew out.

Seeing Guo Dong forcing himself to instigate true power, his body was covered with a dull red flame exactly like a fire crow. Rushing to the front of Bing to block off a heavy blow as he used this chance to save Guo Yu who was injured.

Tang Tian did not give chase. He stood there in a daze, heart full of sorrows

Ghost Claw, did you see that?

Ghost Claw, why can’t I feel your Qi?

Ghost Claw…

Suddenly, a faded sound seemed came through from the wind.

“God like young man, you have to keep it up!”

Tang Tian could no longer hold it back as tears streamed down his face, bawling out.


Crane who was travelling on land suddenly felt a sharp tremor around his waist.

Crane looked shock in which turned into a face of joy. Holding onto the sword, his face was in disbelief as it muttered: “Heavenly Light Pellet Crane! He actually has the Heavenly Light Pellet Crane!”

Crane looked solemn as he held the sword up high, exclaiming.

“Heavenly Crane Origin, in the name of Heavenly Crane Constellation, Open!”

The sword in his hands was suddenly bedazzled with a beam of golden rays, turning the crane’s reflection into yellow gold.

Slowly, Crane lowered the sword.

It left a ray of golden radiance in which it would not fade away. One second later, the radiance turned into a door.

Crane placed the sword back onto his waist and arranged his robe. Looking solemn, he walked into the light door.

I’m coming!