Undefeated God of War - Chapter 211 – Formless Slash and Sorrowful Blind Chord

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Chapter 211 – Formless Slash and Sorrowful Blind Chord

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TranslationNations, De Andre

Tang TIan’s Fire Scythe Ghost Claw brought along a line of sparks, he had increased his speed to the maximum, in the next moment, all around Guo Dong was a silver shadow and bright sparks.

Tang Tian did not get excited and become irrational due to his blood boiling, but it was his fighting intent blazing.

Just now the two sword blows had let Tang Tian understand, the opponent’s power was relatively strong. Merely by relying on the Fire Scythe Ghost Claw which he had not trained to the grandmaster grade yet, it was unable to harm Guo Dong at all.

But Tang Tian was not totally relying on it, other than his astonishing intuition, his speed was extremely fast, after absorbing the angel blood and dwarf blood, his speed had leaped in levels to be one of the top notch max speeds. And after he had broken through to the sixth level, all of the traits on his whole body, increased by a notch.

His speed, had increased to an even more astonishing level.

Tang Tian displayed his speed to an extreme brilliance, other than the speed increase that had allowed him to have the ability to make the first move, the more important factor was his battle rhythm had become even faster. The faster the battle rhythm was, the shorter the time given to the opponent to think, in that way, his dominating intuition, could be brought out to use even more.

Tang Tian whirled around Guo Dong, using his Fire Scythe Ghost Claw randomly from every direction, clawing towards Guo Dong.

The Peacock armor had allowed Tang Tian’s body to become even more agile and nimble, as it completely complemented Tang Tian’s disadvantage in light body arts. The feathers on the peacock armor, fluctuated continuously, and Tang Tian could feel that he was like a fish, whichever direction he was moving to, he was still nimble and free.

In Guo Dong’s shoes, it was as if there were enemies coming from every direction.

Guo Dong was secretly surprised, such a terribly fast speed!

It was not like he had not seen a martial artist strong in light body arts before, but he was thoroughly shocked by Tang Tian’s speed.

But, Guo Dong quickly calmed himself down, the cold fire crow sword continuously rotating, a ray of dark red fire circle, spewing out around his feet, the speed rapidly spreading outwards.


The fire below his feet, suddenly blew out a fire line, the line following Guo Dong’s body spun one round, and once again joining back with the blaze at his feet.

At the same time, ten fire lines spewed out, forming a wide fire net around Guo Dong.

Ding ding ding!

Concentrated strikes, continuously struck on the fire net, countless sparks bursting forth, it was rather nice to watch.

Tang Tian’s figure, circled Guo Dong quickly, but regardless of how he released the claws, the simple and crude looking fire net, was motionless.

Guo Dong looked at Tang Tian coldly, although the young man in front of him had surprising speed, he lacked the means to release powerful and firm attacks, so he was unable to release the power of the speed.

Guo Dong’s gaze immediately landed on Guo Yu.

When he saw Sky Tiger, he could not help but heave a sigh of relief, mechanical martial artists standards were not so high. But that old frail looking spirit general, had attracted Guo Dong’s attention.

The spirit general’s martial technique, was precisely the same as the young man attacking him!


Guo Dong was surprised, grandmaster grade martial technique!

The exact same martial technique, but displayed by two different hands, the power was totally different. This showed that the understanding of the martial technique of the two people, were on totally different levels.

Such a fierce and explosive claw technique!

Guo Dong’s eyes flashed, such a fearsome claw technique, it was rarely seen.

This spirit general, was definitely a somebody in his prime.

Although he was praising them, Guo Dong had relaxed, although the spirit general was strong, but just by depending on a spirit general, to try and defeat Xiao Yu, it would not be so easy.

You are all looking down on Xiao Yu.

Guo Dong relaxed, his gaze landed on Xiao Yu, filled with anticipation.

Xiao Yu’s big black eyes widened, at some point in time, he had started to wield a weak looking sword in his right thin hand. This sword looked meager and delicate like a cicada’s wings, it was close to transparent.

His wrist rotated, the sword pierced forward without a hint of smoke of Fire Qi!


Between Ghost Claw and the edge of the sword, a ball of glistening radiance burst out.

At the standard of Ghost Claw’s claw techniques, he actually did not gain any benefits from this attack.

Ghost Claw’s eyes were boiling. Using his shrivelled ten fingers, he created sparks and countless claw silhouettes in the sky. A deafening shrilling sound resonated.

Guo Yu maintained his composure. Shaking the sword in his hand slightly, a dull red fire crow flew out from his sword and into the claws of Ghost Claw.


Every time the fire crow and Fire Scythe Ghost Claw collided, the two trembled.

In the blink of an eye, the two collided over ten times as several astonishing bursts of powers erupted between the two!

Guo Yu who always looked sick and pale was now painted with a tinge of red. His black, bright eyes were not full of an intention to kill. His opponent’s stubbornness was far beyond his imagination.

His transparent sword glistened with a dull red flame.

Placing the blazing flame sword between his brows, he bellowed with a solemn face: “Formless !”

Guo Dong eyes lit up all of a sudden. He always knew Xiao Yu had been training on this killing technique but he never once saw Xiao Yu used it. Everytime he asked Xiao Yu about it, this rascal always looked back at him innocently

This was so exciting!

Formless… what a good name…


The dark red flaming sword erupted and instantly, engulfed guo Yu’s body.


Guo Dong’s eyes widened.

The flame dispersed as a ray of dark red fire crow appeared behind Guo Yu’s back. The body of the fire crow was dark red. When it spreaded its wings, its black pupils seemed as though it was lost in an abyss.

Guo Yu’s body was emitted a wave. The air around him twisted and caused his body to turn blurry.

Guo Yu looked stern as he muttered: “Formless slash!”

The vertical sword in front of him suddenly slashed down.

A transparent sword visage, spewed out from the sword tip and sliced down, straight towards Ghost Claw.

Wherever the sword visage sliced, the soil would fly, while an extremely deep and perfectly straight ditch, quickly impaled forward on the ground!

Ghost Claw’s eyes suddenly burst forth a light, both claws bringing forth sparks, the red sparks quickly becoming silver colored, both blazing lights, producing out from his body, rapidly converged in front of him.

The moment the two rays of silver light merged, the transparent sword visage rushed to Ghost Claw, just barely clashing onto Ghost Claw’s claws.

A dazzling ray of light instantly enveloped Ghost Claw and Guo Yu’s body.

The entire place turned white.


The black clothed lady’s mind was blank, Ling Xu’s fearless assault looked like a ray of lightning, piercing straight in front of her, so fast that she did not have the time to raise any thoughts of resistance.

The dazzling silver ray formed by the spear tip, brightened the entire night.

Her mind was in a blank.


A gloomy and forceful string sound, suddenly sounded out.

Blind Chord old man was completely oblivious, as he pulled on the string of the Erhu. The gloomy and grieving sound, flowed out from his fingers. As if time started freezing, Ling Xu’s outstandingly aggressive spear, actually slowed down!

It was as if the spear was stabbing into a viscous liquid.

The instant Blind Chord old man pulled on his Erhu, the entire battlefield became very quiet. Regardless if it was the stone gravel beasts or the villagers, everyone stopped.

The sorrowful melody, enveloped the entire battlefield.

The bowstring smoothened out like water.

Blind Chord Old man’s face, exposed a deep sadness, the hollow cavity of his eyeballs, flowed two tear strains.

The black clothed lady’s heart was overwhelmed with shock, her body was unable to move, even controlling one finger was impossible. She felt as if her body was being controlled by someone, her tears, were flowing out nonstop.

It was like a nightmare, this feeling, caused her heart to be filled with fear!

No, I don’t want this feeling!

The stone gravel beasts all stood there blankly, while all the villagers, had tears coming out from their eyes, everyone filled with sorrow.

Xie Qing looked in shock at the figure sitting in the wheelchair, he had finally recognized, who that old man was!

[Sorrowful Blind Chord]!

Blind Chord old man, otherwise known as [Sorrowful Blind Chord]!

Heaven Road list ranked 9900, this sound type martial artist who was much stronger than Guo Dong!

Sorrowful Blind Chord….

So this was the feeling of sorrow….

Xie Qing did his best to resist the melody, his brain was still wide awake, but his face was moist, for some reason, his tears were dripping. All the forgotten sorrows in his memories were slowly opening up like an old dusty book being flipped open again.

So terrifying….

Ling Xu’s spear, unexpectedly slowed down because of that.

The moment the melody rung, it was as if Ling Xu’s heart was grasped tightly by a formless hand.

Immeasurable sorrow, surfaced out from his heart.

Teacher’s face….that disappointed look….the endless darkness….forever reminded him of his pain and suffering…as he banished himself…..

Tears like buckets of water, gushed out.

Teacher….Little Xu misses you!

Ling Xu’s vision was a mess, he knew that it was the opponent’s method, and he tried his best to strike forward, but no matter how he tried he could not rid himself of the sorrow, it was eating away every corner of his heart.

His teacher’s image was so clear, so clear that he felt that he could touch him.

Ling Xu stood there stupidly, even though it was an illusion, to be able to see teacher like that, he too wished for it!

Suddenly, Ling Xu watched in fright, as a spear tip suddenly pierced out of his teacher’s chest.

“No!” Ling Xu’s eyes cracked.

His teacher stood in the pool of blood in disbelief, a tall and lofty back, shrouded in the darkness, his voice filled with regret as he said: “So this is the Pointed Sea Spears? Such a pity, I thought it was strong, but it is unable to satisfy me. But, you don’t have to worry, I will not disgrace it, because, it is not fit for me to use.”

“No! You asshole! You scum!” Filled with tears, Ling Xu bellowed out in anger.

But that figure turned and left like he never heard him.

After a while, teacher struggled up from the pool of blood, he covered the chest wound, as the blood continuously flowed out from his fingertips. He retrieved out a medicinal pill, and swallowed it.

It was a miracle, the blood stopped flowing, but teacher still looked like he aged over the night.

Teacher’s familiar old cough that came out day and night, led Ling Xu to finally realize, why teacher was always feeling so weak and sick.

“No…. this is not real…. This is not real…”

Ling Xu muttered to himself, the tears dropping down uncontrollably.

In the snow forest, Teacher suddenly stopped in his tracks, and saw an infant. The infant had injuries all over him, his little face was already frozen solid. The teacher hugged the infant, patted him for awhile, and suddenly laughed: “Little brat, you must live well. This is my last medicinal pill, don’t let me lose these last few years for nothing ok.”

He chewed and broke apart the medicinal pill in his hand, and with some wine, he fed it to the baby’s mouth.

It was as though Ling Xu was struck by lightning.

That medicinal pill, was actually the same medicinal pill his teacher swallowed in the pool of blood!

His life, was actually exchanged with his teacher’s!