Undefeated God of War - Chapter 210 – Majestic Winter Fire Crow

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Chapter 210 – Majestic Winter Fire Crow

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TranslationNations, De Andre

Everyone was surprised with Ling Xu’s actions.

In the entire battle, Ling Xu created havoc. The Stone Gravel Beast King bellowed and pounced onto Ling Xu but Xie Qian knew right away what was Ling Xu’s intention . His swords echoed and its radiance burst as it bounded tightly to the Stone Gravel Beast King.

A sudden, much stronger explosion resonated like a storm.

All the Stone Gravel Beasts were wiped out just as though they were being struck by a hammer and they each fell to the ground one by one and turned into a pile of sand.

Like a red and silvered intertwined blade, Ling Xu sliced through the tofu.

The flamingo sprinted at full speed like a ball of raging flames. On it, Ling Xu was like an icy cold blade.

Those gigantic Stone Gravel Beasts were like flimsy paper in front of him.

The red and silver radiance shot straight out like a pencil marking!

Suddenly, Ling Xu’s vision shook as a few silhouettes appeared. His pupils constricted.

Finally found you all!

An elderly man sat on a wheelchair just a few metres before a broken cliff. In the vast and empty eyes of his, there was a smirk on his face.

“Flamingo, let’s go!”

Ling Xu roars echoed in the wind.

The flamingo eye’s lit up. It was originally travelling at the speed of wind but now, it increased again. Ling xu only felt things fading past him quick as they turned blurry.

Welcoming the wind, he felt pressured and suffocating. The whistles between his ears sounded like thunder, deafening his ears.

But Ling Xu was not afraid. Instead, he was boiling with an intention to fight!

He could tell, his opponent was much stronger than him.

The Qi from his opponent was like an abyss of an icy cool pool. Ling Xu had no idea where to attack. After roaming for so many years, Ling Xu had grown to be more vicious as his experience piled up. He was clear who he could offend and who he should not. He had a short temper but he would never, ever offend opponents he knew he could not. This was also why he could live for so long.

And this blind mind in front of him was someone he should never offend. In the past, he would have turned and left.

But, his heart was burning with passion to fight.

Yeah, you are not his opponent.


Ling Xu, you’re afraid?

Do you fear?

Are you a coward?

Is your hand shaking?

Is your determination still strong?

Are your goals still glistening with radiance?

The air shattering boom sounds in the ear, were like thunder, causing his exterior to be entirely isolated, but caused his heart to be extremely clear.

It was like it had felt Ling Xu’s willpower, as the flamingo suddenly cried out sharply, like a blade edge slicing through the clouds, causing everyone’s heart to shiver!

Flamingo, are you longing to charge forward?

Flamingo, are you longing for battle?

Flamingo, will you be forever brave and fearless?

The high speed running had his view violently shaking therefore causing everything to be indistinct, but on Ling Xu’s face, he actually exposed a bright smile. The smile was like the sun, like a blaze, the young man was heroic, the young man was firm and unwavering like steel.

Flamingo borrowed the force of inertia, its thin solid claws, opened up widely, fiercely digging into the soil, the fiery red figure suddenly rising steeply, like a reckless angry flame, bringing along the silver haired young man, brazenly climbing up the cliff towards the old man in the wheelchair.

The silver hair danced wildly, the spear coming out like a dragon, whistling through the air!

The whole sky was suddenly brightened up by the silvery gaudy light, quickly arriving.

Heaven and earth lost its splendor, only the orange colored eyes were clear.

That spear, was called

Justice Origin Core Pierce!


Tang Tian did not notice the battle, his focus placed entirely on the two people in front of him. He could hear Little Xu Xu’s howls, but, his mind did not waver because of it.

Tang Tian in battle mode was the scariest.

He was like an experienced hunter, staring right at the prey, his heart quickly plotting, finding the opportunity to make a move.

The two enemies were definitely not weak, but with Bing and Ghost Claw as his partners, sadly Magic Flute was not around, if not the percentage of victory was even bigger. But Tang Tian at that moment did not bother about it.

Tang Tian’s gaze landed on the pale white young man body, looking at it, this sickly young man was a good breakthrough tester.

“Uncle, you and Ghost Claw, how long will it take to kill that small one?” Tang Tian asked.

With Sky Tiger, Uncle Bing was like a tiger with wings, his power increasing sharply. Adding on Ghost Claw, to defeat the sickly young man, did not seemed to be a problem.

Now the question was, how long would it take for the two men joining hands, to take out the young man.

Tang Tian knew his power was absolutely not comparable to that fierce looking person. The time needed for Bing and Ghost Claw to kill that young sick man, it was the time he needed to hold back the opponent.

“Five minutes.” Bing thought and said.

He did not object Tang Tian’s battle plan because this plan looked pretty reliable. With Tang Tian’s current powers, to be a terminator, it was rather difficult. But this brat had unfathomable intuition, allowing him to be the right choice to be a delayer.


Thinking about the upcoming battle, Bing was full of expectations. Previously, the battle with King Kong, he was not able to fully express himself. To go all out, and his passion to fight, was something ordinary martial artists could not fathom.

Now, with [Sky Tiger], his desire to fight grew stronger.

Five minutes…

Tang Tian stared at the middle aged man covered with a black cape. The one with the fire crow had identified himself.

Fire Crow Headsman, Guo Dong, Heaven Road list ranker 9928!

Heaven Road List martial artists, upon thinking about it, caused Tang Tian to be extremely excited. To be able to cross swords with such a strong martial artist, it allowed him to know his own strength, to be able to determine how much he had actually improved!

This was the first time he had met a martial artist ranker.

Heaven Road List, ranked 9928!

Come, let me see, how strong you are!

Tang Tian’s fighting intent soared, as he started seeing red and he rushed out.

The moment Tang Tian rushed over, Guo Dong immediately sensed it.

Guo Dong’s face changed, he did not think that, his position would be found out by someone. Maybe because he was previously attracted by the aggressive man on the flamingo’s outstanding assault, and at that period of time he had actually relaxed, but this person sneaking the attack was absolutely not weak either.

Guo Dong, who was named the Fire Crow Headsman, a full fledged killer, had abundant fighting experiences. When his heart shivered, he knew it was danger.

Guo Dong was not surprised, and after some period of time, his hand had already secretly wielded the red sword.

Corvus Constellation top silver treasure, the Cold Fire Crow Sword!

Hu, a thin layer of red blaze, appeared on the sword body.

Guo Dong did not even look, and his sword chopped towards his back. The Cold Fire Crow Sword released a dark red arc like the spreaded wings of a fire crow, quietly flying towards Tang Tian.

Tang Tian bellowed out, his right palm flipped, his hook liked five fingers, brought glaring sparks, directly clashing onto the fire crow sword arc ray!


The sound of collision was so light that it was like snuffing out a candle.

But Tang Tian could feel an extremely negative Qi, completely overpowering his True Power, directly clashing into his shoulders, in the next moment, it was as if his right shoulder was frozen.

Tang Tian was secretly astonished, it was the first time he was witnessing such a weird Qi.

What was this…

Guo Dong gasped at the fact that his opponent could actually create sparks in the air with his claw techniques. That surprised him but he was even more shocked at the strength and power of his fingers.

But it was nothing great in comparison to the winter fire!

Guo Dong smiled sarcastically. The majestic winter fire crow brought a chilly flame. This was an extremely yin and evil flame. Without any experience, one would also get hit by it.

Once the chilly flame entered your channels, it would extend its way like a poison.


Guo Dong’s pupils constrict. Tang tian pounced on him once again.

This rascal… he was not affected by the chilly flames?

That was weird!

Guo Dong frowned subconsciously. The opponent was much harder to deal with than he thought. But, he did not purely rely on this chilly fire crow sword to get into the list of Heaven’s Road.

He was just about to attack when he saw two silhouette appearing right beside Guo Yu. immediately, his facial expressions changed.

The opponent’s target was Xiao Yu!

In the blink of an eye, he saw through Tang Tian’s intentions.

Guo Dong was enraged. Guo Yu was not only his nephew, he was his heir. He had placed all his hopes on Guo Yu.

Yet these rascals were hatching a plan on Xiao Yu!

Guo Dong whistled as the flames of the chilly fire crow sword grew in his hands. An invisible presence covered the ground instantly. A dark red glow of the fire crow sword spewed out from the sword and into the sky.

This dark red glow of the fire crow sword fell from the sky and exploded.

[Majestic Winter Fire Crow]!

Countless amounts of dark red hail came down in a storm expanding at an astonishing speed.

Every thing the dark red hail touched, froze.

Guo Dong’s sword enveloped everyone within.

In a few moments, Tang Tian’s body was covered in the dark red hail. His body had frozen. He was shocked to realize the true power in him was also frozen!

The true power was frozen!

Just as Tang Tian was surprised, the silver ranked martial spirit inside him shook vigorously and emitted a silver white radiance.

The places the silver ray shone, the true power regained its ability to flow rapidly.

Tang Tian sighed a breath of relief. From the corner of his eyes, he saw two silhouettes passing by him like a gust of wind, they were Bing and Ghost Claw!

He was energized now, as his will to fight rose.

Indeed, he was a strong martial artist ranked 9928 on the list. He was strong!

Tang Tian did not retreat back nor fear him. On the contrary, he was fueled up. To be able to fight with such a strong martial artist was such a pleasure for him!

Defeat him!

I must defeat him!

As though there was a voice shouting within him. Every single cell in Ttang Tian’s body was elated to fight.

His senses told him he could not defeat his opponent now.

But, now, Tang Tian was like an erupting volcano. He was spewing out with full determination to fight. His blood was boiling hot. Even his bones and tendons were like steel burning red!

Senses? What is that?

Tang Tian’s cruel and proud face grinned, exposing his two straight rows of white teeth.

Old Crow, now it is the turn of this godlike young man!