Undefeated God of War - Chapter 206 – Sword Order

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Chapter 206 – Sword Order

Translated by: Berrrybunzun

Edited by: TranslationNations and De Andre

Pitiful Tang Tian did not have the strength to cause trouble for Ling Xu, he spent an entire three days lying on the bed, before recovering and waking up. This deeply reminded him, with his current True Power, he had no control over activating Fire Scythe Ghost Claw, his body was not able to take it.

He then thought about it, Ghost Claw might look old and frail, but contained in it was a surprising amount of power.

As Tang Tian climbed out of bed, he walked out of the room, he saw the messy sword village, and could not help but be speechless.

A lone mountain sat behind the village, casting a sad feeling, as though the entire sword village was shrouded with a layer of sorrow.

It had already been three days since the shaking battle, and to the villagers, it was not the end. Many of the houses hung black armbands, and Tang Tian knew that represented that the family had a death of a family member.

Everyone still had lingering sorrow on their faces, but at the moment, they did not care about the pain and suffering, but strived to work with all their might. The mud wall that protected the village had multiple gaps, and the villagers needed to quickly fix up the wall, so the next time the Stone Gravel Beasts came, it could prevent them from coming in.

When Tang Tian found Xie Qing, he was half naked, carrying some gigantic logs, and continuously ramping up the wall.

Tang Tian’s arrival ,caused many movements of the villagers, and quickly someone went to inform Xie Qing. Xie Qing immediately jumped down, and feeling slightly embarrassed: “Master, why are you here? This place is too dirty.”

“Eh, I’m not some kind of Master, just call me Ah Tian.” Tang Tian slightly blushed, and curiously asked: “You guys are building the wall, to defend against the Stone Gravel Beasts?”

“No.” Xie Qing smiled bitterly: “usually the Stone Gravel Beasts will not come to attack the village, they are very stupid. The wall is to protect against some other wild beasts.”

“Then that time?” Tang Tian was taken aback.

“That was a Stone Gravel Beast King.” Xie Qing’s face darkened, but filled with worry: “The Stone Gravel Beast King is rarely seen, I never expected that this place would have one. Without the beast king, the Stone Gravel Beasts are a group of stupid animals, with the beast king, they are extremely dangerous. But luckily Master came out to take action, if not, the village would have been devastated!”

“Haha! It was a very slight effort! You don’t have to harp on it!” Tang Tian’s both hands grasped his waist as he laughed out loud, his face yet showing a satisfied look.

Xie Qing slapped his forehead: “Oh right, Master please follow me”

Xie Qing brought Tang Tian along to a warehouse. He opened it, and gratefully said: “These are all the Corvus gold that we collected the last time, all these are Master’s spoils of war. The village is too poor, and have nothing to thank Master, I am really…”

When Xie Qing reached here, his face was flushed red.

When a Heaven’s Road grade martial artist took action, it was usually a hundred thousand star coins, and that was the market price….

From the start, Tang Tian did not even think of receiving any remuneration, but he could see that the village was extremely poor, all the houses were somewhat dilapidated. His gaze landed on the small pile of gold in the warehouse, and excitedly shouted: “This is Corvus gold?”

Corvus Gold were varied sizes of small, round and plump metals, the entire grey surface had golden patches, when holding it, it was extremely light.

Such a light metal!

Xie Qing looked at Tang Tian’s expression, and knew it was his first time interacting with the Corvus Gold, and laughed out as he introduced: “En. Corvus Gold is rather useless for us locals, and practically all bought by the caravan traders. I heard that the Mechanical Engineers like them, so we use them to exchange for food.” Out of all this Corvus gold, the quality is not that bad, if Master has a Mechanical Engineer friend, maybe all this would be useful. If they are sold, I’m not too sure how much money it is worth.”

Mechanical Engineer?

Tang Tian immediately thought of Sai Lei, and happily said: “Just nice I have a Mechanical Engineer friend, then I will take all of it!”

“It was originally yours to begin with!” Xie Qing corrected him: “But truthfully…”

“Haha, don’t mention it!” Tang Tian was suddenly curious: “Why are you all not changing places? I’ve seen the surrounding terrain, it is rather flat and difficult to defend, and it seems to not be connected to the major roads. Why not move to the mountain behind, I have seen the mountain terrain, it is steep, easy to defend and hard to attack.”

Xie Qing sighed: “It is a long story. We are of the Xie family, and are Guardian Swordsmen.”

“Guardian Swordsmen?” Tang Tian was stunned, it was his first time hearing that saying.

Xie Qing laughed bitterly: “It has to do with the mountain Master just mentioned.

“That steep mountain peak?” Tang TIan was astounded, the mountain peak was a lonely erected peak, and extremely steep, like a sword pointing to the heavens.

“Yes.” Xie Qing continued explaining: “That mountain peak is called Stone Sword Peak, since our ancestors time, it has been passed down, the mountain is suppressing a treasured sword with powerful history. And my Xie family’s life mission, is to look after this treasured sword.”

“Sounds really powerful!” Tang Tian’s eyes lit up.

Xie Qing’s face that had gone through hardships, expressed a helpless laugh: “But truthfully, no one had ever seen what treasured sword there was. Since young I had always gone up the mountain to find it, and have dug three meters down, but did not find even a trace of our ancestors. Our ancestors also did not have anyone who has seen the sword, so we suspect, this duty that has been passed down, could be fake.”

“Eh, so because of this, you guys never shifted?” Tang Tian could not stop himself and said.

The smile on Xie Qing’s face became even more bitter, although he clearly agreed.

Just at this time, a villager staggered in suddenly: “Big brother Qing, not good! Not Good!”

“What’s the matter?” Xie Qing’s eyes became as sharp as a sword”: “Are the stone gravel beasts back?”

“No… not that.” The villager ran anxiously, and was gasping for breath, but continued: “Sword order…. Big Brother Qing look at this sword order…”

“Sword order?” Xie Qing eyes darkened.

It was a silver sword printed card, on top of it one word was written ‘Guo’.

“Guo Family Sword Order!” Xie Qing’s face changed, as he muttered to himself: “Who would want to aggravate that demon Guo Dong?”

He injected True Power into the the sword order, and a ray of light shot out from it. Inside the light, was an expensive looking silver carriage, a silver haired young man and a sloppy looking youngster inside the carriage.

The faces of Xie Qing and the other villager changed, their gaze, looked towards Tang Tian.

“Yi, isn’t that me and Little Xu Xu?” Tang Tian pointed at the little people inside the ray of light, his eyes lighting up, he was filling with joy.

Just at this time, a fierce voice filled with killing intent suddenly erupted from the sword order.

“Anyone who sees this car or people, Report to the Guo family quickly, if there is anyone who tries to hide these people, I will decimate the entire village, even the chickens and dogs will not live!”

The villager’s faces turned pale white, and on Xie Qing’s face, was utter fear.

The ray of light from the sword order dissipated, and dropped back into Xie Qing’s hands.

Tang Tian who was originally curious, after hearing those words, he frowned and unhappily asked: “Who is that bastard? He sure is arrogant!”

“Fire Crow headsman, the Guo family village Sword Master Guo Dong!” Xie Qing’s face slowly recovered its color, but in his eyes was still the lingering fear.

Tang Tian was confused: “I’ve never heard of him…”

“Guo Dong became famous very early on, roughly 10 years ago, he became a heaven’s grade martial artist.” Xie Qing bit his lips: “And seven years ago, his name rushed into the Heaven’s Road list of 10000 names. From then on, he never dropped out from the heaven road list, and he is currently ranked 9928!”

“Heaven Road list?” Tang TIan’s eyes lit up, he was filled with curiosity: “What is that? A ranking list for experts?”

Seeing Tang Tian’s expression, Xie Qing knew he was not faking it, but in his heart he was curious, Master’s strength is so powerful, how can he not know such general knowledge?

He still patiently explained: “yes, The Heaven Road list is a list of the current strongest, but there are only the names of the Heaven’s Road grade martial artists, are allowed to go up. The Heaven Road list was created by the collaboration of the Cepheus and Cassiopeia constellations, after going through the collective information from the Immortal Martial Libraries, based on the realm, martial technique, fighting successes, they create the list.”

“Wa wa wa, hurry take a look, is there me?” Upon hearing such a fun thing, Tang TiIan was once again excited.

“Master has to go buy the Immortal martial news specially created at the Immortal Martial Library first, then you will know.” Xie Qing continued introducing: “On it there is much news regarding the Hheaven’s Rroad, any experts that passed away, which aristocratic family or which genius from what constellation did something big recently, everything is introduced on it. If master wants to understand more about Heaven road, the Immortal martial news is the right choice.”

“Where can Ii find an Immortal Martial library?” Tang TiIan’s heart was itching, he had recently seen his own power growing, and should have entered the Hheaven’s Rroad grade, doesn’t that mean, his own name can appear to the whole world?

Woah, if that’s the case, there isn’t anything that’s better!

Who cares about Guo Dong, oh, Who is he?

Some small fry ranked almost 10000, and he still dares to talk big? Hmph!

Xie Qing shook his head: “Our village is too remote, there’s no Iimmortal Mmartial Llibrary, if master wants to purchase the Iimmortal Mmartial Nnews, you have to go to the big city. I haven’t been there for very long and haven’t taken notice of such things already.”

Xie Qing’s heart sighed, in the past, he was also filled with a lot of willpower, a wild heart that yearneds to grow, but reality hit him, he was only an ordinary person, and was far from being a genius.

The Heaven road list, was the battlefield for the geniuses, and it had nothing to do with him.

He was just a poor boy from a poor sword village in a poor mountain valley!

Only people like Master, could be hooked onto the immortal martial news, Xie QIng’s heart envied.

Listening to Xie Qing’s words, Tang Tian was lost, but suddenly he thought of something, don’t i have the Honorable Martial Plate?

Who knew if they sold it there?

The Honorable Martial Plate sold all kinds of bizarre things, and had left a deep impression on Tang Tian.

Thinking about it, Tang Tian immediately bade farewell to XIe QIng, rushed back to his room, and immediately injected True Power into the Honorable Martial Plate.

He hadn’t used the Honorable Martial Plate for very long, if not for training, it would be battles. What honorable martial group, he had already thrown it to the back of his head.

He had accumulated lots of credits in the Honorable Martial Plate. Every month he had a fixed amount of points earned, collected until now, it must be a big sum. Currently he had no thoughts of caring about anything else, and immediately searched for whether it sold the Immortal Martial news.

Who knew, there were very few people selling it, and the price was relatively cheap. Without thinking twice, Tang Tian bought the latest edition.

The martial artists of Honorable Martial group, would frequently be at desolated open areas or mountains, and at those places it was impossible to purchase the immortal martial news. And although the price of delivery was slightly expensive, but to the rich people, it was nothing.

Tang Tian was a poor soul, but at this point of time the Immortal Martial news was too exciting for him to care.

Very quickly, a drafted Cepheus and Cassiopeia Constellation blue card, appeared inside Tang Tian’s Honorable Martial Plate.

The sky blue card, was very pretty.

Tang Tian impatiently injected True Power into the card.

What ranking was he? It caused people to be so curious!