Undefeated God of War - Chapter 205 – A Real Martial Artist

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Chapter 205 – A Real Martial Artist

Translated by: Berrrybunzun

Edited by: TranslationNations, Leo and De Andre

Tang Tian stared at the Stone Gravel Beast in front of him, his expression congealing, the Stone Gravel Beast King was actually permeating a dangerous Qi.

18 multiplier folds of intuition, led Tang Tian to have a sharp sense of danger, much more than a normal person. Ever since he landed down until now, the normal Stone Gravel Beasts were like vegetables and fruits in his hands, and not one of them gave off a dangerous Qi to him.

Seems like, this was a powerful fellow!

Tang Tian’s eyes showed excitement, the fighting intent in his chest was exploding out.

To be able to exchange fists with such a powerful beast, always made Tang Tian excited.

Without thinking, Tang Tian released power from his legs, his body squatting down, and like an arrow leaving the bow, he pounced straight towards the Stone Gravel Beast King. The five fingers by his side clawed through the air, on his fingertips suddenly releasing out rays of light due to heat, the rays of light suddenly grew, crackle crackle, sparks blossomed out of Tang Tian’s fingertips, suddenly burning and dazzling.

His shadow was like the wind, bringing forth a beautiful line of sparks!

A brilliant light flashed across the Stone Gravel Beast King’s brown translucent eyes, and it raised its right fist.

The dark metal palm of the right fist, in Tang Tian’s eyes, was crystal clear. Tang Tian’s pupils contracted, the entire metal palm!

The Stone Gravel Beast King’s fists were actually completely metal! The black metal palm was covered with bright minute metals, looking like the stars in the night sky, it was mysterious and beautiful.

Fire Scythe Ghost Claw and the Stone Gravel Beast King’s fists inevitablely crashed.


Countless sparks suddenly exploded from Tang Tian’s Fire Scythe Ghost Claw, it was like fireworks. While the earth affinity True Power that was surging from the Stone Gravel Beast King fists erupted out, the solid ground rippled like fluid water, spreading out in a circle.

Tang Tian’s fingers were immediately numb, the suring earth affinity True Power contained a large amount of force, Tang Tian felt like he was going against a heavy hammer.

But the opponent did not have it great too, Tang Tian’s extremely dangerous and explosive Fire Scythe Ghost Claw was infused with the sharp Crane Energy.

The claw technique itself had sharp and acute attacks that could penetrate almost anything, with this claw, the Stone Gravel Beast King’s body gave way.

Tang Tian yelled out, his claw was so fast it created images, using speed to fight with speed.

Ding Ding Ding!

It was like metal claws consistently hitting onto the heavy hammer until it became red, every hit would induce sparks, it was so concentrated that it could cause people to not be able to breath.

The sparks enveloped the both of them, Xie Qing and Xie Wan could only see two figures fighting in the sparks.

Just at this time, Ling Xu came killing in.

When Tang Tian shouted for him, he was immersed in training, and his entire body was still wet from perspiration. Ling Xu glanced around, the silver spear in his hands like a venomous dragon coming out from its cave, sou sou sou, the sound of the long spear breaking through the air.

Ling Xu had wandered alone for a very long time, and his experiences in battle were immense, although it was his first time meeting Stone Gravel Beasts, but after awhile, he had grasped the big rocks weaknesses.

His figure was vigorous, flying forward like lightning, every spear would hit an enemy.

The spear technique was meant for killing in battlefields like these, he was like a killing god, wherever he went, the enemies would suffer a crushing defeat.

“So powerful!” Xia Wan watched in a daze, her eyes were attracted and stuck to Ling Xu.

The spear was like a meteor, red like a raging inferno, the silver hair draping over his shoulders, the white robe with gold threads.

Such a good looking young man!

Once he came out, he had already attracted Xie Wan’s gaze over.

Ling Xu followed along the sword village mud wall and killed all around, after a few bouts, the pressure on the collapsing mud wall was lessened.

Xie Qing’s expression was stunned, his gaze was more stuck onto Tang Tian’s fight with the Stone Gravel Beast King. One human, one beast, the scene was extremely intoxicating and excitingly fiery.

Even those Stone Gravel Beasts that were unafraid of death, all made way, and formed a circle arena, and those who were inattentive, were immediately killed.

Tang Tian was extremely happy fighting.

He did not hold back, in truth, with his current attainments with Fire Scythe Ghost Claw, he had no choice but to go all out. Every strike used a lot of energy, and the tempo of the fight was so quick that he purely relied on instincts.

But… it was really exhilarating!

Tang Tian could not wait to look up to the sky to shout, he was already tortured for so many days grinding anvils, such a tedious and dull training, day after day. The fighting intent that was kept in control, could completely erupt now.

Ghost Claw did not teach Tang Tian any Fire Scythe Ghost Claw techniques, and Tang Tian only knew how to use the air to produce sparks. But Tang Tian was not the least bit afraid because of that, but instead all sorts of techniques and movements flowed into his head.

He was completely relying on his intuition, and this led him to release fluid movements.

The violent sparks, became difficult to fathom.

The Stone Gravel Beast King only felt the pressure on it rapidly increasing.

Suddenly, a sharp and powerful long shrill sounded out from faraway, the hiss was ear piercing, causing Tang Tian’s mood to stop abruptly. The Stone Gravel Beast King’s eyes suddenly released a light, and hurriedly retreated, without looking at Tang Tian, it flew out far.

Rumble rumble rumble!

All the Stone Gravel Beasts, were like a tide that retreated, leaving the entire floor full of sand and stone.

The ground trembled, the momentum was extremely powerful.

Even Tang Tian and Ling Xu, were surprised by the sudden powerful whistle, but neither of them gave chase. Tang Tian’s gaze landed on the Stone Gravel Beast King, as it quickly disappeared.

Ling Xu heaved a sigh of relief, his entire silver hair, was drenched with perspiration.

He was originally running out of physical strength, after the crazy killing, he was so tired that he was panting.

“They are retreating!”

“The Stone Gravel Beasts are retreating!”


The villagers celebratory shouts exploded, and a smiling expression, appeared on his lips.

This feeling, was really great…

Suddenly, a tender looking hand passed over a handkerchief.

“Thank you!”

The girl’s voice was gentle like water, with a hint of shyness.

Ling Xu was surprised, he raised his head, and a delicate and pretty face entered his eyes. Upon contact with Ling Xu’s gaze, Xie Wan panicked, stuffed the handkerchief into Ling Xu’s hands, and ran away.

Ling Xu was puzzled, he looked at the snow white handkerchief, then looked at his drenched hair.

Such a small piece, even if i wipe… it’s useless….

Ling Xu’s heart thought of that, and randomly flushed the handkerchief into his pocket, he decided that he would definitely enjoy a good bath later.

He turned to look at Tang Tian, Tang Tian was actually still looking at the direction that the Stone Gravel Beast King left in, and seemingly out of character.

Ling Xu took his spear, walked over to Tang Tian: “Hey, what are you looking at?”

“My body cannot move already…”

Tang Tian’s expression looked like he was holding back his defecation, just now he had fought to the point that he ignored his body, and Tang Tian completely let go. While he fought, he could not feel anything, but once it was over, Tang Tian realized that although it was enjoyable, but it caused his body to still have some degree of injury.

His muscles, were tensed up like metal, he could not make them relax.

He looked like a statue standing straight there, not moving an inch.

Ling Xu was stunned, but burst out in laughter: “Ha ha ha ha!”

He patted Tang Tian’s shoulders, and said with his heart: “The scenery here is rather good, you can slowly enjoy it yourself!’

“Hey hey hey! Little Xu Xu, how can you be like that!”

“Hey hey hey! You ass hole….”


Ling Xu turned and walk away from Tang Tian’s scoldings, after walking for 10 meters, Xie Qing who was blocking his way forward, earnestly said: “Please do not disturb him, he is currently thinking of something important.”

Upon Hearing that, Xie Qing quickly nodded his head: “ok ok.”

Xie Qing immediately informed the villagers, not to go near Tang Tian to disturb him.

Suddenly, a big wind blew by, and bean sized raindrops started falling down, the blink of an eye, it had transformed into a downpour.

Pitiful Tang Tian, was immediately drenched.

“Little Xu Xu, You’re dead!”

Tang Tian clenched his teeth as he scolded in the rain.

100 meters away in a pavilion, Ling Xu smiled as he accepted a cup of hot tea from Xie Wan, leisurely sipping on it. Just finished with a hot bath, and changing into a set of new dry clothes, drinking the hot tea, it was an unspeakable comfort and enjoyment.

Xie Qing looked at the lone figure standing in the rain, admiration in his eyes, he said: “Senior Tang is really someone with a persevering martial heart, under the rain, he can comprehend selflessness, he is really my model!”

The rain was heavy, the vast and boundless sky and earth, 100 meters away, the figure in the downpour, became somewhat indistinct. If not for their powerful eye power, it would be very hard to see.

Ling Xu was controlling his laughter to the point of cramping in his stomach, but his face maintained a straight face: “Yes, that’s right, he’s that kind of person. His heart is pure on the martial dao, who advocates bitterness and hardship. When you guys are preparing food for him, remember it must definitely be meager, and there must not be oil, or meat. Half a steamed bun, a bowl of cold water, should be sufficient.”

It was a rare opportunity to turn it against Tang Tian, even Ling Xu felt that he was going overboard.

These kinds of bad things, isn’t it Bing who does this? It really is different environment provides different influences….

Xie Qing was moved: “So that’s the way to sharpen willpower, his will is so firm and persistent, such strength, and he can still be self disciplined to do such hardships, he really is amazing.”

Ling Xu’s face pitied him: “No choice, this was his choice of Dao road!”

Just at this time, Xie Wan noticed that the figure in the rain was moving, and exclaimed: “Master Tang is moving!”

Xie Qing immediately looked over, as expected, the lonesome figure in the rain was shivering, and at the same time clumsily walking over.

Plop, Tang Tian who was in the rain fell.

At this time Tang Tian seemed to be in a very difficult situation, but in Xie Qing’s eyes, it was a determined hardship and benevolent person, who gave up life pleasures, a lonely martial artist figure, it was so clear, so imposing!

“A real martial artist!”

Xie Qing muttered to himself, his eyes filled with passion and worship.

He immediately regained his senses, and quickly ordered: “Sister, hurry go prepare some food! Remember, half a steamed bun, and a bowl of cold water!”

Xie Wan nodded, and immediately went to prepare.

In the rain, Tang Tian kept staggering along, over the distance he fell a few times, his body was wet and full of dirt.

This was a real martial artist!

Xie Qing’s heart was indescribably moved.

When Tang Tian rushed to the pavilion, he sat on the stone bench, gasping for breath with all his might. He had used all his energy on the Fire Scythe Ghost Claw, to continue with such high intensity of battle, to the current Tang Tian, it was beyond his power.

Tang Tian then realized, no wonder Fire Scythe Ghost Claw was a rank seven martial technique!

All the muscles in his body were trembling, the meridians in his body were completely covered in internal injuries, he would have to spend a few days to fully recover.

Even the muscles on his face sustained different degrees of injuries.

He stared fiercely at Ling Xu, both eyes spewing fire.

But because the muscles on his face were injured, his current expression, was extremely foolish.

“Masters, please eat.” Xie Qing respectfully said.


Tang Tian’s spirit was roused, good, wait for this brother to eat full, and then we will settle this!

Tang Tian was so excited as he set his gaze on the food plate in front of him, it was magnificent and exceptionally bulky, and Xie Qing respectfully opened up the box.

One bowl of cold water, half a steamed bun.

Tang Tian’s eyes stared straight at that.