Undefeated God of War - Chapter 202 – Fire Crow Amplification

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Chapter 202 – Fire Crow Amplification

Translated by: Berrrybunzun

Edited by: TranslationNations, Leo and De Andre

Five grey clothed swordsmen, looking like a flock of grey crows, were raiding towards the silver carriage. These five grey clothed swordsmen, had a cold expression, their eyes blazing red, wielding grey colored long swords.

In their red pupils, Tang Tian could clearly see greed, surprise and passion.

“Those who are guilty, my spear will pierce through.”

A gentle voice suddenly sounded out from the side, Tang Tian turned to look, and saw Ling Xu. Tang Tian was surprised, Ling Xu who was in front of him, was unusually calm, his orange eyes did not show his daily anger and violence.

It was like he changed into another person.

The golden threads, white robed Ling Xu, held his spear vertically straight up, but did not give any sort of threatening feeling, but on the other hand caused people to feel exceptionally tranquil, like a still storm.

This brat….

Under Tang Tian’s surprise gaze, Ling Xu who was holding the spear in his right hand suddenly stepped onto the protective fence at the side of the carriage, his handsome face under the sunlight, was gentle and tranquil.

Shua, he stepped onto the fence and flew out of the carriage. His silver hair flying in the sky, he was like a snow white bird, rushing towards the five grey clothes swordsmen.

The five of them, scattered out into formation, two of them at the front, the other three behind in a proportionate distance, from left, right, and top flew towards Ling Xu.

In midair, Ling Xu gazed at the five men pouncing towards him, not moving an inch.

The five of them waved their grey swords, every sword lighting up with a red flame. The swords all sounded out at the same time, five flat flaming rays extending out from the sword, like five flaming crows giving rise to five rays of fire columns, whistling towards Ling Xu.

Corvus Constellation’s [Fire Crow Sword]!

The five of them released their sword arts at the same time, in perfect coordination, the five rays of Fire Crow Swords, all cried out at the same time, it was actually quite spectacular.

Wu Wu Wu – the swords kept on ringing!

The five of them continued brandishing their Fire Crow Sword rays, one after another the Fire Crow Sword rays were like rain, all rushing towards Ling Xu at different timings!

Ling Xu seemed to be oblivious, standing there motionless majestically.

The whole sky seemed to be filled with fire crows whistling, occupying his entire vision, it was impossible for him to dodge. The five grey clothed swordsmen exposed a hard to restrain joy, the opponent actually dared to stay still!

Never did we expect to meet such a arrogant thus stupid enemy…

The five of them came from a sword village, together since young, the five of them got accepted by a teacher. The five of them were compatible and connected to each other well, and the fire crow sword was not too high a sword technique for them to learn, but the five of them instead researched a combined assault technique. Adding that the five of them had similar standards, when the combined fire crows joint together, their might became exponentially strong.

The silver carriage was surprisingly extravagant, one look and anyone could tell that the owner was from a rich family. Once the carriage entered Corvus Constellation, it was like a rock dropping into a calm river, inducing countless ripples.

Who knew how many people eyed it, but most of them did not have the power to take action.

The five of them had hesitated and discussed for a very long time, before deciding to take action and investigate. If they did manage to get it, it was a ticket to earn a lot of money, as it goes without saying, the brightness of the carriage, was already sufficient to be sold for a large sum of money.

When Ling Xu flew out of the carriage, the five of them thought they met a strong enemy.

But following that, after seeing Ling Xu’s character, they immediately recognized it as a good opportunity.

Without hesitating the five of them released their killing technique.

The grey sword in all their hands all rotated into circles, as they shouted out loudly: “KILL!”

Seeing the whole sky lit up with the fire crow sword rays, they all suddenly disappeared, changing into a huge fire red sword form, that changed into a gigantic fierce fire crow, rushing towards Ling Xu!

[Fire Crow amplification]!

The fire crow’s terrifying figure, entire body flaming up, its sword intent flowing out, its fierceness was enveloping the entire field!

Tang Tian’s pupils suddenly contracted, even when he was in the carriage, he was able to feel the fierce and violent Qi that approached. The hot Qi wave caused the surrounding air temperature to rise exponentially.

The five of them had average power, but this technique which combined their powers, was definitely a heaven’s road grade martial artists’ power!

The flame reflected on Ling Xu’s handsome face and his entire silver hair, that tranquil and calm face, appeared to be rippling, the angry flames, were coming out from his orange pupils, started rippling outwards, spreading across his entire face.

The tranquil and peacefulness was torn apart, the storm boomed out, the orange colored eyes igniting with rage. In just a short time, Tang Tian witnessed Ling Xu’s entire transformation from being calm to becoming enraged.


The bellow was like thunder, thundering out into the entire sky.

The silver spear in Ling Xu’s hand disappeared, at the same time pointed sea spear blossomed in the sky.

The ‘wu wu’ sword sounds were being suppressed by the laceration sounds.

The fire crows crashed into the Pointed Sea Spears.

A dot of dazzling flame, lit up on the fire crows bodies, it was like the fierce violent fire crows woke up, and the Pointed Sea Spears that appeared in front of the fierce fire crows, looked very weak.

Following that, a regiment of flames, suddenly lit up from the fire crow, rising and falling in succession, it was incomparably concentrated.

The five of them had already set their hearts to it, although it looked like the flames were concentrated, and looked extremely scary, but they could feel that the damage received by the fire crow was not strong.

As long as they could go through the layers of the Pointed Sea Spears, then the opponent had no more protection.

The five of them made quick decisions, the grey swords in their hands continued to move about differently, one after another rays of fire crow sword rays, continued entering the gigantic fire crow body, and the gigantic fire crow’s slightly dimmed body immediately lit up again, the power increasing sharply.

Chi Chi CHi!

The lacerating sounds, were like souls that had not dispersed, continuously lingering in everybody’s ear.

The Pointed Sea Spears was like a rising sea tide, that did not stop. The bright fire, apparently lighting up on the gigantic fire crow, was so concentrated that it caused people’s heart to palpitate.

Their faces congealed, the attacks that the gigantic fire crow was receiving, was rapidly growing stronger.

They had no choice but to increase their waving sword speed, increasing the concentration of the fire crow sword intent, causing a flock of fire crows to enter the gigantic fire crow’s body.

What caused everyone to be surprised was that the gigantic fire crow body was actually slowly getting dimmer.

No matter how much fire crow sword rays entered, it was slowly becoming dimmer.

The five swords started waving faster and faster.

The change in rhythm was completely not in their control, as the enormous pressure forced them to only continue increasing the speed of their swords waving.

Their faces quickly became pale.

Initially, they thought that the Pointed Sea Spears was weak, but unexpectedly tough and resilient. The gigantic fire crow was like a star spirit beast that was caught in a net, no matter how it tried to struggle, it was unable to get out of it.

The speed that the spear tip was showing, was constantly rising, and the pressure applied on the five men, was consistently rising as well.

The five of them were already ashen-faced.

They had plenty of fighting experiences, and they knew, they had already lost the momentum, as it was entirely controlled by the opponent.

The layers from the sea of spear tips in their eyes, was not very profound.

It could be said that this battle did not have secrets, the battle between the both sides, was the battle of numbers – who could release the higher number. When the five of them lost the momentum lead, it meant that the amount of spears that the opponent was releasing, was more than the five of them altogether!

That’s not possible….

All five of their faces were shocked beyond belief.

For this [Fire Crow amplification], they had specially trained their hand speed to release a high quantity of hits, and the speed of them five releasing the fire crow swords, exceeded the norms for the Fire Crow Sword at least two times.

But… the opponent was actually releasing so fast that, it exceeded the total of the five of them!

If not for them personally experiencing it, they would had definitely not believed it!

In this way they were completely locked in a stalemate, in any chance that they started to sink, they had no way to redeem themselves. The chances of victory was already tilting to their opponent.

The gigantic fire crow was slowly dimming, becoming very dark.


The gigantic fire crow exploded into a puff of fire rain, the five of them all groaned, their faces overwhelmed with shock.

But they were unable to react, and the vast Pointed Sea Spears swallowed all five of them.

Retracting his spear, the sky full of pointed sea spears immediately disappeared, and the anger in Ling Xu’s eyes slowly retracted, he once again recovered his tranquility.

Quietly standing in the air, his gaze slowly swept the surroundings, not saying anything, he turned and floated back to the carriage.

The silver hair and silver spear, he was extremely good looking!

He tiptoed lightly and landed on the floor of the carriage, his silver hair floating along.

“Wa, Little Xu Xu, you have improved by a great deal!” Tang Tian opened his eyes wide, but followed to asked: “But, why did you not use what do you call that Justice Orange Core Pierce?”

(TN: it is supposed to be 正义本心刺 – Justice Origin Core Pierce, but he called it 一本正经刺 – which was one book decent pierce. He mixed it up. I’ll change it to sound like an english mistake)

His footsteps stopped, expression froze, the corner of his eyes started twitching.

Justice Orange Core Pierce….Remain calm, remain calm, do not lower yourself and bicker with this trash….

“That Justice Orange Core Pierce is actually rather strong, have you forgotten.” Tang Tian rubbed his chin, his face serious: “If you forgot about it, then that’s a real pity! It was a powerful technique! But it is ok, think hard about it, maybe you can remember it…”

“Wa wa wa, watch my Justice Orange Core Pierce!”

Tang Tian started dancing with his hands.

Ling Xu’s face was like dark clouds gathering, becoming blacker and blacker.

Remain calm….remain… not anymore!

Ling Xu violently roared without any warning into Tang Tian’s ears, in which Tang Tian did not make it in time to prepare withdrew himself.

“Shut up! You asshole! You’re doing this on purpose! You’re definitely doing it on purpose!” Ling Xu was thoroughly enraged, he grabbed his silver spear, ‘peng peng peng’ he banged it on his chest, and thundered: “Come, let’s fight! It you don’t know today, it’ll be me!”

“Hey….” Tang Tian looked at Ling Xu in astonishment, innocently saying: “Why? I’m complimenting you!”

Tang Tian went closer to him looking concerned: “Little Xu Xu, did you over exert yourself recently, even your brain is fried? Oh no, don’t tell me because of that, you forgot about the Justice Orange Core Pierce?”

Ling Xu felt his entire body blazing up, he had already exploded out, and all his silver hair was standing on their ends, he waved the silver spear and pointed at Tang Tian: “You you you! Come, let us have a good fight!”

Tang Tian became increasingly sure of his own judgement, his face full of sympathy looking at Ling Xu, he shook his head: “No fighting, no fighting. Little Xu Xu, when you’re sick you need to go cure yourself, if it goes down this way, it will be very dangerous. Let me tell you, the brain is very important. Don’t worry, I won’t give up on you, Corvus Constellation definitely has a powerful doctor…”


Ling Xu felt that he was going crazy, and bellowed: “Shut up! Let’s fight!”

The sympathy in Tang Tian’s eyes grew even more, as he shook his head, he said seriously: “Little Xu Xu, although your brain is not good, I won’t look down on you. I am a loyal brother…”


Ling Xu roared in extreme anger, it was like surging thunders, from very far away, people spying from them in the shadows trembled in fear.