Undefeated God of War - Chapter 201 – Corvus Constellation

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Chapter 201 – Corvus Constellation

Translated by: Berrrybunzun

Edited by: TranslationNations, Leo and De Andre

Facing King Kong approaching like a pressurizing small mountain, Bing’s poker face was still indifferent, only the two brush stroke shaped thick eyebrows, and the pair of small eyes squinted.

The rest earlier had allowed him and Tiger to recover from their fatigue, and it was a practise that he had brought with him since the Army era. With accordance to a long journey, rest is more important than the speed of travel. By restraining the use of his physical strength on travelling, it allowed him to be in a battle state at any point in time, and to Bing, it was instinct.

Facing the aggressive King Kong that was approaching, he was not fearful at all.

If it was another normal martial artist, maybe they would be suspicious, why would the opponent suddenly rush out. But to Bing who had countless of experience before, he did not hesitate at all, in the next moment, he struck back.

Sky Tiger’s figure disappeared in an instant, and King Kong immediately released an instinctual move, at that moment, Sky Tiger’s body leaned over, like blue lightning, in a moment appearing at King Kong’s ribs!

So fast!

Liu Ya Zhi’s heart jumped, his face turned ugly!

Once an expert makes a move, anyone would know. Liu Ya Zhi was confident of his own abilities, and was naturally not a weakling, his eye power was stronger than ordinary people.

He met a strong opponent!

Liu Ya Zhi’s change was extremely fast, King Kong’s momentum did not change, his left knee flew up like a huge rock, whistling through the air.

Bing’s poker face remained calm, as if he had already anticipated that the knee was approaching.

King Kong’s legs were so shockingly thick, this knee knock, was pushed with a lot of energy, if it connected even by a bit, it could instantly break an arm or a leg. Liu Ya Zhi was skilful with King Kong to the bones, this type of brand new mechanical weapon, they had spent countless blood sweat and tears to research, a masterpiece that merged a star spirit beast and the power of blood meridians.

Blood meridian weapons were strong, and was not something humans could match, and King Kong was even a well known figure. When they were already trialing with blood meridian weapons, King Kong was not the strongest mechanical weapon, but its power, was something that nothing could match up to.

The power that King Kong displayed, whoever had seen it, would always be overwhelmed with shock.

As long as he got one strike, no matter how strong the mechanical weapon, they would also lose their fighting strength.

The opponent actually did not dodge!

Ridicule appeared in Liu Ya Zhi’s eyes, he could almost imagine it, this beautiful mechanical weapon would soon collapse, and those feathers would burst with a loud bang!

After trying it out on so many mechanical weapons, it always resulted in the same thing.

King Kong’s knee attack brought forth a big shadow, engulfing the sky blue mechanical weapon.

Liu Ya Zhi’s pupils suddenly contracted, not good, it was a shadow!

Just at this time, a burst of acute pain came from behind, and King Kong’s huge figure involuntarily fell forward. Liu Ya Zhi was overwhelmed with shock at this moment was unable to reverse the situation, and took the opportunity to roll forward.

Chi chi chi!

Three consecutive strikes, struck towards King Kong’s rolling body, entering the soil, causing three soil pillars to raise up.

Bing was slightly surprised, the attacks he did should have caused injury, but he did not expect that the opponent would be fine, it seems like the weird mechanical weapon still had some wonders.

Liu Ya Zhi who had just barely picked up his life from hell’s gate, his face was full of fear and was deathly white. That exchange just now, he barely made it out alive!

If not for him luckily adding more weight to the back for defense, that exchange just now, he definitely would not be able to block. Facing such an expert, to not be able to defend one move, meant death.

Just at this time, a few shouts came from faraway, Liu Ya Zhi’s attention was shaken, his partners were here!

King Kong released a low growl, giving his companions the direction.

Liu Ya Zhi who set his heart to it, his fear all disappeared, the most important thing to do now was to lock the opponent in place, he growled again and pounced towards the Sky tiger.

How could Bing not find out from such a huge commotion? But his poker face was still as calm as water, even those tiny eyes, did not have the slightest fluctuation.

To be calm and steady, even under the most anxious situation, Bing was actually a good example of this, he was always cold and steady.

Sky Tiger brought about a series of destructive shadows, King Kong brought about a violent wind, both flashing in and out.

Pa Pa Pa!

Sky Tiger’s attacks, all directly hit onto King Kong’s body, breaking down all the hair. But Liu Ya Zhi clenched his teeth and held on, he had already made the decision, to borrow King Kong’s strong defense, to sacrifice himself while holding onto the opponent.

Bing saw through Liu Ya Zhi’s intention, the battle experience between the two parties, are simply not on the same level.

King Kong with its thick hide, had an astonishing level of defence, it’s muscles much stronger through intensification, much stronger and durable than normal metals.

Without thinking, Bing changed his fist to a palm, slicing down as a palm blade!


A Blue light flashed across, King Kong’s body had a blade wound, and some blood splurted out.

Bing was finally surprised, King Kong’s defense level caused him to be shocked. Sky Tiger’s slicing attack was extremely powerful, and can easily break open all the thick and coarse skin star spirit beasts, but he did not think that, it would actually only leave a shallow wound on KIng Kong.

Although he was surprised, but Bing did not even stop, and while King Kong was roaring, he turned one round and appeared at King Kong’s dead angle.

Chi chi chi!

Blue lights flashed across like blades, every blue light, would be followed by blood splurting out.

Bing was like a patient artist, slowly adding red marks across King Kong’s body.

In the blink of an eye, King Kong which had a stature of a small mountain, was filled with big and small wounds, fresh blood flowing everywhere, it was a terrifying scene.

When Liu Ya Zhi’s companions came rushing in, and seeing the entire scene, they were utterly shocked.

The organization had spent a lot of energy on blood meridians weapons, from five years ago, the organization had started the initiative to groom mechanical martial artists. After spending countless amounts money and energy, they had finally groomed up a powerful mechanical martial artist.

These few years, the mechanical martial artists did not have strong power. But when the organization casually chose one of theirs to be placed outside, they would definitely be the peak standards. And Liu Ya Zhi was able to use [King Kong], which proves that, amongst the geniuses in the organization, he was quite outstanding.

If not, the organization would definitely not allow him to be the controller of [King Kong], and waste a powerful mechanical weapon on a lousy machine engineer.

But this was an expert recognized by the organization, and he was actually being pressured to death by another mechanical martial artist.

If the opponent was a martial artist, everyone would not be surprised, but what they were surprised was that the opponent was also a mechanical martial artist.

Every Constellation had experts, and no matter how strong Liu Ya Zhi was to them, they did not dare recognize the fact that they could be stronger than those true real martial artists. Even if They think that their blood meridians weapons would be the strongest mechanical weapons now, they would definitely not fight with those heroes.

Mechanical martial artists were just a sub branch of the entire group of martial artists, and they still had this knowledge.

But the opponent was actually a fellow mechanical martial artist!

In the world of mechanical martial artists, in this fight, Liu Ya Zhi had already lost.

Liu Ya Zhi was an expert in the organization, and [King Kong] was also one of the strongest mechanical weapons.


Seeing King Kong bleeding profusely everywhere, none of them could believe their own eyes.

What a strong martial artist! Such a strong mechanical weapon!

King Kong’s pace had already begun to become clumsy, blood meridian weapons and blood meridians were closely related, after a large amount of blood loss, it had caused King Kong’s power to plummet.

Damn it!

Liu Ya Zhi did not think that he would actually be beaten to this stage. Even though he knew the opponent was much stronger than him, but as a prideful person, he still felt ashamed.

“Stop him!”

Liu Ya Zhi’s rageful shout resonated across the entire field, and all of those companions who were rushing for support, woke up from their daze, and all entered the battle.

Bing looked at the back in front of him who was covered in criss crosses of bruises. until now, this was Liu Ya Zhi biggest mistake.

As long as he gave one more blade, he could kill him perfectly!

But, Bing was not overzealous, the wing’s on Sky Tiger’s back opened up, in the middle of the circle that he was surrounded in, his entire being soared upwards, swaying continuously in midair, stopping the people’s idea of encircling him. Originally he was trapped, but Bing had simply tore a hole in their trap, rushed out of their circle, shook his sleeves and he left.

Everyone was overwhelmed with shock.

There was actually such a strong mechanical martial artist in this world?

Watching Sky Tiger’s blue back, no one dared to give chase.


Tang Tian was called out by the coachman.

“Master, we have already stepped into the territory of Corvus Constellation.” The coachman said respectfully.

“So fast.” Tang Tian was puzzled, he was already tortured to the point that he wished to die from the training. His head was full of anvils, the densely packed limitless number of anvils.

He was always improving, until he broke through to 20 anvils a day.

The improvement was tremendous, but the degree of exhaustion was linear to his improvements. Everyday Tang Tian was only awake for half the time, the remaining time, he was actually groggy and could only clench his teeth and persevere through.

Collapsing, fainting were all common to him.

But under Tang Tian’s stubborn perseverance, he did not waste any day. Such toughness and willpower, caused even Ghost Claw to be surprised.

To grind 20 anvils a day, adding on the time delay of starry door, in a day outside, Tang Tian could demolish 80 anvils. And in a month, that was 2400 anvils.

This speed, was already very astonishing.

Fire Scythe Ghost Claw suddenly seemed attainable.

The coachman hesitated for a while, and said: “Master, Corvus Constellation is not very peaceful…”

“Not very peaceful?” Tang Tian was still muddle headed.

“Yes, Master.” The coachman explained: “Corvus Constellation produces swordmasters, but this place does not have a strong ruler, so it has caused a large amount of drifting swordmasters. These drifters are extremely poor, and do not have places to stay, in the day they are swordsman for hire, in the dark they actually rob and burglar, and do all sorts of bad things. Corvus Constellation swordmasters reputation, isn’t good.”

Tang Tian slowly recovered and woke up, slightly surprised: “Doesn’t that mean, Corvus Constellation is very messy?”

“Yes Master.” The coachman reminded: “Although the drifters do not dare think of any ideas on this silver carriage, but some powerful drifters, might see us as fresh meat…”

Tang Tian broke the coachman’s words, as his gaze was fixed to the front, pouting: “Seems like some of them already sees us as fresh meat!”