Undefeated God of War - Chapter 200 – King Kong

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Chapter 200 – King Kong

Translated by: Berrrybunzun

Edited by: TranslationNations, Leo and De Andre

Su su su!

The sounds of speed so fast it ripped the air apart sounded out, the spear tip ripping through the air. It was not the whistling sound of the penetrating formless spirit, but rather the sound of cloth ripping apart, it was low and hoarse but full of dangerous Qi that causes people’s hearts to palpitate.

Ling Xu’s expression was exceptionally concentrated, perspiration following the contours of his face to his chin, dropping down onto the spear tip, which was shortly transformed into sparkling and translucent sprinkles by the chaotic sharp movements and Qi.

He did not discount himself from training at all today.

His hair had completely turned silver, glistening under the light. His handsome face was reflected onto the silver spear tip, both faces cold and silent. His orange pupils, resembled a pulsating flame.

A pincushion chill suddenly rose from his spinal column, causing his face and body to shudder involuntarily.

The transformation of the silver color caused his power to skyrocket, but also began to show its sinister side. His bones that could not bear the heavy burden, under the extreme chill Qi permeation, the cold and acute pain, had begun to spread throughout his body.

Ling Xu’s face turned pale white, he hugged his knees and the silver spear, his entire body curling up into a ball.

Damn it!

Both of his hands were fiercely holding onto his legs, his fingernails turning white, he felt that he was drifting into hell.


He thought that he could hear his teacher’s warm voice in his ears, when he was young, his teacher would frequently talk about heaven and hell. Teacher said, only people who were revered and were sincere, could enter heaven.

What kind of place is heaven…is it warm?…..is there still pain and suffering there?….

He suddenly thought about something, he took out an old broken book from his Aquarius Martial Cabinet while trembling. From his memories, his teacher would often flip through this book, and from the frequent flipping it became very old. Teacher had very few remnants, and this was one of them.

His shivering hands randomly turned to a page, by focusing I should be able to lessen the pain…

Ling Xu used his stuttering voice, and read out stammeringly.

“….I vow to treat the weak kindly, I vow to courageously protect against violence, I vow to oppose all wrongdoers, I vow to fight for defenseless and unarmed people…”

Reading and reading, Ling Xu’s stuttering voice gradually became more stable, and he began reading louder and louder.

“…I vow to help those who seek help, I vow to never hurt any married woman…”

“….I Vow to always help my brothers, I vow to treat my friends honestly, I vow to never steal love away….”

His voice got louder and louder, as though the pain and chill was leaving him, and a warm foreign Qi, from deep within his body slowly soared up, his contracted body gradually relaxed, and his voice resonated in the room.

His orange eyes, lit up like a firefly.

Like the sun’s rays piercing through the sky like a sword, the violent winds sweeping the darkness and despair away , his heart was once again pumping high and mighty.

Teacher, is this the last gift you have given me…


The silver Heavenly Steed Carriage flew in the air, and according to the star map, they had to first reach Corvus Constellation.

The only impression Tang Tian had of Corvus Constellation, was Master Wu whom he had met at Star Wind City. Other than that, he knew nothing about the constellation.

But now he had the star map in his hands.

Corvus Constellation was a small constellation, and compared to the others, it was not eye catching. But on the map it wrote, Corvus Constellation’s fencers were prevalent, and the locals sought pride in training with swords.

Wu Hou had specifically sent a few coachmen, to help Tang Tian chaffeur the Heavenly Steed Carriage.

Tang Tian was still fervently training, without Bing at the side making noises, and Magic Flute gone to help out, Ghost Claw quietly sat there and observed. His gaze, had never left Tang Tian for a second, just quietly watching him.


It was already the 20th day after Bing had entered the Spirit Hunting Region.

After living in Three Spirits City, he did not expect that, he would have gone so deeply into the place. Spirit Hunting Region was extremely far from Three Spirits City, and throughout his journey he had been through two other towns. One was called the Void Rain City, and the other was Wan Bao City.

These were two extremely small towns, much smaller than Three Spirits City. Bing had marked out on his own map, and had actually travelled mostly in a straight line.

Along the way he had met countless fierce star spirit beasts, and suddenly, it was like he was back in the era of the Army, a lonesome man travelling for ten’s of thousands of miles.

He was proud of that experience, in the entire army, only he had managed to complete it. Until now he could vividly remember appearing in front of the entire army covered in grey soot, and the shock and stunned look on the captain’s face.

Because of that he was very proud of himself for a very long time.

Compared to that time, the current danger and difficulty was too miniscule to compare, but it was still exhilarating and caused him to be enthusiastic.

For the entire journey, the speed of the Sky Tiger was out of the world, and in 20 days, the distance he had covered was astonishing.

Bing and Sky Tiger were already very connected at a deep level, ever since he started getting used to the new mechanical weapon way of fighting, he was once again filled with excitement, his battle prowess steadily increasing.

He had given the martial spirit inside Sky Tiger the name of ‘Tiger’.

Tiger was extremely satisfied with the name.

“Rest for a while, Tiger.” Bing muttered, and stopped.

Tiger was perfect to be an avid listener, it could give you information, and not refute you, and all the more would not get frustrated with Bing’s nagging.

Bing started to enjoy nagging and talking to himself more and more, even Ghost Claw who was such a stupefied person, would not be able to take it. Bing started to feel bored by himself, unsure if it was because of Tang Tian’s influence, or some other reason, Bing started to have tendencies to nag.

“Aiya, why am I like an old woman now, and talk so much?” Bing casually said, he realized that today, he had started talking to Tiger.

“Because you’re lonely.”

A foreign reply suddenly sounded out.


Bing froze, as though he was struck by lightning. Lonely…. So it was loneliness…that’s right, there was only him….

After a while, did he suddenly realize, he could not believe it: “you you you…you’re Tiger?”

“Yes.” Tiger replied with accurate pronunciation.

“Ah ah ah ah ah…you you you… how can you speak?” As though as Bing had seen a ghost, his poker face became lively.

“I tried it out, and I could.” Tiger replied.

Bing quickly recovered from the shock, and became very excited: “Wa wa wa, did you just become more powerful! Ha ha ha ha, I am the first person to have a talking mechanical weapon!”

“You’re a spirit general.” Tiger reminded Bing’s mistake.

Bing froze.

Although the words Tiger spoke hurt, but to have a talking companion, Bing was extremely happy, and was exclaiming loudly.

Suddenly, Bing stopped, and exposed a cautious stance.

“There’s someone nearby!” Bing said softly.

Tiger did not reply, but Sky Tiger immediately entered battle mode, their compatibility and rapport was outstanding.

The opponents speed was fast.

Just as Bing got prepared, the opposing party appeared in his field of vision.

The land they were in was vast, nothing to block their sight, and as soon as Bing saw the person coming, he was stunned.

Mechanical martial artist!

The opponent was actually another mechanical martial artist!

Bing’s gaze landed on the mechanical weapon, and his pupils contracted.

Such a peculiar mechanical weapon!

He could not make out the metal of the opposing party’s mechanical weapon, it was like a weird star spirit beast, like a live animal.

If not for Bing’s familiarity with mechanical weapons, being immersed for so many years, he would not had linked the weird creature in front of him to any mechanical weapons.

The weird creature in front of him, was like a metal skinned ape, but its hands and legs were exceptionally bulky, its entire body striped in a red that looked like it was blazing, and only its grey eyes looked like it was lifeless.

It was running at an extremely fast speed, like a small mountain, running without making a sound.

The person in front of him, did not have the Qi of a star spirit beast, and it was running extremely quickly, when looked closely, you would still come to realize that its movements were rigid, not like a real quick-witted metal skinned ape.

Such a weird mechanical weapon!


Liu Ya Zhi was in a shock seeing the sky blue mechanic weapon in front of him!

His red hot envious gaze was so hot that it could melt the sky blue mechanical weapon in front of him, it was his first time seeing such a beautiful mechanical weapon that could cause people to palpitate with eagerness!

It was obvious that the sky blue mechanical weapon had the same style as the Southern Cross Army’s mechanical weapons, and was most definitely the best creation from them. No, it had already exceeded the standards of Southern Cross Army!

Liu Ya Zhi had deep knowledge on mechanical weapons, with one look he could see the standards of any mechanical weapon! The sky blue metal tail feathers behind, were so attractive, and in Liu Ya Zhi’s eyes, it was more beautiful than any beauty’s skin. The perfect graceful structure actually even had wings!

Whose creation is that?

Since when was there such an outstanding machine engineer?

Comparing to it, my own mechanic weapon was like a slab of ugly flesh.

Liu Ya Zhi’s gaze increased sharply, the mechanical weapon in front of him, was the most outstanding he had ever seen. If the machine engineer could collaborate with him, they would most definitely be able to create the most perfect and strongest mechanical weapon in the whole world!

He was so sure of it!

Liu Ya Zhi’s eyes were blazing with passion, but his heart was still cautious. He had wasted so much time and so much energy to create a new mechanical weapon, and was about to launch it out into the market, in which he and his partners firmly believed, they had no competitors. They would be like a hurricane, sweeping the entire world, starting a new generation and era.

Liu Ya Zhi also firmly believed in that point.

He had come out today, to test out his latest creation [King Kong] for the last test, upon completing this test, their blood meridians battle sets, would immediately be pushed out into the market!

He did not think that, upon coming here, he would actually chance upon a mechanical weapon that was not in the least inferior to King Kong!

Luckily, he was still a formidable mechanical martial artist!

Liu Ya Zhi’s eyes burst out a ray of light, his gaze stuck onto the sky blue mechanical weapon, he was so sure, that even the heavens was helping him, by sending that into his mouth.

Capture the opponent!

In the next moment, Liu Ya Zhi had made that decision.

King Kong started running up.