Undefeated God of War - Chapter 199 – Big Purchase Order

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Chapter 199 – Big Purchase Order

Translated by: Berrrybunzun

Edited by: TranslationNations, Leo and De Andre

Bang Bang Bang!

The loud knocks on the door forced Tang Tian to halt his training, it was already the third time of being disturbed in a day. Previously, Wu Hou and Elder Lin had came to look for him, and this time when Tang Tian opened the door, it was Ming Hou.

Ming Hou’s face was eager, Tang Tian immediately showed him a posture of stopping with his hands, and said: “I know what you wish to ask, Yes, the address is already written here, the definite route, you have to find it yourself.”

Finished, he gave Ming Hou a little piece of paper, then immediately slammed the door.

Ming Hou swept his gaze across the little piece of paper, on the top wrote “Spirit Region Three Spirits City Sai Lei Mechanical Weapon Shop”. Ming Hou vigor was shaken, so the seller was in the Spirit Region, although he did not know of Three Spirits City such a place, but as long as it was the Spirit Region, as long as he thought of something, he would definitely hear about it.

Without saying a word, he turned to leave. Not even a few steps, and he met Elder Yun.

Elder Yun’s gaze landed onto the little piece of paper on Ming Hou’s hand, Ming Hou dared not offend Elder Yun, and automatically asked: “Elder wants to seek Teacher Tang to enquire about the location that sells the mechanical weapon?”

Elder Yun ‘oh’ once: “Don’t tell me you too came here for that?”

Ming Hou respectfully handed him the small piece of paper: “This was just retrieved from Teacher Tang.”

Elder Yun took it up, took a look, and nodded his head satisfyingly: “Not bad.” Finished, he took the piece of paper and turned to leave, Ming Hou secretly celebrated that he had already memorized the location.

Three Spirits City. Sai Lei Mechanical Weapon Shop!

No matter what, they had to find that shop!


In the blink of an eye, Tang Tian had already tossed all the trifling matters to the back of his head, his goal was to once again immerse himself into training. His current proficiency had already reached six anvils a day.

The more he grinded, the more abundant his experience was. The True Power that was attached to his fingers, was constantly changing forms, he was finding what form was the best to increase his proficiency.

Ghost Claw did not teach him Fire Scythe Ghost Claw, and only allowed him to grind anvils, thus allowing Tang Tian to concentrate fully on grinding the anvils. He even momentarily forgot that his final goal was the Fire Scythe Ghost Claw, and his goal changed to the ten thousand anvils.

A distant goal, to Tang Tian who had a simple brain, was an extremely tough matter.

But for just a trivial ten thousand anvils….

Tang Tian clenched his teeth at the words ‘trivial’, and continued to train with all his might. The speed of his fingers grinding the anvil was faster and faster, even with the strong friction power, the speed of his fingers grinding the anvil, was still so fast that his hands were like shadows.

While Tang Tian was grinding the anvils, the anvils would constantly be enveloped with eye piercing sparks. The speed of the sparks dying off was slower than the speed of sparks created, therefore forming such a spectacular scene.

Give it your best!

Tang Tian!

Tang Tian struck excessively, grinding the anvils with all his might, his fingers becoming the size of carrots, day in night out, he did not relax one bit. Every time his True Power was exhausted, he would immediately use a star rock to recuperate and train.

Such extravagant activity, after using for so long, it naturally became a habit.

What made Tang Tian feel surprise was that he could obviously feel the links of the meridians in his fingers, becoming much more thick and solid. This attracted his attention, his meridians were becoming sturdier, to any martial artist, it possessed a deadly attractive force.

The sturdier the meridians, the more True Power it allowed to pass through, implying that his employment of power would become bigger. And his meridians becoming stronger, allowed it to become more firm, to greatly lessen the chances of injury and the possibility of entering the frenzied state.

Having robust meridians allowed many benefits, and many people knew of it, but very few of them could attain it. The meridians were deep in the body, and difficult to temper.

This method could actually allow the meridians to become more robust!

Tang Tian’s eyes lit up, if he could improve all the meridians in his entire body, what would be the result?

That thought surfaced up, causing Tang Tian to look pensive.

But very quickly, Tang Tian did not have anymore time to think, he needed to move.

Three days had gone by in a flash, and it was time to say goodbyes.

The young lady weeped very badly, but Tang Tian did not have any hurt feelings, he patted the young lady’s head, warning her: “Don’t always think of going to play, you must train hard and well! You better not throw your godlike teacher’s face!’

The young lady wailed, although she had only known her little teacher for a short time, but Tang Tian had already become her idol that she worshipped.

The goodbyes were said today, whether or not they could meet in the future, it was hard to tell.

After saying farewell to a few of Wu Hou’s people, Tang Tian and Ling Xu went to sit inside the silver carriage, and plunged into the night.

The journey had just begun.

And right then, Tang Tian who had once again immersed himself into training, totally forgot about Sai Lei and Bing who were in Three Spirits City.


“Take note of the martial spirit!” Sai Lei’s high pitched voice, was very piercing to the ear. Dressed in red high heels, a tight fitting dress, Sai Lei’s devilish figure, the outline of her body was drawn with extreme saturation.

She stared intently at the Sky Tiger who kept on falling in the training ground, her whole face showing dissatisfaction.

“Hey! Aren’t you the army’s strongest mechanical martial artist? How can you have such standards!” Sai Lei’s tone was full of ridicule: “Martial spirit! Why are you not using the martial spirit? Do not use your body to forcibly control the mechanical weapon, that was the old way of fighting, you have to learn how to use the martial spirit to fight, martial spirit!”

Bing who was in the mechanical weapon was fuming in anger, the poker face that was angry had started to distort, since when, was he ever judged by others before?

As the chief instructor of the army, only he had the right to judge people.

This was not him being modest, in the Southern Cross Army, Bing was not the strongest, but he absolutely was the most outstanding person with the most accomplishments!

He had many proud military successes that he had not bragged to Tang Tian about. On a whole, all of his accomplishment records, he had actually kept them all.

At that point he was chosen to groom recruits, that was not without reason.

Bing naturally held an air of arrogance in his heart.

New fighting strategy? So what if it was new fighting strategies?

His heart set his resolve, decided that no matter what, he had to master the entirely new fighting strategies.

Suddenly, Flower Panda slept in, whispered something into Sai Lei’s ears, and her face immediately showed astonishment. She immediately left the training ground, and returned to the interior of the shop.

A middle aged man was already waiting with a respectful face.

“You’re looking for me?” Sai Lei looked at the other part suspiciously.

“I am the supervisor from Tan Xing Star Cluster’s Wu Hou Government, under the orders of Wu Hou, I hope to purchase the [Fierce Soldier] from this noble shop, we were introduced to this shop by Teacher Tang Tian.” The supervisor explained.

Business had arrived!

Sai Lei’s expression changed, Tang Tian was actually very dependable, to be able to find a buyer in such a short period of time.

Her face immediately showed a smile: “No problem! How many sets do you want? [Fierce Soldier]’s selling price is 20 million star coins for one, since it was Tang Tian who introduced you, i’ll sell it to you at 90% price, 18 million star coins for one.”

The supervisor’s heart was stunned, this price was much lower than what he had estimated, and immediately offered: “We want 20 sets!”

Sai Lei was ecstatic, she immediately replied: “No problem!”

20 sets, that was 360 million star coins, it was her first big business transaction!

Very quickly, the supervisor paid the money, signed the contract, and set the time of delivery. Feeling satisfied, the supervisor left. Sai Lei could not help but jump up for joy.

[Fierce Soldier] cost price was only 3 million star coins, even selling at 90% of the selling price, one set would earn 15 million star coins. 20 sets would mean 300 million star coins!

Sai Lei’s eyes could see countless star coins dancing.

After a while, she regained her composure from the happiness. Although Tang TIan looked stupid, but he was a good helper, someone who should be used!

Sai Lei did not expect that, this was just the beginning.

After a while, three more houses came to purchase.

Ming Hou ordered 20 sets, Elder Lin and Elder Yun both ordered 10 sets each.

In a day, she had received 60 sets of orders, with 1 set at 15 million profit, in a blink of an eye, she had 900 million star coins of profit.

Sai Lei was extremely enthusiastic, excitedly screaming non stop.

The four sets in which she had given Tang Tian previously, in a rush, she had made it very crudely. Now that she had took them out to sell, she naturally would not be so bad, and because of that, she started to make 2 sets everyday.

The order for 60 sets, required her a month time.

It was a good beginning!

What’s more with the 900 million star coins, she could completely create one medium grade standard set mechanical weapon. Previously when she was alone in the base and was bored, she had designed a few more brand new mechanical weapons.

But a good design, would often imply high manufacturing costs. 900 million star coins, could just create one model.

Thinking about it, she was even more excited.

Her own dreams, to become the most prestigious machine engineer!

Sai Lei felt her blood boiling, fueled with fighting spirit.


Once he had set his resolve, Bing’s improvements grew faster and faster. The conventional training to him, was nothing. The communication with the martial spirit, he was gradually getting used to it.

This kind of entirely new fighting strategy, to Bing, was a brand new and foreign feeling.

But, if only so that he could brag to himself, he who was rather sharp in battles, could quickly grasp the crucial points while learning.

Bing who completely mastered the conventional way of training, was not satisfied.

Bing who was well versed in fighting clearly knew, to just train was not sufficient for real battles.

For a soldier who had completely grasped training, to even join the ranks was not possible.

He required gaining a higher understanding of training and fighting, to sharpen himself, only with that, could he completely create a brand new fighting strategy. From the start, Bing was not satisfied by limiting himself to smoothly controlling Sky Tiger.

As the chief instructor, he was extremely passionate about his studies on fighting strategies.

Being like that, Bing decided to go to the Hunting Spirit Region, to sharpen his own fighting strategies.

For safety reasons, he first returned to the starry door, found Magic Flute to protect Sai Lei. Sai Lei’s importance now, was self-evident.

After arranging everything well, Bing brought out a map of the region around Three Spirits City, one man and one armor, he entered the Hunting Spirit Region.

He had to uphold the pride of being a chief instructor!