Undefeated God of War - Chapter 197 – Profession that burns money

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Chapter 197 – Profession that burns money

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TranslationNations, Leo and De Andre

Bing’s method of controlling the mechanical weapon was actually wrong?

Tang Tian heard and thought that he was dreaming, Bing was the true expert in playing with the mechanical weapons. Tang Tian suspected, no one else in the world could be as proficient in controlling mechanical weapons, unless the Southern Cross Army had other lucky survivors.

Bing was also stunned, and he subconsciously stopped.

His own methods were wrong?

“Do not use your old methods to control the Sky Tiger.” Sai Lei’s tone was not forgiving: “It is not the same mechanical weapons as you have used last time, because it has a martial spirit.”

“Martial spirit?” Bing was even more stunned.

“That’s right!” Sai Lei turned serious: “You still remember that spirit bead right, it has already become the martial spirit of the Sky Tiger. It is more familiar to the armor than you are, so you need to try communicating with it, to control this mechanical weapon. You will realize, it is much stronger than you think!”

Upon hearing that, Bing was shocked: “You succeeded?”

“That’s right, I succeeded!” Sai Lei said proudly: “You think I took apart those mechanical weapons for nothing? The quality of this spirit bead is very good, it did not defile this mechanical weapon. Now the martial spirit and mechanical weapon are truly merged into one. Another way to put it, is that it has already become an existence like a treasure.”

“How do I communicate with the martial spirit?” Bing was confused.

“I have created a special set of training for you.” Sai Lei had prepared adequately.

Hearing that, Bing’s face turned sour. Wasn’t that sentence the same one he regularly gave to other people? Now it was Sai Lei using it on him….

“Don’t think that it is a hassle, to really release the true potential of the Sky Tiger, you need to learn and be compatible with an entirely new way of fighting.” Sai Lei explained: “The Sky Tiger will undoubtedly change the position of mechanical martial artists, without question, the era of the mechanical martial artists has come, but your era is entirely different. The martial spirit has allowed the mechanical weapon to be even stronger!”

Tang Tian looked at Bing, he felt that Bing would definitely not agree, he was such a stubborn person, someone who had pledged to uphold the teachings of Southern Cross Army, how could he possible agree to it?

But he did not expect that, Bing did not hesitate, and agreed: “Ok!”

Tang Tian’s eyes grew wide, he did not dare believe it.

“Wise choice!” Sai Lei happily stroked her chin, glanced at Tang Tian: “Young man, even if you’re envious there is no chance for you, there is only sufficient materials to construct one. It’s cost, could possibly be more worthy than all those bronze mechanical weapons.”

Tang Tian reacted back: “I think i should earnestly stick to my martial techniques, if you are ok, then I am going back to train.”

“Hey, don’t go!” Sai Lei quickly shouted for Tang Tian.

Tang Tian’s face darkened as he looked at Sai Lei: “Is there anything else?”

Sai Lei retorted: “Of course there is, and there are many things! All the good things in the camp, are all almost depleted. The mechanical weapons have all been taken apart, even the components have been taken apart countless of times. So, other than this place being a warehouse, there is no value in it anymore.”

Tang Tian and Bing looked at her with puzzlement.

Sai Lei looked at their puzzled look, but could not get her anger up, so she resorted to a higher pitched voice: “Please, mechanical weapons is a profession that burns money. In a sentence, we are now out of money! We have to earn money, only with money can I continue with my research, and can create even better mechanical weapons!”

“How much money do you need?” Bing asked carefully.

“Not me that needs the money!” Sai Lei widened her eyes, her face unsatisfied: “Hey, didn’t I give you guys the mechanical weapon that I made?”

Bing immediately realized his mistake, and quickly changed his sentence: “How much money do WE need?”

Sai Lei snorted: “The creation price of Sky tiger, plainly the materials already exceeds thirty million star coins, and that is not inclusive of my crafting fees.”

It was as though Tang TIan and Bing were shot by Sai Lei, they stood there like dumb chickens.

After a period of time, Tang Tian finally reacted by stuttering: “Three…three zero million star coins?”

It was reasonable to say that, Tang Tian was now a wealthy man, one thousand star rocks had immediately caused his wealth to erupt into an astonishing figure of twenty million star coins. This was already his richest status in his whole life.

But even with that, he was still unable to purchase a sky tiger.

“IF not for the fact that the base had left so much good materials, honestly, today you guys wouldn’t be seeing the sky tiger.” Sai Lei waved her hand: “So, I feel that we need to discuss the problem of money.”

Tang Tian spoke out: “On me I have about twenty million star coins worth of star rocks.”

Sai Lei jumped in fright: “Woah, when did you have so much money? Twenty million star coins!”

“Someone gave it to me.”

Sai Lei was even more surprised, she sized up Tang Tian, a face of suspicion: “I say, did you sell your body. No…..with that little muscle, I’m sure it’s impossible for you to earn so much!”

Tang Tian did not know how to reply to her, honestly, he too did not know why people would give him so much money.

Sai Lei clapped her hands, with excitement on her face: “That’s great! Since we have twenty million, that’s good news!”

Tang Tian reminded her: “Twenty million isn’t enough to make a sky tiger!”

Sai Lei looked at him with disdain: “Obviously it isn’t enough, but to act as our base capital, that is enough!”

Tang Tian was confused: “What base capital?”

But Bing reacted: “You want to sell mechanical weapons?”

“That’s right!” Sai Lei had obviously already planned it out: “I plan to create a few low-end mechanical weapons. On one side, I can do with more practise. On the other, we can make more money to continue with research. As long as we can create a few mechanical weapons, as long as they are not weaker than ordinary bronze treasures, then the mechanical martial artists would definitely be attracted.”

“That’s not a bad plan.” Bing asked: “Where do you plan to open shop?”

“Three Spirits City.” Sai Lei had a face of ‘you-don’t-say’: “Just change the name of my previous shop.”

Bing frowned: “Three Spirits City is not flourishing enough.”

“That is because Three Spirits City doesn’t have a niche or special product, so there isn’t any fire to begin with.” Sai Lei explained: “But it has many entrances, connecting to many constellations. And the more important thing is, there are many ancient martial spirit broken pieces. All these spirit nuclei, as the essences are not pure enough, their value is very low. But to create mechanical weapons, all these spirit nuclei are completely up to task. So I feel that, there will be some unexpected results, oh my god, this makes me so anticipative.”

“En, if it is like that, it really sounds good!” Bing nodded.

Tang Tian felt that Sai Lei was right, so he took out his own star rocks, and gifted it to Sai Lei: hey, these are for you!”

Sai Lei did not argue, after accepting it, she seemed really eager: “I have prepared a few low end designs earlier, ha, twenty million, oh, who knows if that can help to create a slightly better one.”

Tang Tian’s eyes suddenly lit up: “I have a great idea!”

“What idea?” Sai Lei did not believe him.

“Make four sets, then I can give them to Elder Lin, ELder Yun, Wu Hou and Ming Hou. One person one set.” Tang Tian was excited: “I am currently worried that I don’t have anything to give them. Oh right, I can also sell it to the mechanical martial artists of Honorable Martial Group, they have a lot of money!”

Sai Lei also felt that Tang Tian’s idea was good, she used her fingers to count: “Four person four sets, regarding the honorable martial group, then at the very least each design should need one.”

Tang Tian continued: “The first four are more pressing, I need to leaving them as soon as possible.”

“Then let us go to Three Spirits City, get a few materials, and we can create them by today!” Sai Lei quickly moved like the wind.

The plan to make big money, the three of them dared not be slow one bit, they used their energy, and immediately rushed back straight to Three Spirits City.

But what they did not expect was that, the Three fellows from the Panda Bandit Group, would actually still be there taking care of the card shop, causing Sai Lei to be so moved that she started to exploit them.

This cleared the problem on manpower.

Purchasing of materials, starting of manufacturing, Sai Lei immediately went into berserk work mode.

Tang Tian and Bing idled at one side.

“I will stay here for the period of time.” Bing warned Tang Tian: “But because i’m not around, you better not laze around.”

Tang Tian rolled his eyes: “Hey Uncle, don’t casually praise your own importance, it was obviously Senior Ghost Claw that was supervising.”

Bing’s face yet did not turn red: “Ghost Claw and his countryside power, without me overseeing it, how can he keep it under control? I reckon even his own heart was panicking!”

Tang Tian looked at him with disdain: “IF you have the balls you say that in front of him!”

Bing snorted: “I never ever quarrel with countryside people.”

“You don’t dare to right.” Tang Tian laughed coldly.

“For this period of time I will study and research.” Bing’s expression turned serious: “I have a feeling, Sai Lei was right, the new era of mechanical weapons is here. When I have polished my skills, I will then teach them to you, relax, as the chief instructor of my army, leave any battle tactics to me, regardless of what changes it is, I will use the shortest period of time to grasp its essence!”

Finished, Bing began to proudly praise himself with an arrogant look on his face.

“Good!” Tang Tian praised: “The old horse that steps in the stable, still aspires to gallop 1000 miles!”

“You’re so not cultured, so scary! It is an old steed in the stable, still aspires to gallop 1000 miles!” Bing rebutted, agitated: “Tsk, who are you calling old!”

Tang Tian acted like he did not hear him, and changed the subject: “You say, do you think we need to gift Little Xu Xu one set?”

“No.” Bing, as expected was lured: “Ling Xu’s heart had always been on his spear and justice. That brat, can be very stubborn.”

“That is true.” Tang Tian agreed: “But him being like that, is quite good.”

“En.” Bing nodded his head.

When evening came, Sai Lei had already completed manufacturing the four sets of mechanical weapons. The four sets looked somewhat horrible in Tang Tian’s eyes, since he had already seen the Sky tiger, there was definitely a huge grade difference between the two.

“This is the [Fierce Soldier].” Sai Lei’s face was slightly tired, but she was patient to introduce it: “It’s functions are very normal, and are compatible for fourth level martial artists to use. You can insert three rank four martial technique cards into it. The other functions, they will know it when they try it. Ok, you can take them away.”

Tang Tian placed the four Fierce soldiers into his own Aquarius Martial Cabinet, and then went back to the martial spirit chamber.

But it was already late into the night, but Tang Tian still gifted the four sets of Fierce Soldiers to the four people.

When he returned behind the starry door, Ghost Claw’s face was already very unsightly.

Tang Tian stuck out his tongue, and immediately continued training.