Undefeated God of War - Chapter 196 – Sky Tiger

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Chapter 196 – Sky Tiger

Translated by: Berrrybunzun

Edited by: TranslationNations, Leo and De Andre

Tang Tian was like a small white rabbit, and the sky suddenly rained carrots, and he was smashed giddy.

His life became beautiful in a moment

But that did not change his work and rest cycle. He stopped and stayed in the Wu Hou Government for three days, and in these three days, he still immersed himself in training. He still persevered unremittingly to grind the anvils, he was hard headed, once he had made the decision, no matter what he would finish grinding through all the ten thousand anvils.

(TN: I have decided to change back the one thousand anvils to ten thousand. I think the writer cannot count, but in the future chapters it goes up to two thousand over anvils a month, so one thousand is not possible.. 🙁 So sorry about that guys)

Training for him was dry, tedious and extremely exhausting. No day no night, ignoring the hunger, Tang Tian who entered the state of training, crazily trained.

Bing suddenly said to Ghost Claw: “Let that kid rest for a day.”

Ghost Claw looked at Bing coldly, but did not move.

Bing had a headache, why was this group of people so stubborn? He could only explain: “The martial spirit chamber can be opened, me and him will go to the base in Three Spirits City, and not let that crazy Sai Lei starve to death, if not we need to collect her body.”

Ghost Claw stared at Bing for half a day, until Bing’s hair stood still from the cold, before coldly saying: “One day.”

“No problem! One day’s worth of time is definitely enough!” Bing immediately patted his chest and promised, Ghost Claw was getting more difficult to handle. He was practically becoming a person, his temper was very short fused, the slightest of movements and he would want to fight and kill, causing everyone to be afraid of him! Humph, as the chief instructor of an army, I will not quarrel with this small fry.

Bing kept on consoling himself in his heart.

Tang Tian was pulled out by Bing suddenly, his face still deep into training, and had not regained his senses. Bing was too lazy to argue with him, and carried him straight towards the martial spirit chamber.

Entering the familiar Three Spirits City did Tang Tian slowly regain his senses: “Hey, the martial spirit chamber works again! That’s great! Are we going to find Sai Lei?”

“That’s right!” Bing’s voice held a tinge of suspicion: “Wonder if that crazy woman has died from starvation yet.”

When the two of them entered the base, they were stunned.

The entire base changed, it was filled with fresh flowers, all kinds of bronze irrigating faucets, occasionally sprayed water, to water the fresh flowers. The bronze pathway, had transformed into a pathway of flowers.

“Is this woman nuts?” Bing was enraged, fire spewing out of his eyes.

The camp, was something that the army left behind, the familiar place, brought memories to him. But the current situation, caused everything to be gone.

Very quickly, they saw Sai Lei.

Sai Lei was wearing an apron, focused in arranging the fresh flowers. The blue flame flowers blooming in the dark, was in full bloom, looking like blue flames, it was a beautiful sight.

“Crazy woman, who gave you the permission to make changes to the camp?” Upon seeing Sai Lei, Bing angrily scolded.

Sai Lei was caught by surprise, raised her head to see the two of them, and happiness immediately emerged from her eyes. But very quickly, the joy was replaced by anger, and like an arrow rushing forward, she pointed the water pot at them and scolded: “You two assholes, where did you run off to? To actually leave this lady here at this unknown place, and then disappear!”

Bing’s expression was halted.

Tang Tian withdrew his thoughts into his brain.

“If I did not find my own entertainment, I would had died of boredom here!” Sai Lei got angrier as she spoke: “There is nothing here, and I do not dare to go back to Three Spirits City, afraid that people might find this base, sob sob sob…”

Tears dropped as Sai Lei started to cry.

Tang Tian and Bing were caught in a mess, and Tang Tian immediately looked at Bing, and mouthed the words: “It’s your fault!”

Bing also felt that he went overboard, and gently said: “I did not mean it that way…”

“Then what do you mean?” Sai Lei cried until her eyes became black like a panda: “I finished researching the mechanical weapons, only to find that you two disappeared. There isn’t anything here, and after that, there was always no news from you two. I even finished the dry biscuits, sob sob sob…”

The two of them felt even more guilty.

“Sorry!” Tang Tian apologized honestly: “We accidentally stumbled into an unstable hole and dropped into a planet, and the entrance to enter here was still closed.”

Hmph!” Sai Lei stopped crying, staring with her red and swollen eyes: “Food! I’m hungry!”

Tang Tian immediately took out the dry biscuits out clumsily.

Seeing Sai Lei wolfing the food down, the guilty conscience in their hearts doubled. This young lady was starved to this extent, regardless of the reason, it should not have happened.”

Sai Lei finished the food satisfyingly, stood up and let out a ‘humph’, with an air of arrogance she instructed: “Follow me.”

The two of them obediently followed behind.

An extremely shocking scene welcomed the both of them, the place that previously had mechanical weapons placed orderly, was actually void of the mechanical weapons. The floor was full of parts, like a rubbish dump.

Bing asked while trembling: “Where are the mechanical weapons?”

Without turning back, Sai Lei replied: “I took them all apart.”

Regardless if it was Tang Tian or Bing, both their faces narrowly dropped onto the ground. One set of Southern Cross Army mechanical weapons, could be sold for over two hundred million star coins, and the number of mechanical weapons here, numbered to at least a thousand, oh my god, how many star coins was that? Tang Tian was bad at math, he could not count at all, but he knew the number must be extremely big.

“Tsk, miser.” Sai Lei disapproved of their reaction as she said with disdain, but shortly after she shouted loudly: “Relax, you did not make a loss! For those broken metal parts, you have got a grandmaster machine engineer instead! You two have actually earned a lot!”

Broken metal parts….

A piercing pain poked into Tang Tian’s heart.

“Take a look, my newest creation!” Sai Lei proudly announced to the two of them.

They were shocked, raised their head, their eyes immediately set onto the attractive mechanical weapon quietly standing there.

It was a sky blue mechanical weapon.

“I changed the bronze recipe, and created an entirely new metal, and i call it the sky blue topaz, it’s performance is more outstanding compared to the army’s bronze. Regarding the choice of the mechanical weapon structure, I chose the saber toothed tiger, using it as a base, I produced a large amount of optimization. The most important thing was, I gave it an additional big brain, remember the Spirit bead from last time, the martial spirit inside it is relatively strong, and is perfect to use as a nucleus. Regarding it’s martial techniques, I gave it three card slots, you can insert three rank six martial technique cards into them, or one rank seventh martial technique card.”

Sai Lei’s beautiful face, was glowing with a brilliant ray at the moment, it was called the self confidence ray.

“My theory has finally been perfected! This is the most current mechanical weapon, and from this set onwards, it is a brand new generation!”

“It’s name, is called [Sky Tiger]!”

Both of their gazes, were stuck to the sky tiger, and could not look elsewhere.

The mechanical weapon was beautiful, compared to the simple and crude saber toothed tiger, it was a piece of art. Its’ bulk was slimmer than the Saber-toothed Tiger, but the entire structure was even more well proportioned. The sky blue topaz unique azure color, was not as fierce as the saber toothed tiger. The sky blue wings on its back, were kept into one.

“The pair of wings, allow you to fly at a low altitude. Comparing against rank six martial techniques, I found out that many of them allow people to fly, so i added that pair of wings. Ok, try it out.”

Bing did not hesitate to put on the Sky Tiger.

There was no need to doubt Bing’s standard in using mechanical weapons, this was his expertise. In the past when the Southern Cross Army fought, they used the mechanical weapons. Mechanical weapons were their orthodox method of fighting.

Upon wearing it, Bing could feel an entirely new feeling, it was so light!

Wearing the Sky Tiger, he actually could not feel its’ weight. Although controlling the army mechanical weapons was not difficult, but the problem was still being able to feel the heavy weight of the mechanical weapon.

After trying moving for a bit, shua, he disappeared from his original spot, and in the next moment, he appeared 30m away, when his heart wished for it, his body abruptly stopped.

Bing was ecstatic.

The old mechanical weapons, had a problem with stopping abruptly, it was extremely difficult, So during movements in battles, the abrupt stop was considered a high level degree of movement.

Bing continued to test, punching, kicking, every fighting move was fluidly released.

Only Sky Blue Tiger images could be seen in the field, constantly changing, it was very difficult for the naked eye to catch. Tang Tian could only watch in awe, Bing’s current speed, was actually faster than him! You must remember, he had activated double blood meridians, and his speed had reached an incredible level. After stepping into the sixth level, the True Power had activated the hidden potential of his body, and all his traits had grown as a whole.

The current Tang Tian’s traits were terrifyingly strong, his power and speed as compared to the same level martial artist, was much stronger. Comparing with the Curtain of darkness assassin Qi Ya, Tang Tian would not lose too.

But Bing who was controlling the Sky Tiger, his speed was somewhat similar to Tang Tian’s, and when he opened the wings, his speed was even faster.

If Tang Tian wanted to chase after Bing, he would have to train his light body techniques.

To a sixth level martial artist, that was a terrifying speed.

If anyone were to face against Bing in a fight, any average sixth level martial artist would not even be able to touch his robe. Using this point, The Sky Tiger had pushed Bing’s potential to the peak of the sixth level expert.

His dominating speed, would be a great help in battles, as having a higher speed usually allowed the person to control and gain advantage in the fight.

And Tang Tian knew of Bing’s standard in controlling mechanical weapons, even with the Saber-Toothed Tiger, in his hands he was able to produce such terrifying power, with this Sky Tiger’s fierce characteristics, who knew what could happen.

Tang Tian felt really happy.

Bing’s strength increasing, to him, was a huge help.

But, although Tang Tian was envious, he was still fully aware, only in Bing’s hands could the Sky Tiger release its true potential. Although Tang Tian’s talent in the mechanical weapon aspect was good, compared to Bing who had the immense years of controlling mechanical weapons to fight, Tang Tian was still a million kilometres off from him.

His Dao road, was on martial techniques.

Tang Tian who was slowly maturing, was beginning to understand much more.

Mechanical Weapons were another type of system, it also required countless hours of practise, but, he knew he did not have that much time. Although he felt it was a pity, but Tang Tian knew, this was an opportunity cost he needed to give up.

Bing was the true and real mechanical weapon martial artist!

Suddenly, Sai Lei shouted loudly: “Stop stop stop! Wrong! Your method of using is wrong!”

Tang Tian was stunned, Bing’s control over the mechanical weapon was actually wrong?

He thought he heard wrong.