Undefeated God of War - Chapter 191 – The handsome and charismatic Young Man and the Tramp

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Chapter 191 – The handsome and charismatic Young Man and the Tramp

Translated by: Berrrybunzun

Edited by: TranslationNations, Leo and De Andre

“What is Teacher doing?” The young lady pouted: “Twenty days locked in the room, don’t tell me he is doing some shameful things?”

Qing Luan was suddenly displeased, and briefly preached: “Young lady, how can you say that about Teacher Tang?”

“Isn’t that the truth!” The young lady’s pout went even higher: “What kind of teacher disappears for twenty days, and leaves his student alone here, what kind of teacher is that…”

The young lady’s complains stopped abruptly, her eyes widened as she stared blankly at Tang Tian who just came out of the room.

Tang Tian’s appearance was in an utter mess, his hair was messy, eyes bloodshot, the shirt on his body had holes the size of sand granules all over. The young lady had sharp eyes, and was able to see things the size of sand granules, dropping from Tang Tian’s body, landing on the expensive delicate carpet.

The carpet….had jet black footprints on it…

Seeing the table full of food, Tang Tian’s lifeless eyes immediately released a green light, like a fierce tiger he pounced onto the table. As he extended both hands out to take the food, they realized, Tang Tian’s fingers were swollen and plump like carrots.

When Tang Tian’s jet black claw hands touched the plate of meat, he wailed out, both his hands retracted back as quick as lightning. The meat that was touched by him, the bone immediately rolled away, dropping from the plate to the carpet.

Suddenly his figure blinked, and the meat disappeared.

Tang Tian’s bright eyes, were like a wild beast dashing, he opened his mouth, and accurately bit on the meat. Everything happened in the time that it takes for a spark to ignite, Tang Tian’s actions were extremely agile.

The plump meat, at the crucial moment, entered Tang Tian’s mouth, causing him to go crazy.

All of them were dumbstruck watching him, they were witnessing history’s most savage way of having a meal.


Biting down once, the tough bone in the middle of the meat, crumbled on the spot. The meat oil and bones flew out, along with his saliva that kept dripping out.

Cleared away. Tang Tian’s efficiency in eating, all the food that was on the table, was empty, even the fruits, the tea was all gone, the table was so clean that it looked like it was cleaned before. The entire process, he did not use his hands at all.

Tang Tian’s stomach was round like a ball, paralyzed on the chair, he did not move one bit.

“Teacher…. What happened to you?” The young lady carefully asked, her entire face showing nervousness. Her teacher had stayed in the room for twenty days, how did he come like that?

After half a day, there was no reaction from him. She raised her head to look, Tang Tian was already sleeping very soundly.

Tang Tian had reached the maximum fatigue anyone could ever imagine, the normal flow of time, was a continuous 20 days, but experiencing the time spent in the recruit’s barracks, he had trained for 60 straight days.

The hardship training Tang Tian used to do, was five days in a cycle, a cycle consisted of ten days, the time ratio was 1:2.

But now that the recruit barracks was opening up more and more, the time ratio changed to 1:3, and it did not require the method of the hardship training, the time set was natural.

But, to Tang Tian, that made no difference.

60 days in the recruit barracks, adding on the real time of 20 days, he had trained continuously for 80 days, he was already over exhausted.

To just merely grind the anvil every single day, although he had the protection of True Power, but Tang Tian’s ten fingers, had swollen to the size of carrots. He had once again found the training that he used to do in the starry door to master killing techniques, to practise for over a million times.

He had no choice but to spend a set time everyday to use True Power to reduce the swelling of his carrot sized fingers, but the results were effective. For the time period of 60 days, at the beginning where he required three days to grind one anvil, to the tenth day where he required one day to grind three anvils. On the 30th day, he was already able to grind five anvils. And on the 60th day, he was able to grind 10 anvils a day.

This number had never been broken through before for a very long time.

To be so efficient to grind 10 anvils a day, even Ghost Claw was shocked. Tang Tian’s improvements far exceeded his imaginations.

Tang Tian’s 10 fingers were like ten tyrannical metal pieces that nothing could overcome, grinding on the anvils, creating sparks that flew everywhere, the clothes on his body were eventually all burned by the blazing residues.

He was too tired.

It was completely a coolie’s life, Tang Tian felt that he was a coolie in a blacksmith, to grind anvils day and night.

He was curious, why did Ghost Claw think up of such an unorthodox method such as grinding anvils?

Initially, Ghost Claw wanted to bathe Tang Tian’s swollen fingers in medicinal water, but he did not expect that no matter how swollen his fingers were, when Tang Tian revolved his True Power to his fingers, the swelling would immediately be reduced by the second day.

This led Ghost Claw, who was always emotionless, to become shocked for a very long time.

His final conclusion was that Tang Tian’s physique was special, with regards to Bing’s wild beast sect theory, he did not have any opinions on it. But Tang Tian’s body physique was definitely a wild beast grade level.

This sleep lasted for an exact full five days, where Tang Tang slept very soundly and deeply.

Young lady curiously pinched her nose and moved closer, picked up one granule that came out of Tang Tian’s body, after inspecting it for half a day, she still did not understand.

Eventually it was Di heng Zhan who recognized it: “It is a metal pellet!”

“Don’t tell me Teacher is training the Metal Pellet Palm?” The young lady’s first reaction was as such.

“Doesn’t seem like it.” Di Heng Zhan shook his head: “The Metal Pellets from the metal pellet palm are bigger than this slightly. And the Metal Pellet Palm is just a fourth level martial technique, why would Master Tang go and learn it.”

“That is true.” The young lady tilted her head and thought for a long time: “but what other martial techniques, needs so many metal pellets?”

“I’m not too sure.” Di Heng Zhan shook his head: “Who knows how many types and kinds of martial techniques are in this world, to require the use of metal pellets, it is very difficult to pinpoint.”

“That’s weird….” The young lady had a curious face.

When Tang Tian finally opened his eyes, he saw the young lady’s curious face. She did not expect him to open his eyes, and got frightened and screamed, jumping to one side.

Tang Tian was puzzled.

“Teacher, what’s going on with you?” The young lady who recovered from her shock immediately asked.

“Me?” Tang Tian looked stumped, as he lowered his head to look at himself, he ‘oh’: “Training.”

“Teacher has been training all the while while being inside for 20 days?” Young lady asked.

20 days? More like 60….

Tang Tian reacted after looking blank, and nodded: “En, that’s right.”

Qing Luan and Di Heng Zhan felt deep veneration for him, through the course of the journey, he did not give up on training, that is no wonder why although Master Tang was young, his strength was astonishingly high. With such an attitude on training bitterly, how many people could have that?

Strength, was not attainable by luck.

Tang Tian looked around, and asked: “Where is Little Xu Xu?”

“Big brother Xu has been training everyday too.” Young lady said: “He is currently in the practice field.”

Ling Xu was already a maniac for training, and seeing that Tang Tian was stuck in his room for days, it immediately fueled his enthusiasm, he treated the field as his home, slept in it, ate in it.

Tang Tian nodded his head: “Got it.”

Finished, he walked towards his room.

His messy hair and dirty appearance, in everyone’s eyes, was immediately looked up to. Ling Xuan, who was greatly affected by him, turned to leave: “I am going to train too!”

Tang Tian continued to immerse himself in training.

The two months of travelling finally ended, and it was the most boring and dull trip the young lady ever sat through. Everyone was training with all their might, even Qing Luan who used to accompany her to play everyday, was training crazily.

So when the young lady finally saw the middle aged man standing at the Wu Hou gates, light filled her eyes as she exclaimed: “Father!”

She immediately jumped down from the window, and rushed into the embrace of the man.

The middle aged man had a kind look on his face, as he knocked the little girl’s head lightly, forming a small bump, he lightly scolded her: “You are getting naughtier and naughtier, to actually dare sneak away to such a faraway place!”

The kind middle aged man was the man with the power, Wu Hou.

“Daughter will not do it again!” The little girl’s face cleverly admitted her wrongdoings.

Wu Hou pinched her nose and laughed: “I’d be the fool to believe you.”

The young lady immediately hugged Wu Hou’s hands: “Really really.”

“Ok ok ok.” Wu Hou who pampered Ming Zhu dearly, suddenly frowned: “Where is Qing Luan? Heng Zhan?”

The young lady pouted: “They are all training, the entire journey they did not play with me.”

Wu Hou’s expression was somewhat sluggish, exposing a satisfied look: “En, I didn’t expect, this journey, they would have made progress. Qing Luan’s talent is good, just that she does not use her heart to train. Alright, introduce me to this Teacher Tang of yours.”

“Teacher has always been training! He had not come out for forty days!” The young lady’s mouth pouted even more: “What kind of broken teacher would not even ask about his student for the entire journey.”

“Could it be that he is doing closed door training?” Wu Hou’s face expressed surprise.

“I don’t know, anyway, he has always been in the room, locked the door, no one knows what he is doing inside.” The young lady said hatefully: “And he even made Qing Luan and the rest enthusiastic to train.”

Suddenly, the young lady’s eyes lit up, she waved her hand: “Big brother Xu!”

Wu Hou immediately turned, Ling Xu, he could not refrain himself from squinting and sizing Ling Xu up.

Such a powerful presence!

Ling Xu’s presence was like the spear in his hand, every step he took caused people to feel a dangerous Qi around him. The guards around Wu Hou all had a change of expression, and could not help it but run to Wu Hou to begin attacking.

Wu Hou raised his palm up, and stopped the guards from going up.

Ling Xu carefully controlled his own legs, on the outside he looked extremely calm, but he was extremely anxious inside. He had just broken through, his power had just increased explosively, but all these power, he had not yet fully controlled yet.

So his current powerful presence looked like he was showing off his ability.


He did not manage to control himself properly, his entire sole, as if he was stepping on tofu, his leg went into the slabstone. His figure swayed, as his other sole also lost control, sou, it too went deep into the slabstone.

The guards at Wu Hou’s side were anxious, all of them face looking like they are facing an enemy. The slabstone of the Wu Hou government’s entrance, was made up of the clear water rock, these kind of rocks hardness could match up to steel, but under Ling Xu’s feet, they were soft like tofu.

Too scary!

Wu Hou’s eyes were sharp, with one look, he could tell that Ling Xu was just one step away from being a Heaven’s Road Martial artist, just one step of a distance, then he would be a true Heaven’s Road Martial artist!

What’s more, Ling Xu was so young, his body dressed in the golden threaded white robes, silver spear and hair, his orange eyes, he looked like a special martial artist, even Wu Hou could not help but exclaim out once, such a handsome youngster!

Once Ling Xu had absorbed his power fully, his strength, he would definitely be ready to rush and attack the qualifications of a Heaven’s road martial artist.

He had unlimited potential!

Just at this time, a messy hair and dirty faced, ragged clothed boy, suddenly rolled out of the carriage, landing beside Ling Xu, his eyes containing a green light.

“Hey, who has food?”

The young lady was dumbstruck.

The handsome and charismatic Ling Xu suddenly had a person who looked like a tramp, the contrast was too great, causing everyone to be stunned.

Awkward silence.