Undefeated God of War - Chapter 189 – Yearning is as beautiful as the rainbow

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Chapter 189 – Yearning is as beautiful as the rainbow

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TranslationNations, Leo and De Andre

“Then go.” Tang Tian looked encouraging. He tilted his head and said: “Who knows, it might be suited for you. Aye, I suddenly thought of it. Your blood channels are rainbow and it’s very similar to yearning screen’s colour!”

“Snow Rainbow Blood Meridians?” Magic Flute was surprised as he studied Gu Xue. Then, he nodded: “I understand now. Please head over, who knows, it might really belong to you.”

It was as though Magic Flute’s blue eyes could see through it all.

“Hey, you. Why do you say things halfway?” Tang Tian lectured Magic Flute as he pointed at him unhappily: “I hate the people who say things halfway. Will you die if you just complete your sentence? If you know it, you have to say it. That’s brotherhood. Next time, we’ll be in the same boat together, you know…”

With the last piece, Tang Tian’s face turned sly.

Magic Flute laughed lightly: “Don’t be angry. I don’t really understand Snow Rainbow Blood Meridians, but I feel that, amongst us, Miss Gu Xue is the one who might be able to pull out Monarch Yearning Strike.”

“Ah Xue, you have to be careful.” Tang Tian kept his smile and looked solemnly at her as he reminded: “If there’s anything wrong, you come out right away! If that ruined sword is trying to do you harm, cheh, I will crush it!”

He did not stop Gu Xue. He knew that, if Ah Xue stood up, there must be a reason for it. He believed in Ah Xue.

“Mmhmm, don’t worry.” Gu Xue said gently: “I think it won’t hurt me.”

After that, Gu Xue turned to the yearning screen. When she was in front of the yearning screen, she bowed politely: “Disciple Gu Xue would like to get Monarch Yearning Strike. I hope you’ll allow me to have it.”

She walked towards the yearning screen. When she was close to it, she felt that she was suddenly surrounded by rays of rainbow radiances.

Snow Rainbow Blood Meridians were alive.

The unchanging yearning screen started to shake. The rays spun.

The gorgeous colours gushed towards Gu Xue and circled around her, then forming one with the yearning screen. Gu Xue only felt dizzy.

She saw the day she met Tang Tian the first time.

She saw Tang Tian hugging her to dodge Qi Ya’s attack.

She saw Tang Tian appearing in front of her on the day she sat in the ruins in despair.

She saw how Tang Tian flung her out when the red eyed golems surrounded her, and how Tang Tian got smaller in her vision

A hoarse yet gentle sigh rang in her heart. This sigh had too many thoughts, too much suffering, solitude and so much more!

Yearning from the face of danger.

Monarch Yearning Strike!

It was not that she could not, it was that she was unwilling to.

In a split second, Gu Xue understood why this sword would choose her. It was because even it could tell she was one destined to yearn.

Gu Xue did not have too much sadness. On the contrary, her heart will filled with honesty and content.

“If I knew I’d be hindered by feelings, I rather have not meet you in the first place.”

Just as she heard Magic Flute sang this line, she shook her head in silence. Tang Tian brought light into her life, brought her luck, brought her freedom, she could still save this unrequited longing to herself.

She was originally a girl meant to burn in hell. Now that she had gained so much more, what else was worth regretting?

The unrequited longing was the best gift, once she had it, she would not be lonely for the rest of her life.

There was a smile on Gu Xue’s face. Her eyes were like pearls in the darkness as they glimmered with light.

Suddenly, the Monarch Slaying sword turned into dust very quickly before the naked eyes. The multi-coloured yearning screen turned into a ray of rainbow and bounced into her eyes. Her eyes were covered with layer of rainbow colour.

Stuck on the ground, the sword rang and turned into a ray of flowing light and flew towards Gu Xue.

A silhouette suddenly appeared out of nowhere and pounced onto Monarch Yearning Strike.

“I should have had my guards up against you earlier!”

Tang Tian shouted and rang like a thunder. He fended off Qi Ya and kicked him with Tan Tui Leg for a few times, drawing rays of razor sharp auras in the air towards Qi Ya.


The Tan Tui blade attacked towards the opponent mercilessly.

Something was wrong!

Being quick witted, Tang Tian felt something was wrong. How could Qi Ya be struck so easily?

Almost at the same time, a spiritual being appeared right beside the Monarch Yearning Strike, its hands already touching the sword. Seeing that Qi Ya was about to get what he wanted, suddenly, the blade shone its colours brightly.

“Ah!” Qi Ya screamed, as though he had just touched something burning hot, and quickly, he loosened his grip.

Like a rainbow, Monarch Yearning Strike flew into Gu Xue’s hands.

Once the sword was in her hands, the thick unrequited longing and infatuation caused Gu Xue to tear up. She could clearly feel the passion and love between Wang Yong and his wife, it was an unrequited longing for each other, it was like ten years of longing compressed into a day.

Wang Yong got himself into the sword with purely just softness and gentleness.

Even though he was alone for his life, staying in the mountains, and grew old, as he was anti-social. This feeling he had, never once changed. There was pain, loneliness, frustration, anger, sadness, and despair, but amongst all these, they were just like small wooden badges tied on a multi-coloured string.

This seven coloured string was the unrequited longing.

The unrequited longing was multi-coloured.

The rainbow was such a gorgeous colour.

It was also a wonderful thing to live a life of unrequited longing.

Gu Xue revealed a smile. This ginormous sword was very wide. She needed both hands to hold it up. On the sword sheath, it was bound with all the seven coloured strings. At the end, there was a string of red beans. The sword was shaped like the wings of a sparrow, as the sword was wide, the seven coloured strings lined up and extended towards the edge of the sword.

Her eyes lit up. A strong sense of emotion penetrated into her body and heart.

It was as though there was a voice that said lightly to her: “Brandish this sword just as how you would do so with a rainbow!

Brandish this sword just as how you would do so with a rainbow…

Gu Xue never thought much. She waved the sword but it was different from what she thought. When she waved it, the sword was just like a rainbow, it was light and it did not require much energy.

A ray of gorgeous, bright and gentle rainbow sword aura emerged.

The entire world seemed to come to a halt for this view. A ray of amazing, gentle ray without an ounce of mist Qi floated in the air.

Without any whistling, the floor was not moving. It was just like the wind.

The rainbow penetrated Qi Ya’s chest.

Qi Ya froze instantly. He looked at Gu Xue in disbelief. There was a faded rainbow in his chest.

Monarch Yearning Strike… this was Monarch Yearning Strike…

Why did I not feel any pain?

Qi Ya saw a dizzy, colourful image. He wanted to shout, but he could not afford one. His body started to turn into dazzling pieces and disappeared into thin air.

Everyone was shocked to see what was happening!

Tang Tian looked at the lady with long hair brandishing the sword. Her posture and gracefulness was eye-catching.

Never had anyone seen a strike without any misty Qi. They were all stunned and dumbfounded.

“Monarch Yearning Strike… this is Monarch Yearning Strike. It’s as short as a rainbow.” Magic Flute muttered: “Who could have dodged the Monarch Yearning Strike? Demon slayer, you demon, I’ve underestimated you, Wang Yong.”

It was dead silent.

The entire hall was dead quiet.

The fearless Ling Xu looked shocked for the first time ever. This sword was out of what he had expected it to be.

This was the greatest master’s sword…technique. It was actually so strong!

Qi Ya, that was Qi Ya, and he was actually killed by a strike from Gu Xue…

Monarch Yearning Strike… what a terrifying Monarch Yearning Strike!

He clenched tightly to his silver spear. Master grade, that used to be his target. All he thought about was to bring pointed sea spear to the master grade. Today, he knew he was so ignorant.

Now he knew, there was a much higher realm than the master grade.

If the pointed sea spear was beyond the master grade, then what would it be? Ling Xu was excited all of a sudden. If that traitor’s pointed sea spear was master grade then if he practiced the pointed sea spear beyond the master grade, then he would be able to defeat that bastard!

The young lady’s eyes were huge. When she first regained her senses, she would first tell her father what happened. The Gu Family would become so strong. The new generation patriarch of the Gu Family would be so much stronger!

No, she was already very, very strong!

She never thought her own adventures would enlighten Gu Xue. Suddenly, she felt so grateful. Luckily she had such a mentor. As long as her relationship with her mentor was maintained, Gu Xue would be able to stand at the side of Wu Hou government.

Gu Xue would naturally become a top notch Heaven’s road’s martial artist. It was a strong premonition she never had.

Qing Luan’s face had not a tinge of blood in her face. She was always proud of her Shaky Sword Wings, but today she was not at all prideful when she saw Monarch Yearning Strike.

Behind the light door, Bing stamped his foot and sighed to Ghostly Claws: “Aye, this pretty girl is now so strong and beautiful! We’ve lost big, lost big!”

Ghostly claw naturally had nothing to say.

“Aye, little Tang doesn’t like to live off a woman. This is frustrating! So many of them live of a woman. If it was me…” Bing nagged. He shook his head subconsciously and suddenly, he saw ghostly claws eyes. He was shocked.

Deep within ghostly claw’s eyes, a faded light lit up.

Bing then reacted and looked at him with his poker face in all seriousness: “Are you moved? Your Fire Scythe Ghost Claw is also a master grade. I wonder if you ever wanted to bring it beyond that grade?”

Bing actually was used to muttering to himself, then, a bitter voice rang.


Bing looked at ghostly claw in a daze, his mouth forming an ‘O’. he looked just as though he had seen a ghost.

Ghostly Claw had something to say…

“You, you, you.. You can talk?” Bing pointed to ghostly claw and shivered. Suddenly, he thought about how he had been talking to a guy who knew how to talk and think, and yet he had been muttering to himself all day and night. Bing suddenly felt himself falling down into a pit.

It was too embarrassing!

The official military officer of the southern cross army…

“Yes.” ghostly claw sounded super hoarse. He spent a lot of energy saying that.

“Then then then… why haven’t you spoken?” Bing asked in shock.

“Tired.” ghostly claw merely stated.

“AHHHHHHH!” Bing clutched his face with both hands as he screamed in agony.